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Blair Extracts from the Belfast Newsletter (1746-1759)
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 June 10, 1746: page 4: ADSTUD: Doc ID  37660  
+Yorkshire Young Greyhound Pollychrest Spark =Rutland,Duke/of Grey Turk
Rustlar =Sunderland,Earl/of rebellion. Old Wilts Hoboy =Darcy,Lord White
Turk. set mares season =Blair,Mr. +Blairmount Co. +Antrim +Larn guinea tryals
shilling groom. Half Moon bay +England =Antrim,Earl/of =Robinson,William 

Partial Article:
To be let out to Mares this Season, By MR. BLAIR of BLAIRMOUNT, in the County of Antrim, near Larne, at Half a Guinea, Leap and Tryals, and  British Shilling to the Grou??.  HALF MOON, he is fourteen HANDS and  ?? Inches high, a Bay, with black Legs, Mane and Tail, A S?ar and two white Feet, he is nine Years old this ???, Strong and Beautiful, brought from England by the Right Hon. Earl of Antrim, bought from William Robin ??? of Yorkshire, ??????     

June 10, 1746: page 4
Most of Article:

To Sail from Belfast and Larne about the 15th of June next, for the flourishing city of PHILADELPHIA,

THE good Ship WILLIAM and MARY, of Philadelphia aforesaid Burthen 300 Tons and Onwards ??……………….CAPT. WILLIAM BLAIR of said Place, Commander and Owner, well known and remarkable for his success these many Years to the this Voyage.  Such as incline to go as Passengers, Redemptioners, or Servants, or send Goods  ????, may expect the best of ??? from the Captain at his Lodging in Mr. James Burgess’s, Merchant in Belfast.  Dated May 19, 1746.  

June 13, 1746: page 3: NEUR NGB SHIP WAR:   Doc. ID 37708
+Denmark Scotch rebels seized +Bergen. =Ogilvie,Lord
+Dundee =Graham,David merchant =Graham,Alexander son =Patullo,Henry
=Benshie,Fletcher/of =Burntside,Hunter/of =Fortheringham,David Governor
=Sandilands younger +Bordeaux +Duntroon =Dundee,Lord =Blair,Thomas Majesty
order gun ship +Aberdeen.

 November 11, 1746, Page 4
We whose Names are hereunto subscribed finding great inconvenience in attending the ???(seven) Linen Fairs in the County of Antrim for want of proper accommodation and that often times the sellers of Linen are greatly disappointed in sending Linens to such Fairs, where the buyers cannot attend; do agree constantly to attend the Linen Market in the Town of Antrim on every Thursday throughout the Year; and for further Encouragement, Ease, and Advantage of all Persons who have Linen to sell, we do also agree, constantly to attend in the Town of Antrim, aforesaid, on the first Tuesday in ?? very Month throughout the Year, when all Sellers of Linen may expect all possible Encouragement.  The Weekly Market to begin the first Thursday in November next and the Monthly market the first Tuesday in December next.  And, we further agree that we, nor none of us shall attend any other Market in the C. of Antrim, than the said Market of Antrim; nor any Fair in the County of Antrim that is not held in some Town where a Weekly Market is held, throughout the Year.  Dated the 20th of October, 1746. 

John Thompson                  James Boyd                     JOHN BLAIR
Tho. Thompson                  Charles Bell                      John Dickey

Joseph Kelso                      William Holmes                James M’Alexander
John Gilmer                         James Dickey                  Wm. Montgomery
Thomas Dickey                   John Sittlington                 Tho Ben Adair
James Luke                              and his sons                 John Birnie
James Jackson                    John Allen, Sen.               Samuel Birnie

Matthew Gilmer                  John Allen, Jun.                Aexander Birnie

Lewis Resord                      John Allen                        John Scott

Samuel Bristow                   John Rogers                     John Gillilan  


July 17, 1750: Page 3

            For thirty-one Years, to commence from the first Day of November next, the following Lands, situated in the Parish of Carncastle and Barony of Glenarm, belonging to WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR of BLAIRMOUNT, Gen. to wit, the Lands of Drumain, Tobbargnh, Knockhone, and Drains.  Said Lands ar in good ?????, good Houses on each Farm, and remarkable for producing Grain of all kinds in the greatest perfection, which may be seen now growing on the Premises:  They are bounded by the Sea on the one end, and there is a good Road to the Mountain, where there is plenty of exceedingly fine Turf, for all the Farms on said Lands, and each Farm plentifully supplied with good Water and Springs, and Limestone in each Farm.  The said Lands lie midway, between the Market Towns of Larne and Glenarm, here there very good Roads to them, and other Market Towns. Note!  The Lands of Tobbergail and Drains, by their situation and conveniency of plenty of Water all Seasons of the Year, are very capable of a Bleach Green being erected there.  Due encouragement shall be given to improving Tenants.  Any person or Persons, inclined to treat for all or any of the above Lands and Premises, may apply to the said WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR of BLAIRMOUNT near Larne, or to William Agnew of Kilwaughter, Esq.: before the 20th Day of October next, and they shall meet with due encouragement.  Dated at BLAIRMOUNT, July 12, 1750.  WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR.

 December 18, 1750: Page 3: FIN  GOVIRL  REL: Doc ID: 53331
+London =Sackville,George/Lord secretary =Dorset,Duke/of.
=Carmichael,Rev/Dr. first chaplain. =Blair,Mr. commissioner revenue

 June 19, 1752, Page 2:


THE Good Ship Holderness, Captain William Simpson Commander, Busthen 300 Tuns, and new Vessel, belonging to CAPTAIN WILLIAM BLAIR of Philadelphia, is now lying in the Harbour of Larne; and will be ready to sail for said Place, by the 10th of June next.  Such as determined to take their Passage Thither on Board; or any who incline to go as Servants or on Redemption, may expect to meet with as good Usage as those who have hitherto sail'd with MR. BLAIR, who is well known in this Trade.  ____Application may be made to Mr. James Burgess in Belfast, and JAMES BLAIR, son of said WILLIAM BLAIR, in  ?ain, or to the Captain on Board, who will treat on the easiest Terms.

        Date May 22, 1752

 June 19, 1752, Page 3: ADSHIP EMIG WOOD  Doc. ID: 11578  
[woodcut: ship in sail]
city +Philadelphia ship $Holderness =Simpson,William/Capt. commander.
redemption trade. =Burgess,James +Belfast =Blair,James son 22 May.
vessel =Blair,William/Capt. harbour +Larne sail 10 passage board. Servants

February 6, 1753, Page 3:  

The Good Ship William and Mary , Captain John Peel Commander, Busthen 300 Tons, belonging to CAPTAIN WILLIAM BLAIR of Philadelphia is now lying in the Lough of Belfast, and will be clear to sail for said Place by the first of April next. Such as are determined to take their Passage thither on board, or any who incline to go as Servants or on Redemption, may expect to meet with as good Usage as any that have hitherto sail'd with said CAPTAIN BLAIR, who is well known to the Country on this Trade.  Application may be made to JAMES BLAIR Son of said CAPTAIN BLAIR who intends going over in said Ship, and will, if required, give security for their good treatment on board; to William Burgess in Belfast; or said Commander on board, who will treat on the easiest Terms.


January 29, 1754: Page 1: GOVLOC NIRL: Doc. ID: 3704
+Belfast =Upton,Arthur burgesses grand jury commonalty +Carrickfergus thanks
=Magill,James. =Lappin,Hugh. =McIlnea,Wm. =Dawson,Edw. =Blakely,Francis.
=Morrison,John. =Blair,John. =Taylor,James. =Burleigh,Henry. =Legg,David.
=Wilson,Ezekiel Sheriffs =Reynolds,And. =Jones,Wm. =McDowell,Alex.
=Wilson,Randal. =Wilkinson,Wm. =Hamill,James. =Cobham,James.
Parliament Government electors. =Chaplin,Willoughby Mayor =Chaplin,Richard

January 29, 1754, Page 2
To Arthur Upton, Esq.
We, the Mayor, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Grand Jury, and Commonality of Carrickfergus, in Sessions assembled, beg leave to return our Thanks for your conduct in Parliament.
To be able to penetrate deep and mysterious schemes, to unravel dark and designing intriques, is the Work of Judgment only;  But avowedly to oppose the Execution of such, tho' gilded with specious Pretences, is the business of the honest undesigning Patriot: the Man that loves and esteems his Country, and his still dearer Liberty; such a Senator adds lustre to his station in the legislature, and commands Respect to that August Body; and such a One, We justly boast in Mr. UPTON.
Sir, Your inviolable Attachment to his Majesty's Sacred Person and Government, and unwearied Application to both the Business and interests of our ever dear Country, as well as your  distinguished Regard and indefatigable Industry, in promoting the Interest and supporting the Rights of this Corporation, which you now represent (tho' not beyond our Expectation) yet still demand our universal Esteem and Gratitude, which we thus take Liberty publickly to acknowledge, and intreat You will as kindly accept.
Go on Sir; pursue those honest, disinterested Motives which have hitherto directed all your Actions; and be assured of the perpetual good Wishes of your Constituents and sincere Friends and Electors.
Willoughby Chaplin, Mayor.
Richard Chaplin and Ezekiel Wilson, Sheriffs
Names on the Grand Jury.

And. Reynolds                     Wm. Mc, Ilnca                    Henry Burleigh
Wm. Jones                            Edw. Dawson                    David Legg
Alex. Mc Dowell                   Francis Blakely                  Randal Wilson  
James Magill                         John Morrison                    Wm. Wilkinson
Hugh Lappin                         JOHN BLAIR                  James Hammill
             James Taylor                      James Cobham

March 12, 1754, Page 2
                 We the Merchants and Traders of the City of Dublin, fully sensible of the Obligations we are under to your Grace for your seasonable and effectual Interposition, in Behalf of the Publick Credit of this Kingdom, at this Critical Juncture, beg Leave to return your Grace our unasigned Thanks for the same, and to assure you that we shall ever retain the most grateful Remembrance thereof. 

J. Digges Latouche                William Archer                  P. and C. Morgan
Tho. Finlay, and                     Tho. Andrews                  Laleman, Connor
Robert Patrick                       Boyd and Meredith              and Comp.
John Pim Joshua                    Den. & W. Toole              Ja. Woodroffe
              Tho. Blackhall                   W. & M. Brownlow
J. Brooks and Son                Edw. Broughall                   Geo. Carleton
James Armstrong                   Laurence Saule                   Robert Birch
Robert Jaffray                       Moses Devis                       John Kelly
Joseph Marcroft                   John Finlay                          Ben. Bagnell
Henry Walker                       Robert Bently                     Will. Daniel
Theop. Thompson                T. Gleadow & Co.              John Jennett
Andrew Kirwan                   Anthony Greene                   Jof. Ferguson      
Pat. & Tho. Ward                 Richard James                    Will. Forbes
John Murray                         Arthur Lamprey                   James Varelles
John Hunt                             James Simpson                   William Houston
Wilcox & Dawson                Geo. Fitzgerald                   Will. Bryan
Godfrey Greene                    Is, Dickinson, sen.               Robert Scott
Pat. & Thos. Ewing               Matthew Weld                   Willliam Cloffey (Clossey)
Isaac Barbutt                        Hosea Coates                     Robert Baw
John Brown                           Abrah. Wilkinson               John Perrier
Thomas Egan                        Samuel Laban                    G. L .& E. Thwaites
August. Thwaites                   Ellice Price                        W. & tho. Ayres
Marsden & Benson               Thomas Hickey                 Geo. Furnace
Amos Stre??ll                       Peter Vidou?e                    Patrick Ewing
Braithw. Summers                 Joseph Lynam                   John Marland
Phil. Crampton                      Lewis Mongrand               Peter Maignon
James Taylor                         Nat. Thwaites                   Isaac Terson
For??er and Greene              William Sinclair                 Walley Oulton
Japhat Darby                        John Connor                     James Donn
John Gasper Baties?              Thomas Phillis                  John Wallace
Joseph Fuller                        Andrew Mazier                 Edward Sneyd
William Gregg                       Robert Dunlap                  Francis Thome
Eph.. Doddridge                   John Grainger                   George Bruce
Pat. Lynch Mark                   John Lescure                    Francis Minchi?
Francis Servier                      John Morin                       John Hunt
Joseph Weld                         William Lunell                   Daniel Bewley
William Ward                        Geo. & Mar. Shee          Tho. Lightbody
Michael Sweeney                 Isane Simon                       Joseph Fletcher
T. Finlay & Comp.               John Hawkins                    Tho. Johnston
Joseph Fay                            Pat. Shee                         James Ross
Lancelot Payne                     Rich. Thwaites                  P. and J. Pamiere
Richard Goodman                Will. Rathborne                  Pat. Henderson
Robert Knox                          Samuel Whitmore            Val. Brown
Is. Dickinson, jun.                 Edwin Thomas                  James Jennings
Charles Jones                       John Middleton                 Nat. Card
R. Clibborn & Son               David Campbell                James Cosgrave
Andrew Moore                     Lewis Laurent                  Peter Kiernan
Pat. Lawless                          Edw. Whitten                   Roger Sheal
Richard Blake                        Will. Rathell                     Joseph Terry
Edward Stephen                   Pat. Sweetman                  Peter Wilkinson
To which his Grace was pleased to return the following most gracious Answer.

I am extremely happy to find that my Endeavors to preserve the public Credit have been attended with Success.
I have always most sincerely wished to promote the Trade and Prosperity of this Kingdom; and every Event which contributes to the immediate Welfare of this City, gives me the greatest Pleasure. 

July 23, 1754: Page 2
                Monday night, about 11 o'clock a one Mr. Heyland, of Gu??s Stream, and Mess. Mas?? And ????, of Ballydowd, returning from Dublin, were set upon by one THOMAS BLAIR, son of one BLAIR who keeps the Cock and Punch Bowl in Palmertown near said BLAIR's House; and after some short Scuffle, the Father and Mother came out, when the Father with a Pitchfork and the Son with a Hanger, killed Heyland on the Spot, and cut the other two so desperately, that their Lives are dispaired of.  It is said the Cause of this barbarous and inhuman Murder, was, a Quarrel that happened about three Weeks ago between Heyland, and the Son, when he swore he would be revenged of him.  BLAIR and his Wife are in Kilmainham Gaol, but the son has made his Escape.

October 18, 1754, Page 2
His Majesty has been pleased to direct that the following Officers, appointed to the Regiments of Foot to be raised in America under the respective Commands of Col. William Shirley and Sir William Pepperell Bart, do repair forthwith to their Posts, viz.

                Colonel. William Shirley

                Lieutenant Colonel. Ellison, from Half-pay of Shirley's.

                Captains. Kinneer, from Half-pay of Gooch's, Vickers, from Lord George Sackville's Additional, Jocelin, from Old Buff's additionals, Patton, from Fleming's Additionals, More, from Half-pay of Agnew's. 

                Lieutenants.  Campbell, from Lord John Murray's Additionals, Mulholland, from Half-pay of Jorden's, Armstrong, from Half-pay of Shirley's.  Brown, from Half-pay of Rich's Additionals.  Olapham, from Half-pay of 12 independent companies.  Consett, 2d Lieutenant from Half-pay of Frazer's Marines.  Maitland, 2d Lieutenant from Half-pay of Cockran's.  Cunningham, from Half-pay of the Marines.  Winder, 2d Lieutenant from Half-pay of Jordan's.  Irwin, from Half-pay of Pepperell's, Gahan, Ensign from Half-pay of Shirley's Bart. Man, Ensign in Richbell's, Cheshire, Quarter Master to Bland's. 

                Ensigns.  BLAIR, Bradshaw, Walker; Carr, Serjeant in the Buffs. 

                Quartermaster.  Bigg, from Half-pay of Powlet's. 

                Surgeon. Scott, from Half-pay of Torrington's.               

                Colonel. Sir William Pepperel, from Half-Pay. 

    Lieutenant Colonel, Mercer, from Half-pay of Peperell's. 

    Major.  Craven, of Lord George Benualere's 

   Captains.  Bradstreet, of late Pepperell's.  Lord Boyde, of Scotch Fuzileers Additionals.  Barford, from Old Buffs Additionals.  Hutchinson, from Brag's Additionals, Descory, from Johnson's Additionals. 

Lieutenants.  Kempenseit, from Half-pay of Goch  (line missing)…..from Half-pay of Pepperell's.  Joyce, from Hopson's.  Foxton, from Fleming's Additionals.  Elrington from Fleming's Additional's.  Fleming from Half-pay of Cornewall's.  Drake, Ensign in Bocland's.  How, from Half-pay of Cornewall's.  Willes, Ensign in Pole's.  Middlemore, Ensign in Wolfe's.  MCManus, Ensign in Warburton's.  Gudgwon, Adjutant to Wolfe's. Mongerief, Lieutenant of Ranger's in Nova Scotia. 

Ensign's.  Hamilton, Rose, Newlnad, Couzens. 

Surgeon. Kirkland, From Half-pay of Pepperell's. 

Such of the above Officers, who are in Great Britain, are immediately to repair to London, and embark on Board the Transports provided for their Passage to North America.
And those who are in Ireland, are immediately to repair to Cork, and embark on Board the Transports provided for the carrying  Sir Peter Halket's and Colonel Dunbar's Regiments in North America.
We hear that a great many Sergeants of the Foot Guards are to have Commissions, and be sent as Subaltern Officers to America, to join the Body of Men that are to be raised in that Country.
We are assured from good authority, that there will be a coalition of all the English governments on the continent of America, that each colony will send a respective quota of troops and that they will be essentially supported by the mother country.  We hear likewise that several independent companies will be raised, which with Halket's and Dunbar's regiments preparing to embark, and Sir William Pepperil's and governor Shirley's regiments ordered to be raised in new England, when joined with the forces already there, will make a body of near 10,000 regular troops.  Several fine pieces of artillery, with sufficient number of mattrosses, & cc are ordered to be in readiness and it is not doubted that we shall not only dispossess the French from the Ohio, but compel them to keep such limits as were prescribed to them by the treaty of Utrecht.


March 4, 1755, Page 3: ADLAND: Doc ID: 1791:
THE  LANDS in the West Division of the Liberties of Carrickfergus that belong to Miss Sarah Elco??k, are out of lease against all  saints next, which lands she proposes to Set to the highest bidders the term of 21 years: The Tenants Names that hold the Lands are, Widow Martin and her Partners,  60 Acres: James Clark, 21 Acres: SAMUEL BLAIR, 39 Acres; Widow Atkin and her Partners, 190 Acres; William McIlnae, including the back Park, 80 Acres; and John McAlexander, 50 Acres; also the Rough Park in the Middle Division, now possessed by Hugh Kirk, 10 Acres; Any Person who has a Mind to bid for said Lands, may apply to the said John Alexander living on the Lands, who will receive their Proposals and shew the Lands. 

April 25, 1755 Page 3: ADMEET AGR ASSOC: Doc ID: 14915
=Agnew,William =Willson,Davis =Jones,Edward =McNeill,Roger =McAulay,Alexander.
=Antrim,Lord =Massereene,Lord =Slane,Lord =Boyd,Hugh =McNaghten,Edmond.
=Boyd,Alexander/Sr. =Leslie,James =Cromie,Michael =Rowan,John =Willson,Davis.
=Caufield,Charles/Rev. =Stewart,Dr/Rev. =Boyd,Archdeacon/Rev.
=Curry,Leslie =O''Neill,Mark/Karr =Stewart,James =Moore,James =Todd,Andrew.
=Dunkin,John =Heyland,Dominick =O''Hara,Henry =Smith,James =Stewart,Alexander.
=Gage,John/Rev. =Mahon,Arthur/Rev. =Smith,John/Rev. =Staples,Thomas/Rev.
=Harrison,Robert =Hart,Thomas =O''Neill,Felix. =Donaldson,James/Capt.
=Henry,John =Boyd,Samuel =Stewart,Nicholas =McNeill,Neill =McManus,Bryan.
=McCollum,Hugh =Blair,William/Henry. =Stewart,Jane/Mrs. =McCulloch,James
=McNaghten,John =O''Neill,Bernard =McDaniel,Charles =Boyd,Alexander/Jr.
=Moore,Sampson =Giveen,Robert/Sr. =Stewart,Robert. 10 secretary affidavit
=Olpherts,Richard =Hill,Hugh =Blair,John =O''Hara,Charles.
=Smith,James/Rev. =Cuppage,Alexander/Rev. =Bristow,Skeffington/Rev.
Aug. =McNaghten,Edmond chair. arable pasture meadow 1 June ditch quicks
beds tranch setts Mar. subscribers. =Lyle,Hugh =Galt,William =Bristow,Samuel
claim +Glenarm 1 July. =McDaniel,Charles =Todd,Andrew.
crab wilding white thorn oak elm ash beech sycamore. soil moss clay Dec. Jan.
praemiums Farmers Society +Lower!Baronies Co. +Antrim meeting +Ballymagarry 11

April 29, 1755, Page 3: ARMED NIRL SHIP: Doc. ID: 14956
=Hartington,Marquis saddle horses belonging =Mercer,Capt. =
=Walgrave,Col. =Boscawen,Col. =Clarke,Mr. =Dance,Mr. Steward Household.
English French fleets sailed.
proprietor packet boats arrived $Faulkner +Holyhead. letters mail advise

May 28, 1756: Page 3: NLON WAR: Doc. ID: 6496
=Sharpe,William =Blair,William Clerks Council =Granville,Earl/of
Instrument Declaration War. Council +Kinsington Majesty sword name
St. James''s Palace Heralds room gateway window. read populace huzzas. 

October 15, 1756:  Page 3: ADMEET AGR ASSOC. Doc. ID  525
=Agnew,William =Willson,Davis =Jones,Edward =McNeill,Roger =McAulay,Alexander.
=Antrim,Lord =Massereene,Lord =Slane,Lord =Boyd,Hugh =McNaghten,Edmond.
=Boyd,Alexander/Sr. =Leslie,James =Cromie,Michael =Rowan,John =Willson,Davis.
=Caufield,Charles/Rev. =Stewart,Dr/Rev. =Boyd,Archdeacon/Rev.
=Curry,Leslie =O''Neill,Mark/Karr =Stewart,James =Moore,James =Todd,Andrew.
=Dunkin,John =Heyland,Dominick =O''Hara,Henry =Smith,James =Stewart,Alexander.
=Gage,John/Rev. =Mahon,Arthur/Rev. =Smith,John/Rev. =Staples,Thomas/Rev.
=Harrison,Robert =Hart,Thomas =O''Neill,Felix. =Donaldson,James/Capt.
=Henry,John =Boyd,Samuel =Stewart,Nicholas =McNeill,Neill =McManus,Bryan.
=McCollum,Hugh =Blair,William/Henry. =Stewart,Jane/Mrs. =McCulloch,James
=McNaghten,John =O''Neill,Bernard =McDaniel,Charles =Boyd,Alexander/Jr.
=Moore,Sampson =Giveen,Robert/Sr. =Stewart,Robert. 10 secretary affidavit
=Olpherts,Richard =Hill,Hugh =Blair,John =O''Hara,Charles.
=Smith,James/Rev. =Cuppage,Alexander/Rev. =Bristow,Skeffington/Rev.
Aug. =McNaghten,Edmond chair. arable pasture meadow 1 June ditch quicks
beds tranch setts Mar. subscribers. =Lyle,Hugh =Galt,William =Bristow,Samuel
claim +Glenarm 1 July. =McDaniel,Charles =Todd,Andrew.
crab wilding white thorn oak elm ash beech sycamore. soil moss clay Dec. Jan.
praemiums Farmers Society +Lower!Baronies Co. +Antrim meeting +Ballymagarry 11


January 18, 1757: Page 3: AGR ASSOC: Doc. ID 1128:
=Blair,John =O''Hara,Charles =Caufield,Charles/Rev. =Stewart,Rev/Dr.
=Boyd,Alexander/Jr. =Dunkin,John =Heyland,Dominick =O''Hara,Henry
=Boyd,Rev/Archdeacon =Smith,James/Rev. =Cuppage,Alexander/Rev.
=Bristow,Skeffington/Rev. =Gage,John/Rev. =Mahon,Arthur/Rev.
=Cromie,Michael =Rowan,John =Wilson,Hall =Agnew,William =Willson,Davis
=Giveen,Robert/Sr. =Stewart,Robert. claimant 10 June +Glenarm 1 July
=Harrison,Robert =Hart,Thomas =O''Neill,Daniel =Magennis,Richard
=Jones,Edward =McNeill,Roger. =McAuley,Alexander =Curry,Leslie
=McCollum,Hugh =Blair,William/Henry =Stewart,Jane/Mrs. =McCulloch,James
=McNaughten,Edmond. pasture meadow ditch crab wilding thorn oak elm ash beech
=O''Neill,Felix =Donaldson,James/Capt. =Olpherts,Richard =Hill,Hugh
=O,Neill,Mark/Karr =Stewart,James =Moore,James =Todd,Andrew =Moore,Sampson
=Slane,Lord =Boyd,Hugh =McNaghten,Edmond =O''Neill,Bernard =McDaniel,Charles
=Smith,James =Stewart,Alexander =Boyd,Alexander/Sr. =Leslie,James
=Smith,John/Rev. =Staples,Thomas/Rev. =Henry,John =Boyd,Samuel
=Stewart,Nicholas =McNeill,Neal =McManus,Bryan =Antrim,Lord =Massereene,Lord
praemiums Farmers Society baronies Co. +Antrim +Ballymagarry 11 Aug. 1756.
sycamore. subscribers =Lyle,Hugh =Galt,William =Bristow,Samuel

 February 25, 1757: page 3: NIRL SHIP: Doc ID: 4390
$Duke/of/Argyll =King,William brig $Seaflower =Caldwell,John
$Lord/Dunluce =Caldwell,Andrew $Olivebranch =McCullum,Hugh. +Larne +Belfast
$Sally =Moor,Francis $Union =Crathorn,John +Drogheda snow $Boyne
$William/and/George =McCalmont,Robert. $Waddell =Stewart,Charles
=Boyd,James. +Londonderry $Friendship =Cochran,Thomas $Dreadnought
=Martin,Patrick. +Newry $Johnson =Cunningham,Daniel $Seahorse =Blair,Francis
=McLachlin,James $Lydia =McKinsea,Capt. +Killybeggs +Sligo $Pretty/Peggy
=Smith,John. vessels +Philadelphia.
merchant ships +New!York +Ireland wheat flour flaxseed 6 Dec. 17 Jan. +Dublin

 July 5, 1757: Page 3: ARMED NIRL SHIP: Doc. ID: 10384
+Dublin taken +Guardaloupe. $Elizabeth =Doustal +Dublin +Alicant +Malaga.
22 June $Duke/of/Bedford privateer sailed +Cork cruize +Kinsale chace French
=Holbourn,Adm. squadron arrive +Halifax +Cove 8. $Clare =Walsh +Antigua
dogger guns coast.
$Delahunty =Blair,James/Capt. +Philadelphia flour wheat 9 May

 August 30, 1757: Page 3: ADLAND: Doc. ID: 1579
To be let against the first day of November next, that farm commonly called Loghduff now in the possesson of William Agnew, Esq. And JAMES BLAIR, containing upwards of 400 acres, there are 40 fat cattle now grazed on the premises, besides six milk cows and 16 surams?? That the mountain will graze; the same is inclosed with a good mearing ditch, and very good arable land and meadow on said lands.  Proposals will be received by said William Agnew, anytime before the first of November next.
Whereas it was formerly advertised that William Agnew intend to build several houses at Beagh fit for tradesmen or labourers, and that they should be accommodated with 3 to 5 acres to each house, and a garden of 80 or 90 feet backward with moss very convenient:  Said houses are now almost finished, and will be ready for any person who will agree for the same to enter into at or before the first day of November next; said place is a very good situation for an inn, having two publick roads that convene from Belfast to Ballymena, the other from Larne to Antrim.  If any person inclines to follow that business, he will be accommodates with 4 acres of meadow and 7 or 14 acres of arable land at his election: Said William Agnew will build a house of such dimensions according to the rent agreed on for the same.  The lands alloted for each house will be shewed by Mr. William Shaw of Doagh, or by Mr. Robert Robison of Ballyclare.  Proposals will be received by said William Agnew. 

September 9, 1757, Page 3: FOOD GOVIRL: Doc ID: 16791
=Bateson,Richard. =Swettenham,Jos. =McCausland,Con. =McCausland,Mark.
=Bedford,Duke/of Governor +Ireland. High Sheriff Grand Jury +Londonderry
=Cary,George. =Hamilton,John. =Ross,David. =Alexander,Robert. =Hamilton,John.
=Ellis,Henry. =Blair,John.
=Hamilton,Frederick. =Ramage,James. =Cary,Edward. =Hamilton,Henry.
=Knox,Andrew. =Canning,Strat. =Knox,Alex. =McNaghten,John. =Hamilton,Abraham.
=Steuart,William. =Hogg,William. =Smith,Thomas. =Alexander,Nathaniel.
assizes 29 Aug. thanks supplying corn contributed lower price markets relief
poor. administration trade manufactures assure Government


March 30, 1759: Page 3: ARMED ASSOC LEGAL SHIP: Doc. ID: 18398
+Leitrim =Fitzpatrick,John =Vesey,George =Hannel,George =Betty,Edward.
=Bagnell,John =Roe,Andrew =Elphin,Bishop/of =Bonham,John =Mountney,Baron.
=Baldwin,Rich/Jr. =Erke,Gasper =Darby,Japhet =Hatch,John =Shimmin,Robert.
=Blair,Thomas =Walker,Thomas. =Lodge,John =O''Hara,Charles =Boyd,George
=Brereton,Edward =Hoby,Philip/Sir =Woods,George. =Barton,Ben. Petty
=Bury,Col. =Bryan,Joseph =Todd,William. =Marshall,Wm. =Roe,John =White,Thomas
=Carlton,George =Patrick,Robert =Crump,John =Price,Ellis =Taylor,Tho/Sr.
=Carroll,Ephraim. =Marsden,John =Phillips,Surgeon =Marshall,Wm/Jr.
=Clements,Nat. =Hamilton,James =Mereen,Maj. =Tyrrell,George =Todd,Wm.
=Coats,Hosea =Burton,Benjamin =Fitzpatrick,John =Morris,Redmond.
=Desbrisay,Capt. =Martin,Col. =Bowen,Thomas =Chaighneau,Wm. =Emerson,Thomas
=Dublin,Archbishop/of =Kildare,Earl/of Grand Jury King''s Bench.
=Edgeworth,Rich. Gentlemen Co. +Longford. =Boyd,Hugh +Ballycastle
=Evory,James =Bingham,Charles/Sir. =Kelly,Peter/Brown =Blake,Henry
=Grace,William =Hartford,John unknown =Isaac,Simon =King,Macarel.
=Greeson,Anthony =Fade,Joseph =Alexander,Wm. =M''Mutry,Wm. debtor 20
=Harman,Robert =Fitzgerald,Robert. =Herbert,Edward =McGregor,John
=Harrison,Robert =Kanning,Stratford =Burleigh,David +Lowth =Nenoe,Wm.
=Hutchinson,John =Mills,John =Benson,Wm. =Smith,Mr. =Knox,Mr. =Coleman,Charles
=Jones,J/F. =Wetherall,John =Morris,Theo. =Sheil,Dr. =Dover,James
=Knowles,John =Carter,Boyle =Gaven,John =Digby,Jer.
=Knox,James Co. +Down Company +Kilkenny +Meath =Graves,Alderman +Drogheda.
=Latouche,David =Latouche,David/Jr. =Abernethy,John =Bradley,Abraham
=Lawe,Robert =Hicky,Thomas =Scott,Thomas. =Thwaites,George =Green,Anthony
=Lyons,Capt. =Ewing,Thomas =Bambrick,Thomas. =Sheen,John Exchequer
=McDonnel,Alex. =Hull,Capt. =Baldwin,Rd/Sr. =Burton,Francis/Pierpoint.
=Molesworth,Bysse =Deane,Wm. =French,Eyre =Newcomen,Art/Sir =Fox,Francis.
=Murray,Col. =Faulkner,George =Paul,Col. =Martin,Samuel =Martin,George
=Onge,Counsellor =Maple,Wm. =Wolfe,Maj. =Latouche,Peter =Eyre,Capt.
=Read,Thomas =Montgomery,Robert =Kerry,Hugh =Pettigrew,Robert =Lang,James.
=Skinner,Capt. Corps =Gunne,Counsellor. =Robinson,Dr. =Dally,Michael
=Sneyd,Edward =Robinson,Richard =Palliser,Walter =Harrison,Christo.
=Thompson,Theo. =Howard,Ed. =Braddle,William =Dunn,James =Burton,Charles/Sir
=White,William =Hunt,Perc/Jr. =Mercer,Capt. =Weld,Matt. =Gaven,Henry.
fund exhausted tender waiting men +Dublin harbour benefactions support.
list subscribers Marine Society. =Bedford,Duke/of Lords Justices
men boys clerk salary petty expences. acquaint publick utility undertaking
total benefit play tickets balance treasurer. creditor charge cloathing

May 11, 1759: Page 3: FAIR LINEN: Doc. ID: 18490
=Adair,Blayney. =Gilmer,James =Reford,Lewis/Sr. =Thompson,John =Thomson,Thomas
=Barklie,Thomas. =Hunter,William =Blackley,John =Luke,Samuel =Waugh,Samuel.
=Blair,James =Gillilan,James =Reid,Hugh =Dickey,Adam =Montgomery,John
=Blair,John. =Carmichael,Samuel =Carmichael,Hugh =Blair,Alexander
=Dickey,Thomas. =Campbell,Hugh =Adair,Tho/Benj. =Allen,John/Jr. =Dickey,James
=Gilmer,John/Jr. =Reford,Lewis/Jr.
=Henderson,John =Adair,Charles =Douglas,James =Rosbrough,Alex.
=M''Alexander,James =Brown,Patrick =Miller,Wm. =Dickey,Samuel =Boyd,James.
=M''Ferran,George =Allen,Patrick =Donnaldson,James =Courtney,Wm.
=Scott,Henry. =Campbell,Robert =Clements,Robert =Patterson,John
=Swan,Wm. =Swan,John =Marshal,Robert =Brown,Paul =Meek,Wm. =Watt,James.
=Young,James =Bristow,Samuel. =Allen,John/Sr. =Shaw,Thomas =Birnie,Samuel
=Young,William. =Young,Thomas =Craford,Robert =Dickey,John =Hill,John
Co. +Belfast +Lisburn beat drum bell 10 attend 28 Apr. =Owens,Robert
dealers linen cloth met +Antrim agreement writing markets sell buy fair



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