The Tales of a Blair Family    

The compilation of a family history is not a solitary endeavor, it takes the support and participation of many people.  Very special thanks go out to the following organizations, individuals and families who have aided and contributed to this work.  May the list continue to grow!

  • The Blair Society for Genealogical Research & it's members

  • Nancy Knox Schaffer, President of the BSGR, Co-founder of this page and researcher on the Nancy Blair Knox line.  And the best travel/research companion ever!

  • Charlotte Blair Stewart, the ghuru of Blair genealogy

  • Libraries everywhere!!

The following cousins and fellow Blair researchers:

  • Dr. Jane Pedrick Dawson

  • Truex and Edna Upchurch

  • Richard and Marion Pedrick

  • Peggy Geelhaar

  • Howard Young

  • John Patrick Blair

  • Patricia Blair Cate

  • Gene Bicksler

  • Josselyn Broadwell Campbell

  • LaMarr Brooks

  • Lois Salmons, Chidester researcher

  • Mary Jane Thomas

  • Helen O. Hunter

  • Bill Gelvin

  • Nancy Crain

  • Douglas Quackenbush

  • Bimmy Urso

  • Patricia Flatten

These families who contributed materials, interest, hospitality and friendship:

  • Henry and Mary Tanton family

  • William and Bernetta Tanton family

  • William and Charlotte Bash family

  • Mary Ann Deuth & the Deuth family

  • Robert and Shirley Johnson

  • Elizabeth Morgan

  • Jack Moselle

  • The R. P. Blair family

  • Kathleen Blair for her inspiring me with her website

For the early works of :

  • Eleanor Hiestand Moore

  • Oscar Lyle

  • Orval Diehl

And to all our ancestors who took the time to leave a record of their lives and to the descendants who thought enough of the that legacy to keep it safe for future generations.