The Blair Society for Genealogical Research Presents:

Blair Extracts from the Belfast Newsletter (1770-1779)
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April 10, 1770, Page 3
THE Ship EARL of DONEGALL, Burthen 300 Tons, Duncan Ferguson, Master, will positively fail, Wind and Weather permitting, the 25th Instant.  Passengers, Redemptioners, and Servants who intend to embrace this Opportunity, are requested to apply immediately to Mr. John Ewing, Mr. William Burgess., Capt. JAMES BLAIR at Mr. Burgess’s or to said Master, either of whom will agree on reasonable Terms.
N. B.  She is a remarkable fine Ship, very well found, and has excellent Accommodations for Passengers; and as CAPTAIN BLAIR will go a Passenger in her himself, he will take particular Care that every Thing shall be rendered as comfortable and agreeable as possible.
Belfast, April the 9th, 1770.

July 24, 1770, Page 2
We the undernamed Persons, Inhabitants of the Towns of Ballymena, Portglenone, Randalstown, Glenarm, and Parts adjacent, have had our Children inoculated for the Small-pox in the Suttonian Method by Mr. William McCulloch of Ballymena, Surgeon, who hall had that Disease in the most mild and favourable Manner, without Confinement, and are at present in perfect Health.
We return him Thanks for is Care and Attention during the Progress of the Disorder, and recommend him to the Publick as a skilful Practitoner of the Suttonian Art.
John Lendrick                       Wm. Patterson                      Thos. McCawley
Blayney Adair                       James Wason                        Wm. Milliker
John Allen                             James Knox                           James Walker
Hugh Edmonston                   Robert McNeely                   Andrew Moor
Robert Crawford                   John Miller                            Wm. McCawley
Thomas Aspinall                    Andrew Miller                       Alex. Hill

             James Killpatrick                   J. Hume
John Adair                             James Pattin                          Charles Carty
Henry Henderson                   Wm. Birch                             Hugh Forbes
N. B.  Mr. McCulloch in the Months of August, September, and October last inoculated upwards of
280 Persons, Men, Women, and Children (Paupers included) in Mr. Sutton’s Method, who all passed the Small-pox without Confinement, and are at present well.  From many different Engagements in the Way of his Profession at Home, he has been hitherto prevented from attending at any great Distance, but now proposes to be in Colerain and Londonderry in a few Days to Inoculate, and hopes the great Success which has hitherto attended his Practice, will be a sufficient Recommendation.

January 1, 1771, Page 2
Died.  A few days ago, the Rev. Mr. John Wallace, a dissenting clergyman.—The Rev. Mr. Flemng of Adam and Eve chapel,  Cook-street.—At his lodgings in this city.  Laurence Nowlan of Whitewall;  co. Kilkenny, esq.—in Luke street, MR. JAMES BLAIR, proprietor of the packet boats.

September 20, 1771; Page 3
We the inhabitants of the Townlands of Ballylinney, Ballyhound, Ballywalter, Ballycalket, and Lisnalinchy, in order to shew our dislike Abhorrence of some late wicked Proceedings in the Country, of houghing, maiming, and killing Cattle, and robbing and burning House, and as far as we can to prevent the same for the future; We whose names are hereunto subscribed, do agree and engage to and with each other and the Publick, that we will not conceal, but will use our best Endeavours to discover, apprehend and prosecute to Conviction, every Person who shall hereafter be guilty of such wicked and diabolical Crimes; and for that Purpose we will each of us be strictly watchful over our own respective Households, and entertain no Peson therein, but those for whose good Behaviour we will be answerable; and that we will keep a regular stout nightly.  Watch in the several Townlands in which we respectively live, during the ensuing Winter Season; where we will regularly, in Rotation, attend in Person, or send a sufficient man who may be depended on; and that we will to the utmost of our Power, each of us, not only defend our own Properties separately, but will instantly, on the least Appearance of Danger, join with one another, and repel Force by Force, in Case the same shall be once necessary, in protecting the Property of each other:  And for the faithful performance of all these Things, we have each of us entered into the most solemn Engagements.  Dated this 16th September, 1771.
William Rowney                   John McMaster                    Arthur Kirk
James McClacken                WILLIAM BLAIR             John Craig
Samuel hay                            John Logan                          James Lattimore
John Alexander                     Wm. McCulloch                   Alexander McCram
George Shaw                         Matthew Little John             William Ross
John Barron                          Anthony  Parker                   JAMES BLAIR
Andrew Smyth                      John McCrea                        Alexander Jordan
William Shaw                        John Gordon                         William McGouken
William Leard                        James McKee                      William McClelland
David Montgomery               Andrew McConnell               Joseph Robinson
William Barron                      John Grange                          James Thompson
For my Father, John             Robert Harvey                       James Thompson
Simm                                    John McKee                         James Gardiner
James Barron                        James Brown                         John Hughston

Lowdawick Shannon             Edward Greenlies                  Hugh Thompson
John Willson                          James Munnal                       John McConnell
John Lyle                               William Adamson

October 11, 1771, Page 3
We the Inhabitants of the Parish of Ballyeaston, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, in order to shew our utter Dislike, Abhorrence, and Detestation of some late wicked Proceedings in this Country, of houghing and killing Cattle, and robbing, firing into and burning Houses, and Stacks o’Hay and Corn, and writing and dropping threatening incendiary Letters, full of horrid Oaths and Imprecations: do promise and engage to each other and the Publick, that we will use our best Endeavours to discover, apprehend and prosecute to Conviction, every Person who shall hereafter be guilty of such wicked and diabolical Crimes, so destructive of the Peace and Welfare of Society, and inconsistent with all Order and good Government.  And the more effect? To answer this good Purpose, we will ach of us be strictly watchful over our respective Families, and not harbour or entertain therein (as far as we know) any Person of any irregular Behaviour.  And further, we do hereby declare, whenever it shall be necessary, and the Civil Magistrate gives us Authority, that we will keep a regular strong Watch ever Night, in he several Townlands in which we respectively live; where we will, in our Turn, attend in Person, or send a Man who may be depended upon.  And that we will to the utmost our our Power, each of us, not only defend our own Properties, but instantly, on the least Alarm or Appearance of Danger, join with and assist each other, in repelling the lawless Attempts of wicked Men to destroy the Property of our Neighbours.  Ballyeaston, October 9th, 1771.
John Connor, Minister                        William Montgomery                         Wm. Holmes, Minister
Of Ballyeaston                                       Presbyterian Minister                  Wm. Tod
John Allen                                          Nathan Tod                                       John Bowers
Archibald Wilson                                James Tod                                         Robt. Wilson
John Sittlington                                   Wm. Carmichel                                  Wm. Shivers
John Love                                          John Carmichel                                   John Millar
Edward Love                                     James Carmichel                                 John Millar
John Love                                          Robt. Love                                         Thos. Boyd
Wm. Loggan                                      Sam. Ferguson                                     James McIlwean
John Loggan                                      John McDowel                                    Thos. Begs
Robert Hill                                         Charles Ellison                                    James McClean
Wm. Hill                                            John Hill                                               David McClean
Thos. Hill                                            Thos. McBride                                    Thos. White
Samuel McMaster                               James Marshal                                    Alex. White
Nathaniel McCleland                           Thos. Huston                                       John Dumbar
Hugh Bartholomew                              Samuel Huston                                     John Bryson
Robt. Dollars                                       John Hume                                           John Reny
Wm. Kelly                                           James Beggs                                        Wm. Whiteford
Wm. Waugh                                         John Kirkwood                                    John Whiteford
Robt. Groat                                          Robt. Marshal                                      Wm. McCullogh
James Mc Alexander                           Wm. Kirkwood                                     Robt. Wilson
Samuel Shannon                                  Andrew Tod                                         James McBride
Andrew Taylor                                     John Tod                                             Wm. Andrew
Wm. McAlexander                               Andrew Arther                                     John Milford
Robt. Mitchell                                       Wm. Arther                                          John Scott
Henry Magee                                        James Caldwell                                     Jon Huston
James Cameron                                     Patrick  Mitchel                                    Robt. Conge
James Cameron                                     Francis Gilmor                                      Wm. Gaut
Nathan Tod                                           Wm. Dunkin                                          John Gaut
Nathaniel McAlister                               John Gardiner                                      James Smyth
Charles Brown                                      Thos. Dunkin                                        Samuel Sim
James Tod                                             Thos.  Askin                                         Joseph Jamison
James Robison                                      Wm. Askin                                            John Wilson
James Tod                                             John Service                                         John Beggs
                          Robt. Montgomery                              John Mc Murt??/
John Tod                                               Patrick Meabin                                     John Gardiner
Robt. Tod                                              Thos. McFerran                                   John McCune
Samuel Mitchel                                      Wm. Meabin                                        Andrew Hunter
Richard McGooken                               Nathaniel Kirkwood                             Charles Cummin
Nathaniel Brown                                    Wm. Galt                                             Robt. Hineman
James Gillilan                                         Hugh Marshall                                      John McCleland
John Owens                                          Matthew Gray                                       Joseph Oar
John Gillilan                                            James Begs                                          Robt. Nicol
Thos. Huston                                         Thos. Begs                                           HENRY BLAIR
Hugh Huston                                          John Kirkwood                                    Robt. Millen
David Allen                                           Wm. Crawford                                     John Henderson
Matthew Hoy                                       Wm. Robison                                       Thos. Simson
Arthur Lather                                        David Begs                                           Wm. Gilbert
John Kennedy                                      Andrew Millar                                       Hugh Watt
Lohn Loggan                                        Hugh Duncan                                         David Patton
Wm. Beaty                                            John Hill                                                James McAlister
Robt. Gilmor                                          John McGregry                                    Nathaniel Duncan
Andrew Moor                                       Jeremiah Smyth                                    Adam Coultard?
Wm. Smyth                                           Nathaniel Allen                                     John Buchanan
Wm. Spear                                            John Allen                                             James Kennedy
Nathan McAlister                                   James Spear                                          Robt. Mc Cant??
Samuel Smyth                                       Edward Loggan                                     Stafford  Duncan
Robt. Owens                                         Robert Begs                                          Wm McIlwean
Wm. Whany                                         Thos. Lusk                                            John Todd
Wm Symson                                         James Barklie                                        Wm. Oar
John Thompson                                     Nathan Tod                                           James Kirk
John Millar                                            John Mannal                                         Joseph Thompson
John Saunderson                                  Alex. Thompson                                    John Whiteford, junr.
Nathaniel Getty                                    Alex. Martin                                          John Wilson
Francis Graham                                     Andrew Hannah                                   Wm. Coleman
John Graham                                         Arthur Taggart                                     Wm. Duncan
Jonas Graham                                       Hugh Begs                                            James McMaster
John Cok                                              Wm. Hilditch                                         John Allen
James Graham                                      Hugh O’Drean                                      Wm. Allen
Robt. Saunderson                                John Begs                                             John Poak
James Graham                                       John Thompson                                   Wm. Poak
James Mawhoad?                                 Thos. Tod                                             James Bryson
Timothy Saunderson                             John McAlexander                              James Lather
John McCallay                                     Sam. McAlexander                               Wm. Ramley
Samuel Allen                                         John Craig                                             David White
John O’Haveren                                   Wm. Craig                                             James Bowman
Archibald Owens                                 Thos. Service                                        John Rankin
John Carmichael                                   Wm. Gilmor                                           Matthew Gray
Wm. Thompson                                   Hugh Gilmor                                          John Watt
James Aiken                                         James Hannah                                      Alex. Carmichael
Andrew McClean                                 Robt. Hannah                                       James Carmichael
James Johnston                                    John Andrew                                        Robt. Gardiner
John McIlwean                                     Adam Boyce                                         Edward McCleland
John Craig                                             James Preston                                       Hugh Watt, senior
Samuel Mean                                        John Marshal                                        John Tod, junr.
Thos. Hill                                               John Mackey                                        Thos. Duncan
Gawen Saunderson                              James McMaster                                  Wm. Whiteford, junr.
James Mean                                          John Killen                                            Robt. Huston
John Semple                                          Wm. Kirkwood                                     Wm. Hunter
Wm. Houston                                       David Spear                                          John Barkley
Hugh Millan                                          Wm. Curry                                             Thos. Wette?
John Knox                                             Samuel Curry                                        James Kirk, junr.
Archibald Davison                                Stafford Curry                                       John Wilson
Thos. Dunkin                                        Wm. McComb                                      Robt. McMillen
John McDowel                                     John Strange                                         John Hunter
Wm. Knox                                           Alex. McCamont                                  Wm. Wiley
James Mitchel                                       John McComb
Hugh Johnston                                      Robt. Percy

November 5, 1771, Page 2
THAT WILLIAM BLAIR, Parish of Dundonald, Townland of Bellyrussell, and County of Down, doth intend, by publick Auction, to sell his Household Furniture, consisting of almost every necessary Article, with all Farming Utensils, both very good; a Mare with a Foal of this Year; Cows and Heifers; several Stacks of Corn, a Stack of Hay, and some Turf.---He also will sell his Interest of the Farm, containing 21 Acres, Cunningham Measure, at 13s per Acre.  Tithe and Duties free, has Moss and Meadow, some of it very lately limed; within one Mile and a half of Cumber, three of Newtown, and five of Belfast; there are 26 Years of the Lease to come from the first Instant.  The Cant to begin on Wednesday the ?? of this Month, and continue till all are sold.  Three Months Credit on Security, for every Sum above 10s.  ?? November, 1771.

December 6, 1771, Page 3
DROPT off a Car, on Wednesday the 13th of November last, on the Road from Belfast to Newtown-Ards, a Sack containing one quarter of a Hide of Ben Leather, one half and one quarter ditto of Neat Leather, and two Veal Skins; William Dalzell is written on several Pieces of the Leather.  Any Person who has found the above shall have a Crown Reward on delivering it to MR. WILLIAM BLAIR, Newton-Ards; Mr. David Smith, Dundonnald; or the Printers hereof.  Dated 5th December, 1771.
N. B.  As the poor Man who drops the above will have to pay for it, it is hoped that if the above leather be offered for Sale it may be stopped, and the Person who stops it shall be entitled to the above Reward. 

December 6, 1771, Page 3
LOST between Doagh and Four-mile burn, on the 12th of this Inst. November, a Silver Watch, the Property of Robert Hook, Bleacher, in Doagh:  She is very remarkable, having three cases, the outside Case being carved or chased, and the Maker’s Name being in the Back of the inner Case, John Faucherty, Liverpool.  Whoever returns her to Mr. JAMES BLAIR SHAW of Doagh, or the above Robert Hook, shall receive one Guinea Reward.  It is hoped that all Watch makers or others, will take Notice if such a Watch is offered to them for mending or for Sale, that she may may be taken up.  Doagh, Nov. 26, 1771.

December 27, 1771, Page 3
WHERAS on the Night between the 19th and 20th Instant, one of the Windows in the Drying loft belonging to William Kelly, at his Bleach-green in Killarn, in the Parish of Newtown-Ards and County of Down, was broke open and Pieces of Linen ……………………out of said Drying-loft by some Person or Persons as yet unknown.  Said Linens were ready to be lapped; they are all marked on the one End with J. K. and numbered on the other, but the Numbers as yet not certainly known; their Value supposed to be from 20d, to 2s, 2d per Yard.
NOW we whose Names are hereunto subscribed, do promise to pay the Sums annexed to our respective Names, amounting in the whole to the Sum of 110 l, 6s 9d.  Sterl. As a Reward to any Person or Persons who will discover and prosecute to Conviction the Person or Persons guilty of said Felony in three Calendar Months from the Date hereof; and if any Person concerned in the above Felony will make a Discovery of his or their Accomplices, he shall not only be entitled to the above Reward, but Application made for  his Pardon, Given under our Hands, this 26th December, 1771.

                                            l.              s.             d.  

Francis Turn’y, Esq.             3              13            9
Thomas McQuoin                1              2              9
Robert Lambert, Esq.           3              8              3
Edward Darley                      1              2              9        
Robert Gillespie, Esq.            3              8              3
John Lewers                          1              2              9
James Bruce, Esq.                 3              8              3              
Thomas Merry, senr.             1              14            ?
Revd. Samuel Stone              3              8              3              
Thomas Merry, junr.             1              2              9
Robert Bradshaw                  2              5              6              
William Strickland                1              2              9
James Riddle                         2              5              6              
William Bryson                     1              2              9
Robert Riddle                        2              5              6              
Robert Dalzell                       1              2              9
George Gillespie                   3              8              3              
James Rowan                        1              2              9
John Andrew                        2              5              6              
William Fisher                       1              2              9
David McCormick                3              8              3              
James Heron                         1              2              9
William Brown                      1              2              9              
John Willson                         1              14            ?
James McCully                     2              5              6              
William McBlain                   1              2              9
William Kelly                        11            7              6              
John Logan                           1              2              9
Revd. Hugh Caldwell             1              2              9              
       1              2              9
John Harrison                        1              2              9              
James Biers                           1              2              9
Revd. James Dobbin             1              2              9              
Hans Logan                          1              2              9
John McMullan                     1              2              9              
James Kelly                          5              13            9
Hugh Wallace Laird              1              2              9              
William Gillespie                   3              8              3
Revd. James Huey                1              2              9              
John Glenholmes                   2              5              6
James Biers                           2              5              6    
James McNall                       2              5              6
John McCully                        2              5              6              
Andrew Cuming                    2              5              6
                  1              2              9              
Revd. Wm. Stit                     2              5              6
Thomas Fisher                      2              5              6              
Thomas Pollack                    1              2              9
Samuel Oar (Orr)                  2              5              6
The said William Kelly desires that no Person may trespass upon his Greens for the future, or come within the enclosures there upon any Pretence whatever without her Permission except those who are bringing Cloth to be bleached or taking them away afterwards.


March 17, 1772, Page 2
Whereas we the subscribers hereto Inhabitants of the Parish of Dunachy, in the Barony of Kilconway and County of Antrim, having the utmost detestation and abhorrence of the late and present unlawful and audacious rising of disorderly and infatuated persons, in this and several other parts of this county, to the terror of his majesty's peaceable and loyal subjects, the destruction of property and danger of life; and believing the most effectual means to suppress and quell the same, is by an association of well-affected people. Now, we therefore solemnly promise, and mutually pledge our faith to one another, that in every case, where any one may be attacked within the said parish, by such disorderly persons, in the manner they have lately practiced; we will, as afar as in our power lies, assemble ourselves, and at the risque and hazard of our lives, repel force by force, for the preservation of their and our lives and establishing of good order, and bringing delinquents to justice.
Dated this 6th day of March 1772

Wm. Moore, Wm. Crawford, John Gaston   , Rev. Joseph Douglass, John Morison, Pat Knowles , James Moore, David Graham, Joseph Linton, John Forsyth, Andrew Graham, John McMurry, James Mc Naghten, Robert Pettigrew, John Wallace, Wm. McNaghten, James Ferry, John Kellsy, John Edmonstone, James McLonan, Henry McCormick, Wm. Edmonstone, Sam. McLonan, James McClure, Sam. Cupples, Peter Pattison, David McCully, Mat. Crawford, Hugh Huston, Gilbert Greer, Henry Shaw, John Huston, James Greer, Wm. McCormick, Wm. Mann, Henry Hamilton, Dan McAulay, James McKelvey, Bernard McCully, John Crawford, Thos. Cupid, Sam. McCully, Sam. McMurry, Tim Douds, Alex. McCully, Thos. Forsyth, Alex Cupid, James Watson, Wm. Forsyth, John Douds, James McCrory, James Forsyth, Robert McGown, Nathaniel White, Wm. Forsyth,  Junr., James McWilliams, Robt. Miller, Wm. Forsyth,  Senr. , JOHN BLAIR, Mat. Herbison, John Forsyth,  Senr., James Hannah, Robert Herbison, John Forsyth,  Junr., John Boyd, Adam Herbison, John Gaston,  Senr., James Dickey, Robt. Hersion, John Gaston,  Junr., Thos. Smyth, Wm. Lowry, Thomas Gaston, Wm. Robinson, Thos. Lowry, Robert Gaston, JAMES BLAIR, Joseph Lowry, Pat. Smith, John Woodside, Peter Kerr,  Senr., James Elliot, Bernard McKenny, Peter Kerr,  Junr., Wm. Patison, Adam Dinsmore, Alex Kerr, Robert McGowan, James McLonan, Wm. McCulley , Robert Stewart,  Senr., Daniel Diehan, Thos. Kerr, John Stewart, ROWLEY BLAIR, John Herbison, Robert Stewrt,  Junr., Pat Hannah, Sam. Herbison, Joseph Stewart, Sam. Boyd, James Davison, John Todd, Gawn Finlay, David Morton, Thos. Caldwell, James Siers, Wm. Morton, Joseph Cathcart, Wm. Glenn, Sam. McKelvy, Sam. McGowan, Robt. Glenn, John Campbell, Andrew Graham, James Glenn, John Millar, James Elliot, John Pringle, Peter Millar, John Huston, Wm. McLaughlin, Andrew Millar, Lascelles Rogers, Sam. Hamilton, Wm. Cupid, John Adams, Joseph Cristy, John Craige, John Henderson, Thos. Douglass, Wm. Culbertson, James Dunkin, Roger McCleland, Allan Cathcart, David Adams, John Johnston, John Young, John Crawford, Adam Linton, Wm. Crawford, Malcom McMurry, John Gaston, John Young, Sam. McMurry, John Mc Ilroy, John Adams, Gaeon McMurry, Sam. Stinson, Thos. Cathcart, Andrew Stinson, Alex. McLonan, Mat. Adams, John Hyndman, Sam. Kirkpatrick, James Adams, John Nicly, James Gaston, Thos. Humes, David Boyd, John Anderson, Pat. Gaston, John McGown, Wm. Duffin, John Patten, John Douglass, Randle Duffin, Laughlin Douds, James Cuples, John Campbell, HUGH BLAIR, Wm. McKelvey, John Campbell, Geo. Hamilton, Wm. McKelvy, Daniel Morrison, Thos. Lowry, Joseph Gaston, Hugh J. Hutton, John Adams, Robert Craige, WM. BLAIR, Edward McIllmoge,

April 7, 1772, Page 3  
=Aarranthrough,Wm. =Stanhouse,John. =Blair,James. =Workman,James. =McCay,Alex.
=Agnew,James =M''Neil,Mal. =Montgomery,John. =Montgomery,Wm. =Hill,Richard.
=Allen,Thos. =Dickie,David. =Adams,John.
=Barklie,Thos. =Nettervill,Nicholas. =Agnew,Robt. =Montgomery,Sam.
=Boyd,Robt. =Moor,Nathan. =Simpson,John. =Dauthard,Sam. =Young,Wm. =Murray,Wm.
=Campbell,John =Calhoon,Robt. =Murray,Charles. =McKewn,Sam. =Coan,Isaac/Rev.
=Edwards,John. =Reed,Hugh. =Hill,Arthur. =Brown,David. =Workman,Sam.
=Glasgow,Wm. =Losk,Robt. =Snoddy,James =Snoddy,Matthew. =M''Kinney,Pat.
=Hamilton,Samuel. =Shutter,John =White,James. =Hare,Wm. =Woodside,John.
=Houston,John. =Munrow,Wm. =Finley,James. =Glasgow,John. =McMullon,John.
=Jamison,Skeffington. =McVicker,James. =Jamison,Arthur. =O''Harow,John.
=Larmour,Wm. =Montgomery,Hugh =Irwin,Nathan. =Sweeny,Duncan. =Glasgow,James.
=McGibson,Dugald. =Weir,Alex. =Black,Hugh. =Hamilton,Wm. =Hill,Wm.
=McKewn,Neil =Gaudie,Wm. =White,Pat. =McGee,James. =Miller,Robt.
=McKinley,Wm. =McCauley,Pat. =Cleeland,Thos. =M''Mullan,Alex. =Maconchie,Alex.
=Templeton,James. =M''Whaw,Matthew. =Pepper,Alex. =Robertson,Gawen.
=Workman,Robt. =Love,Robt. =Dunseath,Thos. =Shaw,George. =Moor,John.
apprehend convict perpetrators assizes cess prosecute conviction disturbs
country guilty crimes houses cattle harbour person justice 1 =Gillmor,George.
inhabitants parishes +Larne +Kilwaughter +Raloo Co. +Antrim committed
neighbours power assist properties. laws damages baronies disturbers  

April 7, 1772, Page 3  
=Agnew,John/Sr. =Agnew,John/Jr. =Nilson,Wm. =Boyd,James. =Calwell,John/Sr.
=Barnwell,Thos. =Manson,John. =Wilson,John. =Weir,John. =Workman,Wm.
=Barre,Sam. =Black,John. =Faries,Charles. =Parl,John. =Park,Wm. =Miller,John
=Calwell,John. =Barr,John. =McWilliam,John. =Ogilvie,Wm. =Caldwell,Wm.
=Calwell,John. =Crawford,John. =Wallace,John. =Wallace,Robt. =Wallace,James
=Carithers,Wm. =Jackson,James. =Kirk,Hugh. =Kirk,David. =Moor,Nathan/Jr.
=Culbert,Brice. =Ray,James. =Brown,Pat. =Smiley,Sam. =Sinney =Ross,Wm.
=Gallaway,James. =Kerr,David. =Maddern,Wm. =Blair,John. =Gordon,John
=Hanna,Josias/Clugston. =Torbet,John. =Pedden,Dan. =Thomm,Robt. =Patrick,John
=Hanna,Thos. =Kennon,Sam. =Fairie,James. =Gillies,John. =Gleghorn,John
=Harvey,Wm. =Harvey,James. =Wallace,Arthur. =Wallace,Wm. =McConnell,John.
=Havern,Thos. =Culbert,Wm. =Ray,George. =English,John. =McComb,Joseph
=Hume,John. =Crawford,Wm. =McNish,James. =Maffett,Wm. =Drennon,David.
=Kilpatrick,Sam. =Hawkins,John. =Hawkins,Wm. =Dugal,John. =English,Mat.
=King,Thos. =Shutter,James. =Henry,John. =Dunseath,Wm. =Potts,Thos.
=Knox,John. =Maharg,Alex. =Duffen,John. =Snoddy,Andrew. =Duff,Geo.
=Losk,Robt. =McMunn,Geo. =Gordon,Sam. =Richmond,James. =Losk,John. =Hare,James
=M''Collum,James. =Adam,Thos. =Wallace,Robt. =Caldwell,Wm. =Caldwell,John
=M''Conchie,Alex. =Graham,James. =Hanna,James. =Nichols,James. =Rodgers,Andrew.
=M''Whaw,Wm. =McManus,John. =McMaster,Sam. =Hason,Henry. =Speer,Wm.
=McClinton,John =Montgomery,Robt. =McClay. =Blair. =McCrerey,Joseph.
=McIlroy,James. =Allen,Thos. =Watt,Robt. =Agnew,Wm. =Junkin,John
=McManus,Thos. =Patterson,Sam. =Glasgow,James. =Service,Thos. =Loggan,James
=McMurday,John. =Montgomery,John/Sr. =Murdoch,James. =McDonald,Pat.
=McNish,James. =Gingles,John. =Ballentine,John. =Ferguson,Wm. =Gingles,Andrew
=McNish,Robt. =McDowell,John. =Ballentine,Thos. =Blair,James. =Blair,Sam.
=Miller,Nath. =Adam,Wm. =M''Quitty,David. =Bell,John =Rork,James.
=Miller,Randal. =Moor,David. =Finley,Robt. =Barr,John. =McIlwean,Thos.
=Potts,James. =Burns,Wm. =Brown,James. =McCullough,Patrick. =McCullough,John.
=Robison,Sam. =Gilmour,George. =Agnew,James. =Hill,Richard. =Duff,John
=Rorck,John. =Armstrong,Arthur. =McGlathery,Alex. =McKinstrey,Sam.
=Shaw,Geo/Sr. =Lamont,Patrick. =Mullholm,Dan. =Monfoad,Hugh. =Chichester,David
=Smiley,James. =Houston,Robt. =Drummond,Sam. =Bryson,Wm. =Allen,James
=Stewart,James. =Faries,Edward. =Smith,Daniel. =McIlwean,John. =Forrest,Thos.
=Symm,Andrew. =Ballentine,Wm. =McCullough,Wm. =Brown,John. =Harvey,Wm/Jr.
=Workman,James. =Ewing,Robt. =Moor,David. =Moor,Thos. =Campbell,Sam.
[continued] inhabitants parishes +Larne +Kilwaughter +Raloo Co. +Antrim
committed neighbours power assist properties. laws damages baronies
disturbers apprehend convict perpetrators assizes cess prosecute conviction
disturbs country guilty crimes houses cattle harbour person justice 1

April 7, 1772, Page 3  
=Anderson,Wm/Rev. =Sinclair,Robt/Rev. =Bryson,Wm. =Service,John =Miller,Thos.
=Boyd,John. =Fullerton,Hugh. =Elliot,Wm. =Alexander,Joseph =Cooey,Wm.
=Crawford,Pat/Jr. =Drummond,John/Jr. =Drummond,Wm. =Reed,Sam. =Robison,James.
=Currey,Robt. =Snoddy,John. =Bell,James =McDowell,Wm. =Nelson,Josias.
=Finley,Hugh. =McDowell,Hugh. =McDowell,Wm. =Robison,Arthur =Hamilton,Robt.
=Hill,Wm. =Beggs,James. =Nilson,Alex. =M''Cullough,Hill. =Campbell,George.
=M''Harg,John. =Blair,Wm. =Esler,James. =Smith,Wm. =Hadden,Wm. =Smith,John.
=Moor,John/Sr. =Drummond,John. =Crawford,Pat. =Crawford,John =Drummond,Nath.
=Pebbles,Robt. =Pebbles,John. =Stewart,David. =Winniart,John =Gingles,Wm.
=Reed,David. =M''Illreavy,Josias. =Junkin,Wm. =Mann,Wm. =Montgomery,Hugh.
=Seawright,James. =Braday,Wm. =Wiley,John. =Boyd,Robt. =Moor,James.
=Thompson,James. =Eaton,Alex. =Moor,John. =Workman,John =Workman,Wm.
=Thompson,John. =Glasgow,Robt. =Glasgow,James. =Shannon,Hugh. =Esler,Wm.
[continued] inhabitants parishes +Larne +Kilwaughter +Raloo Co. +Antrim
committed neighbours power assist properties. laws damages baronies
disturbers apprehend convict perpetrators assizes cess prosecute conviction
disturbs country guilty crimes houses cattle harbour person justice 1

April 7, 1772, Page 3  
=Burck,Oliver =Coleman,James. =Robison,Alex. =M''Cleesters,John =Sloan,Adam
=Craig,Robt. =Cowan,Alex. =Moor,Wm. =Rainey,Wm. =Finley,John =Finley,Thos.
=Crawford,James =Crawford,Sam. =Breckenrigg,James. =Burk,Tobias
=Drummond,Sam. =Adams,John =Adams,Wm. =Agnew,Wm. =Tate,Sam. =Agnew,Sam.
=Girvin,David =Girvin,John. =Fulton,James. =Shutter,Wm. =Loggan,Hugh
=Gorman,Joseph =Dornan,John. =Lee,Wm. =Lee,Francis =Blair,Daniel =Blair,Sam.
=Hadden,Thos. =Blair,Wm. =Blair,Abraham. =Baxter,David =Robinson,Wm/Cunningham
=Johnston,Wm. =Aston,Alex. =Aston,James. =Johnston,John =Crawford,Wm.
=M''Cullough,John =M''Cullough,James =Pennald,Wm. =Adams,Thos. =Adams,Thos/Jr.
=M''Haffey,Mat. =Junkin,Sam. =Junkin,Thos. =Lock,James. =Boyle,Robt.
=M''Whorter,Sam. =Bigger,John =Knox,John =Horsbrough,John =Gray,David
=McDowell,Andrew. =McDowell,Ephraim. =McDowell,James. =McDowell,John.
=Robison,John. =Robison,John/Jr. =Robison,David =Robison,Andrew =Robison,Wm.
=Robison,Robt. =Blair,Daniel. =Blair,Pat. =Blair,Dan/Jr. =White,Timothy
=Robison,Sam. =Montgomery,John. =Montgomery,Robt. =Gordon,Alex. =M''Clure,Wm.
=Service,Thos. =Jamphrey,David =Fullerton,Sam.
=White,Davd =Rankin,Wm. =Rankin,David. =Adams,Wm. =Adams,John =White,John
=White,Wm/Sr. =White,Thos. =Robinson,John =Wilie,Wm/Jr. =Lock,John
[continued] inhabitants parishes +Larne +Kilwaughter +Raloo Co. +Antrim
committed neighbours power assist properties. laws damages baronies
disturbers apprehend convict perpetrators assizes cess prosecute conviction
disturbs country guilty crimes houses cattle harbour person justice 1

April 10, 1772, Page 1.
WE, the principal Inhabitants of the Parish of Ballyhalbert, alarmed by the many dreadful Acts of Felony, Outrage, and Cruelty, which have been committed lately in various Parts of the North, by a Number of deluded, unthinking People, who call themselves Hearts of Steel, think ourselves called upon, from Love of our King and Country, from Conscience and Humanity, to discourage and suppress that Spirit of L……(missing line)…. We condemn—we abhor their Proceedings, as the Effects of gross Infatuation, or determined Wickedness, and tending to the utter Subversion of Property, Peace, and good Order, and the speedy Destruction of those who are engaged in them.  We observe, with Pleasure, that no Acts of Outrage have as yet been committed among us; but as a Spirit of Riot and Disorder is generally infectious, so prevent the ignorant of foolish from being seduced into illegal Practices, We do hereby declare that we will not only defend out Properties, at the Hazard of our Lives, against all Attacks of such lawless Insurgence, but will use our utmost Endeavours to discover, and prosecute to Conviction, any Persons or Persons who may be guilty of destroying our own Property, or that of our well-disposed Neighbours, or of writing or dispersing incendiary and threatening Letters among us.
Given under our Hands at Ballyhalbert, this first Day of April, 1772.

Wm. Steel Dickson,,Francis Dunbar, Charles Lemon,   D. M., Michael Jamsray, David McKee, David Boyd, JAMES BLAIR, Henry Miller,Andrew Caffey, Henry Adair, Sam Boyd,Wm. Park, Hugh McCredy, John Orr,James Craig, Adam Palmer, James Gown,Hugh Laughlin, James Gray, Edward Calvert, senr.,Alex Laughlin, Wm. Reid, Thos. Kennedy,John Ballagh, Robt. Reid, James Kennedy,John Kirkpatrick, John Reid, John Kennedy,Benjamin Best, James Wallace, Andrew Kennedy, John Bell, Wm. Leman, James Milliken, Thos. Shaw, John Gaw, James Pilson, Am?? Ga?, John McCredy, Geo. Findlay, David Reid, James Caldwell, Thos. Wilson, Wm. Curran, Henry McClement, Jeremiah Lyons, Andrew Kennedy, Hugh McClement, James Gibson, Henry Drysdale, John Hunter, Henry Brown, Sam McAdam, James Martin, John Moore, Sam Cassey?, Wm. McDowell, Henry Moore, John Hanna, Wm. Cassey?, James Park, Wm. Hanna, Daniel McDowell, John Park, (three lines of unreadable names), Patrick Moore, All?,  Alex. McCullogh, Wm. Martin, John Clegg, John Cunning, Robt. Beggs, Sam Moore, John McCan??, James Miller, Robt. Gaw, John Walsh, Thos. Mc Gussord?, James McMullan, Thos. Maxwell, John Cathcart, Wm. Railie, Hugh Waugh, James Wilson, Sam Galston, John Mc Cormick, Robt. Orr, Robt. Miller, John McKelvey, John Orr,  Wm. Lemon, Wm. Waugh,  

April 21, 1772, Page 3
WE the Members of the Congregation of Island Magee, in the County of Antrim, from a Sense of Duty we have unto God, and regard to the Laws by which we are governed, think ourselves obliged in this publick Manner to express our utter Abhorence and Detestation of the many Instances of Barbarity and Cruelty, which for some Time past, have been practiced in this Country, by a Set of disorderly licentious People, who call themselves Hearts of Steel.  And in order to discourage and suppress that Spirit of Riot and Outrage, so every was destructive of all Order and good Government, do hereby join ourselves in a Association promising to each other, and the Publick in general, that we will not only defend ourselves against all the Attempts of such violent and unreasonable Men, but as far as our Power and Influence reach, be active and vigilant in restoring that mutual Tranquility, which we are sensible to highly become us who are blessed with Laws so equitable and who live under a Constitution so well adapted to promote our Welfare and Happiness.
Done at our Meeting-House, this 12th Day of April, 1772, and subscribed by

Rev. James McCauley,Wm. Brown, Thos. Robinson, Rev. Robt. Less, Andrew McIlwain,Wm. Dass?, Wm. McCleland, senr.,Alex. Wilson, John Brennin, Wm. McCleland, junr.,Thos. Mc….ock, Wm. Lang, David McCleland, John McG..gor, James Donaldson, John Bole, Wm. Calmont, ROBT. BLAIR, Samuel Brown, Wm. McWhinney,Robt. Jones, Wm. Woodside, Joseph Giffin, Abraham McCray, Wm. Stannis, John McCracken, Robt. Fleck, Thos. Hill, Offr., James Anderson, James Smith, Edward Hunter, Wm. Holmes, THOS. BLAIR, Charles McComb, James Mann, Robt. McAlmont, John Neilson, Robt. Millar, James Craig, Thos. Neilson, James Millar, Robt. Arther, Geo. Kane, Nathan McCalmont,John ??…., James Kane, Thos. Mann, John Orr, James McAlexander,Alex. Loggan, James Kirkwook, Brice Downey, Wm. Mann, James Shane, David Ray, John Neilson, Alex. Barr, Robt. Donaldson, Thos. McIlwain, Hanover Templeton, David Beggs, Joseph Neiper, George Jackson, John Davis, James Brennin, BRICE BLAIR, RANDAL BLAIR,Thos. Hill, Robt. Wilson, Robt. Clark, John Hill, James Dick, Wm. Davis, John Wilson, Samuel Fairey, Sam. Hill, David Aiken, Gilbert Young, John Fairy, James White, Wm. Loggan, John Bole, junr., Timothy Hill, Thos. McGeoh, James Donnan, Wm. Cunningham,at. McMurtury?, Robt. Anderson, Thos. Calvin, John Mc, James, Hill, C., Nathan, Cameron, Hugh Met..r, Robt. Wright, Robt. Calvin, Michael Gillis, James Wilson, Robt. McMurtury, Robt. Laird, junr., Robt. Gillis, Archibald Donnan,Hugh Gilliland, John Donaldson, John Hill, Thos. Shane, John Allen, John Wilson, Wm. McCalvin, James Stevenson, David Downey, Andrew Aiken, Thos. Gillis, John ???, David Downey, John McNeily, Sam Neiper?, James McBride, Andrew McCalment,Wm. ??, John Read, James Holtridge, James Adam, Robt. Ray, John Mc …., Andrew McIlwain,John McIlwain, Robt. Laird, John Aiken, James Hawth.., Robt. Brennin, …….Morrow, James Mean, Wm. McMaster, …………, ……..Hill, Wm.  ………, ………., ……….., David Wilson, …………, ………., Henry …….., ……………., …………, Alex. Brennan, Robt. ….., Wm. McCray, James Davis, Robt……senr., John McClean, Sam Anderson, Sam Smith, James McDowell, Wm. Thompson, Wm. McClenaghen,John Bole, junr., James McCray, john McClenaghen,Andrew McAlister, John Smith, Robt. Alexander

 April 28, 1772, Page 2  
At the assizes at Carrickfergus, which ended last Thursday, the following persons were tried and acquitted, viz. Andrew McAteer, Joseph McCadam, Phetomy Hamill, James Mulhallan and Thomas Mulhallan, for robbing sundry bleach-greens of linen cloth: Also, Arthur Mulvanna, Samuel Alton, James McStravagan, Joseph
McFadden, John Boyd, John Read, James Cannon, Hugh O’Hara, Thomas Burrows, Hugh Close, SAMUEL BLAIR, Joseph Thornton, John Armstrong, Joseph Kanaghan, Robert Dinsomore, and Ann Connor, for various robberies, burglaries and felonies.  Likewise, JOHN BLAIR, for stealing Mr. Jackson’s bullocks, (his trial put off for stealing Mr. Gregg’s bullocks); William Buck, for killing George McMullan; and Robert Raney, for killing Edward Hunter; tried also for the murder of Samuel Douglas, and found guilty of manslaughter.

The following persons were capitally convicted, as imperfectly mentioned in our last, viz.  Philip McManus, for robbing William Agnew, esq.; James McNeilly, for burning a dwelling house at Slemenrow; (his father tried for the same, but acquitted) George McKewen and John Campbell, for taking a gun and half a guinea from James Hopkins of Moyarget, and also compelling him to take an unlawful oath; and John Clark, for robbing the house of Samuel Girvan, of Goulinward, of money and goods; the last four under the name of Hearts of Steel; the above five sentenced to be executed Saturday, 9th of May next.  Also, James McConnaghy, Alexander McAulay, Hugh McPatrick, Thomas Ward, and Thomas Stewart, for houghing black cattle belonging to James Leslie, Esg.; (William Moore, tired for same offense, and acquitted, as being forced by the rest), John Black, for burglary in the dwelling house of Mr. Samuel Hyde, of Belfast; and John Watson, for horse-stealing; the above seven sentenced to be executed on Saturday the 16th of May next.

….missed remaining part of article.

 May 1, 1772, Page 2
=Montgomery,Wm. =Rowley,Clotworthy =McManus,Charles =Kennedy,Wm.
=Alexander,Robt. =Lecky,Wm. =Bateson,Thomas =Ross,William =M''Causland,Marcus.
=Barber,Rupert =Fanning,Audly =Sterling,James =Spotswood,Andrew =Blair,John.
=Connolly,Thomas. =Cary,Edward. representatives application Lord Lieutenant
=Henderson,Kennedy =Hamilton,Archibald =Warren,William =Coningham,Wm.
North +Ireland people Hearts-of-Steel grievances constitution laws land
assizes +Londonderry 15 Apr. city county Grand Jury exempt outrages committed
disturbed letters neighbours interrupt industry. foreman oppose offenders
oppression. approbation =Rankin,Thomas. Justices Peace disturbers
resolutions damages sustained levied parish parishes lease suspect acts
reward services. =Schoales,Adam =Knox,Andrew =Staples,John =Richardson,John

May 1, 1772, Page 2
=Kennedy,Wm. =Alexander,Robt. =Lecky,Wm. =Bateson,Thomas =Ross,William.
=M''Causland,Marcus =Barber,Rupert =Fanning,Audly =Sterling,James.
=Richardson,John =Montgomery,Wm. =Rowley,Clotworthy =McManus,Charles.
=Spotswood,Andrew =Blair,John =Henderson,Kennedy =Hamilton,Archibald.
=Warren,William =Coningham,Wm.
approbation =Cary,Edward. Foreman =Schoales,Adam =Knox,Andrew =Staples,John.
assizes city county +Londonderry 14 Apr. Grand Jury magistrates offenders
commotions persons invade property =Johnston,Richard. +Gilford Co. +Down

July 24, 1772, Page 3
RAN-AWAY, on Tuesday the 7th day of July Instant, MALCOLM BLAIR, Apprentice to William McAulay of Ballymena, in the County of Antrim, Shoemaker, and feloniously carried with him a scarlet Bath Rug double-breasted Waistcoat, and a Pair of blue ribbed Stockings; as also three Pair of Men’s Shoes he was intrusted with to sell, the Property of his said Master.  Whoever gives Information to his said Master so that he may be secured shall be handsomely rewarded; and if any Person after this notice shall harbour or entertain the said MALCOLM BLAIR, they will be prosecuted as the Law directs.  He is about five Feet four Inches high, broad shouldered, dark pale Hair, smooth faces, and wore an old grey Coat with new Sleeves.  Dated July 18, 1772.  Wm. McAULAY

July  24, 1772, Page 3
Bengal 1 Nov. 1771 brigade =Grant,Hugh/Lt/Col. =Semple,George/Lt/Col.
=Achmuty,Arthur/Forbes/Maj. =Blair,William/Maj. =Watson,Henry/Maj.
=Cumming,John/Lt/col. =Muir,Grainger/Lt/Col. =Morrison,John/Maj.
=Hasinah,Alexander/Maj. captains lieutenants ensigns cadets.
Scots officers East-India Company service > +Edinburgh Evening Courant >.

August 4, 1772, Page 1
To the PRINTER,  &c.
NOTHING speaks the prosperity and happiness of nations so clearly as great, useful and public works being planned and executed by subjects.
The people of Great Britain have, in characters of that kind, most strongly marked the reign of George III, and now we see with pleasure the same glorious spirit rising in Ireland; witness the Royal Exchange now erecting in Dublin, and the alacrity with which the people lately subscribed their money, as soon as an act of parliament passed, to enable them to cut a new canal from that city to the center of the kingdom.  The following resolutions extracted out of the books of the county and city of Londonderry, shew the benign influence of his Majesty’s reign has warmed even the coldest and most northern extremity of that island.
At an Assize held at LONDONDERRY the 14th of April, 1772.
The Right Hon. Edward Carey, Esq. M. P. Foreman of the Grand Jury.
Adam Schoals, Esq.                             Tho. Bateson, Esq.
Andrew Knox, Esq.                             William Ross, Esq.
John Staples, Esq. M. P.                      Marcus McCausland, Esq.
John Richardson, Esq.                          Rupert Barber, Esq.
William Montgomery, Esq. M. P.         Audley Faning, Esq.
Clotworthy Rowley, Esq. M. P.           James Sterling, Esq.
Cha. McManus, Esq.                          And. Spotwood, Esq.
Wm. Kennedy, Esq.                            JOHN BLAIR, Esq.
Robert Alexander , Esq.                       Kennedy Henderson, Esq.
William Leeky, Esq.                             Arch. Hamilton, Esq.
Wm. Warring, Esq.                              Wm. Cunningham, Esq.
Whereas the Grand Jury of the city and county of Londonderry, at Summer Assizes, 1768, did agree that the passage by the ferry from the city of Londonderry over the river Foyle was inconvenient, and that it would be of great advantage to the trade of the said city and county of Londonderry to have erected a bridge over the said river.
And whereas it appears that the hon. The Irish Society, and the corporation of the said city of Londonderry, fully convinced that such a bridge would be most advantageous to the inhabitants of the said city and county of Londonderry, were pleased to declare that they would give up their right to the ferry whenever a bridge should be built.
And whereas a committee was appointed and empowered to take such steps as to them might seem necessary for determining the possibility of erecting the said bridge, of which committee the Right Hon. And Right Rev. Frederick Lord Bishop of Derry was pleased to be one.
And whereas it appears evident to us that the said Lord Bishop of Derry has been indefatigable in obtaining the opinions and designs of the ablest architects and engineers, and has prosecuted his enquiries on the said subject with a most laudable intention for the benefit of the publick in general, and of this city and county in particular, generously expending both his time and money thereon; now we the Grand Jury of the city and county of Londonderry have came to the following resolutions.
Resolved,  that it appears to us that it is practicable to erect a bridge of timber over the river Foyle, at Londonderry.
Resolved, That we do concur in opinion with the former Grand Jury, the Honourable Irish Socity, and the Corporation of the City of Londonderry, that a bridge would be of the greatest utility.                Resolved, that the
said Lord Bishop of Derry be requested to cooperate with the representatives in parliament for the county and city of Londonderry, in forming an application to parliament the next sessions for an act to incorporate certain persons as Commissioners for erecting a bridge over the river Fole, and for such other purposes as may be found expedient and necessary for the completing, and, when built, preserving the said bridge.
               Resolved, That the representatives in parliament for county and city of Londonderry be, and they are hereby requested to assist the said Lord Bishop of Derry to obtain such an act of parliament, and as and towards erecting the said bridge.
Resolved,  That every person of the county of Londonderry, who are members of either house of parliament, be likewise requested to cooperate with the said Lord Bishop of Derry, and the representatives of the said county and city, to obtain such an… and aid.
Resolved, That Hugh Hall, Esq. Having laid before us a letter from the Lord Bishop of Derry, and the Right Hon. Edward Cary, Esq. Having mentioned to us the contents of several letters which he had received from the said Lord Bishop of Derry, we request the Right Hon. Edward Cary, Esq. Our foreman, to write letter to his Lordship, and to transmit to him a copy of these resolutions, returning to him in the most respectful manner our thanks for his great attention to the welfare of this country; and assuring him that we would at this assize have presented a sum of money towards erecting a bridge, but that by law we are not empowered to present money for erecting bridges without the plans and estimates on the oath of workmen or builders being laid before us.
               Resolved, That these our resolutions be entered in the county book, that future Grand Juries may thereby see our opinion, not doubting that they will exert themselves, and that they will do everything in their power to expedite a work that, if executed, we conceive will not only be a solid advantage to this city and county, but an honour to the kingdom and the age in which it may be erected. 

At a Common Council held at Londonderry, April 10, 1772.  

                A Letter from the Right Hon. And Right Rev. Frederick Lord Bishop of Derry, expressing in he fullest terms the pleasure it gave us, to see by his Lordship’s letter, that God Almighty had restored to health, a Bishop who has so much at heart the discipline of the diocese, and the prosperity of the city of Derry.
That we are thoroughly sensible of the great advantage it would be to the city of Derry to have an intercourse between the city and county, over a secure durable bridge.
                That we find by the resolutions of the late Grand Jury, that the gentlemen of the city and county of Londonderry are determined to co-operate with his Lordship effectually to carry into execution the grand design his Lordship has planned.
That we entirely coincide in opinion with them, that the proper ground-work on which to raise the desired super-structure must be an act of parliament appointing commissioners to erect, and preserve when erected, a bridge over the river Foyle at Derry.
That we lament that his Lordship’s letters and proper plans did not arrive before the sessions of parliament began.
                That we earnestly wish for his Lordship’s return to Derry, as with his assistance, every proper and preparatory step may be taken against the next sessions of parliament.
That we are ready to direct our common seal to be affixed to a petition for such as act, and also to instruct our representatives to use all their weight to obtain such a law and an aid from parliament.
That we have the most lively sense of his Lordship’s uncommon and steady attention to effect a work that is so much wanted for, though fearcely thought practicable.  A work that we have the strongest reason to hope we shall see perfected, as his Lordship, by exploring the approved practice of other nations, has convinced us, that the idea of its being impracticable slowed alone from the novelty of works of that kind in this kingdom.   
That we intreat his Lordship to accept of the thanks of the Corporation, who are penetrated with the deepest sense of the toil he has undergone, and the expense he has been at, to adorn this city with a useful, so stupendous a piece of mechanism.

September 11, 1772, Page 3
At the assizes for the county of Antrim, held at Carrickfergus, which ended on Tuesday last, the following persons were tried and found guilty, viz JOHN BLAIR the younger for feloniously steeling four bullocks, the property of Mr. John Gregg, to be executed on Saturday the 15th instant; Hugh Douglas, for feloniiously taking sundries, the property of Mr. John Alexander of Coggry, to be transported; Mary Duffy, for Petty Larceny, to be privately whipped; JOHN BLAIR the elder and John Dogherty, charged with being concerned in stealing the above-mentioned bullocks, Mary McVeigh, for poinsoning Barbara Marshall, William Rourk for murdering Jane Thompson, and David Cunningham for the murder of his wife with 22 other persons, charged with different offences, were acquitted. The said JOHN BLAIR the elder and several other persons under the name of Hearts of Steel entered into recognizance for their appearance in Dublin, or wherever else they shall be directed after fourteen days notice, there to take their trials. 

September 22, 1772, Page 3
Last Saturday Mr. JOHN BLAIR, junr. was executed at Gallows-green near Carrickfergus, pursuant to his sentence at last assizes.

September 25, 1772, Page 3.
County of Antrim, Richard Wilson and Wilson Hutcheson, assignees of Alexander Hutchison, Plaintiff.
JOHN BLAIR of Ballyclover, Defendant
To be held by the Sheriff of the County of Antrim, at the house of John Miller, Inn holder in the town of Antrim on Thursday, the eighth Day of October, next coming, at three o'clock afternoon, by virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias for 365L. 17s. all the defendant's right, Title and interest in and to the lands of Parkgate and a part of the lands of Browndodd, both in the Parish of Donegore, the lands of Tardree in the Parish of Connor, and about 84 acres of land at Old Stone near the Town of Antrim, being and(?) in the Defendant's possession, by virture of separate leases for Th__ of years yet in come. The different denominations will be for up on seperately and somuch sold as will pay the debt and costs. Dated 23rd Day of September 1771, John O'Neill, Sheriff

Same paper. Very next article
To be sold by publick Cant, on Friday the 5th day of October next at the house of Mr. James McCluney, Innkeeper in Antrim, at the time of Twelve of the clock, the following proportions of land, the property of JOHN BLAIR of Ballyclover, in the County of Antrim; the Townland of Ballyharvery, the Townland of Ballygowan(?); and a proportion in the townland of ballkyrobbin, yielding on the whole a profit rent of about 100 L per Annam, the whole being freehold under the right hon. Lord Massercene, excepting said proportion in Ballyrobbin, which produces only 9 L per year and the lease is of three young lives, all in being, and years determination, the three deeds at large to be seen in the hand of Mr. John __(?) of __, or his son, the sub sheriff of said county, the on the day of sale. One half of the purchase-Money to be paid the day of sale and the other half on perfecting the deeds, dated thes 24th Day of September 1772.
N.P. The said JOHN BLAIR requests that all his creditors that have judgments charged against him may attend in Antrim on Said Day.
October 6, 1772, Page 2
Whereas by an Advertisement in the Paper it appears MR. JOHN BLAIR’S Property of Parkgate Farm, is to sold for the Payment of Debts.  The Purchaser will please to be ????notice, that I have a Lease of said Lands, commencing at……. ber last.  Dated at Clogher, this 5th October, 1772.  JOHN ??? (BLAIR)  (The edge of column was missed when copying this item)

October 13, 1772, Page 3
To be sold by the Sheriff of the County of Antrim at the House of John Miller, Innkeeper in the Town of Antrim, on Thursday the eighth Day of October next coming, at three o’Clock Afternoon, by Virtue of a Writ of Fred Facias? For 350? 17 ? all the Defendants Right, Title, and Interest in and to the Lands of Parkgate, and a Part of the Lands of Browndodd, both in the Parish of Donegor, the Lands of Tardee, in the Parish of Connor, and about 84 Acres of Land at Old Stone near the Town of Antrim, being all in the Defendants’ Possession, by Virtue of separate Leases for Terms of Years yet to come.  The different Denominations will be set up separately, and so much sold as will pay the Debt and Costs.  Dated the 23d Day of Sept. 1772.  JOHN O’NEILL, Sheriff.
The above Sale is adjourned to the above named Mr. Millar’s until Thursday the 22nd Day of October inst. At one o’Clock afternoon, when the Defendant’s Right, Title and Interest in and to 22 A, 1 R, 14P of Land, Cunningham Measure, situated in the Mannor? Of Mackamore? Near Antrim, being the Remainder of a Term for 61 Years from November, 1751, subject to the yearly rent of 61, 6, 9d will b sold; Also the Defendant’s Right, Title and Interest in and to a Chattel Lease of Lands situate at Barnish in the Parish of Connor; provided the above Denominations should prove insufficient.

November 3, 1772, Page 3.
PARKGATE LANDS           County of Antrim
THE Sale of the Lands of Parkgate, in the Parish of Donegor, lately in the Possession of JOHN BLAIR, deceased, advertised to be on the 8th and 22nd October last, by the Sheriff of the County of Antrim, was adjourned for want of Bidders.  This is to give Notice, that the Right, Title, and Interest, which the said JOHN BLAIR, deceased, had in and to the said Lands will be sold by the said Sheriff, at the Sessions House, in Antrim, on Thursday the 12th Day of November instant, at One of the Clock in the Afternoon of said Day.  Dated Nov. 2, 1772.  JOHN O’NEILL, Sheriff.

November 10, 1772, Page 3
Stolen or strayed off the Farm of BRICE BLAIR, in the Parish of Aghagallen, in the County of Antrim, on Friday Night the 18th of October last, a black Horse, about 14 Hands high, rising 8 Years old, about one inch Scar, footed above the Hoof, short tail’d, a few white Hairs in the Forehead, appears a little tender in his Feet, and is valued at about five Guineas.  Whoever returns said Horse to said BLAIR, or James McKinley, Innkeeper in Aghagallen aforesaid, shall receive Half a Guinea Reward; and whoever returns said Horse, and prosecutes the Thief or Thieves to Conviction, shall receive two Guineas Reward, to be paid as aforesaid.  Dated, Nov. 9th, 1772.  BRICE BLAIR  

November 20, 1772, Page 3.
WHEREAS it has been reported unto us the Passengers on board the Ship Elizabeth, Capt. Johnston now Commander, and bound for Savannah in the Province of Georgia, and now riding at Anchor in Belfast Lough, that it has been asserted in the Belfast News-Letter that we the aforesaid Passengers have been unhumanly treated on board of said Ship concerning Provisions and Room.  Now we the undernamed who are Passengers on Board the aforesaid Hip do think it a Duty incumbent on us both to satisfy our Friends and clear Mr. Rea of those evil Aspersions which have been thrown on his Character, and we do hereby truly certify that since our embarking on Board the aforesaid Ship which has been from the twenty-eighth of October till the date hereof, that we have received full Allowance of the best of Provisions and Water.  We the aforesaid Passengers have been informed of the Intention of that malicious Libel, and as it has given Numbers of our friends the greatest Uneasiness that they have been on board this Day from the Distant Parishes around to know the Truth of that malicious Libel which they inform us was setforth in the last Paper we are heartily sorry that we did not see the last paper which that sedicious Libel was setforth in, that we would had it better in our Power to have answered those Traitors, And as we have no Reason to expect worse Treatment than the Passengers of former Ships have from Mr. Matthew Rea this four Years past, so hoping that we on our Arrival in Savannah will have it in our Power to give all our Friends a true and satisfactory Account of a good and agreeable Passage, as we have on Board above twenty Weeks Provisions and Water at full Allowance for one hundred and ninety full Passengers, which is the Number on board at present.  We the undernamed who are the Heads of each Mess on Board the aforesaid Ship do certify the above to be true.  Dated on Board the Ship Elizabeth, November 16th, 1772.       

Andrew Moore, John McNau, Alex Carswell, Samuel McCleary,John Forth, Alex. McNeight, Wm. Bell, James Simpson, ??Rutherford, Robt. Wright, JOHN BLAIR,      *his Mark, Nath. McCleery, James Dunwody, James McCrotey?, John Thompson, WM. BLAIR, George Slown, John Bell, John Allen, John Kennedy, James McGagney, Robert Love, Nath. Killen, , John Thompson,    *his Mark,     *his Mark, Sha B???, Andrew Boyd, ,Hugh Bran?ion, James Burnes *his Mark,    *his Mark,     *his Mark, Wm. Boyes, Thos. Lyle, Hugh Faulkner, Samuel Robinson, John Dollar, John Mears,    * his Mark, Gawin Gowdey, James Campbell, James Robinson, John Adair, Thomas Wright,    * his Mark, John Millin, John Wright, John McCullogh,    *his Mark,   *his Mark, Samuel Kennedy.

December 4, 1772, Page 3
THAT the Heirs of the late MR. JOHN BLAIR of Ballyclover, request that the several Creditors would be kind enough to put no farther Expence on any Judgments or Debts whatever, as they are absolutely come to Resolution of having the same someway or other discharged or satisfied before the next Term.  Dated the 30th Nov. 1772  
N.B.  I am Witness to the above, Agreement, HUM. CLARKE, Executor to the said JOHN BLAIR.
The above is to be continued three Times.


May 11, 1773, Page 3, Doc. ID 94767: ADDEBT D
meet. trustees administrators house =Ferguson,Widow +Parkgate 6 June pay
persons indebted late =Blair,John +Ballyclover deceased bond book accounts
stood indebted requested accounts methods settle +Holestone 7 =Gillilan,John.

May 25, 1773, Page 3, Doc ID 94850: ADLEGAL CRIME LINEN
18 19 shop =Murphy,Hugh +Scotch!Quarter town +Carrickfergus broke open gold
=Boyle,James =Craig,Wm. =Kirk,Thos. =McCay,Daniel =Moore,John
=Copeland,James =McKee,Robert.
=Robinson,Margaret =Finlay,Wm.
=Watson,Alex. =Cuningham,Wm. =Thompson,Wm. =Bowman,John =Bowman,Geo.
intitled pardon 22 =Murphy,Hugh =Legg,Thos. =McConnell,Wm. =Blair,Samuel
offenders justice subscribed sum reward discover prosecute accomplices

June 1-4, 1773, Page 3
All Persons who stood indebted to the late Mr. JOHN BLAIR of Ballyclover, at the Time of his Decease, by Bond, Book Account, or otherwise, are desired to meet the Trustees and Administrators of the said Mr. BLAIR, at the House of Widow Ferguson in Parkgate, on Monday the 14th of June Instant, to pay or settle their respective Debts; and such Persons as he stood indebted to at his Death, are requested to give in their Accounts on said Day, that such Methods may be taken in order to settle the same as may appear most adviseable.  Dated at Holestone, 3d June, 1773.   JOHN GILLILAN, one of the Trustees.

June 1-4, 1773, Page 3
We the undernamed Subscribers, think it a Duty incumbent upon us to acquaint the Publick in general, and our Friends in particular, that we went on board from Larne the Ship Lord Dunluce, a stout commodious Vessel, James Gillis, Master and after eleven Weeks Passage we arrived at Charlestown in South Caroling (our Passage being prolonged by contrary Winds, which beat us so far North, and continuing to blow from the South West, detained us near three Weeks out of our Way, notwithstanding all the Care and unwearied Diligence of our Captain, who did not fail to take all safe Advantages, in order to expedite our Way.) But the Tediousness of our Voyage was rendered as agreeable to us as possible by the humane Treatment of our worthy Captain, and agreeable Company, together with the useful and timely Admonitions of our respected Friend the Revd. William Martin, who never failed when the Weather and Time would permit, to preach the everlasting Gospel to us, that which we esteemed a singular Blessing.  We had Plenty of Provisions of good Quality, and so would have had as agreeable a Passage, not withstanding of the Length of it, as any that ever was made from Ireland, had it not happened that the Small-pox broke out in the Vessel, which continued for some Time, and occasioned the Death of some Children; during which Time our worthy Captain, and the Revd. Mr. Martin were duly employed in visiting the Sick, and administering Cordials to their several Necessaries, &c. which Disorder would have caused us (according to the Laws of the Land) to have road Quarantine six Weeks, had no our Captain, by his Application to a Friend of his, through whose kind Mediation we obtained Liberty to go ashore the Day before the grand Court met, and got the Favour of being called upon to get our Warrants before those that had landed before, with riding fifteen Days Quarantine, which was a Favour that not many have been favoured with.  Again, our worthy Friend Captain Gillis and Mr. Martin did not cease, at the Expiration of our Voyage, to continue their fatherly Care of us, but used their utmost Endeavours to obtain Money to carry us to our Plantations, &c.  Therefore we advise all our Friends, that intend to come to this Land, to sail with Captain Gillis if possible, as he is both a solid, cautious, and careful Captain as ever sailed in the Passenger Way; the which Opinion we were confirmed in by meeting with some Passengers who landed near the same Time, and hearing of their Treatment, concluded that we would rather pay Capt. Gillis something extraordinary than sail with any other.

John Huey                              John Roarke
Samuel Miller                         John McQuillen
Wm. Fairies                           George Cherry
Charles Miller                        Thomas Wier
John Craig                             David McQuestin
Wm. Humphrey                     James McQuestin
Archibald Humphrey              William Barlow
James Crawford                    Samuel Fear
Wm. Crawford                      Gilbert Menary
John Flemming                       James McLurkin
Richard Wright                      Richard McLurkin
James Sloan                          Widow Mebin
Francis Adams                       Thos. McClurkin
Wm. Adams                          JAMES BLAIR
Wm. Miller                            BRICE BLAIR
Samuel Barber                       Thomas Wilson
Hugh Owens                          David Murray and
Wm. Greg                                  Family
John Greg                               John McClenahan
James Brown                         Archibald McNeel
John Agnew                           James Wilson
David Montgomery                Robert Jameson
John Baird                             Robert Reed
Abraham Thornson                John Henring
Robert Hanna                       Alexander Fleming
Charles Barnit                       Matthew Fleming

September 7-10, 1773, Page 3
To Capt. ROBERT EWING, Commander of the Brigantine Agness, now lying in Delaware River, off Newcastle.
We the Passengers who sailed on board your Vessel from Belfast, in Ireland, to Philadelphia in North America; take this Method to return you our sincere and hearty Thanks for the very humane and friendly Treatment shewn to us, our Families, and Servants, and for impartially obliging Decency and Order to be observed on board, and for frequently distributing Medicines and other Necessaries to every person who had Occasion for them, as well as doing many Acts of Benevolence, in order to alleviate the many Distresses ever attendant on persons not used to Sea, and we do firmly believe that (under God) it was entirely owing to the great Care and Tenderness we were used with, and the Goodness or our Provisions in general, that we are now lately arrived at the desired Port in perfect good Health, after a Passage of 49 Days.
                And we further take the Liberty to beg, that you will transmit this Letter of our Approbation to Belfast, in order to have it inserted in the Belfast and Newry Journals.
And we think we should be wanting in Gratitude, did we omit this Opportunity to return our most grateful Acknowledgements to Mr. Samuel Brown, Merchant in Belfast, for his great Care in purchasing said Provisions, and indefatigable Industry in getting them on board, and his paying the strictest Attention to us and every Thing that concerned us until the Vessel sailed; and to request of you that this may be inserted with our above Letter in the said Journals.  In Witness that this is our entire Approbation, we have hereunto subscribed our Names.
Dated at Newcastle, this 30th Day of June, 1773.

Michael Corbett                    James McKeown
Charles Strong                      Edward O’Mullan
John Bean                             Agness Carr
Samuel Barr                           James O’Connor
Wm. Miller                            Patrick O’Connor
John Paxten                           John Chambers
John Wright                           Hugh Quin
James Robb                           John Hood
James Carr                             James Leget
Robert Colven                       Nathan Stevenson
Arthur Campbell                    Hugh McGill
James Andrew                      Alex. Hamil
John McNaughten                 Mary Coats
Charles McIlroy                    James Halliday
David Neaper                        Richard Riley
Hugh McDowall                    Henry McGlaughlin
Henry Brynan                        Samuel Girvin
Felix O’Mellon                      Wm. Bean
Nathaniel Dickie                    John Girvin  
Alex. Kernaghan                   Daniel Kerr
Hugh Morres                         Matthew Crowson
Robert Stewart                      Henry O’Neill
John Killpatrick                     Thomas Clyde
Hugh Bailie                            Jane Irwin
Thomas Mun                         Agness Irwin
              Susanna Boyle
John Jameson                        Charles McComb
John Purdy                            Grace McKnaight

October 26-29, 1773, Page 2
23.] The Hibernia, McCunn, arrived from Bristol with Capt. Makilwaine, of  the 52nd Regiment, Capt. Houghton, of the 69th Regiment, Mrs. Houghton, CAPT. BLAIR, &c.

November 2-5, 1773, Page 3
County of Antrim
Humphry Clark and James Gray, Executors of JOHN BLAIR , deceased, Plaintiffs
Francis McBride of Tully, in said County, Defendant.
TO be sold by the Sheriff of the County of Antrim, at the House of Mary Dixon in Lisburn, in said County, on Tuesday the 16th of November Inst. By Virtue of a Writ of Fieri Facia issued out of the Court of King’s-Bench in Ireland at the Suit of the Plaintiffs against the Defendant, and marked at the Foot thereof 21L, 14s, 1d and to the said Sheriff directed; all the Defendant’s Right, Title and Interest in and to a Chattel Lease on a Part of the Lands of Tully, in the Parish of Loughgeel in said County, and held by Defendant by Virtue of a lease under JOHN BLAIR, twenty-four Years of which are yet to come unexpired.  Dated the 2d Day of Nov. 1773.  HUGH BOYD, Sheriff.

December 24-28, 1773, Page 3
A Bleach Green to be Set.
TO be let and entered upon immediately, for such Terms of Years as can be agreed on, the Bleach Green of Balleyclover, the Property of ALEXANDER BLAIR, Said Green is well situated to good Market Town, being within five Miles of Antrim, and can spread 3000 Pieces of Linen, with Waters and Machineries in Proportion, all in good Order, and a good Quantity of Turf laid in for this Season, and Plenty on easy Terms for the ensuing Seasons, and convenient.  Also to be let by said ALEXANDER BLAIR, four Farms of Land in the Parigh of Loughgeel, Barony of Dunluce and County of Antrim, viz.
The East Division of Balleyvelley formerly held by John Beard and John Wilson, containing 36A, 2R, 24P
The South Division of DO.  37A, 3R, 12P
Clintysinen, David Mackey’s Farm 40A, 1R, 14P
Do. Charles McKerrocher’s Farm 24A, 2R, 1P
The above Lands is well situated for Lime, and Turf sufficient in each Division.
Proposals to be received by Mr. John Gillilan of Holestone, and ALEXANDER BLAIR of Balleyclover.  Dated this 24th Day of December, 1773.


May 13-17, 1774, Page 3
WHEREAS MARY BLAIR, otherwise Handley, Wife of Benjamin Handley, Corporal in the 53rd Regiment of Foot, hath eloped from her said Husband without any just Cause, and afterwards falsely abused his Character.  I, therefore, the said Benjamin Handley, do discharge all Persons from crediting her on my Account, for I will pay none of her Debts; and any Person that harbours her shall be treated, with the utmost Severity that the Law will allow in such Cases.

July 19-22, 1774, Page 2
…..(first part missing)….tions to promote peace and good order, and to make your administration easy and happy.
We cannot well express to your………………….at the approaching calamity which will soon overwhelm the town of B?iton (Boston?), particulary the trading part of it, by the operation of a late act of parliament for shutting up the harbour.  The meal miseries which this will occasion to our fellow townsmen cannot will be conceived---a mind like your Excellency’s, fraught with tenderness and humanity, will anticipate our sufferings; and requires not a description of the evil, to prompt your to a ready exertion of all your interest to avert or remove it.
We could with a discretionary power had been lodged with your Excellency to restore the trade to its usual course immediately on the act’s being fully complied with; but as the act stands, being only to be repealed by is Majesty in Council, on your Excellency’s favourable representation of us, it will take so much time before it can be effected, as will involve us in unspeakable misery, and, we fear, total ruin.—Making restitution to the East Indian Company for damage done to their property, and for damage done to the persons and property of individuals among us by the outrage of rash and inconsiderate men, we look upon to be quite equitable, and we who have ever disavowed all lawless violence, do bear our testimony against them, and particularly against that action which we suppose to be the immediate cause of our heavy chastisement, are willing to pay our proportions whenever the same can be ascertained, and the mode of laying determined on. ---s soon as compensation shall be made, and all other terms of the act complied with, we have no doubt your Excellency will make such favourable representation of our case  to this Majesty’s in Council, as that he may be graciously pleased to restore us to his Royal favour.
               We sincerely with that all your Excellency endeavours to promote peace and the general tranquility of the province may meet with success, and we promise to ourselves that the whole of your administration will be such as may claim the warmest testimonies of gratitude from this people, and the approbation of your Royal Master.
Lewis Dehlois                       Samuel H. Sparhawk
James McEwen                     Martin Gay
William Bowes                      Robert Jarvis
William Casneau                   Theophilus Lillie
Benjamin M. Holmes            William Burton
John Taylor                           Isaac Winslow, jun.
James Warden                      Adino Paddock
Alexander Brimer                 Thomas Alwin     
Jonathan Snelling                   M. B. Goldthwait
John Powell                          David Greene
John White                           David Mitchell
John White                           David Mitchel
William Perry                        James Hall
John Inman                           William Taylor
Nathan Coffin, Jun.               John Joy
Ebenezer Coffin, jun.            William Dickson
Joseph Turell                        William Codner
A. F. Phillips                         John Simpson
George Leonard                   Thomas Amory
Stephen Greenleaf                 Hopestill Capen
James Boutineau                   Nathaniel Cary
George Erving                       Nathaniel Wilson
Francis Green                        Archibald Wilson
Richard Lechmere                 Hugh Tarbett
Peter Johonnet?                    John Simpson, jun.
John Coslin                           Joseph Taylor
Thomas Brinley                      Phillip Dumacesq
James Forrest                        Archibald McNeil
Richard Smith                        Edward King
Thomas Apthorp                   Henry Laughton
John Timmins                        Harrison Gray, jun.
Daniel Hubbard                    Silvester Gardiner
James Anderson                    Tomothy Fitch
Peter Hughes                        John Greenlaw
Samuel Hughes                      Benjamin Greene
John Berry                             Frederick Roberts
William Lackson                   Henry Lee
James Alby                           Rufus Greene
George Brinley                      Joseph Goldthwait
Patrick McMaster                 Edward Foster
Samuel Minott                      Byfield Lyde
Harrison Gray                       Jehabod Jones
John Erving, jun.                   Jeremiah Green
Ezekial Goldthwait                Abraham Savage
Greg. Townsend                   Samuel Greenwood
Joseph Green                        James Selkrig
Isaac Winslow                      John Atkinson
John Winslow                       William Coslin
Richard Hirons                     William McAlpine
Jonathan Simpson                 William Hunter
Simeon Stoddard                  Benjamin Clarke
Benjamin Gridley                   John Semple
Henry Lloyd                          Ziphion Thayer
Joseph Scott                         Robert Service
Joshua Winslow                    Thomas Knight
George Bethune                    John Gore
Gilbert Deblois                      Colborn Barrell
Thomas Gray                        Miles Whitworth
William Pepperell                 William Davies
Nathaniel Hatch                    George Spooner
William Apthorp                   John Winslow, jun.
John Gray                             Nathaniel Greenwood
             Henry Leddel
Edward Cox 

July 29-August 2, 1774, Page 3
WHEREAS Mr. Hugh Wallace Laird, Surgeon and Apothecary in Newton-Ards, died on Thursday Evening last.
As there is clear Evidence to convince every impartial Mind, that his Death was occasioned by the cruel and inhuman Usage he received from WILLIAM BLAIR, on Monday last in said Town, between two and three o’Clock in the Afternoon;  Which Conviction is further supported by the Inquest of a Coroner’s Jury, who brought in their Verdict Wilful Murder.
We, therefore, the principal Inhabitants of the Town and Parish of Newtown-Ards, deeply affected with the heinous Nature of this Crime, and to express the Sense of the Loss we sustain by the Death of so useful a Member of Society, as well as to prevent such violent Attacks on the Lives and Liberties of Mankind, do promise to pay the several Sums annexed to our Names to any Person or Persons, who will in the Space of six Calendar Months apprehend and prosecute to Conviction the said WILLIAM BLAIR.
               WILLIAM BLAIR
is about 5 Feet 6 Inches high, of a strong robust Make, of a swarthy Complexion, a Countenance expressive of Sullenness and Ill Nature, wants one of his fore Teeth in his under Jaw, about 22 Years of Age; wore when he made his Escape his own Hair, which is light brown; by Trade a Baker.  It is suspected he is now sculking about Carrickfergus or Larne; and it is hoped that Masters of Vessels going out of this Kingdom will be particularly careful not to carry such and atrocious Murderer with them.   Newtown-Ards, July 30th, 1774.

                                l.              s.             d.                                         l.              s.             d.

Alex Stewart          11            7             6             Wm. Bryson            1              2              9
Robt. Stewart        11            7             6             Wm. McCully          1              2              9
James Bruce           5            13            9              James Huey            3              8              3
Francis Turnly        5             13            9              John McCully, sen. 2              5              6             
Hugh Caldwell       5             13            9              James Anderson  .                 11            4h
John McCully Sen.2              5              6             James Chambers     0              11            4h
John McMullan     1              2              9              Wm. Briges            0              11            4h
Thos. Merry, sr.    1              2              9              Wm. Gowdy          1              11            4h
Thos. Merry, jun.  1              2              9              Margt. McCully      1              2              9
  1              2              9              James McCully       1              2              9
James Bryson        1              2              9              Alex. Taggart          0              11            4h
James Dobbin        2              5              6              Nath. Ferguson       0              11            4h
Wm. Stitt               2              5              6              Alex. Rob               0              11            4h
Thos. McQuaid     1              2              9              John Jamison          0              11            4h
John Lewers          1              2              9              John Patterson        0              11            4h
Samuel Orr            2              5              6             Wm. Dalzell            1              2              9
Edward Darley      2              5              6              John ???                1              2              9             
John Reid              1              2              9              Hugh Orr               1              2              9
James Heron         1              2              9              John Willson          1              2              9
Thos. McCully      1              2              9              John Dalzell            1              2              9
Robt. McCully      2              5              6              James Orr              1              2              9
John Dobbin         2              5              6              James Ferguson      0              11            4h
Wm. Fisher           1              2              9              George Willson      1              2              9
Wm. McBlain       1              2              9              Alex. Menagh         0              11            4h
Francis Taggart     1              2              9              George Menagh      0              11            4h
James Rowan        2              5              6              Robt. Menagh        0              11            4h
James Byers          1              2              9              George Pensland                  2              9
Thos. Fisher          2              5              6              John McCullough                    11            4h
John Simon           5              13            9              Samuel Pentland      0              11            4h
John Logan           2              5              6              John Wilson, sen.                    11            4h
Thos. Faries          1              2              9              John Travor             0              11            4h
Alex. Logan           1              2              9              John Patton             1              2              9
James Cleland       5              13            9              Hugh Sloan              0              11            4
James Logan         0              11            4h            Michael Ranken       1              2              9
James Laird           5              13            9              Robert Dalzell          2              5              6
Hans Logan           2              5              6              WM. MCBLAIR  1              2              9
Wm. Dalzell           1              2              9              John McCully          0              11            4h
Wm. Dalzell           1              2              9              James Agnew            1              2              9
James Patton          1              2              9              James Biers              1              2              9
James Wirling         1              2              9              Francis Taggart         1              2              9

October 25-28, 1774, Page 3

A Silver Inkhorn, with the Cypher J. B. on the one End.  Whoever returns it to JOHN BLAIR of Ballydivett, Esq. or the Printer hereof, shall receive a Crown Reward.


April 28- May 2, 1775, Page 3
April 27, ] Arrived the Cathcart, Carson, with the mail; sailed do. With do.
28.] Sailed the Hillsborough, Nagle, with the mail.
29.]  Arrived the Hillsborough, Nagle, with two merchants and the mail.
Same day arrived the Two Janes, Cosh, with Mr. Bateson and family.
Same day sailed do. With Davis Dukart, Esq.
Same day sailed the Hillsborough, Nagle, with the mail.
30.] Arrived the Mary, Alexander, with the mail.
Same day arrived the Nancy, BLAIR, with six students.

May 19-23, 1775, Page 3
DIED.] A few days ago, in Mountrath-street, Mr. Patt. Houston, Merchant.---In Pill-lane, Mr. Thomas Stretch, Tobacconist.—In Exchequer-street, the wife of Mr. Clarke, Chandler,---In Mabbot-street, Master Henry, son of Mr. John Henry, of Mill-brooke, in the county of Meath.---In the county of Letrim, the wife of Duke Croston, Esq;---At Worcester, in America aged 91 years, MR. ROBERT BLAIR, a native of this kingdom; he has left 6 sons, 4 daughters, 27 grandchildren, 106 great grand children, and 6 great great grand children, in all 209.---In Crow-street, John Magill, Esq.; ----At his seat at Kibarry, John Garde, Esq; by whose death, a freehold interest of near 300l a year, devolves on Mr. Richard Garde, of Garrymore.----In Cornmarket, deserved lamented, Mr. Abraham Andrews, Linen-draper.---In Cutpurse-row, the wife of Mr. Edmond, Haberdasher.

June 30- July 4, 1775, Page 2
Philadelphia, May 16
Cambridge, May 25,  About half past eight o’clock on Wednesday evening last week a fire broke out in a barrack, on Treat’s Wharf, in Boston.  It was occasioned by the soldiers receiving a number of cartridges, one of which took fire and communicated it to many more, which immediately set fire to the room, and soon catched the adjoining buildings.  All the stores on the south side of the dock are destroyed, except that at the head of the wharf, occupied by Mr. S. Elliott.  All the stores from Mr. Elliott’s to Mr. Ellis Gray’s, which makes the North corner of Spear’s Wharf, except that occupied by the Commissary’s Office, are also destroyed.  The fire raged with great fury all night.
We have received the following account of the number of stores burnt, and the names of the owners or occupiers:  Hon. John Hancock, Esq. 1 store and a shed; Mr. Thomas Fayer-weather 1 store; Mr. Benjamin Andrews 2; one occupied by Mess. B. and W. Foster; Mr. Edw. Gray 1; Mr. Joseph Barrel 1; Mr. John Head 1; John Williams, Esq. 1; and in it 50 barrels of flour belonging to the donation stock destroyed;
                Mess. Hyslop and Burton 1; Mr. Andrew Black 5; Mr. Nath. Cary 1, and a shed; Mr. Al. Hill 1 and a shed; James Russel, Esq. 1, occupied as Impost Office; Mr. John Soley 1; Mr. John Sweatser 1; 2 at the end of the town dock; 6 stores and a Cooper’s shop owned by Mr. Eliakim Hutchinson, occupied as barracks; 1 store, formerly occupied by Mr. Elias Thomas; sail-maker; 2 stores leading down to the barracks, occupied by Mr. Grant Webster and Mr. WM. BLAIR; Thomas Brattle’s shed pulled down to stop the fire.  Total 27 stores, 1 Cooper’s shop, and for sheds burnt, but not one dwelling-House.—The whole loss is thought to be 40,000l. Sterling.

August 15-18, 1775, Page 3
The Public may depend on the authenticity of the following extract of a letter from a lady in Philadelphia to her correspondent in this town, dated June 30, 1775.
“We had a passage of six weeks, and the worst weather I ever saw.  You may easily guess my surprise on my arrival here to find the whole town in the utmost confusion, an entire stop on all trade, and the people busied in learning the military exercise.  The inhabitants of this place are divided into three battalions or regiments, with each their light infantry; their uniforms are very handsome; The first battalion’s is a brown faced with buff, and our young Quakers are the infantry belonging to this regiment; their uniform is a lively blue faced with buff; small bats with black feather, and are in general very pretty young men.  The second battalion wear brown faced with scarlet; their infantry have a dark blue turn’d up with scarlet, and gold hatbands.  The third battalion is reckoned by far the most genteel; their cloathing is also brown, faced with white, and white ribband hatbands; their light infantry wear a sprightly green faced with white, small black caps with black feathers, and are all young men only CAPT. BLAIR, and a few others; having practiced more, they go through their exercise better than any of the others, but considering the little time they have had, (which is only about seven weeks) they all do remarkable well.  I forgot to tell you that all except the infantry wear in their hats small bucks tails to denote their being Americans.  The three regiments consist of about two thousand men.  Beside there was have one troop of light horse, a train of artillery, a company of rangers, and another of rifle men, clothed in the most antick dress you can imagine, of tann’d linen made like shirts or frocks, and mocko skins, resembling the Indians, down to their heels; they have each a gun, bayonet, and hatchet, and thus equipt they go on a fine open plain just out of the town, called the Common and exercise every other evening.
“We had a review of our men on last Monday was eight days.  General Washington, who is appointed commander in chief of all the provincial forces in America, review’s them, and expressed the greatest satisfaction.  In short, in my opinion, it’s the most melancholy fight I ever beheld to see so many men, both rich and poor, struggling for their liberty, even the principal men of the town are common soldiers, and men far beneath them, if thought capable, are appointed officers over them.  There have been several engagements already at Boston, but through the merciful interposition of providence, who seems to fight for us, we have as yet come off conquerors with only the loss of a few, in comparison with what English are slain; Should they get the better, which heaven forbid! Our poor unhappy country must groan under the weight of oppression and slavery.  We daily expect ships of war here, and if their coming is not prevented, which they are taking every possible means to do, this once flourishing city must be laid in ashes.  A little time must now determine the event.  Should the Almighty permit the victory to be ours we shall again enjoy liberty, and peace will smile on this once happy land.  The whole of the country are in the same confusion as we are here; every little town or village has its regiment of men, and the name of TORY is scarcely to be heard of; A genteel coat of Tar and Feathers is he reward of such.  The same day we came here, arrived a captain McCulloch from London, and brought passenger with him one Major Skeene, who designed to got to Boston with intelligence to General Gage: but our people prevented him, be securing him for some time in the town, and keeping a guard both day and night;  He is now out on a parole of honour and will be so I suppose for some time.  You will undoubtedly laugh at me when I assure you I often wish to be a man; with what pleasure would I take up arms with my brace countrymen; and like them, glory in fighting for my liberty.  It is a common remark that Lord North has done what all men in England never before did, in making the Quakers take up arms.  I ma but a poor politician, having never dipped before into politicks, so can afford you but very little entertainment;  I fear I have tired you with my long epistle, I know not when I shall have another opportunity of writing, but be assured I shall let no one slip.”

 October 24-27, 1775, Page 3.

We are sorry to inform our readers of the following melancholy accidents which happened on Thursday and Friday last in the great storm, in the Bay of Holyhead, from undoubtedly authority.
The John and Sarah Brig, BLAIR, Master, from Dublin to Bristol, lost; Crew saved.
The Prosperous Brig, Capt. Marshal, from Lancaster, with Coffee for Hamburgh, lost; Crew saved.
A little sloop, name unknown, anchored in the bay about four in the afternoon, and disappeared before night, and it is supposed she is lost, and every soul on board perished.
A Swedish brig, and a sloop, names unknown, lost the same night at the back of the Head, and every soul perished.
A wherry came into the Bay on Friday morning, seemingly having a great number of people on board, went down in sight of the people on shore, and every soul perished.  
               Same morning, the Friendship, Capt. Mallay, from Dublin to Bourdeaux, put ashore in a creek in Cae?norvon Bay, by which was lost Alderman Forbes and two servants, mrs. Farrel, three daughters and a son, Mr. Dan Byrne, merchant, at Bourdeaux, Capt. Norton of he 6th Regiment at Minorca, Capt. Preston of the 2d regiment of Horse, Ireland, Mr. Cormick, Doctors Nowlan and Hanly, a young gentleman, name unknown, and four of the ships company.  Capt. Mallay, and four of the ship’s company were saved.  Among the drowned bodies driven on shore and taken up, there were Alderman Forbes, Capt. Norton, Mrs. Ferrall and one daughter.
There is a large Guines-man, and another vessel not yet known, also lost.
The violent wind which happened on Thursday, continued at least twenty-four hours and has done considerable damage to a great number of houses in this city; several stacks of chimnies and roofs were blown down, windows shattered, and great quantities of slating torn away; the lead that covered that part of the building between the upper and lower Cattle-Yard, was rolled up by its force; and the roof much injured; the emblematical post-boy on the dome of the Post-office, which weighs forty pounds, was blown over the adjacent houses into College-Green; several large trees in the Phoenix-Park and Stephen’s-Green were torn up by the roots; but the greatest misfortune occasioned by this hurricane, was the loss, as we are informed, of several fishing boats and the crews, by which many poor families are reduced to the most pitiable distress.---At Castletown, the seat of the Right Hon. Thomas Conolly, about 100 trees were torn up, the windows of the church and weather-cock of the charity school were carried away, and several houses greatly damaged.—Lady Clanbrassil’s concerns at Leixslip, Mr. Veley’s domain at Lucan, and those of the right hon. Philip Tisdall, at Stillorgan, like-wise sustained much damage.  The gate of a slaughtering yard, near Church-street, being built open, sixty-one bullocks escaped from the yard, and have not since been heard of.  To add to the horror of this dreadful scene a heavy rain poured from the heavens during the whole night, swelling every stream to a torrent, which caused such a flood in the river Lissey, that boats could not ply: The rig New Blessing, belonging to Mr. Matthew Stretch, was driven from her moorings at George’s Quay, with only one man on board, to the Pigeon-House, where fortunately an eddy of the current brought her into a place of safety.  We are glad to inform our readers that no other accident hath happened in the harbour.  So great and long a storm cannot be recollected.

October 27-31, 1775, Page 2.
Advice is received from Cork, that on Thursday sennight last, at Sunset, the transports from thence were met nine leagues to the West of Cape Clear, all well.
Monday last, by the master and passengers who arrived in the packet from Holyhead, we have melancholy accounts of several shipwrecks that happened at and near that place on Thursday and Friday last, among which are the following; that the brig Prosperous, from Lancaster to Hamburgh, laden with coffiee, was lost in Holyhead bay, as was also the John and Sarah, CAPT. BLAIR, from Dublin to Bristol; part of the cargo of the last and the crews of both vessels were saved.  The Favourite, Capt. Dove, bound  from hence to London, which was obliged last Thursday to slip her anchor in Dublin Bay, was driven ashore at Holyhead,  The crew and part of the cargo are saved.  A Swedish vessel and a coasting sloop, the names of both unknown, together with their crews, are totally lost at the back of Holyhead.  A Wherry, in which appeared a great number of people, making into Holyhead, shipped so heavy a sea, that she instantly sunk, in sight of a number of spectators on the Beach, and every person on board perished.

November 14-17, 1775, Page 3
DROPPED on the Street of Belfast, on Saturday the 4th November, Inst. About the Hour of Seven in the Evening, between Pottinger’s Entry and the Mall, a Lease from the Earl of Donegall to Ann Wilson, Widow, with an Assignment on the Back of it to WILLIAM BLAIR, with three other Papers rolled in the Lease.  As it can be of no Value or Service to any one only the Proprietor, it is requested that whosoever has found the said Lease will be so kind as to return it to Lord Donegall’s Office, the Printer’s hereof, or to Mr. John Barron, for which they shall be rewarded.
Belfast, 13th Nov. 1775


December 29- January 2, 1776, Page 3; Doc ID: 113774 ADLAND LINEN
Abstract +Donegore Co. +Antrim held virtue lease =Donegall,Earl/of house new finished. =Blair,Alexander 28 set =Read,John =McMurray,Robert farm +Craigyhaw occupied =Ferguson,James term agreed. acres land green suit linen draper lease produced time sale good title bleaching-green bleaching-house utensils supplied water turf contiguous farm. sold publick cant house =McCluney,James +Antrim 25 farm +Ballyclover parish

January 30- February 2, 1776, Page 3 
FROM seeing an Advertisement in the Belfast News-Letter, wherein the Farm or Lease of Ballyclover is offered to Sale. Now I ALEXANDER BLAIR, who am the just Proprietor of said Farm, do hereby caution all Persons from purchasing the same, as I am determined it shall not be sold, nor can there be a proper Deed made good without my Consent. Dated at Ballyclover, this 30th Day of Jan. 1776. ALEX. BLAIR N. B. We the Trustees appointed in the last Will of the late Mr. JOHN BLAIR, do witness the above Advertisement to be true. JOHN GILLILAN JAMES GILLILAN

February 2-6, 1776, Page 3: Doc. ID: 113901 ADLAND ADLEGAL 
Abstract +Moadorn 5 =Read,John. =Blair,Alexander authority dispose same. =Gillilan,Messrs. person purchase lands +Ballyclover sold =McCluney,Mr. +Antrim 8 notice paper

February 20-23, 1776, Page 3
LIQUID FOR marking brown Linen, warranted to stand every Operation of Bleaching, manufactured by THOs McCARR, in Belfast, and sold at the following places, vis. MR. RICHARD BLAIR, Cookstown; Mr. John Eaken, Colerain; Mr. William Harper, Antrim; Mr. Benjamin Woolsey, Portadown; mr. William McCabe, Newry; Mr. John Shaw, Lurgan; and Mr. John McClean, Lithurn? 21st February, 1776, N. B. Proper Encouragement will be given to those who buy to sell again.

April 23-26, 1776, Page 2. 
An Admiralty Court is appointed in Virginia, by authority of the Congress, and JOHN BLAIR, Edmund Randolph, Esqrs. and another gentleman are appointed Judges of it. They have condemned several English vessels which have benn taken by the American privateers, as lawful prices. This shews the Americans are proceeding to the establishment of a government.

September 17-20, 1776, Page 2
[in article about author David Hume] ….He continued nevertheless, to live upon the most friendly, and even the most intimate footing with some of the most respectable members of it, such as the Doctors Robertson, BLAIR, Jardine, Carlisle, and others.

October 4-8, 1776, Page 2 

From the Virginia Gazette, Williamsburgh, July 5. The following are the appointments under the new plan of government. Patrick Henry, junior, Esq; governor.-John Page, Dudley Digges, John Taylor, JOHN BLAIR, Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley, Bartholomew Dandridge, Charles Carter of Shirley, and Benjamin Harrison of Brandon, counselors of state. Thomas Whiting, John Hutchins, Champion Travis, Thomas Newton, junr. and George Webb. Esqrs. Commissioners of admiralty.---James Husband, Joseph Prentis, and John Tyler, Esqrs. Judges of admiralty.-Edmund Randolph, Esq; attorney general. Thomas Everard and James Cocke, Esqrs. Commissioners for settling accounts. GOD save the Commonwealth.

October 22-25, 1776, Page 3
 WHEREAS there has been a Practice carried on for many Years past of purchasing Cattle in the western Fairs of this Kingdom, by a Set of People called Jobbers, and afterwards exposing them to Sale in different Fairs in the North, which Practice is looked upon as very injurious to the Dealers in the Cattle in general:--It is therefore determined by the undernamed Grasiers in the County of Antrim, not to buy any Kind of Cattle whatever from any Person who goes under the Denomination of a Jobber of Cattle (knowing them to be such); and in order to discourage said Practice, We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, do bind ourselves each to the other, in the Penalty of Ten Shillings for every Bullock or Cow so purchased by any Person subscribing this Paper. Larne, 3d Sept. 1776.
Francis Shaw, John Rodmant, James Agnew, John Agnew, William Higgison, William Agnew, JAMES BLAIR, Robert Allen, William Ogilbie, Patrick Allen, Hugh Gillilan, Hugh McCollum, John Gillilan, John McManus, Henry O'Hara, Peter Jackson, John Miller, Samuel Bristow, John Sitlington, James Brown, Matthew Maxwell, Henry O'Hara, David Rodmant, We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, who have frequently purchased Cattle in the County of Antrim, do unanimously agree that we will not for the future buy, or cause to be bought for us, any Cattle from any Dealer or Grasier who has purchased Cattle from any Person who goes under the Denomination of a Jobber after the Date hereof. Larne, 10th September, 1776
 Edward Graham, Jonathan Wilson

October 22-25, 1776, Page 3 
Knoclaugh, In the Liberties of Carrickfergus: To be let from November next, several Parcels of Land, at and near the Knackagh, in the Liberties of Carrickfergus, belonging to the Revd. Mr. Massey fo Chester, now or late in the Occupation of Wm. Kirk, Widow Clark, SAM BLAIR, Sam. Eakin, Jmaes Martin, Samuel Main, Samuel Barrom, Geo. Picken, Bryan McAulay, and Matthew Jamcyson. Proposals in Writing to be given to Henry Joy of Belfast. Mr. Massey desires that no Proposals or Letters may be sent to him on this business. Dated October 14, 1776.


March 7-11, 1777, Page3. 
PORT NEWS ARRIVED: Mar. 6. Free Mason, McLean, Port Glasgow, Tobacco. Sally, BLAIR, Greenock, Sugar and Flaxseed.

March 18-21, 1777, Page 1. 
To the PRINTER. SIR, THE capture of the Morning Star, belonging to Dr. Irving, and myself, and my application for redress, having been greatly misrepresented, both in and out of Parliament, I submit the following state of facts to the public, who may then judge for themselves, how far any of their servants have been culpable; and whether in my appeal to parliament, I have been guilty of that indecent hurry of which I am accused. Lord Halifax, when Secretary of State, in a letter to the Governor of Jamaica, dated Dec. 9, 1763, says, "The Mosquito shore is a British settlement, and as such is to me maintained and encouraged." Lord Dartmouth sent instructions to the Governor of Jamaica, in August 1775, for establishing a Legislative Council, on the Mosquito shore, to be chosen by the inhabitants. Dr. Irving and myself, induced by the above arrangement, sailed from Gravesend on the 13th of November, 1775, with a design of settling on the Mosquito shore, not entertaining the most distant suspicion, that our property would not be equally protected there as in any other part of the British dominions. On the 30th of April last, the Morning Star was laying at anchor, under British colours, in the Road of Black River, the principal settlement on Mosquito shore, and in sight of the King's house, and was there forcibly seized by two armed sloops under Dutch colours; at the same time one of there boats chased the Nancy, a small sloop belonging to the Black River; John Cossil, master of the Nancy and Richard Burrel, who was a passenger in her, both deposed, that the boat was at one time so near as to hook the Nancy's quarter-rail, and that the crew were Spaniards; every man who has ever seen a Spaniard, must know that they could not be mistaken. The inhabitants of Black River conscious that the Morning Star had never been employed in any illicit trade, were greatly alarmed; they considered the capture as a direct attack on the Colony, and applied to the Superintendant to assemble the Legislative Council: that Council which (I am told) Lord North assured the House of Commons never existed, met, advised the Superintendant to send an express to Jamaica, with an account of this daring and unprecedented outrage, and laid a tax on the Colony for defraying the expence. The depositions of John Cossil, Richard Burrel, and some other persons, who saw the transaction, were sent to the Governor of Jamaica (the Colony being at present an appendage to that government) but both the Governor and Admiral, for reasons best known to themselves, were of opinion that the Morning Star was taken by North American privateers; and no step was taken to reclaim the vessel and seamen, until Dr. Irving arrived in Jamaica, on the 19th September, and fortunately met with Frederick Sund, one of the seamen taken in the Morning Star, and who had escaped from Carthagena. This man made oath to all the particulars of the capture before Thomas French. Cu… and Chief Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Kingston in Jamaica. The Governor, unable to resist such positive proof, applied to Admiral Gayton, who, after a delay of another month, sent a frigate to Carthagena, but positively refused to permit Dr. Irving to go in the frigate to assist the Captain in his application for redress. The Spanish Governor, contrary, in all probability, to the witness of Sir Basil Keith and Admiral Gayton, acknowledged the capture, but said he had no power or authority to order restitution. Having taken the earliest opportunity of returning to England, I got to London, Sept. 24, and next day presented a memorial to Lord Geo. Germaine, with an attested estimate of the actual loss immediately sustained, amounting to 2639 l. 12 s. 10 d. sterling, besides the total ruin of our project. His Lordship acquainted me with the opinion of Sir Basil Keith, that the Morning Star was taken by North American privateers. I shewed him the affidavits of John Cossil and Richard Burrel; but his Lordship chose to give more credit to the vague suspicion of the Governor of Jamaica, than to my positive assurances; as a spectator of the transaction, supported by the clearest evidence the nature of the case would admit, or which there was at that time any probability of ever obtaining. His Lordship seemed extremely desirous of not making any immediate application to the Court of Spain, and in deference to the critical situation of this country at that time, (for accounts of our successes in America were not then arrived) I did not then press the matter farther. I received Frederick Sund's affidavit on the 17th of Dec. and wrote immediately to Lord George Germaine, inclosing a copy of it. I saw his Lordship on the 19th, when he seemed still desirous of making further delays; but being pressed by me for redress, referred me to Lord Weymouth, to whose department he told me it belonged, to make application to the Court of Spain. I saw Lord Weymouth by appointment soon after, who told me that that first knowledge he had of the affair was by a cop of Dr. Irving's petition to the Governor of Jamaica, and of Frederick Sund's affadavit, transmitted to him from the Admiralty; that he had immediately sent them to Lord Grantham; that the papers which I had put into his hands should be sent that evening; and that as soon as any answer arrived from the Court of Spain it should be communicated to me: this last part of his Lordship's promise has never been performed, but I willingly impute the neglect to hurry on business. The propriety of Lord Weymouth's conduct in the affair of Falkland's Island makes it reasonable to suppose, that if the representations to the Court of Spain, on the present occasion, have not been made with becoming spirit, it is not is Lordship's fault. I assured that Lord North told the House of Commons, that the Spanish Minister denied any knowledge of the affair in the month of January. The Morning Star was taken on the 30th of April, and carried directly to Porto Bello and Carthagena. Can any man believe that a Spanish Governor dared to long neglect informing his Court of the capture of a British Vessel in to unprecedented a manner? Great pains have been taken to represent the whole affair as a complaint of a private injury, in order that administration might shelter themselves under the shadow pretence, that I did not continue to harass them, with daily applications for redress, from the 25th of September to the 17th of December; but this is by no means the case; the British flag has been insulted; British seamen have been made captives in the most barbarous and disgraceful manner, and the very existence of a colony, capable of being made equal to any in the West Indies, is at stake. I conceive that I have discharged my duty to the public, by communicating to his Majesty's ministers, as early as possible, all I knew of the matter; if the negotiation has lanquished in their hands, it is to be hoped the day will arrive, when they shall be made answerable for it. I am, Sir, Your most obedient servant, ALEX. BLAIR. Oxendon-street, March 4, 1777.

TO ALEXANDER BLAIR, Esq. SIR, YOU have appealed from the Ministers to Parliament, and from Parliament to the peoples and individual has, therefore, a right to ask you to explain certain terms in which your information is conveyed. You say, "Lord Dartmouth sent instructions to the Governor of Jamaica, in August 1775, for establishing a Legislative Council on the Mosquito shore, to be chosen by the inhabitants." If we are to understand by a Legislative Council, a Council vested with the powers of Legislation, and Lord Dartmouth really did send an instruction to the Governor of Jamaica, to establish such a Council on the Mosquito shore, his Lordship is the first Secretary of State that ever assumed the authority of establishing a legislature by an instruction. Hitherto there have been but three modes of constituting legislative bodies know to the constitution; his Majesty's commission or charter under the Great Seal, and an act of Parliament; but you tell us of a more compendious mode than either; an instruction from a Secretary of State. How very idle was it to apply to Parliament for authority to vest a Governor and Council with legislative powers in Quebec, when it seems the Council alone might have been fully possessed of them by an instruction from a Secretary of State; and this too in a place where there neither is or ever was a Governor, or other person commissioned by his Majesty. You call the settlements on the Mosquito shore a Colony. Can you tell us by whose authority this Colony was established? Where is the charter or commission recorded that grants the soil, and describes its boundaries? Has the Crown ever granted a single acre of the lands? Or is there a man in the country that has a legal title to one inch of what he possesses or lays claim to? When you have answered these questions and explained the nature of the legislative powers with which the the Council is vested by Lord Dartmouth's instruction, the public will be able to judge whether Lord North was right in refusing to allow the Council, chosen by the traders to the Mosquito shore ….among themselves, to be a Legislative Council, and to call settlements made without authority, and without legal title a Colony. An INDIVIDUAL.

May 13-16, 1777, Page 3 

BELFAST Died, at Larne, on the 12th Instant, in the 42nd year of his age, greatly lamented by his acquaintance, JAMES BLAIR, Esq., He was a tender affectionate parent, and a kind hospital friend.

May 23-27, 1777, Page 2.

[There is more to this story that needs to be copied..apparently the English captured this ship]

missing parts………Capt. Dowse is 63 years of age, had four fine homes destroyed at Charlestown near Boston, and had the remainder of his property (except Bunker's Hill, which belonged to him) in this ship.

To Messrs. Samuel and J. H. Delap, Merchants in Bourdeaux.

Philadelphia, March 14, 1777. THIS will be delivered to you by Capt. Nathaniel Dowse commander of our ship Mercer. She brings you a load of Tobacco for account of the Honourable Continental Congress, for which you are to receive 13 l. 10 s. sterling per ton of four hogsheads. We have also ordered our friend Benjamin Harrison, jun. Esq. of Virginia to ship in her, on our account a few hogsheads of tobacco, with some flour and lumber to be stowed in the vacancies of the hogsheads.---Which be pleased to make the most of. Also sell the ship, if you can get for her what you think her value. We gave 1700 l. sterling for her, and thought her cheap, being well round, a new vessel, and neatly finished.-If you cannot sell her, employ her on freight, and in the best manner you can cover in the property. Our instructions to Capt. Dowse is to leave the ship in your care, and make the best of his way home, with all the crew on board; in which you will be pleased to assist him, as they are all in very high wages. But in case France has declared war against Great Britain, or is there is any certainty of such an event taking place, then purchase for us a small fast sailing vessel of about 30 tons, to carry 4 three pounders, 6 or 8 swivels, and a few good small arms, and put in her to the value of 600 l. sterling of the articles hereafter mentioned. & give the command either to Capt. Dowse of the Mercer, Capt. Mercrie of the Polly, Capt. Peter Callas of the Moor, or Capt. Thomas Cartwright of the Two Friends, which ever may arrive with you first,---They all sailed for Virginia much at one time, from Boston, to take in their cargoes. What money after this remains in your hands for the freight, nett proceeds of the vessel, the sustick and other goods, on our account, retain in your hands until further orders, except one seventh which pay to Messrs Pye, Richard, and Wilkinson, merchants in Amsterdam, for account of ARCHIBALD and JOHN BLAIR, subjects to the order of ARCHIBALD BLAIR. Do not advance Capt. Dowse, or any of our Captains, or crews, any money but what is absolutely necessary for the present support, as it is more advantageous to us to pay them in Boston. We had like to have to desire you to send the vessel, and goods ordered, back to Boston or Portsmouth, which be pleased to attend to. ---It will give us pleasure to hear from you, and to render you any service in our power.-If you meet with an opportunity to the Eastward, direct our letters to the care of Mr. Thomas Russel, merchant in Boston, Mr. John Dusfield in Virginia, or to any of your friends in that quarter. We are Gentlemen, Your very humble Servants MERCER & SCHENK 

May 27-30, 1777, Page 3 
WE the undernamed Subscribers, and many others, Manufacturers of brown Linens, take this Method of returning our Thanks to the Gentlemen Linen Merchants who have signified by their Advertisement, formerly inserted in this Paper, that they will continue to attend as usual, the monthly Markets of Ballymoney, in the County of Antrim:--We are duly sensible of the Advantage we reap by dealing with Traders so eminent and every way respectable as they are; and as they have resolved to attend no other Market to the northward of Ballymoney, we are constrained by Gratitude, as well as another Motive we blush to mention, INTEREST, to meet them there; and are determined not to expose a single Piece of our well-manufactured Goods to Sale in any Market North of Ballymoney aforesaid. Given under our Hands, the 4th of May, 1777. John Douthart, senr., James White, John Douthart, junr., Andrew Stewart, James Douthart, Robt. Willey, Robert McAfee, James Campbell, Hugh Willey, Daniel Gamble, James Harper, David Moore, Wm. Cramsie, Arch. Moore, Michael Reney, James Henry, Archibald Graham, Gibert Alexander, John Campbell and Sons, Malcom McKachen, John Mc Hoston?? Robt. Lamond, senr., Alex. Creighten, Robt. Lamond, junr., Wm. Young, Hugh Culbertson, JOHN BLAIR, John O'Hail, Arch. Reynolds, Robt. Hunter, John Neall, Adam Thomson, John Galt, Robert Boyd, Robt. Moore, James Meller, Wm. Small ,John Jameson, Joseph Right, Alex. Jameson, Samuel Taylor, James Anderson, Thomas Sloan, John Love, James Kernon, Robt. Mathews, Wm. Templeton, John Hunter, John Small, Robt. Patteson, Wm. Patterson, Mark McMichel, Randel McCurdy, Mark Curry, J. Smiley, Lohn McLachlin ,John Hopkin, Wm. Knox, Ostler, Arch. McMillan, James Hemphill, John Oliver, John Patteson ,James Marshall, Wm. Stewart, Quantin Stincon, Wm. Barry, Wm. Wallace, James Hopkin, Samuel Given, James Steen, Matthew Patterson, David Steen, David Cochren, Joseph Hemphill, Hector McFadden, John Hanah, John McAfee, John Millot, John Lyons, Robt. Hogg, Daniel Boyd & Sons, Thos. Caldwell, Samuel Mitchell, John Caldwell, senr., John Taylor, John Carlwell, junr., James Willson, senr.

August 5-8, 1777, Page 3, Doc. ID 118891: AD APPREN ADBOOK REL 
Abstract > Monthly Review Apr. 1777 >. > =Jerningham Poems >. > =Maclaine > Sermons >. subjects unison piety morality influence religion adversity. =Watson,Richard/DD. > Strictures on Civil Liberty >. ware wax candles colours Nabob of +Arcot and =Pigot,Lord >. > An Essay on Civil Liberty >. Original Papers Relative to +Tanjore Containing all the Letters between the apprentice wanted. elegance simplicity author stile talent judgment affecting heart. extract ignorance good evil life retirement devotion. duties young consolations aged one Ministers +Edinburgh professor rhetorick belles letters university. power conscience mixture joy fear motives constancy virtue. =Blair,Hugh/DD. prosperity knowledge future state death Christ gentleness disorders passions published sold =Hay,John/Jr. bookseller stationer +Bridge!St. +Belfast subjects placed point view impressions reader rational nature afford idea

September 16-19, 1777, Page 2 NEW BOOKS BLAIR Sermons.

October 10-14, 1777
To Edward Brice Dobbs, Esq.: Late Mayor of the County of the Town of Carrickfergus. We the Masters of the five incorporate Trades, in the behalf of ourselves and the Freemen of the County of the Town aforesaid, take this early Opportunity to return you our sincere and hearty Thanks for your upright and impartial Administration of Justice during the Time of your Mayoralty, and for your great Care and Assiduity in attending and regulating our Markets; and in adhering to keep up the Old Usage and Custom of said Corporation, as we are sure you took on you the Mayoralty entirely to serve us, who are with high esteem and great Truth, Your much obliged humble Servants, John Hood, Master of the Taylors SAMUEL BLAIR, Master of the Weavers. Wm. Jones, Master of the Shoemakers George Tomson, Master of the Hammermen; And William McConnell, Master of the Butchers.

October 17-21, 1777, Page 3
ADVERTISEMENT To be sold by Auction, for ready Money, at the House of the late James McElwain of Carrickfergus, on Thursday the 23d instant, at ten o'clock, and to continue till all are sold; all his Household Furniture, Cattle, Farming Utensils, and some Chattel Leases belonging to the Heirs of the said James McElwain, consisting of Mahogany and Oak Bedsteads, Feather Beds and Bedding, one 3 day clock, Mahogony Oak and Fir Tables, Charis, Dressing glazes with gilt and plain Frames, Plate, China, Delft Ware and Glasses, Grates and Fire Irons, Copper, Pewter, andVariety of Kitchen Furniture and Cows, one Horse, Cars, Harrows, with several other articles not mentioned. It is requested that all persons indebted to the said James McElwain, by Bond, Note, Book Account, or otherwise, will immediately pay them to SAMUEL BLAIR of Carrickfergus, Administrator, otherwise their Accounts will be put into the Hands of an Attorney; Likewise he put into the Hands of an Attorney; Likewise all Persons that have any Demands on him, are desired to send in their Accounts, that they may be settled. Dated this 13th day of October, 1777

December 9-12, 1777, Page 3, Doc. ID 123471: ADLF
Abstract =Blair,James reward 1 watchmaker repair. chain brass key seal maker =King,R. +London. returns =Coulter,James merchant lost road +Ahoghill +Newferry 3 Nov. silver watch silver dial-plate steel


January 9-12, 1778, Page 3.
By JAMES BLAIR SHAW of Doagh, for the ensuing Season, a Foreman Bleacher, whose Character Diligence, Sobriety, Honesty, and a thorough Knowledge of the Business, can be well certified.  To be continued four Times.  January 5th, 1778.

February 20-24, 1778, Page 3
As there has not been sufficient Encouragement hitherto given to such as would chose to purchase WINE, CYDER, PORTER, and SPIRITS,
For Ready Money,

, North-street,
(In Order to give an opportunity to those who would wish to deal on said Terms)
BEGS Leave to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has laid in a choice Assortment in said Trade, and will sell any Quantity, not less than a Gallon, at the following reduced Prices, being from 10 to 20 per Cent. Under the usual Rates, viz.
            s.   d.                s.  d.
Claret, usually               18   he sells at  16
Sold for                                             
Ditto,                            20                    18
Ditto                             22  9                20
Ditto                             26                    22  9
Red Port                       19                    18
Old Ditto                      20                    16
White Ditto                   17                    14
Lisbon                          17                    14
Madeira                       30                    26
Calcavella                     20                    16
Sweet Mountain           17                    13
Old Ditto                      18                    14

Ditto Cyder                                          3  6

Ditto Porter                                          3  6


April 28- May 1, 1778, Page 3.
, Newry,
Continues to sell Wine, Cyder, Porter, and Spirits, in prime Order, considerably under the current Prices, for Ready Money.  He is constantly supplied with remarkably well flavoured London Porter in Barrels, which he sells at 1 l. 17 s. and 8 s. 6d. Cask ‘til returned.  1st May, 1778.

May 22-26, 1778, Page 2, Doc. ID 134139: NWI SHIP WAR

$Martin =Blair +London +St!Kitt''s $Hetty =Barnwell +New!York +Dominica taken
carried +Martinico.

May 26-29, 1778, Page 3
, Newry,
Continues to sell Wine, Cyder, Porter, and Spirits, in prime Order, considerably under the current Prices, for Ready Money.  He is constantly supplied with remarkably well flavoured London Porter in Barrels, which he sells at 1 l. 17 s. and 8 s. 6d. Cask ‘til returned.  1st May, 1778.

May 29- June 2, 1778
List of books for sale….
A Collection of Poems. Containing the most admired Pieces of Pope, Congreve, Young, Gray, BLAIR, Parnell, Philips, Goldsmith, and Shenstonne, wit Cuts.  Price neatly bound 2s 8d

 June 12-16, 1778, Page 2.
Ships                            Guns                Captains
Mr. Byron, Vice-Admiral of the Blue
Princess Royal              90                    Milbank
Graston                        74                    Wilkinson
Cullodon                      74                    Balfour
Invincible                      74                    Evans
Bedford                       74                    Affleck

Fame                            74                    Colby
Russel                          74                    Drake

Sultan                           74                    Graves
Conqueror                    74                    Wheelock
Albion                          74                    BLAIR


August 21-25, 1778, Page 3
List of books for sale….
A Collection of Poems. Containing the most admired Pieces of Pope, Congreve, Young, Gray, BLAIR, Parnell, Philips, Goldsmith, and Shenstonne, wit Cuts.  Price neatly bound 2s 8d

September 8-11, 1778, Page 3
DROPPED, on the Road leading from Ballymena to Ballynure, on Friday the 4th of September instant, A Silver Watch, Maker’s Name, Thos. Yoakely, London, No. 1018, and n the Dial-plate the name, James Campbell, engraver:  It had a Steel Seal with the Letters I. C. on it.  Whoever has found the same, and will return it to MICHAEL BLAIR, Innkeeper in Ballymena, or Mr. Forsythe in Ballynure, shall be handsomely rewarded: if it be offered for Sale, it is requested it will be stopped, and Notice given to MICHAEL BLAIR, or Mr. Forsythe aforesaid.  Dated this 5th of Sept. 1778.

September 11-15, 1778. Page 1
[a List of the Marine Force of Great Britain, with their present Stations.] (this is a partial list only)

Ship                 Guns            Captain
Princess Royal     90            BLAIR,
            Ad. Byron

Royal Oak         74            Evans

            Ad. Parker
Invincible           74            _______
            Com. Evans
Bedford            74            Affleck
Culloden            74            Balfour
Cornwall            74            Edwards
Conqueror         74            Graves
Albion               74            Bowyer
Graston             74            Wilkinson
Sultan                74            Whitlock

Russel               74            Drake

Fame                74            Colby
Monmounth            64            Collinwood.
Guadaloupe Fri.       28            Robinson

October 16-20, Page 2
Hugh Blair
, master of the Brig “Chatham” advertises it for sale. He is ‘on board’ the vessel at Larne.

November 8-10, 1778, Page 3
Hugh Blair
repeats the same as with “the sale of the above vessel is put off until further notice”


September 3-7, 1779, Page 3
We have the pleasure to inform our readers, that the Commissioners of his Majesty’s revenue, received an express this afternoon from Caleb Powell, Esq; Collector of Limerick, with an account that the following East India ships, are safely arrived in the Shannon.  The Latham, Capt. Prince; the Lord North, Capt. Humble; the Earl Mansfield, Capt. Francis; and the Lord Holland, Capt. Lawson; from China:  The Valentine, Capt. Ogilby; the Rochfort, CAPT. BLAIR; the Northington, Capt. Drummond; and the Governor, Capt. Coxon, from Bengla.  They left St. Helena the 24th of June last and met nothing on their passage, but one Manilla ship, which they let pass unmolested, not knowing of hostilities.

September 10-14, 1779, Page 3
To any Gentleman who intends to educate his Sons at the University of EDINBURGH.
           A Gentleman who has resided at that University for several Years past, and intends continuing there some Time longer, wishes to take under his Care, on very reasonable Terms, for one or more Sessions, either one of more young Gentlemen, as the Parents shall chose.  His Abilities as a Scholar, and his Character, as a Man of Sobriety and Morality, will bear the strictest Examination.  Letters (Post paid) directed to A. B. University, Edinburgh, and to the Care of Dr. James Robertson, Secretary to the University, and Professor of Hebrew, will be duly attended to.
He thinks it superfluous to say any thing with Regard to the University or the Abilities of its Professors.  The Publick are sufficiently acquainted with both.  Dr. Robertson, Principal of the University, and the first Historian perhaps of the Age; Dr. BLAIR, Professor of Rhetoric, and Belles Lettres, and Author of Sermons so much admired; Dr. Walker, Professor of Natural History; Dr. Ferguson, Secretary to the late Commission to America, Professor of Moral Philosophy; Mr. Robison, Professor of Experiential Philosophy; Dr. Black, Professor of Chemistry; the Advantages of a Botanic Garden, and Explanation of the vegetable Kingdom, by Dr. Hope, the celebrated Professor of that Branch, (there two last Classes being with Propriety now made a Part of a genteel Education) need not his Praises to set them forth.
A compleat Session in this University lasts nine Months, i.e. from about the 25th October to the first of August.  The Summer Classes are Botany, and Experimental Accomplishments to Literature, he would inform them, that there are two Acadamies, one for Riding, another for Drawing.
The City is extremely healthful, the Air pure, the Inhabitants of the City hospitable, and polite to Strangers.
With respect to Bed and Board, is Acquaintance with the Rules of the University, and with many of the inhabitants of the City, will enable him to get Gentlemen both reasonable, and well accommodated.  The highest Board is twelve Guineas a Quarter, but very good Accommodations can be got for about eight or eight and a half, and that even in a genteel House.  Another Mode of living here, is for Gentlemen to hire Lodgings, and furnish themselves; and this last is no unusual Way, even amongst the first Students at the University.
It is unnecessary to mention the Inconveniencies that young Gentlemen experience who come here without Tutors, or who have none to direct them, inspect their Conduct, or point out the Way in which they can, with most Advantage, pursue their Studies.  More Advantage will be gained in one Session than in two without a Tutor, and even, with a proper Frugality, Money saved.
The Literary Societies formed here give Life and Emulation to Study: in these the Student is only respected according to the Figure he makes among his Fellows; and this is always a powerful Spur to his Industry.
To be continued only three Times.

September 17-21, 1779, Page 3
Associates of the Volunteer Company of the city and County of Londonderry. Organized for "home defense" as they thought the French or Spanish were preparing to invade:..Among the Officers appointed and elected were: Hugh Blair Captain, named as of 4 Sept 1779.   (paraphrased from article)

September 17-21, 1779, Page 1
Capt. Blair
listed as Captain of the Princess Royal along with Hon. Vice-Admiral Byron.  770 men and 90 guns.  Vice-Admiral Byron, Commander in Chief of this division.

December 3-7, 1779, Page 3
WHEREAS on the Night of the 10th inst. A Dwelling House on the Lands of Carrickfergus, in the Parish of Armagh, the Property of James Ashmur of Newry, and lately occupied by Peter Donnelly, was feloniously set on fire and entirely consumed.
I therefore promise Twenty Guineas Reward to the Person of Persons who will discover and prosecute to Conviction, any one or more of the Villains concerned in the said Felony, within six Months from the Date hereof.  Newry, 16th Nov. 1779.  JAMES ASHMUR
We the Subscribers likewise promis to pay the several Sums annexed to our Names, for the Discovery and Conviction of the Person or Persons concerned in burning the abovementioned House; and should any Person who was concerned turn King’s Evidence, so that his or her Accomplices be apprehended and convicted, such Person so discovering shall be not only entitled to said Reward, but we will apply for his Majesty’s Pardon.  Dated this 16th Nov. 1779.
                                          l.            s.            d.                                         l.            s.            d.

Rev. John Young              5            13            9            Jas. Lawson            1            2            9        
Wm. McGeough              5            13            9            Math. Russel  
         1            2            9
Arth. Donelly                    5            13            9            Clem. Gillespie        1            2            9
Robt. Bleakley                  5            13            9            David Gaussan        1            2            9
John Marshall                   3            8            3            Wm. Beath                1            2            9
John Smith                        3            8            3            James Ogle                1            2            9
Roger Bristow                  2            5            6            Wm. Hanna               1            2            9
Isaac Walker                    2            5            6            Jo. McClure               1            2            9
Geo. Ogle                        2            5            6            Jas. Farrel                  1             2            9
Thos. Waring                    2            5            6            Jas. McMullan           1            2            9
Ach. Thompson                2            5            6            Jas. Bradford             1            2            9
Wm. Thompson                2            5            6            Sam Anderson           1            2            9
And. Thompson               2            5            6            Gabl. King                  1            2            9
John Roe                         2            5            6            John Singleton             1            2            9
Charles McKew              2            5            6            Robt. Beaty                 0            11            4h
Thos. Prentice                 2            5            6            Geo. McBride              0            11            4h
Edw. Corry                     2            5            6            John Harington             0            11            4h
John Pollock                   2            5            6            John Armstrong            0            11            4h
Adam Maitland               2            5            6            Wm. Glenny                  1            2            9
Sam. Maxwell                 2            5            6            Sam. Reed                    1            2            9
Lee McKinstry                2            5            6            John McClure               1            2            9
Robt. Cochran                2            5            6            Robt. Blackley              1            2            9
David Blackley                2            5            6            Jas. Holmes                  1            2            9
Da. Blackley, jun.            2            5            6            Sam Brown                   1            2            9
John Simpson                  2            5            6            Wm. Nickoll                  1            2            9
Wm. Hardy                     1            2            9            Jas. McWilliams            1            2            9
Fred. Anketell                 1            2            9            Jas. Adams                    1            2            9
Jos. Marshall                   1            2            9            Pat Branigan                  0            11            4h
Geo. McColagh              1            2            9            John Stephenson            0            11            4h
Geo. Parkes                    1            2            9            Mich. McDonello          0            11            4h
John Bond                       1            2            9            Tho. Wright                   1            2            9
John Orr                          1            2            9            Geo. Anderson              1            2            9
Edw. Courtney                1            2            9            Wm. Harrington             1            2            9
Jas. Moore                      1            2            9            Robt. Patterson             1            2            9
John Thomson                 1            2            9            Robt. Gardiner               1            2            9
Tho. McGlathry               1            2            9            Jas. Lowry                     1            2            9
Jas. Carlile                      1            2            9            Mat. Mccartney               1            2            9
Jos. Carson                    1            2            9            Geo. Murray                    1            2            9
Lane Watson                  1            2            9            Henry Field                      1            2            9
John Glenny                    1            2            9            David Holmes                 0            11            4h

JOHN BLAIR          
    1            2            9            Wm. Sloan                     0            11            4h
John Walker                   1            2            9            Arch. Starr                     0            11            4h
Geo. Glenny                   1            2            9            Robt. Walker                  0            11            4h
Sam Campbell                1            2            9           



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