The Blair Society for Genealogical Research Presents:

Blair Extracts from the Belfast Newsletter (1790-1800)
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January 5-8, 1790, Page 3
On Wednesday, 29th of December last, an anchor about 5 hundred weight, with 25 fathom of cable, and buoy roap, and an half anchor buoy thereto, supposed to be sunk opposite Cultra road, county Down, of Steel's Crove road, county of Antrim.
Any person finding said anchor and delivering it to Mr. James McComb of Belfast, or MR. HUGH BLAIR of Carrickfergus, will receive two guineas reward, and if offered for sale it is requested information may be given as above.

January 19-22, 1790, Page 2
Amongst the expectations of the present winter, are new editions of Shakespeare, by Mr. Stevens, and Mr. Malone.  Perhaps both have been hitherto kept back by a desire to give the lead to each other.  We trust, however, this ceremony is waved, and that the researches of two such critics and amateurs will no longer meet with any other impediment.
Boswell's Life of Johnston is at last in the press, and will shew its biographical front in May; it will not only consist of the life of this extraordinary man, but of his bon mots, letters, &c. making a large quarto volume.  Amongst the letters will be found, that celebrated one to the Earl of Chesterfield, requesting to be dismissed from his patronage.
Dr. Percy, Bishop of Dromote, is bringing out a splendid edition of the late Dr. Goldsmith's work, in Ireland, by subscription, for the benefit of poor Goldsmith's family, to whom such an act of kindness will be very convenient.
Dr. Fisher, late one of the Patentees of Covent Garden Theatre, has compiled a History of Continental Music, which will make four quarto volumes, which he proposes publishing here.  How far it may interfere with Dr. Burney's late publication, we are not acquainted.
And last, though not least in its moral and useful tendencies, we are led to expect an additional volume of Sermons, by the ingenious and elegant DR. BLAIR.  The purchase money of this single volume is said to be six hundred pounds---a sum we believe hitherto unprecedented for a volume of sermons, but which, at the same time, marks the liberality of the booksellers, and the genius of the times, which, with all its imputed dissipations, keeps up a proper estimation, or at least afectation, for morality.

January 29- February 2, 1790, Page 3
To be published next February by Mr. Wm. Creech, Bookseller, Edinburgh,
POEMS by the late Andrew Greenfield, Rector of Moira, in the county of Down, selected by his friend DOCTOR BLAIR and some other Gentlemen eminent for their Taste and Learning---subscriptions at three Shillings and Sixpence British each will be received by the said Mr. Creech, Mr. William Sleater, Bookseller in Dublin, and Mr. Joy & Co. in Belfast, who will secure the delivery of the Books to the Subscribers.--The money to be paid at the time of subscribing.
                        January 27th, 1790

February 15-19, 1790, Page 3
To be published by Subscription,
A new and correct Edition of those much admired SERMONS.  The whole to be comprized in our large Volume Octavo, and delivered to Subscribers at the very low Price of 5s. 5d. neatly bound and lettered, or 4s. 4d. in boards, being less than half the price of the only tolerable Edition now on sale.  Subscriptions are received by all the Booksellers, and by several shopkeepers, &c. in the country, where proposals may be seen.

                                                Belfast, 18th Feb. 1790.

February 26- March 2, 1790, Page 3
WHEREAS JANNET BLAIR, otherwise Brown, my wife, hath eloped from em without any just cause:  I do hereby caution the publick not to credit her anything on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debt she may contract; and whoever harbours her I will prosecute as the law directs.
            ANDREW BLAIR.
Coggrv. March 1st. 1790.

July 27-30, 1790, Page 3
To be Published by Subscription,
A NEW and Complete English Grammar, in four parts, viz. Orthography, Prosody, Etymology and Syntax; all in Question and Answer, with Notes, both explanatory and critical; comprehending a short View of the Rise and Progress of Language, and Principles of Universal Grammar; extracted from several eminent Authors on those subjects; such as, Harrie, Sheridan, Louth, BLAIR, &c. &c. ......

                        N. L. Vady, 26th July, 1790

August 17-20, 1790, Page 3, Doc. ID 236380: ADBOOK
> =Blair,Dr. Sermons >. published =Magee,W. bookseller +Belfast price
> Correspondence of Two Lovers Inhabitants of +Lyons >.
> Julia >. novel =Williams,Hellen/Maria/Miss > =Benyousky Travels >.
> Pindar''s Advice to the Laureat >. > =Smith Moral Sentiments >.

September 28- October 1, 1790, Page 3
Twelve Master Shoe-Makers (devoid of meanness) are wanted, and will meet with good-encouragement by applying to the JOURNEYMEN SHOE-MAKERS of BELFAST--as they can be supplied with one hundred and fifty of the BEST men the North of Ireland can produce.     Belfast, 29th Sept. 1790.
N.B.  A man properly qualified to supply the Journeymen with findings, will meet with good encouragement. 
THE novelty of the above, will, no doubt, surprise you--but when you consider our late Employers refusal of giving the wages wanted, your surprise will be at an end.
Patrick Rich
Michael Jones
Andrew McDowell
Thomas Hare
Daniel Wharton
(By Order of the WHOLE.)

October 1-5, 1790, Page 2
Description of the River Potowmack (on which the new Federal or American seat of Government is laid out.) Communicated in a letter from the REV. DR. BLAIR.
This vast and beautiful river takes its source from a spring near the summit on the eastern side of the Alligany mountains, which extend north and south through the whole of United America, and join the Andes in the South.  It is but a spring forming a small rivulet at first, but by being bountifully fed by these vast mountains, it soon becomes a river of magnitude, and gives easy navigation for battoes and boats downwards to the falls, yet from its constant though not rapid current, is of difficult navigation back.  The north and south mountain as well as the celebrated blue ridge, also adds considerably to its water, and help to form a number of lesser rivers, such as the Shenandoe, Conigocheque, Monokasy, Sinegar, &c. all of which afford battoe navigation for the some miles, and water the most fertile part of North America.
A principal part of the river Ohio takes its rise within a very few miles of the source of its sister river the Potowmack, but on the other side the Aligany mountain.  The Potowmack has far the advantage of the Ohio as to its depth, uniform direction, and ease and safety of navigation.  It has very few windings for which the Ohio is so remarkable, and its course from its head to the fall, which is above 120 miles, is nearly east and west: it then takes a turn for twenty or thirty miels nearly north and south; on which reach, at the junction of the eastern branch; the new federal town is laid out and proposed to be built.
The lesser Falls ?? obstruct the upland battoe navigation, but about three miles of land carriage (called the Falls Carrying Place) remedies at present this defect, and a Canal round both Falls is nearly compleat.  
At the Lower or Great Falls (to which ships of any burthen may approach, at least as far as to George Town) there is a dip of about forty feet perpendicular--a most striking and beautiful object--for her the River bursts with great fury through a chasm in a high and well covered hill on both its sides, the stream being to rapid above the break that swan, geese, and other wild fowl cannot take the wing after sliding into it, and none survive with life the water-fall.  This majestic and perhaps unequalled seen is best approached from the water level below:  All is rude, bold, nature on an immense scale---The mountains on each side through which the River bursts is covered with trees of beautiful foliage, great size, forming a range of gloomy woods half overshadowing the Fall, and rising to so vast a height as to obscure the clouds and exclude the Heavens.
At the foot of the Falls on the Virginia side is a flourishing little village and some finely constructed flour mills: the quantity and high fall of water, affords the most advantageous situation for mills, and whenever America becomes a manufacturing country this will be the most eligible situation for them, there being nothing within the scope of wheel or water-work but this spot is equal to, situated too, as it is, in one of the most fertile and happy corn countries in the universe.
The banks of the River the whole length above the Falls, are not so well cultivated and improved as the lands below it; but it is impossible to conceive the numberless and beautiful landscapes which it affords.  The River is clear, limpid, and sweet, and the various lesser branches which fall into it, together with the bold points or promontories all covered with majestic oaks, walnut, cypress, poplar, white pine, &c. &c. all of extraordinary size and beauty, and which break and divide in places so as to give much variety, offer to the eye very noble and striking scenes.
Alexandria, on the Virginia side, and George Town on the Maryland, are the principal and most flourishing Towns--both increasing with uncommon rapidity--- but within a ride of thirty miles, there are a number of lesser towns, such as Bladensburgh, Carrollsburgh, Piscataway, Colchester, Dumfries, &c.---Nearly central between Alexandria adn George Town, on the Maryland side and at the mouth of the Eastern Branch, Congress have agreed to fix their Federal Town and constant Seat of Government.  A finer situation cannot be imagined--- it is nearly the centre spot of United America---upon a beautiful and temperate River, which with its numerous branches and adjuncts (chiefly all navigable) intersect so great a portion of the States of Virginia and Maryland as to form the most compleat and easy navigation that can be conceived.  This spot is upwards of two hundred miles from the Sea, a temperate, clear, warm climate, and in the midst of the finest farming and Tobacco lands that are known.  The Potowmack River is here two miles wide, of depth of water for any ship, and no obstruction whatever as to bars, sands, or rocks.  It does not much exceed that breadth  for twenty or thirty miles down, then it begins to spread to three, five, and six, and it is nine miles wide at the mouth.----From the Falls down to Crane Island (about 30 miles and the limit I have yet seen) is one of the most gratifying and pleasant sails imaginable----nothing can exceed it but the hospitality and liberal treatment of the numerous gentry who inhabit the banks of this bountiful river.  (I say bountiful, for the variety and quantity of its fish and wild fowl is unequalled).  near neighbours here are at the distance of two, three and four miles, every gentleman holding much more land than he tills or occupies, and a single field of grain or tobacco is often larger than some of our parishes.--- Their houses are not sumptuous nor stylish, but all most beautifully filled with necessaries, and many with the high luxuries of life, and none without six or eight spare beds.
In such a choice of country, you may easily imagine the noblest and finest situations were marked out.---Nature has done more here than I ever saw in any other country, for every acre is a beauty, and every spot of the shore is a port for shipping.  The waving outline of the hills, all covered with immense and beautiful trees, the bold promontories and banks of the river, with such a degree of unstudied regularity in the whole, make a noble and striking picture.
From the Falls down as far as Crane Island there are twenty or thirty gentlemen's seats upon a large and bold seale, some of them wonderfully finely placed.  Among the foremost of these are Lord Fairfax's and General Washington's, on the Virginia side, and Mr. Digger's, Mr. Additon's, and Mr. Young's on the Maryland.

October 19-22, 1790, Page 3
Impressed with every sentiment of gratitude and respect, begs leave to return his sincere thanks to his friends and the public, who so liberally supported him while he was in public business.  He takes the liberty to inform them, that he has now opened the noted Inn in Strabane, lately occupied by MR. ARTHUR BLAIR; where he is well supplied with excellent hay and oats; cludes wines and liquors, with every other necessary for the accommodation of the travellers.  WARD ventures to assure, that he will, with unremitting assiduity, endeavour to give every satisfaction, to all who shall honour him with their coutitenance and support.
                        Strabane, Oct. 4, 1770.


January 25-28, 1791, Page 3
This Day is Published by
A SALE CATALOGUE of scarce, curious valuable and CHEAP BOOKS:
Consisting of the Library of the late Revd. MR. BLAIR and others, many of which are considerably under Half Price.--Interspersed with many scarce and new Books in the different Arts and Sciences, and polite and entertaining Literature, (for ready money only) by THOMAS WARD, Bookseller and Stationer in Lisburn; where Catalogues are to be had.
N. B. The lowest price is prefixed to each Article, and the sale to commence the first day of February next.
T. Ward's Shop is (as usual) well afforded with a good Collection of Modern Books in History, Law, Physic, and Divinity, a great variety of new Novels, Classical and School Books, Merchants Account Books, ruled and plain in every every kind of Binding; every kind of Writing Papers, with every Article in the Bookselling and Stationary Line of Business: --Also a great variety of Room Papers, with elegant Bordering.
     & Ready Money for any Library or parcel of old Books, old Gold or Silver, Gold or Silver Lace, &c.

                        Lisburn, 26th Jan. 1791 

March 29- April 1, 1791, Page 3
And entered an immediately, or first of May, for such Term as may be agreed on, not exceeding nine years, the Dwelling-house in West-street, in Carrickfergus, occupied by SAMUEL BLAIR, with a Stable will hold twelve horses, a small Garden well inclosed, all in compleat order; It will answer well either for a private family or a Publick House, with a Shop or Stores.  The tenant may have part of the furniture at a just valuation.--Apply on the premises.
April 10, 1791 

May 6-10, 1791, Page 3
City and County of London-Derry.
Lent Assizes, 1791.
High Constables appointed at said Assizes: 

City & Liberties of L.Derry                        Alex. Love of Derry
Town & Liberties of Colerain                       J. Johnston of Colerain
Half Barony of Colerain                                   Rich. Caldwell of Culkeeragh
Barony of Kinnaght,                                  Tho. King of Keheery
Barony of Loughinsholen                           John Johnston of Tamlaghtocrilly

City & Liberties of L. Derry,                Thos. Waugh and Robert McIntire
Town and Liberties of Colerain                       Wm. Owens.
Half Barony of Colerain,                                  Dan Moor, John McKeeman, Wm. Johnston
                                    Jn. Rolborough, Ed. Thorp.
Half Barony of Tirkeeran                                  Jas. Mane, Alex. Stevenson, Al Gibson
                                    T. Madden.
Barony of Kinnaght,                                  Samuel McKissock, Robert Nelson, William
                                    Pattison, JOHN BLAIR, Rob. Martin, John Lenox.
Barony of Loughinsholen                           Wm. Caldwell, R. Simpson, Geo. Williams, D. Tomb
                                    H. Mullan, Rob. Hughes, Wm. McCulloch, 
                                    Abm. Dougal, G. Neely, Chas. McCormick,
                                    Wm. McAllister, M. Hagan.

Treasurer's Office, London-Derry,

4th April, 1791                                     ARCH. BOYD.
N. B. At a sessions held on Wednesday the 4th of May, Joseph Clark of Shanreagh was appointed High Constable for the barony of Kinnaght, in the room of John King, resigned.

June 24-28, 1791, Page 3
War-Office, Dublin Castle, June 20, 1791.
His Majesty has been pleased to make the following promotions in the army on this establishment, and the commissions are come over accordingly, viz.

5th regiment of dragoons, Captain Brydges Trecthick Henniker, from late first troop of horse grenadier guards, to be major, vice Alien, resigned. 
16th regiment of foot, Lieutenant John Sackville Higgins, from half pay of the invalids, to be Lieutenant, vice Kennedy promoted. 
Ditto, Ensign Mathew Mahon to be Lieutenant, vice Stuart, promoted. 
28th, Ensign Alexander Stewart to be Lieutenant, vice Colville, promoted.
22d, Lieutenant CHARLES HENRY BLAIR, from half-pay of the 105th foot, to be Lieutenant, vice Dewar
Ditto, Ensign William Dickson to be Lieutenant, vice Lindsay, promoted.
 29th, Ensign Daniel Grose to be Lieutenant, vice Purvis, promoted.
 40th, Ensighn William Carr to be Lieutenant, vice Crawley, promoted.
 43rd, Ensign William Jones to be Lieutenant, vice Quarrel, promoted.
 55th, Ensign James G. Clarke to be Lieutenant, vice Robertson, promoted.
 56th, Ensign William Haig, to be Lieutenant, vice Allen, promoted.
 58th, Ensign Anthony Van Homrigh to be Lieutenant, vice Littlehales, promoted. 
 61st, Ensign Arthur Dermott to be Lieutenant, vice Stewart, promoted.
 64th, Ensign Hugh Crawford to be Lieutenant, vice Hope, promotoed.
 69th, Ensign John Robert Lyons to be Lieutenant, vice Robertson promoted.
 4th Regiment of dragoon guards, Mr. William Smith to be Cornet, vice Howard, promoted. 
5th regiment of dragoons, Cornet Alexander Goldie, of 18th dragoons, to be Lieutenant, vice Bligh promoted.
 9th, Mr. William Wallace to be Surgeon, vice Dowall, placed on half-pay.
 12th, Mr. Joseph Robins to be Cornet, vice Elliot, resigned.
 23rd, regiment of foot, Mr. Evan Jones to be second Lieutenant, vice Cotton, promoted.
39th, Lieutenant David Morgan to be Captain, vice Manningham, promoted.
Ditto, Ensign Boyd Harsburgh to be Lieutenant.
Ditto, Mr. Edward Reynell to be Ensign.
46th, Captain John Alexander, from half-pay, to be Captain, vice James, exchanged.
55th, Ensign George Cuyler, to be Lieutenant vice Patterson, resigned.
Ditto, Mr. Godfry Taylor to be Ensign.
Ditto, Mr. Nanning J. Vulcher to be Ensign, vice Grant, resigned.
58th, Major Boardman Bromhead, from half-pay, to be Major, vice Duffe, exchanged.
70th, Mr. John Scott, to be Ensign, vice Young, ?

July 15-19, 1791, Page 3
From the first of November next, for such term of years as may be agreed on, part of the estate of Marriott Dalway, Esq; in the county Antrim; and county of the town of Carrickfergus.--Proposals to be received by Sir William Kirk, who will give every information relative to the said lands, and agree with the accepted Tenants for the same.

                                                                        A.    R.   P.

Slimerow, now held by John Gorman                210  0    0
Duffshill, held by Mc. Comb, Wisnom, & C.     60    0    0

Edengreny, held by widow McCullough,           6     3    0

and McBride's Farm,                          40    0    0
William Bole's Farm                                         42    0    0

Farm                                   25    0    0
Widow Galbreath's Farm                                   6     0    0
Daniel Clark's Farm                                           0     2    0
Hugh Campbell's Farm                                     30    0    0
McCullen and Gardner's Farm                         50    0    0
William Graham's Farm                                    40    0    0
The late widow Hynd's Farm                            12    0    0
James Hoy's Farm                                            30    0    0
Mc Master, Mc. Alister & Moore's Farm         35    0    0
Alex. Mc. Aulay's Farm                                    22    0    0
Paisley and Porter's Farm                                 24    0    0
Riddle and Blackwood's Farm                          20    0    0
Charles Stewart's Farm                                     6     0    0
Samuel Greenlee's Farm                                   13    0    0

Henry Millar's Farm                                           6    3    0

William Haggan's Farm                                      5    0    0
A Farm adjoining Bellahill Demesne, one
half meadow and the other half arable,            18    0    34
most of the arable land limed within the 
last two years, 

Bellahill, 19th July, 1791.

December 2-6, 1791, Page 3 
Whereas on the night of Thursday the 24th November last, the Shop of SAMUEL BLAIR of Carrickfergus, was feloniously broken open by some person or persons unknown, who took thereout Ten Guineas in Gold, Seven Guinea Notes, five Shillings in Silver, three Shillings of Halfpence one Silver Table Spoon, marked S. B. with several papers of little value, except to the owner.--NOW we whose names are hereunto subscribed, do promise to pay the several sums appended to our names, to any person or persons who within six months shall apprehend and prosecute to conviction the person or persons guilty of said Robbery.

            Dated this 3d December, 1791
l.   s.   d.
Ez D. Wilson             5  13   9
Alex. Gunning            2    5   6
John Legg                 2    5   6
Thos. Legg                ditto
Wm. Craig                ditto
John Campbell            ditto
John O'Brien              ditto
Wm. Kirk                   ditto
Hu. Kirk                       1   2   9
Wm. McConnell            2   5   6
David Kirk            
James Cobham            ditto     
Wm. Peppard            1   2   9
John Haddock            3   8   3
M. Reilly                    1   2   9
James Phillips            3   8   3
George Weir              1   2   9
Wm. Finlay & Son      5  13  9

Andrew Finlay            1   2   9

S. Cupples                  2   5   6
James Taylor              1   2   9
Thos. Kirk                  1   2   9
John Lee                     1   2   9
George Coburn           1   2   9
John Chaplin               2   5   6
Wm. M.  Kirk             ditto
John McDowell           1   2   9
John McBrinn              ditto
Thos. McCrackin        ditto
Alex. Watson               ditto     
Matthew Jameson        ditto

      3   8   3
Dan. Kirk                     1   2   9
Barry Martin                  ditto
George Ni?luck            2   5   6


December 2-6, 1791, Page 3
Jenny, BLAIR, Greenock, 62 barrels herrings.
Two Colliers. 

January 27-31, 1792, Page 3
The fast sailing ship, TRISTRAM, burthen 503 tons, G. A. Harward, Master, will be clear to sail for the above Port the first day of April next.---The Tristram is particularly well adapted for the Passenger Trade, being 5 feet, 10inches  high between decks.  Those who wish to embrace this favourable opportunity of going in a strong new Ship, will do well to make Speedy application; as but 150 passengers will be received.

For freight or Passage apply to Mr. Robert Cochran, Strabane; Mr. King Barben, Newtown-Stewart: Mr. James King, Fintona; Mr. James Hamill, Colerain; Mr. DAVID BLAIR, Newtownlemavady; or to John Atcheson, Smyth & Co. who engage that plenty of provisions and water shall be laid in for the voyage.

                        L. Derry, 23d Jan. 1792.

February 28- March 2, 1792, Page 3
At a General Meeting of the Freeholders, residing in the Parish of Ralloo,
The Rev. Robt. SINCLAIR in the Chair,
The following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:
Resolved, That we consider it not only the right, but the duty of every Freeholder, publicly to avow his Sentiments respecting the choice of a Representative in Parliament.

Resolved, That as from our acquaintance with the character of Edward Jones Agnew, Esq. we are confident he would execute with fidelity and honour, a trust committed to his charge, we think him justly entitled to our Votes and interest at the ensuing Election.

Resolved, That the following Gentlemen are appointed Delegates to the new standing Committee of the Independent Interest.

            James A. Farrell, Esq.
Messrs. SAMUEL BLAIR,            all Signed by Order,

And James Robinson,

Robt. Sinclair, Chairman.

Ralloo, 28th Feb. 1792.

April 17-20, 1792, Page 3

The fast sailing ship, TRISTRAM, burthen 503 tons, G. A. Harward, Master, will be clear to sail for the above Port the first day of April next.---The Tristram is particularly well adapted for the Passenger Trade, being 5 feet, 10inches  high between decks.  Those who wish to embrace this favourable opportunity of going in a strong new Ship, will do well to make Speedy application; as but 150 passengers will be received.

For freight or Passage apply to Mr. Robert Cochran, Strabane; Mr. King Barben, Newtown-Stewart: Mr. James King, Fintona; Mr. James Hamill, Colerain; Mr. DAVID BLAIR, Newtownlemavady; or to John Atcheson, Smyth & Co. who engage that plenty of provisions and water shall be laid in for the voyage.

                        L. Derry, 23d Jan. 1792.

N. B. At the request of a number of Passengers, the sailing of the above Ship is put off till the 1st May, at which time she will positively sail.

                        L. Derry, 13th April, 1792

June 5-8, Page 4: Doc ID: 235470: NBEL P

=Beatie masters composition Greek Latin Irish British empire =Galloway=Logan,Rev. > Hail beauteous stranger of the grove >. spring heaven woods companions.countrymen shores +Newtown!Lough +Island!Magee > Ode to the Cuckoo >.daisy voice star rolling delightful flowers music bowers. school-boy primrose ears language English countries dialect authors =Robertson =Blair =Hume.editor > +Belfast News-Letter >. May 24 season poem gibberish Scottish eyesstarts imitates pea vale lands hail bird sky song winter fly joyful globe

June 8-12, 1792, Page 3: Doc ID 235488: LEGAL NLON
=Wade,Capt. examined managers. memory liberty criminal evidence defence counsel survivors witnesses +England. =Cornwallis,Lord 1788 +Great!Britain.trial =Hastings,Warren Westminster-Hall =Birrell,Lt. =Blair,Col. =Graeme,Mr. 

June 22-26, 1792, Page 3

will sell by Auction, on Friday the 19th inst. at Noon, 25 Puncheons of Sweet St. Vincent's Rum, at his Stores on the Canal-Quay, for which good Notes or Bills at three months will be taken in payment.

                        Newry, 23d June, 1792


December 28- January 1, 1793, Page 3
The good ?? Sloop ELIZABETH, JOHN BLAIR, Master, is now taking in and will positively clear out on Saturday 5th January, and sail first fair wind after--For Freight or Passage application to be made to the Captain on board, or   Wm. SMITH, Broker.

Belfast, 31st Dec. 1792  

January 25-29, 1793, Page  3 , Doc. ID: 254106: ADSHIP EMIG WOOD
+Dungannon =Buchannon,John +Omagh =Gamble,A. =Mitchell,Robert +Strabane
+Newcastle +Philadelphia $America =Ewing,James 20 Feb. accommodation
=Bennett,Mr. =Eyre,Mr. +Coleraine =Pattison,Benjamin +Cookstown =Wilcocks,John
=Brown,John +Waterside =Leckey,Wm/and/Co. +Londonderry 24 19 +Philadelphia.
[woodcut: ship in sail].
provisions freight. passage =Campbell,R. =Blair,D. +Newtownlemavady

January 29- February 1, 1793, Page 3
Magilligan, Jan. 27th, 1793.  
THE RABBIT SKINS of Magilligan will be exposed to Sale on Thursday 21st day of February next, at the house of JOHN BLAIR in Ballymaclary; and, if more agreeable to the bidders, they will be put up in such shares or Lots as may be agreed on at the time of sale.  
N. B.  Fifty Guineas, as usual, to be deposited by the purchaser until delivery of the Skins.

May 24-28, 1793, Page 3
We are favoured by a correspondent with the following.  
IN THE YEARS, 1682, 1683, 1684, 1685 & 1686  
Ships Name            Master             Burth. Tons            PlaceThey Traded With  
Anne                  W. Lorrimore            50                    St. Martins  
Andrew              Robert Agnew           40                    St. Mallows  
Anthony              Robert Wilson           50                    St. Martins  
Antelope            Edwd. Cooke         200                   Virginia  
Abraham             Geo. Millam            140                   Cadiz  
Anne & Helen     Robert Brown           50                    St. Vallary  
Anthony              John Rogers              20                    Chester  
Alexander           Robert White             30                    Rotterdam  
Adventure           Moses James           150                    Virginia  
Betty                   Sam Young               50                    Liverpool  
Concord              Robt. McCollam       40                    Haver-de-g.  
Charlemont          Robt. Whiteside        40                    Whitehaven  
Consent               John Scott                 20                    Ostend  
Donegall              Edwd. Pottenger       100                   Dublin  
Diamond             James Davidson           40                    _____  
Esther                 James Crisley               40                    Cadiz  
Elizabeth              Robt. Higgins              30                    Workington, London  
Eliza                    John Lyon                   15                    Portland  
Fallwood             Wm. Lees                   60                    Norway  
Fortune                John Stewart              10                    Scotland  
Friends Adventure    Lewis Thomson      20                    Scotland  
Fortune??            Robt. Matthew            6                      Scotland  
Franklin                Wm. Adair                 40                    London  
Gabriel                   Robt. Wilson            50                    Nantz  
Grissel                   Wm. Adair                30                    Haver-de-g.  
Hopewell               John Lorrimore          30                    Bristol  
Jane                      Hugh Bell                   20                    Scotland, Dublin, London  
James                    James Glascoe           30                    Ostend, Haverdeg.  
John                      John Kyle                   40                    Canaries  
Inchiquin               Geo. Mullen              140                    Cadiz  
Isabella                 Ant. Wild                    40                    St. Vallery  
James                    John Logan                 16                    Workington  
Jennett                   John Lowden              30                    Chester  
Jane                      Wm. Scott                   40                    Dunkirk  
Catherine               Robt. Holmes              40                    Dublin  
Marygold               John Brown                40                    Dunkirk  
Mary                     Andw. Greg                60                    Dublin  
Mayflower             John Adair                  30                    Whitehaven  
Mary                     John McMullen            20                    Liverpool  
Martin                   James Norman            120                  Virginia  
Mariott                 Wm. Crawford            15                     Scotland  
Nightingale           Wm. Pringle                 50                     Dunkirk  
Nathaniel              Nat. Trimble                100                   Virginia  
Olive Branch        Mat. Scott                     50                    Haver-de-g.  
Prosperity            Robt. Adair                    30                    Canaries  
Providence           Robt. McKenly              40                    Scotland  
Resolution            Jas. Maxwell                  10                    Dublin  
Robert                 JOHN BLAIRE            40                    London  
Rebecca and Jane     James Kelly                30                    Rotterdam  
Salmon                 Geo. Williamson             20                    Liverpool  
Society                 Charles Taylor                60                    Bristol  
Thomas                 John Scott                      50                    St. Vallery  
Two Brothers        Wm. Aleson                   20                    Scotland  
Thomas Edward     John Black                    60                    Barbadoes  
Two Brothers         Wm. Lees                     50                    Barbadoes  
William                  Wm. Brown                   30                    Dublin  
William                  Wm. McClean               15                    Scotland  
William & John       Moses James               150                  Whitehaven  
Moses                    David Jameson              40                    St. Vallery  
John & David         Robert Agnew               50                    Cales  
Letitia                     John Kyle                      40                    Croslick  
Mary                      Robert Murry                70                    Norway  
John                       David Black                   50                    Virginia  
Speedwell              John Martin                    30                    Scotland  
George                  Hugh McDole               100                   Virginia  
Thomas                 David Smith                    50                    Dantzic  
St. Martins            Robt. McKendry             40                    Milford  
     Total Tons                     3307  

November 26-29, 1793, Page 2
To The  
I am led to write to you at present, by an excellent, and, I think, a most, reasonable discourse, which I had the pleasure of hearing last Sunday in the High Church of Edinburgh, preached by the Reverend DR. BLAIR, before the Lords of Sessions and the Magistrates of this city.-- His text was the Fourth Commandment in Exodus XX.-- He began with shewing that Commandment to be of eternal obligation; a part of that moral law which our Saviour came, not to destroy but to fulfil--he shewed it to be an institution as old as the creation of the world, and that by a tradition which had pervaded the earth some traces of the sanctity of the seventh day were found among several heathen nations.  He observed, that he had been led to lay this subject and now before the consideration of his audience, on occasion of that flagrant enormity which had taken place in a neighbouring nation, which, by a formal decree had abrogated the observance of Sunday--had instituted a new kalendar of time on purpose to wipe away all remembrance of it, and had even appointed penalties on those who should pay it any regard as a religious day.

The Doctor then proceeded to state the ends for which the Sabbath was appointed, and the duties which belong to the sanctification of it, as a day of sacred rest, a day appropriated to public worship, a day consecrated to serious thought, to self-examination and meditation on a future life.  After having shown, under each of these heads, the benefits which arise both to individuals and to Society from the observance of Sunday, he concluded with reminding his bearers, that all who retained any regard for Christian faith were no particularly called upon to shew their reverence for this sacred institution, and publicly to express their zeal in the cause of religion; a cause connected with every thing which, not as Christians only, but as man and citizens, they are bound to hold dear.

These notes of this sermon which occurred to my recollection, you are at liberty to insert in your paper, if you think they can serve any good purpose. 
I am, & c.          
A. B.

December 27-31, 1793, Page 3
Yesterday, the Presbytery of Edinburgh agreed to the translation of the Rev. Professor Finlayson, from Lady Yester's to the Old Greyfriars Church, and appointed his admission to take place this day fortnight; the Rev. Dr. Erskine to preside.

After this business, the Rev. Dr. Hardy stated, that, of late, seditious meetings had taken place, within their bounds, and he thought it was the duty of the Presbytery to express their disapprobation of such unconstitutional proceedings, and therefore moved, that the Presbytery should publish a declaration to that effect.  The Doctor then read a paper on the subject; and DR. BLAIR having seconded Dr. Hardy's motion, the Presbytery unanimously adopted the following declaration, produced and read by Dr. Hardy.

            December 25, 1793

February 28- March 4, 1794, Page 3
TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION.  on Friday the 7th inst. at one o'clock, by JOHN BLAIR, at his Stores on the Canal-Quay, Newry, fifty Casks, weighing from 5 to 12 Cwt. each, engaged fairly made up, and the quality remarkably well suited for the use of Soap boilers.  Terms of payment will be made agreeable at the Sale.

            Newry, 1st March 1794.

August 8-11, 1794, Page 3
Last week, the Corporation unanimously voted the Freedom of this City, accompanied with a suitable Address, to Earl Howe, for the glorious victory over the French fleet on the 1st June.--Also, to the Hon. Capt. Packenham of his Majesty's ship Invincible.

Last week, the Queen's Co: Militia marched from hence for Colerain, where they are to be reviewed in a few days.--The 93d regiment will be reviewed here next Monday-- Major General Eustace is appointed to review all the forces in the province of Ulster.

About ten days ago, MR. DAVID BLAIR  of N. Lemavady, cut down a very fine field of barly, consisting of five acres.

September 29- October 3, 1794, Page 3
Are now landing the Cargo of the Elizabeth; JOHN BLAIR, Master; consisting of AMERICAN POTASHES, first Quality, and APPARREL STAVES--Which they will sell on reasonable Terms,--They have also on hand a few Tons English BAR LEAD, which will be disposed of under the usual price.

            Belfast, 3d October, 1794.  

October 3-8, 1794, Page 4
List of Volunteer Companies and Militia that marched to Belfast to oppose the French: set down in the Order of time in which each respective Corps arrived, from Friday the 22d to Tuesday the 26th February, 1760.  Those marked thus (*) did not accept of pay from the town of Belfast.


*Antrim Volunteers:  Lieut. James Finigon, Commandant--4 sergeants, 4 corporals, 2 drums:  96 men: Marched into Belfast on Friday evening; all uniformly cloathed, and completely armed, with 25 rounds of cartridges.  

*Lisburn Volunteers:  Edward Smith, Esq. Captain, (who being at Parliament) Lieut. Abraham Crommelin Commandant:  130 men:  Received the French prisoners on Thursday evening (being under arms ready to march to Belfast; guarded them all night, went off with them on Frid. morning to Moyra & Dromore, and came to Belfast about 5 the same evening, after a march of 21 miles.  

*Killutz; These and Lisburn Comp. Lord Hertford's tenants. : 198 men: Arrived in several parties at different times, and incorporated with Lisburn co. on Saturday.  (68 received pay).  

Templepatrick Volunteers: Arthur Upton, Esq. Captain, (who being at Parliament) Henry Shaw, Esq. 1st Lieut. Commandant: 70 men: Arrived on Saturday at nine in the morning, and continued till the French sailed.  

Shane's-Castle Volunteers: Charles O'Neil, Esq. Captain, (who being at Parliament) Kenedy Henderson, Esq. 1st Lieut. Commandant.: 94 men: Arrived on Saturday night, well armed with 9 rounds of cartridges; and followed next day by 7 pieces of small cannon from Shane's-Castle, which were planted on the breast-work at Mile-water.  

*Carrickfergus & Carmoney: Mr. James McIlwean, Captain, Mr. Henry Langford Burleigh, Captain: 40 men and 55 men.  Guarded the French prisoners from that town to Belfast.  Arrived in Belfast early in the morning after the French landed.  

*Killead: Roger Moore, Esq. Capt. 40 men: Arrived on Friday, all armed.  

In and around Antrim: Mr. Thomas Thompson, Capt.: 133 men: Volunteers, formed on the occasion (of wihc 81 armed) arrived on Saturday--But one half rec'd pay.  

Ballymena--Companies:  Hugh Campbell and Blainy Adair, Captains. 108 men: Arrived on Saturday; and on Tuesday a party of them were sent down the water to reinforce Capt. Dingey, where they remain'd until the French sailed.  

Broughshane: Mr. John White, Capt., 42 men: Arrived on Saturday night: nine of them with scythes fixed on poles.  

*Ballymoney; Charles O'Hara, Esq. Captain (rec'd pay but for 30 men): 76 men: Arrived on Sunday at 2 in the afternoon, after a march of 38 miles in 24 hours--Mr. O'Hara could have marched 500 brave men had there been arms for them.  

Ditto & Donegorr: John Henry, Esq. Capt., & Rev. Patrick Bennett.: 60 men & 28 men: Arrived on Sunday.  

B'Castle Volunters; Hugh Boyd, Esq. Col. Commandant: 200 men: Arrived on Monday, all armed; and were afterwards join'd by upwards of 150 more, in several parties.  

Rasharken: John Rowan, Esq. Captain: 75 men: Arrived on Tuesday.  

Belfast Town, three Companies: James Ross, Esq., Stewart Banks, Esq. Mr. John Brown: 82 men, 189 men, 98 men: Marched to Three Mile Water on Saturday morning; as did all the Companies that were then arrived.  

The Corps that assembled at Ballahill, 1 1/2 mile N. E. of Carrickfergus; under the care and direction of Robert Dalway, Esq.  

Slem??, Raloo, Glen, Templecorran, Killroot, Ballihill and CrFergus liberties:  Marriot Dalway, Esq. Capt. Rev. James Dunbar, Mr. Patrick Allen, Mr. Edward Hudson, Lts.: 200 men: Assembled on Friday, &c. most part well armed.  

Larne: Adam Johnston, Esq. Capt.: Mr. James Agnew, Mr.____BLAIR, Lts.  115 men: Arrived at Ballahill on Friday.  

Glenarm:  ____Myars, Esq. Capt., John Mitchell, William Higginson, Rev. Thos. Reed, 120 men: Arrived at Ballahill on Sunday, all in a good uniform and well armed; with three pieces of cannon mounted on carriages.  

Total Co. Antrim  2249 Men

February 13-16, 1795, Page 3
On Friday the 13th day of March next, at the House of THOMAS BLAIR, the Rabbit Skins of the lower end of the parish of Magilligan: a deposit of Fifty Guineas will be required from the purchaser.

            Dated Magilligan, 11th day of Feb. 1795.

June 22-26, 1795, Page 3
On Tuesday last MICHAEL BLAIR of Sheddings, was committed to the Gaol of Carrickfergus by the Revd. Richard Babington, for selling spirits without licence, contrary to the statute in that case made and provided.

June 29- July 3, 1795, Page 2
"On the 3d of March, the French and Mulattoes of this Colony began a design of making the Island their own, by the horrid means of putting all the white Englishmen to death while sleeping--It was at  a place called Labay they commenced, where they murdered eight or ten Gentlemen, among whom I am sorry to enumerate poor CAPTAIN BLAIR, of the Home-- and  had not the alarm spread in time for the Militia to muster, it would have been certain destruction to us all.  The first report was, that 3,000 French troops had landed at some out bays of the Island; but we soon had a confirmation of the real master, as I have stated above. 

November 30, 1795, Page 1
I informed myself, from those best acquainted with the Country, that a height, called Faribrae's Hil, commanded the Vigie:  upon this I formed my plan of attack.  The Grenadiers and Light Infantry, with four Companies of the 40th Regiment, were to gain the hill on one quarter, while the 59th Regiment, supported by two, three pounders, were to force it on another; the whole marched at three o'clock yesterday morning, so as to be at the object by the day break.  The first division gained the height early in the morning, with considerable loss; the 59th Regiment was early within fifty paces of the Enemy, and made several attempts to gain the post, but the natural strength of the ground, and the heavy rain that unluckily fell at day-break, rendered the place inaccessible.  The Troops having been exposed the whole of the day to great fatiques, and the weather being very unfavourable, from violent showers during the day, and having no possibility of providing the least shelter for them, I thought it more advisable to return to our former quarters for the night.  Having sufficient reason to suppose the enemy had abandoned their posts during the night, I ordered out early this morning a strong detachment of the St. Vincent's Rangers to take possession of it; and I have to inform your Excellency, that the British flag now displays itself there.  We found all the cannon and ammunition there undestroyed.  Brigadier General Myres, by his able conduct the whole day, afforded me the most essential service; and the highest praise is due to this Army, both Officers and Men, for the perserverance, discipline, and bravery they manifested in sustaining an action from daybreak until night, in this climate.

Return of Killed and Wounded on the 2d instant.  
40th Regiment--1 Officer, 2 Serjeants, 8 rand and file killed; 13 rand and file wounded.  
54th Regiment--1 Officer, 1 Serjeant, 8 rand and file killed; 1 Officer, 3 Serjeants, 2 Drummers, and 24 rank and file
wounded; 1 rank and file missing.  
59th Regimnet--1 Officer, 1 Serjeant, 22 rank and file killed; 2 Officers, 3 Serjeants, 1 Drummer, and 56 rank and
file wounded.  
Marinique Rangers-1 Rank and file killed; 2 ditto wounded.  
Names of Officers killed and wounded.  

, of the 59th Regiment.  
Lieutenant Alexander Seipton, of the 40th ditto.  
Lieutenant Samuel Warren, of the 54th ditto.  
Captain Christopher Seton, of the 54th ditto.  
Captain Robert Vaughan, of the 59th ditto.  
Ensign Hannah, of the 59th ditto.  
Thomas Hill, Aid-de-Camp.

December 25-28, 1795, Page 4, Doc. ID: 265872: LEGAL NDUB
+Dublin 23 commission intelligence court judges =Weldon,James denomination
+Plunket!St. =Curran,Mr. gunpowder Philanthropic Society =Walsh taylor school.
=Clayton quarter prayer-book affidavits clerk crown superiors officers
=Cope,William. =Crofton,Morgan. =Hautenville,Rawdon =Read,Thomas
=Lawlor,William jury sworn challenges =Crofton,Edw/Sir foreman =Bury,William
=Nowlan +Stoney!Batter =Hart guilty 23 trial =Leblanc embroiderer testimony
=Rowan,Hamilton defenders +Fermanagh militia =Brady =Kennedy =Hanlon. =Flood
=Smith,John. =Ruxton,Counsellor. Attorney General crime heads Edward III
=Sparrow,William =French,James =Mulhern,Ralph =Pittigrew,Henry =Blair,William
committee shoemaker Black dragoons Solicitor General 1791. +London
death enemies charges 1792 Parliament Catholics. United Irishmen +Belfast
directors. national convention dethrone witness =Murphy +Drury!Lane
government +France war associating divers Protestant religion.
yeoman facts charged indictment. prisoner associated defenders aiding


April 8-11, 1796, Page 3
John Galbrath of Carnalane, and Joseph Lawson of same, both found guilty of having laid snares for catching rabbits, in the rabbit warren of John Douglas and partners at Clogher; fined five pounds each.
Cornelius Gorman, of Lisburn, Nailer, convicted upon three several indictments of violently assaulting William Conn, Robert McConnell, and Huston Dowdall; to be confined in the county gaol one month for each offense.
Patrick Gorman, of same, convicted of assaulting said Robert McConnell; to be confined in the county gaol 14 days.
John McIlroy, of Drumreagh, submitted to an indictment for assaulting Eleanor McLaughlin, with an intention to commit a rape; to be confined one month in the county gaol.
ROBERT BLAIR, of Vow, submitted to an indictment for assaulting Robert McIltree, to be fined 6s. 8d.
Same ROBERT BLAIR, convicted of again assaulting said Robert Iltree when assisting a parish constable in the execution of his office; to be confined three months in the county gaol.
Mary Bolton, of Toome, convicted of assaulting Mary McLenaghan; to be confined 14 days in the county gaol.
John Queen, of Gartahar, convicted upon two several indictments of assaulting George McMullan and Deni. McLister; to be confined in the county gaol until next Assizes, and then to give sufficient security before the going Judge of Assize for his good behaviour for seven years.

October 28-31, 1796, Page 3
We the undersigned inhabitants of the County (hole in paper) Town of Carrickfergus and (hole) of the substantial advantages we enjoy (hole) excellent constitution and holding (hole) every attempt to overturn the same (hole). Invasion or internal Commotion: think it (hole) time thus publicly to express our loyalty (hole) to our most gracious Sovereignty; his (hole) -ment: and bind ourselves to each other, (hole) exertions in our respective situations to support the Law, of our Country, and protect the persons and properties of good and peaceable Subjects of every religious denomination---Dated 12th October, 1796.

    Addison,G.     Herdman,Paul.     Richey,W.     M''Cullen,Wm.     M''Cullen,Alex.
    Ardiss,Charles     M''Gill,Alex.     Gyle,John     Bawn,Samuel.     Davey,Edward
    Ardiss,Robert     Close,Patrick     Ellis,Henry     Ellis,Henry/C.     Black,Joseph
    Askin,R/Sr.     Miliken,James     Cobham,James     Wilson,Arch.     Bowman,Whitney
    Burleigh,George     Campbell,John     M''Man,Robert.     M''Aulay,Alex.     Millar,Robert
    Campbell,William     Clements,John.     Price,John     Dick,James     Haddock,J.
    Car,Samuel.     M''Dowell,James     M''Aulay,Henry     Cries,Thomas     Godfrey,Thomas
    Carley,John     Cooper,John     Close,Pat.     Moore,Pat.     Wheeler,Benjamin
    Caters,Robert     M''Gill,Thomas     Clark,George.     English,John     Lappin,John
    Dibbs,Rich/Jr.     Gowan,R/M.     Pepperd,W.     Kirk,Hu.     Allen,Ez.     Legg,John
    Dobbs,Conway/E.     Dobbs,Wm/R.     Hamilton,Edw.     Hamilton,F/D.     Hamilton,John
    Forde,John     Fletcher,P.     Cupples,S.     Dunlop,John     M''Dowell,John
    Frazer,John     Henderson,John.     M''Dowell,Hugh     Stewart,James     Hunter,Francis
    Girvan,Francis     Girvan,Wm.     Connor,Archd.     Connor,W.     M''Guckin,John
    Gordon,Patrick     Millar,James     Askin,James/Sr.     Simm,William     Finlay,John
    Gorman,Thomas     Gorman,Hugh     Gorman,Wm.     Bell,John     Gyle,John     Gyle,James
    Gunning,A.     Kirk,T.     Craig,W.     Martin,B.     Wilson,E/D.     Dalway,Noah     Dobbs,R.
    Gyle,Robert     Hannah,Hugh     M''Dowell,Mat.     Johnston,Robert     Thompson,John
    Hamilton,James.     Watson,Robert     Eccleston,Henry     Hood,John     Watson,James
    Hanly,Wm.     Hanly,Hugh     Hannah,John     Davey,Edward     Hannah,Felix.
    Hay,Robert     Moore,John.     Millar,William     Hume,John     Read,Thomas
    Hay,Samuel     Clark,Hill/B.     Henly,Robert     Clark,Samuel     Hanly,John/Sr.
    Hoy,Joseph     Calbreath,John     Greenlees,Saml.     M''Bride,Alex.     BLAIR, CHARLES 
Hunter,James.     Caters,Nat.     Caters,James     M''Creight,John     M''Gill,Isaac
    Irwin,Samuel.     M''Queelin,Alex.     M''Neill,Roger     Irwin,William.
    Johnston,James     M''Golpin,Samuel     Millar,John     Millar,William     M''Cann,Edward.
    Ker,John     M''Aulay,Charles     Neill,Samuel.     M''Aulay,Robert     Cameron,Nat.
    Lapsley,Wm.     M''Callen,Pat.     Hogan,James     M''Clean,Wm.     Dobbs,John
    M''Brin,Henry     Ferguson,Alex.     Tennant,John     Irwin,Robert     Veacock,John
    M''Crea,Samuel     Cruickshank,Alex.     Kirk,William/M.     Barr,Samuel     Kirk,James
    M''Farland,James     Thompson,Wm.     M''Brin,Samuel     M''Bin,Charles.     Taffney,James
    M''Farren,R.     Allen,Geo.     Paisley,James     Boyle,Wm.     Porter,Wm.     M''Alister,F.
    M''Gaw,John     Martin,Alex.     Abernethy,John.     M''Alister,Arthur     Girvan,John
    M''Gill,John     Todd,John     Wilson,John     M''Quillin,J/M.     M''Conchy,Samuel
    M''Golphin,Francis     M''Queelin,Edw.     Hurdman,Jona.     Ferguson,Thomas.
    Main,Thos.     Hay,James     Shaw,Francis     Dobbs,E/Brice.     Campbell,H.     Hynd,John
    Millar,Henry     Millar,Wm.     Packen,Wm.     Clark,John     M''Auley,John     Main,Samuel
    Mullholland,C.     M''Kinstry,Samuel     M''Gowan,John     M''Kinstry,John     M''Kay,James
    Patterson,Char.     Neill,Robert     Dillon,Wm.     Blackburn,Wm.     Neill,John
    Thompson,Wm.     Read,Daniel     Dawson,Edw.     Jordan,Robert     Ardiss,W/Boyd
    Wilson,John     Kirk,Alex.     Mulholland,John     English,James     Coburn,George

November 18-21, 1796, Page 3
Whereas, on the night of the 14th inst. on arrival of a party of his Majesty's 24th Regiment of Light Dragoons, they left part of their Baggage and Accoutrements in a Stable of Mr. Estars, Innkeeper in town, some part of which was that night stolen  thereout by some person or persons unknown:--Now we the subscribers hereof in order to shew our detestion of every act of this sort, and to bring to ?? punishment this and every invasion of the law, do hereby offer the sums annexed to our respective names, to any person or persons that will give information against the thief or thieves who committed the said robbery, any time within six months from the date hereof so as he or they be prosecuted and convicted thereof according to law.
And we do hereby engage to support the civil powers in the due execution of their office, to the utmost of our abilities for the maintanance of the regular administration of justice, the well-being and good order of society in general, and of this town and neighbourhood in particular.

    Given under our hands at Ballymoney, Nov. 16, 1796.

    Black,George     Caldwell,John     Henry,William     Moore,Sampson     Thomson,Adam
    Blair,John     Creek,David     Thompson,Wm.     Gillespie,William.     Warring,George
    Burke,Michael     Boyd,John     Moore,James.     Gordon,Joseph     Kennedy,Neal
    Caldwell,John.     M''Curdy,John     Adams,Martin     Boyd,Samuel     Longmoore,Tho.
    Caufield,William     Adams,William.     Neall,William     M''Cottar,Richard
    Chesnut,Willy.     Glass,William     Mitchell,James     Mitchell,John
    Corry,John.    Eslar,Alex     M''Neall,Alex.     Gamble,Robert     Mallet,James     Clark,Thomas
    Hall,Lindsey    Hamilton,Alex.     Huey,James     M''Aloanen,Arch.     M''Gowan,James     Orr,Hugh
    Hopkin,William     Patterson,John     Given,Samuel     Mitchell,Thomas.
    Johnston,Robert     Maxwell,Daniel     Orr,William.     Cooper,Ben.     Small,Ben
    Marshal,Alex.     Moore,George.     Moore,S.     Calderwood,John     Reynolds,James
    Taylor,Samuel     Getty,Robert     Getty,Andrew.     Knox,John     Millan,John
    Thompson,Ben.     Parks,James     Small,John.     Robinson,Robert     Wallace,Samuel

January 9-13, 1797, Page 1 
Will  meet at QUILLON's on Wednesday the first of February next, at Twelve o'clock Noon, to transact the Business of the Company and Dine together.  Those who wish to become Members are desired to apply to the Register previous to said Day, and appear at the Meeting--otherwise they cannot be balloted for.

                                JOHN BLAIR, Register.

Newry, 2d January, 1797

January 23-27, 1797, Page 3
On the 12th of December the House of Representatives of America balloted for a Chaplain, when the numbers stood thus--
For Dr. Green,                     35
Dr. Priestley                 27
MR. BLAIR                   6
Whereupon Dr. Green was declared duly elected.

May 1, 1797, Page 3, Doc ID  282049, ADMEET
> +Belfast Newsletter >. > +Dublin Journal >. =Gage,Marcus =Sterling,John
=Bruice,Henry =Sampson,G/V. =Hamilton,Wm. =McCausland,Marc. =Smith,William
=Hamilton,Edmond clerk. =Ogilby,Robert =Alexander,Andrew =Alexander,John
=Lynd,Gordon =Smith,William/Jr. =Gordon,Nathaniel =McCausland,Conoly/Jr.
=McCausland,Dominick 17 Co. +Londonderry.
=Moody,John =Alexander,Leslie =Hewey,Henry =Boyle,Alex. =Heyland,Langford
=Rogers,Mark =Osborne,John =Moore,Gawin. =Ross,Richard =Moore,Thomas
=Ross,William =Church,John =Sherrard,Hugh =Gillespie,Henry =Blair,David
=Waterford,Marquis/of tenantry counsellors absentee landlords =Campbell,Robert
meeting +Newtownlimavaddy 10 Apr. =McCausland,Conolly provost thanks

June 23, 1797, Page 3
At the Midsummer Examinations in the Belfast Academy, Premiums were adjudged to the following Students, viz:
Writing.--James Luke, Linenhall-street--H. Lyons, Oldpark--E. W. Boyd, Carrickfergus--R. Montgomery, Arthur-street---H. Campbell--D. Gunnin, Carrickfergus--Gilbert Vance--John Allen, Derry---Isaac Walker, Newry---John Cuming---J. Getgood----A. Hyndman---W. Magee, sen.---C. Joyce----R. McClean, Dublin---Joseph Stevenson---J. Apsley---W. Wilson---A. J. Crawford, Crawfordsburn---Fr. Thompson, Lisburn---H. Grimshaw, Whitehouse---JAMES BLAIR, Newry.

July 7, 1797, Page 3

Will  meet at QUILLON's on Wednesday the first of February next, at Twelve o'clock Noon, to transact the Business of the Company and Dine together.  Those who wish to become Members are desired to apply to the Register previous to said Day, and appear at the Meeting--otherwise they cannot be balloted for.

                                JOHN BLAIR, Register.

Newry, 1st July, 1797

October 13, 1797, Page 3
On Sunday last, MR. HENRY BLAIR, of Randalstown, to the agreeable Miss McAnulla, of Shaneseastle.


March 30, 1798, Page 2, Doc ID 260122, ARMED BOOK CRIME D NIRL REL
+Cork mailcoach plunderers. +Kilworth arms =Stopford,Rev. +Blarney
=Blair,Bryan =Cowan,Wm. =M''Shane,James =Sherry,Neal =Bradshaw,John
=Chamberlaine,Judge Lord Lieutenant hostages peace clemency outrages
=Donaldson,William =Clarke,Alex. habeas corpus act =Clarke,John
=Donnelly,James =M''Donnell,Charles =Best,Mary =Marshall,David
=Dunshee,Margaret. statute burned hand =M''Namara,Hugh =Moreland,Mary
=George,Baron =O''Neill,Owen burglary =Kigan,William. =M''Glade,Bryan
=Hanlon,Pat. =Water,Owen =Kelly,Laurence =Brynes,Henry free pardon
=Harvisy,Daniel =Harvisy,Pat. =Luckey,Arthur. =Rock,Bryan =Cunningham,Bryan
=M''Ever,Terence =Barton,Susanna 1 Nov. =Moffit,John =Quin,Bryan =Cowan,James
=M''Kenna,Bernard. =Hughes,James =Irwin,Montrose =Bartrim,Robert =Clarke,Alex
=M''Nally =Day,Justice witnesses discharged 22 May. +Armagh =Downes,Justice
=Montgomery,Michael drinking toast =Hare,Bernard =Tool,John =Main,John riot
=Morgan,Mr. =Lyons,Mr. +Rathcoole =Smithwick,Michael =Apjohn,Michael
=Murray,Francis =Boyle,Martin =Kerr,Samuel =Allen,John hanged 17 Apr.
=Ogle,John. +Dublin 27 privy council castle +Wicklow memorial magistrates
=Rutherford,A. =Rutherford,W. +Fodeen Co. =Read murder =Connor felony
=Wall,Archdeacon +Limerick =Greene custody +Thomas!St. =Swan,Justice provost
=Willson,John =Wilkinson,Charles =Sinnamon,Robert =McEnally,Murtagh.
Lent assizes +Kildare +Naas 20 24 offences administering illegal oaths
Newgate 24 > Harp of +Erin >. printing materials.
assault. =Gaddis,John =Lawson,David high treason United Irishman
prison. =Aldborough,Earl/of confinement 28 +Cutpurse!Row detected 1783
purpose. benefit clergy =Mitchell,Francis =Connor,John assault house
seducing soldiers allegiance =Keogh,Philip convicted statute seditious

April 6, 1798, Page 2, Doc ID 260179: ALCO ARMED BOOK CRIME D LINEN NIRL RIOT
26 =M''Kenzie,Wm. apprentice =Lyle,Thomas merchant. 28 =Bristow,Wm/Rev.
28 =Kirkwood,Thomas =Campbell,James =Boyd,Andrew =Miller,John 4 husband
=Ball,Counsellor =Rogers,John +Unshenough Co. +Antrim 30 July 1794. damned
=Barlow,James muslin handkerchiefs =Boyle,James =Boyle,Ann 17 Mar. mold iron
=Bell,Counsellor =Stewart,Nancy insulting language =Reynolds,James
=Boyd,A. =Neilson,James =Carnaghan,Samuel. 12 Mar. =Taylor,Wm/Henry 11 Sept.
=Clarke,Eneas =Martin,John =Law,Samuel =Hudson,Charles =Martin,William.
=Courtney,Joseph =Carleton,Cornelius =Whitford,Alexander. =Longmoore,Mathew
=Cuppage,Thomas =M''Gildowney,Charles. =Butler,Norton =Mathewson,Peter
=Downes,Justice =Kirk,Wm/Sir =Shaw,Francis =M''Cartney,John =Anderson,Hugh
=Gawly,William assembling riotous manner +Crumlin demolishing windows.
=Hamilton,Robert =M''Gowan,Robert =Bradshaw,Robert =Roy,John =Farrell,Owen/Pte.
=Hanna,Robert =Kennedy,John =M''Clurkan,Thomas =White,James =M''Culla,Michael
=Howe,John =Wallace,Robert =Ehler,Robert =Carleton,Cornelius
=Leslie,Col. artillery barracks =Barber,Gen. =Carrol,William =Crab
=Lowry,Stewart +Peter''s!Hill. constitution book proclamation Lord Lieutenant
=M''Aleece,Daniel horse =Lennon,Bernard =M''Featridge,Sam.
=M''Clean,Charles. administering unlawful oath =King,Patrick soldier +Monaghan
=M''Conkey,Edward linen yeomanry =Mays,George booty =Higginson,Thomas/Rev.
=M''Gilrath,Hugh =M''Guck,Hugh. =M''Guck,Bridget =Kelson,John +Clough 11
=M''Ilhair,Samuel cask =Barkley,Wm. +Ballymena =Peaden,John assault
=Maguire 11 Aug. =Maine,Counsellor =Rorison,William kill son. daughter
=Maine,Counsellor Christmas assist French allegiance court-martial. =Mercer
=Owens,Robert =Brownrigg,John =Dumfy,William +Fifeshire Fencibles. rioting
=Radcliffe,James. courthouse flogged +Belfast =Sweeny,Jane =Henry,Mary
=Rourke,Ann =M''Guicken,Hugh =M''Kendry,Archibald 26 Dec. +Armoy
=Shearer,William. =Sherrard,William murder =Rorison,Margaret =Rorison,John
=Simpson,Robert =Blair,Andrew =Matcherin,H. =Downs false imprisonment
=Smyth,John =Steel,James =Leeper,Maxwell =Adrain,John silver watch woollen
=Watson,James =Hull,David =M''Kinstry,Henry Catholic =Johnson,William. hanged
=Weir,Geo =Beck,James =Mays,William =Crossey,John =Hull,George. 1 Nov.
=Whiteford,Alexander =Hewitt,John. =Wilson,Robert =Morgan,Eleanor indicted
Co. +Antrim assizes +Carrickfergus 2 court =Delacherois,Samuel =Stewart,Philip
assault =M''Cann,Robert =Bryans,Joseph =Bryans,William =Bryans,Francis.
base coin Spanish dollars =Greenfield,Robert. =Davis,Francis +Belfast clerk
clay casting guineas =Boyd,E/D. hanged 1 June. 3 =George,Baron
dispute =Wauchope =Skeffington =Storey,James brother =Hughes,Henry
goods stealing =Quigly,Edward +Glenavy 25 Sept. jury pleaded statute
manslaughter =Storey,John printer =Martin,George =Dunlap,John.
militia. 30 1796 quartered United Irishman =Reel,Cpl. =Atkinson,=Kelly
prisoner justice peace shopkeeper court =Frazer,Simon. =Bellew,Matthew
silversmith =Dobbs,Richard/Rev. =Cox,Henry =M''Clean,Adam. defence
transported. =Simpson,Elizabeth +Lisburn =Caldwell,Jane =Clerk,Robert house
yarn flax gown =M''Carnaghan,Daniel =Morgan,Helen. 29 Jan. =Leckey,Jeremiah

April 13, 1798, Page 2
George Tufts, JOHN BLAIR, and George Shillady, were indicted for assaulting and robbing William McGowan in Rathfryland.---Acquitted.

April 13, 1798, Page 2, Doc ID 260224:  ARMED  CRIME D NIRL RIOT
+Ballycarret =Lowry,James pilloried =M''Cartney,John =M''Cana,James
+Carlow =Kennedy =Glass,Isaac =M''Kibbin,Thos. =M''Cleery,Henry =Saul,Wm.
+Donegal restored order tranquility +Letterkenny damages battery.
+Down assizes 9 =Ward,Henry =Pepper,Nicholas =Lindsay,Samuel =Chambers,Joseph
+Tillylish!Bridge =Cowan,Ann +Magarrety =Conn,John punch naggin fustians
=Atkinson,Thos. hanged 28 =Johnston,William 21 =Magennis,Edward =Parker,James
=Bailie,Wm. =Mulrea,Wm. =Fleming,Wm/Sr. =Fleming,Wm/Jr. =M''Namara,Bernard
=Bryson,Andrew =Armstong,Francis. =Fallon,Francis =Frazer,Richard =Shaw,D.
=Carlisle,James artillery high treason +Dublin writ. habeas corpus
=Chambers,John =Hughes,Samuel. robbers Catholics =M''Creat,Billy =Bright,Geo.
=Crookshank,Justice +Aughnacloy distringasses =Chatterton,Sgt. =Bryan,John
=Dillon,Patrick +Limerick. +Belfast =Doyle,Thomas suttling-house +Breadalbane
=Garran,Wm. =Mills,John =Lavery,Nocher =Maxwell,John =Closkey,Jos. =Query,John
=Gleeson,Laurence. +Carlow militia United Irishmen =Farrell,James oath
=Gordon,Hugh =Moorecroft,Mathew =Spence,James =Woods,James =Murdoch,Wm.
=Lindsay,Thomas =Walker,Thomas =Broom,John =Lynch,Thomas. =Smith,Henry
=M''Clure,Theophilus/Sr. =M''Clure,Theophilus/Jr. =Wightman,John =Orran,Wm.
=M''Quead,John =Donelly,Pat. =Black,James =Finegan. =Blair =Gillese
=Magennis,Priest =Tufts,George =Blair,John =Shilllady,George =M''Gowan,William.
=Mullan,Daniel. =M''Clelland,David =Kean,James/Pte +Derry =Hagan,Mary
=Parker,John =Parker,Samuel. =Magill,Edward indicted =M''Bride,John 12 Feb.
=Patterson,James =Patterson,John. croping ears maiming =Hamilton =Orr,William
=Richey,Andrew =Murphy,Pat. =Rogers,John =Doran,Nicholas +Omagh.
=Robinson,William =Smih,John =Kean 10 =M''Intyre,John 1 +Blaris seduce excite
=Ruddy,Felix banditti Rackers atrocity +Ardstraw =Chambers,Capt. +Lifford
=Torney,Thomas =Huiston,Thomas =Metcalf,William =O''Pree,Thomas.
=Warren,James =Harper,William =Harper,John =M''Mullan,James =Robinson,James
Orangemen =Raverty,John =Pepper =M''Cardel =Whiteside,George. Romans
Regiment +Argyle vilating King =Ouzely,Capt. lashes hospital =Latouche,Col.
head =Chambers,James blacksmith grime disguised magistrate =Hamilton,Mr.
property value +Ballynacorry armed men. pistol horse surrender whip spurs cuts
receiving stolen goods. =Morgan,Thomas =Carr,Richard =Lines,Wm.
seditious purposes. =Montgomery,Jane perjury =Milliken,William murder wife 3
sheet =Gribbin,John. =Tole,Patrick =Morris,Neal =Derry,Edmund
soldier +Tipperary =Christien Sept. +Woodend +Strabane respite =Pattison,John
swore =Magennis,Roger yeomanry =Tigh,Mr. =Tracey,Mr. markethouse rescuing
woollens calicoes +Drumadonald. military =Shaw,Jane +Rathfriland =M''Credy,Mr.
wounded cavalry Orange Wreckers =Car,Wm. =Weir,James =Liggit,Wm. =M''Clusky

July 10, 1798, Page 4
The Earl of Carhampton, as Governor of teh Co-Dublin, has caused Colonel Vesey, Captain Wynne, M. P. Francis MacFarland, and THOMAS BLAIR, Esqrs.  Justices of the peace, with other magistrates in that district, to receive surrenders of insurgents, or United Irishmen--and his Lordship, with a laudable anxiety to rescue the deluded from their rebellious infatuation, also accepts the submission of persons of that description.

   The tranquility of the North seems to be completely re-established: nor do we hear of any considerable tendency to disturbance in Munster:  the situation of the Western Province will be best understood from the following Proclamation of the gallant and humane Nobleman whose name it bears:

    "At a time when other parts of the kingdom are laid waste, and destroyed by Military Operations, and great numbers of deluded people have either fallen in battle, suffered by the severe but just sentence of the law, are banished from their homes and families, or are wandering about as wretched fugitives, the peaceable conduct of the generality of the province of Connaught, has secured to its inhabitants the blessings of peace, and the happiness which real liberty affords them, under the protection of a lenient Government, disposed to give them every protection against the outrages of an unnatural and disgraceful Rebellion, provoked by evil and designing men, who, to serve their own private ends, have led to ruin those who have unthinkingly joined them.

    "No exhortation to a continuance of good order and obedience to the laws, can operate so forcibly on the minds of the inhabitants of the Western District, as a fair comparison between the Province of Connaught, at the present period--and that of those counties where Rebellion has shown itself, and where it will long be traced by the ruin and bloodshed which has marked its course.

    "The same motives which inflict punishment on the few persons who have involved themselves in treasonable crimes, in this District, will ensure protection to those who shall demean themselves peacably.

    "Those who have been seduced by evil persuasion, or who from obstinacy, have declined to come forward to renounce their error, are entreated to repair their fault, by a speedy confession of it.

    "Should proof of their guilt be brought against them by any other means, my duty will compel me to make severe examples.

                                "CLANRICARDE, Lieut. Gen. "

Loughrea, June 27, 1798

July 31, 1798, Page 4, Doc ID 270488, D NEUR NGB SHIP WAR
+London Gazette >. +Parliament!St. 21 =Dundas,Henry =Coote,Eyre/Maj/Gen.
+Douay +Fort!l''Escarpe =Hilbert,Lt. =Wheatley,Capt. =Bean,Capt.
20 +Bruges fleet Horse Artillery. +Ghent +Dunkirk 44th sand hills
=Burrard,Harry/Maj/Gen. =Jobernes,Mr. 23 June +Ostend =Williamson,Capt. staff
=Cumberland,Capt. 83rd =Nixon,Cornet 7th =Jarvis,Surgeon. =Twiss,Col.
=Cunningham,Col. =Skinner,Maj. =Walker,Capt. =Gilham,Lt. +Sussex +Dover
=Evans,Capt. =Aylmer,Capt/Lt. =Blair,Lt. =Collyer,Lt. =M''Lean,Lt. =Newman,Lt.
=Gibbs,Capt. =Grant,Lt. =Fenwick,Lt. =Maxwell,Lt. =Elton,Lt. =Parlet,Surgeon
=Gibbs,Capt. =Halkett,Capt. =Lowen,Mr. volunteer return 17th 1st 2nd 3rd
=Hely,Col. Foot =Duff,Capt. =Wisdom,Mr. =Belding,Mr. $Circe =Thorlet,M. +Lisle
=Lloyd,Lt. =Cotton,Lt. =Cortland,Lt. =Roberts,Lt. =Martin,Lt. =Purson,Lt.
=Ogilvie,Lt. =Simpson,Ensign =Cromie,Ensign =M''Kenzie,Ensign =Knight,Capt.
=Stephens,Capt. =Miller,Ensign =Fullelove,Surgeon =Sirce,Capt. =Martin,Capt.
=Talbot,Lt/Col. =Bradford,Capt. =Bury,Capt. =Halket,Capt. =Hanson,Lt.
=Vischer,Capt. =Williamson,Capt. =Thorley,Brig/Maj. =Cliften,Lt.
=Warde,Lt/Co. =Boone,Lt/Col. =Great/Britain,King/of =Muscar,Commandant ruins
=Williams,Lt. =Cobb,Surgeon =Gillham,Lt. prisoners.
=Wilson,Capt. =Godfrey,Capt. =Simpson,Lt. =Hughes,Lt. =Holcroft,Lt.
=Winthrop,Capt. =Bradby,Capt. =M''Kellar,Capt =Bradby,Lt. destroyed
cannon enemy =Campbell,Col. =Duff,Capt. =Aylmer,Capt/Lord ferry =Calcraft,Col.
exertions troops =Grey,Charles/Gen/Sir. +Margate 23rd 49th Grenadiers Guards
retreat =Donkin,Maj. +Bredin +Blankenburgh road sea 22nd ships-of-war
sharp shooters =Brownrigg,Lt. engineers sluices +Bruges canal. 11th 23rd
surgeon 19. May =Popham,Home/Capt. success expedition squadron command

September 11, 1798, Page 2, Doc ID 274029 NEUR NGB WAR
=Armstrong,Maj. =Sieri,Capt. =Martin,Capt. =Evans,Capt. =Knight,Capt.
=Aylmer,Capt/Lord. =Manners,Lt. =Pierson,Lt. =Williams,Lt. =Cobb,Surgeon
=Coote,Gen. recovered wound +Ostend prisoners 20 May =Burrard,Maj/Gen.
=Cotton,Lt. =Cortlandt,Lt. =Roberts,Lt. =Donkin,Maj. 44th 49th
=Gibbs,Capt. =Aylmer,Capt/Lt. =Blair,Lt. =Collyer,Lt. =Maclean,Lt. =Newman,Lt.
=Gilham,Lt. volunteer +Sussex =Fullilove,Surgeon. =Selway,Quartermaster navy
=Halkett,Capt. =Bradford,Capt. =Hill,Lt. =Hanson,Lt. =Visscher,Lt. =Lloyd,Lt.
=Javis,Mr. =Lowes,Mr.
=M''Kellar,Capt. =Askew,Lt. =Cole,Lt. =Copplestone,Mastersmate. =Nesbit
=Marsh =Arnott =Roberts =Beldon =Smith,Midshipman. =Longwell,Midshipman
=Maxwell,Lt. =Simpson,Ensign =Mills,Ensign =Cromie,Ensign =M''Kenzie,Ensign
=Nixon,Cornet general staff Royal Artillery. =Wilson,Capt. =Godfrey,capt.
=O''Reilly,Midshipman =Carncross,Midshipman =Rothwell captain clerk. 11th Foot
=Ogilvie,Lt. =Armstrong,Lt. =Hely,Lt. =Grant,Lt. =Campbell,Lt. =Elton,Lt.
=Paulett,Surgeon. 23rd =Talbot,Lt/Col. =Skinner,Maj. =Bury,Capt.
=Simpson,Lt. =Clifton,Lt. =Hughes,Lt. =Holcroft,Lt. =Ilbert,Lt. =Brownrigg,Lt.
=Wheatley,Capt. =Armstrong,Capt. =Bean,Capt. =Duff,Capt. =Stephens,Capt.
=Williamson,Capt. =Visscher,Capt. =Thorley,Capt. =Cumberland,M/B/Capt.
engineers Light infantry battalion =Calcraft,Col. =Cunninghame,Col.

September 28, 1798, Page 3, Doc ID 274217: ED NIRL
=Adair,A. =Moore,M. speaking > The Passions >. ode grammar dictionary
=Blackwood,J. =Chaplin,W. =Blair,T. =M''Illherron,Hugh =Craig,A. elocution
=Burleigh,Miss =Willis,A. =Dillon,S. deportment =Finlay,Miss =Adair,M.
=Craig,W. +Southbush =Linn,W. +Larch!Grove =Pipard,S. =Adair,I. =Lamb,W.
=M''Manus,A. =Ker,A. =Finlay,S. =Kirk,M/A. =Cobham,A. =Wheeler,T. =Ker,R.
=M''Naughten,C/E. suavity manners catechisms Christianity.
prose poetry =Moore,I. =Miller,T. =M''Golphin,I. =Crooks,W. =M''Farlane,I.
public examination +Carrickfergus English school =Kirk,L/I. =Wheeler,E.


February 1, 1799, Page 3, Doc. ID: 254970: AD CLOTH

+Magillagan rabbit skins =Blair,Thos. 22.

March 5, 1799, Page 2
We hear that ROBERT BLAIR, Esq. his Majesty's Solicitor General in Scotland, succeeds Lord Swinton, as one of the Judges in the Court of Session, and also as one of the Judges in the High Court of Justiciary.

March 26, 1799, Page 3, Doc. ID 275191: CRIME LEGAL NIRL

+Antrim assizes +Carrickfergus Judges =Kilwarden,Lord =Carleton,Lord. trial
=Barr,John =M''Meckan,John =Purdy,Robert =Steen,Nathaniel. =Barklie,Mr. bleach
=Blackly''s =Ballentine,Alexander uncle jury guilty hanged body +Lisburn
=Holywell,Henry =M''Cleery,John murder =Davison,Robert +Ballymena 8 June.
=Maxwell,Robert =M''Connell,Humphry breaking. =Lewers,Joseph +Magheragell 30
=O''Neill,John =O''Scullion,Neill striking head bridle manslaughter.
=Robinson,Hugh +Ballydonnelly 11 Feb. evidence young men forced acquitted.
=Scott,John +Belfast +Ballyclare 14 Dec. watches money. =Maddigan,Edward
Aug. identify =Murphy,John linen =Steel,John 17 Nov. =Boyd,William robbery
flail =Porter,Margaret =Dobbs,Dean/Rev. =Smith,Patrick blood +Ballynure.
green +Larne.
hang shot =Blair,Andrew alive =Roderick,Wm. soldier sworn loyalist. others
infirmary. =Smith,Mathew =Smith,Hugh bar accused stealing guns pistol house
killing dangerous weapons stabbed curiosity =Pearson,Margaret. master
witness =Haslett,Mathew black-hole death wounded bleeding. pike butcher guard

April 5, 1799, Page 2
On Wednesday se'nnight a duel took place at Armagh, between CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT BLAIR, of the 68th regiment, and Mr. Mitchell of Monaghan, in consequence of a dispute between the parties the preceding evening.  CAPTAIN BLAIR fired first, without effect, when Mr. Mitchell fired, and shot his antagonist dead on the spot. (This is Robert Hunter Blair...see Aug. 2, 1799 article)

April 23, 1799, Page 4, Doc. ID 275453: ARMED CRIME D LETGEN NIRL

+Armagh fired justice memory late pistol =Leigh,W/J. +Clare 11.
editor > +Belfast Newsletter >. paper 5 affair =Blair,Capt. =Michel,Mr. (Robert Hunter Blair)

August 2, 1799, Page 2
Began on Monday the 22nd and ended Thursday the 25th July, 1799
.....The following persons were acquitted:
...Robert Mitchell, for the murder of ROBERT HUNTER BLAIR, at Armagh, on the 27th of March last.  ( see April 5th, 1799 article.

September 24, 1799, Page 3, Doc. ID: 266976: ADPOL GOVIRL
Political ad containing a large list of names, including the following Blairs.  For the complete list and abstract go to year 1799. 
James Blair

Alexander W. Blair


Daisy!Hill =Heyland,Langford +Bovagh =Patterson,Jas. +Magherafelt.
+Drumcovitt =Spotswood,John +Bellaghy =Henderson,John +Castledawson
+Ireland parliament noblemen freemen freeholders =Darcus,John mayor =Hill,G/F.
+Learmont =Ogilby,Leslie +Dungiven =Young,Alex. +Culkeeragh =Hunter,Nat.
+Prehen =Gage,Marcus +Bellarena =Lyle,Hugh +Coleraine =M''Causland,Dom.
=Babington,Richard/Rev. =Babington,Rich/Sr. =M''Clintock,Wm. =Thackarey,Elias
=Balfour,Wm. =Gregg,Thos. =Robinson,Arthur =Smith,Oswald =M''Elwaine,Rich.
=Beresford,John foreman =Hill,George/F/Sir =Ferguson,Andrew
=Boggs,Ninian =Valentine,James =Colhoun,James =Kennedy,J/P/Rev.
=Brown,Hugh =Casey,Philip. =Neilson,Thomas =Hollands,John =Hamerton,Robert
=Carey,George =Colhoun,John =Morrison,John. =Wellington,John =Edgar,Alexander
=Coningham,Dickson =Grayson,Anthony =Carey,G. +Castle!Carey =Curry,S/Jr.
=Curry,Jos. =Curry,John =Macky,W. =Thompson,J. =M''Crea,Jas. =Porter,David
=Daniel,Alex. =Patterson,Wm. =Major,A. =Goodson,Samuel =Major,S. =Curry,Sam.
=Ecles,George =Patterson,Wm/Jr. =Fleming,James =Moore,James =Whittaker,Jos.
=Ewing,Charles =Miller,Robert =Buchanan,John =Buchanan,Robert =M''Caddon,Daniel
=Flanagan,Edmund =Mardock,W/H/Rev. =Macklin,James =Montgomery,S/Rev.
=Gamble,Robert =Ewing,John =Rutherford,Matthew =Murrin,James =Ross,Sam.
=Gouldsbury/F/Rev. =Newburgh,Thomas =Smith,George. =Hamilon,Robert
=Graham,Ezekiel =Harold,David =Walsh,John =M''Colgan,John =Hill,John/Rev.
=Gray,Robert =Stevenson,Arch. =Wilson,Stephen =Law,Wm. =Magill,James
=Gwyn,John =Cochran =Murray =Bond,Fred. =Shaw,Matt. =Haslett,George
=Hart,John +Ballymagard. =Gillespie,John =M''Elhinny,Robert =Ball,John
=Hill,Marcus/S. =Bean,David =Waugh,William =Alison,Andrew =Durnin,Patrick
=Hill,R/G. =Alexander,Wm. =Young,Alexander =Harvey,John =Thomson,James
=Horner,Leon. =Dysart,W. =M''Connell,G. =Wilson,J. =Scott,Thos.
=Huffington,William =M''Bride,John =Lochry,John. =Kerr,Robert =M''Elhinney,John
=Hume,J. =Alexander,H. =Ferguson,And. =Knox,Andrew =Schoales,A.
=Jones,John =Sterling,Wm. =M''Clintock,Rob. +Dunmore =M''Causland,Oliver/Rev.
=M''Caddon,Robert =M''Cready,Samuel. =Hattrick,Andrew =Blair,Alexander/W.
=M''Causland,Conolly +Fruithill =Scott,James +Wilisborough. =Knox,Andrew
=M''Causland,Rob. =Acheson,James +Oaks =Hill,Rowley/G. =Thompson,James
=M''Cool,David =Blair,James =M''Shane,Andrew. =M''Carn,Alexander
=M''Farland,Wright =Butler,James =Stewart,David =Lindsay,John =Rea,John
=M''Feely,John =M''Neill,William =Jones,Thomas =Richey,Thomas =Scott,James
=M''Garvey,Ezekiel =Kennedy,Hugh =Graham,William. =M''Divitt,Robert
=Magill,J/Jr. =Murrin,Thomas =Edgar,James =Davies,Mark =O''Donnell,Charles
=Maxwell,Rich. +Birdstown =Maxwell,Wm. =Moore,Edward =Bennett,Stephen
=Misaroon,William =M''Kim,John =M''Corkell,Wm. =Cuseaden,Alex. =Anderson,Thomas
=Montgomery,Sam. =Curry,George =Babington,H. =Charleton,George
=Moore,Alexander =Ingram,James =Brown,William =Doak,Anthony.
=Murray,Edward =Keys,George =M''Carter,James. =Harkin,John =Thisile,James
=Patterson,Tho. =Ferguson,John sheriffs legislative union +Great!Britain.
=Porter,Preston =Porter,James =Lecky,Alex. +Milton!Lodge =Preston,Thomas
=Preston,James/Jr. =M''Cunn,Alexander =Caulfield,Henry =Bradley,Cornelius
=Quin,Thomas =M''Elhinny,David =Lithgow,James =Ellis,William =Waugh,Thomas
=Schoales,Adam =Coningham,R. =M''Intire,R. =M''Clintock,H. =Gilmour,J.
=Schoales,James =Schoales,J. =Black,Thos. =Dougherty,C. =Beatty,And.
=Scott,Wiliam =M''Divitt,Daniel =M''Elwee,Charles =Foy,Timothy.
=Sterling,James =Hart,Robert =Chichester,Rev/Dr. =M''Clintock,A/Rev.
=Walsh,Thomas =Harward,J. =Beatty,Thomas =Galbraith,James =Hay,John
=Warren,William =M''Ilhinny,James. =Scott,Wm. =Galbraith,Andrew =Craig,Thomas
=Wilson,John =Lawder,Hume/Rev. =Gordon,Wm. =Armstrong,T. =Black,Robert/Rev.
Catholic bishop =Smyth,John/A. =Preston,James =Young,Rev/Dr.
union grand jurors city Co. +Londonderry summer assizes declaration

September 27, 1799, Page 1
City and County of Londonderry.
A Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland having been recommended from the Throne to the consideration of the Houses of Parliament in both Kingdoms, and his Majesty having been graciously pleased to express his desire that the Measure should be decided on agreeably to the wishes, and conformably to the interest of his Subjects in both Countries,---NOW WE, the undersigned Noblemen, Freemen, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of the City and County of Londonderry, consider ourselves called on to declare our matured and deliberate conviction, that an entire Incorporate Union of the Legislatures of Great Britain and Ireland on terms of equity and mutual advantage, would eminently promote the general prosperity of this Kingdom, give confidence and security to the loyal and well-affected, would gradually extinguish local prejudices and religious animosity, and essentially contribute to the strength and safety of the Empire.

    The Committe appointed to submit the foregoing Declaration to the consideration of the Noblemen, Freemen, Freeholders, and Inhabitants of the City and County of Londonderry, have returned the following LIST of person, who have approved and subscribed the same.

Thomas Patterson, John Ferguson, Sheriffs.

B. Blair
David Blair

John Blair       

John Blair
Samuel Blair
W. Blair
William Blair
William Blair Sr.

Complete list of other names below:
+Airydren =Thompson,R. +Golony =Campbell,Jas. +Ballaneady =Thompson,Geo.
+Balloughanedon =Hargan,Robert =Feries,Lawrence =Richie,Wm. =Whiteside,J.
+Ballybush =Eken,John +Drinnurer. =Eken,Joseph =Dagall,G. =Semple,John
+Ballycomclargy =Long,Henry +Dunronan =Long,Alexander =Johnston,Michael
+Ballygartra =Waid,Nixon =Morrison,James +Binn =Miller,W. +Strahall
+Ballygillen =Brookes,Thomas =Brookes,William =Bradley,John +Tillinkey
+Ballyglee =Archer,Robert +Ballyriff =Carey,William =Caldwell,Hugh +Drumsaney
+Ballymoyle =Wilson,William. =Johnston,M. =Forsythe,Adam =Woods,James
+Ballymullagan =Boden,John +Lechra =Lee,John +Dunamoney =Cosholy,B. +Druminad
+Ballynagar =Redsein,Benjamin. +Mulaoy =M''Guckin,Edw. +Drumrainy
+Ballynairt =Brar,William +Deryannagh =Atteron,John +Ballymycar
+Ballyneal. =M''Carroll,W. +Tamnadose =Shippard,John +Ballymuskan
+Ballyscullin =Drake,John =Sheil,John +Castledawson =Steele,Robert =Tomb,David
+Ballytreal =Shippard,Sam. +Ballydamell. =M''Grackian,H. +Ballydonnell
+Balyronah =Dilly,John. +Megarey =M''Whery,J. =Kane,Edward =Clarke,Samuel
+Belackney =M''Manus,Joseph =Thompson,Alexander =Thompson,Robert =Ross,Robert
+Belechrey. =Stirling,Charles =O''Mullan,Thomas =O''Kane,Daniel =O''Kane,John
+Bellagharty =M''Masta,Samuel +Ballysogey =Adams,Hugh +Ballymulhea
+Belleview =Gilliam,Wm. =M''Farland,Robt. +Maughermore =Sloan,Alex. +Killylane
+Camus =Lowell,Iresusis/Rev. archdeacon =Eaglisdon,W. +Dumbo =Hamill,Jas/Jr.
+Carrokeel. =Cochran,Richard =M''Clean,J. +Desertlin =Robinson,Jas. =Wright,J.
+Clagan =Jameson,J. =Miller,Jas. +Tirglason =M''Donagh,Mich.
+Clegan =Armett,Joseph. =Long,James =Sherard,David =Blair,Samuel
+Culbane =Dickson,Paul =Brady,John =Junkin,Ham. =M''Atier,William =Steel,John
+Derryoh =Hopkins,James =Wilson,Samuel =Steele,James =Boyd,John =Cannon,Wm.
+Derrywere =Watt,Wm. =Watt,Joseph =Watt,Robert +Scriean. =Rogers,Robert
+Dreenan =Mullhollon,John. =Hendry,Francis =Hendry,Henry =Diamond,Daniel
+Drimard =Carpenter,R. =Drake,Hugh =Hill,Charles =Hill,Sam. =M''Kown,John
+Dromacorney =Atkinson,Rt. =Scott,Samuel =Hunter,William +Carrick
+Drumard =Scott,J. =Donaghy,E. +Dulosky =Cannon,J. +Ballindrum =Miller,T.
+Drumnany =Dally,Simon. +Ballyronan =Cogran,Chas. +Ballyleford =Foster,J.
+Drumond =Reynolds,James +Doaghe =Ray,Robert. +Carnowry =Ray,Samuel =Snell,J.
+Drumvally =Robinson,George =Macnamara,Wm. =Connell,David =Robinson,Wm.
+Dumadrean =M''Closky,Rich. =Livingston,Samuel =Retekie,John +Straid.
+Dungillion =Levy,Thos. +Tullanee =Gillespie,Wm. +Longfield =Major,Alex.
+Dungorkin =Maklon,Thomas =Gibson,James =Huey,William =Christy,Stuart
+Farn!Hill =M''Guicken,B. =Cox,George
+Glenlough =Dunn,R. +Legahurry =Cathers,J. =Long,Wm. +Ervey =Long,Robt.
+Glenlough =Thompson,W. +Goshadon =Thompson,W/Jr. =Ross,Robert
+Killunaght =Hamilton,Jas. +Gulney =Hunter,Wm. +Letterlegher. =Gibson,Thos.
+Killycor =M''Donagh,G. +Laughtelube =White,James +Ballaghnedan +Tinglason
+Knowl =Caston,Michael =Mouson,Wm. =Eakin,D. +Litelocher =Toome,Joseph
+Largepeagh =M''Knogher,Mich. =Colhoun,John =Kyle,John/Jr. =Kyle,John/Sr.
+Linnamanon =Keenan,George +Jamnadore =Orr,J. =Steel,Ninian =Glenholmes,H.
+Lisnamarra =Hog,A. =Hutcheson,Roger =Patterson,T. +Mullabeg =Williams,Arth.
+Lisnamonow =M''Kinny,John +Ballyriff =Loudon,Wm. +Drumina =Harbeson,Hen.
+Little!Derry =Scott,Robert =Scott,John =Forsythe,John =Heyland,Hugh.
+Lovey =M''Elhatten,Pat. =M''Fannany,John =M''Elhatten,Mich. =M''Elhatten,Thomas
+Lower!Camsey =Gaey,John/Jr. =Gillilan,Robt/Jr. =Gillilan,John
+Macosquin =Thompson,John. =Patterson,Samuel =Patterson,William =Murphy,Peter
+Magherafelt =Brown,Thomas =Woods,John +Tamnadowy
+Magranachan =Drumahay,William =Dougherty,Edward =M''Clary,William =Lee,Arthur
+Milltown =Thompson,James. =Hill,Robt. =Rice,Thomas =M''Elwaine,James
+Mowillon =Corr,Pat. +Drummullan =Conway,E. =Thompson,J. +Ballindrum.
+Moymecelmurry =M''Kee,David +Dunarnon. =M''Kee,John =Hynds,Peter +Dreemina
+Mulkeragh =Church,John +Oatlands =Marcer,Jn. =Gillespie,H. =Sherrard,James
+Ordgorsan =Deermond,Wm. +Wallworth =Laughlin,Wm. =Cathers,John +Drohoris
+Pitt. =Fowler,Isaiah =Fowler,Archibald =Long,Oliver =Oliver,Henry
+Ringerell =Jameson,R/Sr. +Kincull =Morrison,Wm. =Morrison,Charles
+Silverhill =George,J. =Smyth,James =Soden,Clot. +Maghera. =Clerk,Alexander
+Tamnlaron =M''Cleland,Joseph =Limerick,G. =Knox,John =Hutton,Alex. +Hap
+Tegole =Crag,James +Ballygud =Cams,Wm. +Tigude =Huey,Wm. =Dougherty,George
+Tircreena =Linton,William +Cloony =Cannon,Patrick =M''Hollen,Pat. +Tircreevan
+Tobbermore =Gage,Marcus =Torrens,T. +Ramlaghtard =Ross,Daniel =Fleming,Wm.
+Tully =Jameson,G. +Gottagerty =Burnett,H. +Langfield
+Tullybrisland =Deeny,James =Scott,And. +Tamnymore =Eakin,David =Inch,Randle
+Turlanee =Duddy,D. +Carnakilly =Emerson,J. +Derryaskin =Gillispie,Wm. +Drumay
=Adair,Samuel. +Ballyglish =Lenox,Henry =Hutchinson,J. =Hutcheson,James
=Adams,Archibald =Fulton,George =Atkinson,Archibald =Stafford,George.
=Adams,Wm/Sr. +Ballymakeever =Morrison,J. +Tergoland =Thompson,R. =Kearns,Hugh
=Alexander,John =M''Keenan,P. +Mullahinch =Gray,John =Dempsey,James =Boyd,John
=Allen,William =Magee,Henry. =Magee,William =Loughbridge,George
=Anderson,William =Rodgers,Thomas. =Mearns,Joseph =M''Kenny,S. +Lissanamuck
=Arbuckle,Geo. =Williams,T. +Listress =Roddin,Thomas =Knobs,T.
=Armor,John =Anderson,William. =M''Kown,James =M''Kown,Wiliam =Arill,William
=Armstrong,Robt. =Lenox,John =Boyle,Henderson =Laughlin,T. +Oynbeg
=Armstrong,Wm. +Megargy =Armstrong,James =Stinton,Hugh +Drumsainy
=Arthur,Christ. +Tortenkellyn =Kinnin,David =Ross,William =Blair,John
=Baird,J. +Tamninagh =M''Laughlin,J. +Kilkatin =Dunn,Robert +Lisetress
=Ballaughenedon =Hamilton,Samuel =M''Feely,Thomas =Connor,John =Ferguson,James
=Bankhead,Charles =Holland,S. +Coolasinny =Blackall,J. +Faughanvale
=Barnett,Alexander =Boyd,Thomas/F. =Guassan,D. =Dawson,R. =Badger,James
=Bay,James =M''Cown,Henry =M''Orlean,Henry =Hendry,Henry =Walkinshaw,Hugh
=Beatty,Edward. =Reynolds,Thomas =Nodwell,Mat. +Tullinkerry =Gillin,Edward
=Bennen,William =Bennen,David =Bennen,Joseph =Hopkin,James. =Lynd,Charles
=Bere,William +Dromlamp =Fulton,William =Hipson,James +Banagh =Murphy,Jas.
=Blacker,Dean/Rev. +Derrynoyd =Torrens,Andrew =Young,Gardiner =Stevenson,John
=Blackheath,John/H. =Orr,James +Keily =Orr,James =Orr,Henry +Ballybittan
=Blair,John =M''Fitrish,James +Temple =Gatt,R. =Heyland,Richard/Sr.
=Blair,William/Sr. =Brooks,John +Kellky. =Hamilton,William =Hamilton,Robert
=Booth,Christopher =Quigley,Daniel =Simpson,William +Limamaw =Woods,Hugh/Sr.
=Boyle,J. =M''Closky,Pat. =Feeny,Wm. =M''Elver,T. =Dunlap,Dan. =M''Cleland,W.
=Boyle,James =Henderson,Hugh =Boyle,Hugh +Cashell =Boyle,John =Boyle,Hugh/Jr.
=Boyle,Patrick =Roxborough,R. +Tulentrain =Miller,Mich. =Minteeth,R.
=Bradley,Richard =Dowdle,Jhn =Dowdle,Nathaniel =Dowdle,Arch. =Hinton,Thomas
=Brasley,Joseph =Redcairn,Joseph +Mullaboy =Lenox,Edward =Fullerton,William
=Brook,Robert =Waterson,John +Lisnamonow =Woods,Robert =Scott,Edward
=Brown,Alex. =Clarke,Wm/Sr. =Williams,Isaac =Rice,Wm. =Berkely,Hugh.
=Brown,Henry +Tamnadowy =Brown,Hugh +Tullinkerry =Stinton,Robert =Duncan,D.
=Browne,James =Gilmore,George =Wallace,Thomas =Gilmore,William =Hunter,John
=Buntin,Anthony =Dickey,John =Aull,Hugh. =Selfridge,R. +Tamlaght =Alcorn,John
=Burke,Charles =Long,John =M''Clelland,Patrick =Smith,W. =Smith,Hugh
=Burnside,M. +Slaughtmanus =Thompson,R. +Gofsadin =M''Eldowns,Jas. =Scott,R.
=Burrowes,Adam. =Rogers,Henry =Dilly,William =Graham,David =Barnett,James
=Burt,Charles. =Burt,Edward =M''Nulla,Patrick =Burt,James =Burt,Bernard
=Burt,Edward/Jr. =Droman,Phelim =Keenan,Arthur =Tohill,Michael =O''Neil,James
=Cairns,Joseph =Cairns,Robert =Akin,James +Maliby =Patchel,E. +Ardground
=Caldwell,Isaac =Huston,Robert. =Oliver,Henry =M''Caughy,John =Swan,Thomas
=Caldwell,Joseph +Ligy =Elder,Henry =Burnett,H. =Fleming,Wm. +Ballylechry
=Campbell,J. +Moymelmurray =Dickey,T. +Ballycomlargy =M''Keown,John
=Campbell,John +Gortimore =Dougherty,P. =M''Loughlin,John =Gilliand,James
=Campbell,R. =Davis,James =M''Garrily,J. +Ballygudden =M''Laughlin,Wm.
=Campbell,Robert =M''Kenna,M. =M''Kenna,Nich. =M''Kenna,James =M''Kenna,Denis
=Carlton,Daniel =Devars,Thomas =Kennedy,Henry =Browne,Windsor =Dickson,William
=Carney,Rich. =Feery,George +Bolyquinn. =Martin,Jn. =Davis,John +Moys
=Carson,John =Hunt,W. =Hunt,Robert =Edwards,James =Henry,William
=Christy,Wm. =Lafferty,Berd. =Adams,James =Lynn,Wm. =Kyle,Thomas
=Clarke,Connoly. +Shanreagh =Ross,Edward =M''Clelland,T. +Drumgavney
=Clarke,John =Clarke,Thomas. =M''Cartney,John =Tomb,Andrew =M''Neill,Neal
=Clarke,William =Armstrong,John =Jennings,Thomas =Vance,James.
=Clerk,Wm/Jr. =Clarke,Alex/Jr. =M''Dowell,S. =Loudon,Francis =Jackson,Luke
=Clide,James =Hodge,James =Lynd,M. =Quig,Andrew =Feeny,James.
=Clyde,Adam +Deredow =Kyle,Oliver =Scott,Abraham =Blair,William
=Cochran,Alex/Jr. =Cochran,James +Doll =Cochran,William =Cochran,John.
=Cochran,Jno. =Moore,Hugh =Hamilton,Arch. =Glasgo,J/Rev. =Bell,John
=Coghran,John +Muff =Ash,John +Tullanee =Stewart,Patrick +Medovon =Walker,Geo.
=Coltburst,Charles =Lecky,John/G. =Orr,Alexander. +Landmore =Morrison,John
=Conolly,Thos. =Beresford,J. =Blaquiere,J. =Richardson,John +Somerseat
=Conroy,Peter =Conroy,John =Conroy,Flory =M''Elhone,John. =M''Elhone,Hugh
=Conwry,James =Murphy,Daniel =M''Kenna,M. =M''Caufield,Patrick =Dugon,John
=Conwry,Patrick =Conwry,Francis. =M''Keighey,A. =M''Ghee,Patrick =M''Ghee,Laugh.
=Corbett,James =M''Guigan,Arthur +Tullinkety =Brown,James. =M''Clernon,Thos.
=Craig,R. +Ballymelanagan. =M''Conaghey,Joseph =Miller,James +Esolngopaugh
=Cramsay,W. +Drumnachargan =Snell,Robert +Drightamore. =M''Guigan,James
=Crawford,Samuel =Hill,J. =Henry,Robert +Fairview =Henry,James =James,R.
=Croset,John +Killyfady =M''Wherry,S. +Ballynagher =M''Carson,Patrick
=Culbert,J. =Eakin,J. +Coolfinny =Moffit,Joseph =Gilfiler,J/Sr. =Quin,Wm.
=Cunningham,John =Morrow,Wm. =Cochran,Wm. =Eakin,Sam. =Montgomery,J. +Strahal
=Cust,Church =Reynolds,Thomas =Ross,William =Ross,Charles =Cain,John
=Davison,John +Ballyneas. =M''Cann,Arthur =Donnelly,Edward =Purse,William
=Davison,Robert =M''Cullough,William =Sampson,John =Crawford,William
=Davison,William =Scott,George =Redfreesm,Ben. =Downing,William =Fenning,James
=Deal,John =M''Cracken,Thomas. =Hamilton,Ralph =M''Clenachan,Robert =Miller,W.
=Dellean,Edward =Farrel,John. =Conwry,Patrick =M''Guire,C. +Broagh
=Denny,Joseph =Mackin,Solomon =M''Crackin,Joseph =Sharkey,John.
=Dick,Joseph/Sr. =Dick,Joseph/Jr. =Forsythe,Alex. +Gertulaw =Ramsay,Jn.
=Dickson,Richard =O''Neill,J. =O''Kane,Patrick =O''Kane,John =Cassidy,John
=Dickson,Thomas =Walsh,John =M''Murdy,John =Young,William =Dawson,Arthur
=Dilly,James. =Mason,Alex. +Killibogan =Donaghy,H. +Ballynogher =Donaghy,John
=Doggett,Thos. +Ballykelly =M''Coak,Matthew =Long,Thos. +Drumswon
=Donaghey,James =Donaghey,Thomas =M''Phillin,John =M''Phillim,James.
=Donaghy,James. =Kane,James =Dougherty,Philip =Dickey,William =M''Laughlin,D.
=Donelly,John =Frolan,Andrew =Frolan,Thomas =Conwry,P. =Henderon,K.
=Donnelly,Dan. =M''Kenna,Roger =M''Kenna,John =Campbell,William =Campbell,James
=Donnelly,J. +Bellaugherty =Dunn,D. =Kerr,John +Lisnagrat =M''Collom,Isaac
=Donnelly,Neal =Boyd,T. =George,Gab. +Druwinar =Loudan,John =O''Neill,H.
=Donneylly,Patrick =Conwry,Patrick. =Conwry,Michael =Conwry,Hugh
=Dougherty,Anthony =Dougherty,James =Long,Joseph =Glen,Mark
=Dougherty,J. =Caldwell,Alex. +Tircreevan =M''Callan,Edward. =Dougherty,M.
=Dougherty,Th. +Ballytoatny =Quig,William +Ballyquin =Steen,William
=Douglass,George =Ash,Robert/Sr. =Ashe,John =Ash,Robert/Jr. =M''Farland,Alex.
=Downing,Daw. =Cooper,James +Killybeny =Lockart,David =Bright,John.
=Downing,George. =Dickson,John =Downing,J. +Loughinshollin =Hunter,Stafford
=Duniar,John =Magarray,James =Bunton,Richard =Lee,Robert. =Brown,Samuel
=Dunlap,Hugh =Buchanan,W. +Maghramore =Miller,A. =Watt,Henry +Crebarky
=Eagan,J. =M''Garrick,J. +Goatnaskea =Knobs,John =Eagan,John/Sr. =Huston,James
=Eakin,Robert =Eakin,William +Twiglason =Eakin,John/Sr. =Ferguson,Thomas
=Eakin,S. =Buchanan,G. +Brunseen =Wilson,Wm. +Ballymattea =Quildin,W.
=Edward,Mat. +Templemoyle =Fisher,James. +Largy =Clarke,H. =Clarke,Sam.
=Ekin,Gabriel +Ballymulligan =M''Elwain,R. =Dougherty,Daniel
=Elliot,Moses +Slatabogy =Johnston,Wm. +Dromlanish =Murphy,John +Innishrush
=Fielding,Ould. =Black,James =Lyle,Samuel =Cromie,John +Canmore
=Fisher,Robert/Jr. =M''Analy,Mathew =Wallace,John =Fisher,John =Workman,Faron
=Fleming,James =Fleming,Samuel =Scott,James
=Fleming,Sam/Jr. =Fleming,Isaac =Haslett,Wm. =M''Cracken,Jacob =Smith,Thomas
=Forrester,William =M''Lees,Denis =Torrens,James =Canning,John =Perry,Samuel.
=Forsyth,Robert,Sr. =Forsyth,Robert/Jr. =Forsythe,John =Henry,James
=Forsythe,John +Hortikelly =Sloan,Matthew =M''Anirlampton,Robt. =Magee,Robert
=Foster,William. +Killynees =M''Kenna,Alex. +Tamnadore =Kane,Bernard
=Frenor,Patrick =Cassidy,Bernard =Cassidy,Thomas =O''Neill,J. +Stranagon
=Frolan,Denis =Heeney,John =Coningham,G/L. +Springhill =Gorman,T. +Moneymore
=George,John =George,James =Hutcheson,Wm. +Ballygust
=George,W. +Ballindawley =Newton,A. +Coagh =Magee,Jas. +Tamlaght =George,M.
=Gibbon,Neal/Jr. =Gibbon,Neal/Sr. =Oliver,Nat. =Oliver,Joseph
=Gibson,William =Law,John +Ballaughenedon =Lee,Thomas +Dunamoney =Clarke,Gab.
=Gillan,John =Browster,Wm. =Browster,Daniel =Callin,T. =Scott,Wm. +Derryakin
=Gillespie,H. =Kirkpatrick,J. +Donnygruer =M''Neill,T. =Ross,Joseph
=Gillilan,David. =Ramage,B. +Cloughole =Scott,Henry =Henry,Mary =Jones,James
=Glasco,Adam. =M''Clelland,Alexander =Orr,Thomas =Donnelly,T. +Moyagol
=Gregg,Paul. =Barber,John =Ross,William =Forsythe,William +Balehary
=Gribbin,Patrick =Crilley,James =Campbell,Francis. =M''Nelsy,Toal
=Guiller,Wm. =Guiller,James =Guiller,Jacob/Sr. =Campbell,Wm. =Polick,Robt.
=Hagan,Thomas +Mullaboy. =M''Kenna,Jas. +Aghagaskin =O''Neill,Henry
=Haggarty,Patrick =M''Laughlin,John. =Moobery,T. =Williams,J. =Kyle,George
=Hamill,Jas. +Englishtown =Thompson,Robt/Rev. +Ballywillin =Hemphill,Curtis
=Hamilton,John +Letterlocher =Deal,John =Miller,John +Cool. =Miller,David
=Haslet,George =Gilispie,John =Church,Paul =Brooke,John =Jackson,Samuel
=Haslett,Henry =M''Cracken,Jacob. =Haslett,James =Haslett,Wm/Jr.
=Haslett,Samuel =Fleming,Samuel/Sr. =Fleming,Wm. =Haslet,Samuel =Haslett,Matt.
=Hawthorn,A. +Oaks =Colhound,J. =Black,Adam +Kildough =M''Carter,Wm.
=Heaney,Joseph +Rahure =Young,David +Bellagherty =M''Intire,Martin
=Hendry,Henry. =M''Gill,Patrick =M''Gill,John =Dinnin,Patrick =M''Tamany,John
=Hendry,Peter =M''Bride,P. =Bradley,Thomas. =M''Kenna,Peter =Lagan,Hugh
=Heyland,Robt/Rev. +Coleraine =Galt,John =Galt,Chas. =Eyre,Ben. =Blacker,Henry
=Higgins,John =Higgins,Nich. =Conwry,John =Mulldown,John =Conwry,Roger
=Holland,John =Holland,James =Dale,James +Ballymuldony.
=Hopkins,William. =Brown,Francis =Stewart,James =Bennett,Francis
=Hunkart,William +Ardmore =Teat,John =Ferguson,John =Horner,John =Woods,John
=Hutcheson,Wm. +Ballyguish =Stewart,J. +Aghagasker =Harris,Robert/Jr.
=Hutchinson,Andrew =Hutchinson,Robert =M''Closky,James =Barr,William =Barr,John
=Hynds,John =Redfein,Rowley =Cama,Adam =Kirkpatrick,T.
=Jackson,Geo. +Jackson!Hall. =M''Causland,Conolly +Fruit!Hill
=Jameson,Alex. =Realley,W. +Burglaran =Really,Robt. =Waller,John =Miller,Hugh
=Jameson,R. +Knocull. =Guilar,Patrick =Guilar,Jacob =Blair,Robert
=Jameson,T. +Ballygudder =M''Tagart,T. =M''Cray,Wm. +Tullomu =Coyle,Thomas +Must
=Jennings,David =Rogers,James =Simpson,Robert =Devlin,John =M''Mullin,Samuel
=Johnkin,Hugh =Goldsfrey,Thomas =Mulholland =Agnew,William +Rownsgift
=Jones,Samuel =Carson,R. +Carmony =Stevenson,Robert =Glendy,S. +Ardnagowng
=Kane,James =Glenn,John =Caldwell,John =Kane,John +Lerrymore =Miscimme,James
=Kenna,Bartholomew =M''Kenna,Neal =Bradley,Michael =M''Kenna,Michael
=Kerr,William =Kennedy,William =Fullerton,Arch.
=King,Andrew. =King,Thomas =James,Arthur =Rodgers,Mark/Sr. =Rodgers,Mark/Jr.
=Knobs,Wm. =Dunn,Wm. =M''Kay,Major =Gallagher,John =Evans,John
=Knox,Robert =Henry,Hugh =Mearns,David =Henry,John. =Moore,Richard
=Knox,Wm/Rev. =Baily,J. +Balleaghan =Baily,A. +Balspan =Balfour,Harrison
=Kyle,Wm/Sr. =Gray,Francis +Boveva =Brown,John =Lowry,Joseph =Lowry,Wm.
=Lagan,Patrick =Lagan,John =M''Kenna,Bernard =M''Hanna,Godfrey =Maguire,James
=Lagan,Tague =M''Kenna,John =Johnston,James =Johnston,Samuel =Anderson,James
=Laughlin,James =Dennis,T. =Laughlin,Geo. =Laughlin,John =Donaghey,Chas. +Hass
=Lawrence,Sam. =Hazlet,R/Rev. +Killowin =Church,W. =Church,Robert
=Lee,John +Dunamony =M''Elwaine,John +Ballynull =Sandford,Mathew +Ballyrill
=Leggan,Andrew =Lagan,Francis =Laggan,John =M''Cann,John
=Lessly,John =Knox,David +Dungiven =Roxborough,James =White,John.
=Lilly,William =Lilly,Robert =Johnston,Thomas =Dunn,T. =Sampson,William
=Little,Arch. =Hammond,W. +Ballynagher =Keenas,Owen +Tamnadare =Gilmour,J/Jr.
=Logan,A. +Legohurry =Bond,G. +Ballyarton =Arbuckle,J. +Ballygrote
=Logan,Duncan =Baskly,S. =Hutcheson,R/Sr. +Ballygush =Morrow,Jn. =Booth,James
=Logan,Henry =O''Mullan,John =M''Iver,John =M''Keever,Philip/Sr.
=Long,And. =Richey,George =Eakin,John +Letterlogher =Watt,David. +Palmadon
=Long,Samuel =Murrell,Jn/Jr. =Lowry,Jn. +Drumgawny =Moore,John =Moore,Abraham
=Loughbridge,G/Jr. =Keenan,John =M''Cristal,Dan. +Crany =Forsythe,Dav.
=Loughry,John =Hamilton,W. +Bessbrook =Ross,John =M''Clellean,Thomas
=Love,Robert. =Johnston,John +Ballyheifer =Lenox,James +Aghagaskin
=Lowder,J. +Lisnamara =O''Neil,Ber. +Tamnadowey
=M''Atyre,John =Keightly,John. =Rogers,John +Megargy =M''Kinny,T.
=M''Bride,James =Bradley,Daniel. =Lagon,Thomas =Logan,John =M''Kena,Arthur
=M''Bride,James =Cassidy,James. =M''Guire,Thomas =Cassidy,Francis
=M''Cad,Bernard. =Woods,Hugh =Duncan,William =Brown,William +Ballygush
=M''Cartney,And. +Ballysorar =Wright,W. +Maymecelmurry =Patison,Robert
=M''Causland,D. +Daisy!Hill =Huey,Henry =Bruce,H/Rev. +Finlagan =Ross,Richard
=M''Causland,James =Wright,Samuel =Port,J. =Port,David =Port,James
=M''Clanaghan,James =M''Clanaghan,Robert =Murtland,William =M''Clelland,William
=M''Clatchy,Alex. +Killyben =Godfree,John =M''Andy,James =Collins,James
=M''Clelland,David =M''Laughlin,William =M''Laughlin,James =Hopkins,George
=M''Clelland,J. =Fowler,W. =Fowler,H. =Boyle,Wm. =Boyle,James. =Douglas,John
=M''Closky,Denis +Carne =M''Closky,Bryan +Oville. =Conn,Robert =Williams,Robert
=M''Cloy,Dan. =O''Neil,Dan. =Mulhollon,Francis =M''Erlane,David =Wilson,J.
=M''Conagh,Robt. =M''Conaghy,John =M''Closky,Henry =Lynch,John =M''Gilligan,James
=M''Cordy,P. =Lenox,John +Aghrim =Lenox,Richard =Lenox,G. +Aghagaskin
=M''Corry,Robert =Fennings,Hugh. =Hartley,Thomas =Simpson,Robert =Custer,Ber.
=M''Donagh,Brian =Devermont,Wm. =Neilley,John =M''Farland,John =Morrison,Alex.
=M''Donagh,Owen =Lion,Alex. +Ballinaden =Roxborough,John
=M''Dowell,James =M''Dowell,Robert =M''Eldonney,Hugh
=M''Eldonney,Michael =O''Kane,Peter. =Laughlin,Peter =M''Cusker,M.
=M''Elhatten,Bern. =M''Elhatten,Owen =M''Elhatten,Hugh =M''Elhatten,James
=M''Elhatten,John =M''Elhatten,Hugh. =M''Neil,Arthur =Conwry,Francis
=M''Elroy,William =M''Quinn,James =M''Quinn,Patrick =Adams,Joseph. =Stuart,Henry
=M''Elwain,William =Fanning,A. +Tirmineny =Spotswood,Tho. +Ballyscullin.
=M''Fecters,W. +Mallaby =Miller,James +Brackfield =Thompson,H. =Dunn,A.
=M''Garvey,Edward =Stitt,John +Gortagilly =M''Cleery,R. =Lenox,Thomas +Tullinkog
=M''Ghee,John =M''Cagney,Pat. =Scullin,Peter =Dellean,J. =Dellean,Mich.
=M''Gill,Bernard =Conwry,Phelim =M''Gochiam,William =Burt,J. =Burt,George
=M''Gowan,James =Richardson,Jas. +Ballinagare =Conroy,Thomas =Morgan,Henry
=M''Gush,James +Drumraney =Keightley,Ab. =Keightly,William =M''Gush,Bryan
=M''Henry,Henry =M''Dowell,Samuel/Dr. =Campbell,J. =M''Mullan,Hugh
=M''Inteer,John =Richey,William =Johnston,John =Hagan,John =Smyth,John.
=M''Intire,John =Reynolds,H. =M''Elhone,Denis =Lee,Thomas. =M''Kee,Henry
=M''Intire,Robert =Dougherty,John =Maxwell,Thomas =Maxwell,Robert =Maxwell,Wm.
=M''Kee,James =Kane,James =Speer,J. =Morton,Andrew/Jr. =Speer,William
=M''Keever,James =Holmes,Wm. =Bryary,Josiah =Haslett,Alex. =Mitchell,John
=M''Keever,Philip/Jr. =O''Ferry,B. =O''Ferry,Lawrence =Mellan,Charles
=M''Kenna,J. =M''Guicken,John +Ballylifford =Holmes,William =Campbell,John.
=M''Kenna,John =Conwry,John =Bradley,Hugh =Cribbin,Hardy =Conwry,Neal
=M''Kenna,John =M''Namel,Enais =Dogherty,Michael =M''Kenna,Owen.
=M''Kenna,P. =M''Kenna,Dom. =M''Kenna,Francis =Brennan,John =M''Quillin,Patrick
=M''Kibbon,John =Howard,John +Ballycanlargy +Ballysology +Ballycomlargy
=M''Kinny,Henry =Scott,James +Willsborough. =Smith,Robert =James,Robert
=M''Kinny,John =Palmer,James =M''Atin,William =Hill,Richard =Mullholland,John
=M''Larnan,Bryan =Cassady,Edmund =Cassady,Hugh =Magullin,Alexander
=M''Laughlan,Richd. =Feeny,Patrick =Duffey,Neal =Robinson,John. +Tullentrane
=M''Maghon,James =Davison,Henry =Nickleson,William =O''Neill,Charles =Brown,J.
=M''Michael,John =Archibald,James. =M''Clelland,A. =Wallace,John
=M''Naghten,Robert =Curtis,Griffin =Given,James =Wilson,John +Drumcroon
=M''Namara,Gage =Coyle,Daniel =Ferson,George =Ferson,Paul =Ferson,William.
=M''Neight,William +Tillinkey. =Stewart,John =M''Masta,William
=M''Peak,William =Johnston,William =Nicholson,Robert =Campbell,George
=M''Quillan,James =Diamond,James =M''Bride,Neal =Conway,Thomas =Bradley,Isaac.
=M''Reynolds,Ant. =Simpson,James =Simpson,Jonathan +Cottown =Gamble,R.
=M''Tamany,William =Conwry,P. +Gulloduff =Brannan,John =O''Neill,Henry
=Macky,John =Moffit,William =Dunkin,David/Rev. =M''Fillin,Charles =Long,William
=Madden,Bernard =Dougherty,Michael. =Conwry,Laugh. =Hasson,Patrick
=Maeuaghsler,Edmond =Gregg,Wm. =Orr,Henry +Bally!Brittain. =Orr,James +Keely
=Magee,John =Magee,J. =Gordon,Nath. +Newtownlemivady =Moody,Manus
=Maguire,John =Conwry,Paul =Conwry,Thomas. =M''Kenna,Michael =M''Kenna,Denis
=Major,T. +Craggan =Burnet,A. +Dunnybruer =Birr,Sam. +Gortnaraid =Robinson,R.
=Menagh,Wm. =Morrow,Jas. =Pickerin,James =Lenox,Henry =Pickerin,Francis
=Michel,John +Ardgew =Long,Wm. +Tonduff =Haslet,James =Bond,A. =Dunn,John
=Miller,Edward =Mullan,James =Begley,Wm. =Begley,John =Fleming,John.
=Miller,Geo. +Lachoey. =Hamilton,John +Kincull =Ogilby,Leslie =Cuming,T.
=Moobery,Jas. +Culdoay =Moobery,John =Deflaghan,J. +Fawney =Porter,Thomas
=Moody,Alexander =Fleming,Samuel =Fleming,W/Jr. +Drumvally =Moorhead,James
=Moore,William =Montgomery,Joseph. =Cochran,A. +Tyrglanen =Cochran,Andrew
=Morgan,John =Diamond,John =M''Erlane,David =O''Neill,P. =Mulhollon,Thomas
=Muea,Francis =M''Maughin,John =Muea,James +Ballyroghy =Muea,Patrick.
=Mulhollon,Thomas =Patterson,N. =Patterson,James =Heyland,L. +Bovagh
=Mullan,Henry =Lindsay,Jas. +Drumnagotker =Hamilton,Alexander =Douglas,J.
=Mullan,N. =Baxter,Joseph. =Walker,Samuel =George,William =Archa,Thomas
=Neel,Thomas =M''Neil,John =Anderson,John =Patterson,Alexander/Sr.
=Nogher,James =Donnelly,Edward =Stewart,Robert +Jamnadays =Richey,A.
=O''Ferry,Owen =Ferry,Michael =Connor,Brian. =Connor,Patrick =Long,William
=O''Kane,Michael =Wallis,John =Guy,William =Kane,Bernard. =Alexander,Andrew
=O''Neile,Charles =Burnett,John +Ballynagare =Hamilton,Archd.
=O''Neill,John. =Moyle,Anthony =M''Garvy,William =Young,George =M''Nickel,J.
=Orr,George =Orr,John =Orr,Robert =Lenox,James =Mulholland,Chas. +Ballingar
=Orr,John +Ballyrust =Badger,William =Bangford,James.
=Osborne,John =Ferguson,Matthew +Enagh. =Callaghan,M. =Callaghan,James
=Otterson,Sam. =Campbell,Wm. +Tillinkisy =Macky,James =M''Cartney,Henry
=Paterson,Henry +Millbrooke =Hull,C. +Ballymultree. =Pattison,Alexander
=Patterson,Alexander/Jr. =Hillhoure,Robert =Hillhoure,Matthew =Fulton,Andrew
=Patterson,Joseph =Patison,Robert =Falls,Alexander =Paterson,John.
=Patterson,Simon =Murray,Edward. =Murray,James =Patterson,Wm. =Magee,William
=Phelan,John =Shaw,John =Blair,B. +Killybasky =Blair,W. =M''Erlane,J.
=Pickram,Thos. +Aghrim =M''Grain,Pat. +Killyneese =Gibson,John =Connor,Sam.
=Porter,William =Barryman,J. +Ballymullygan =M''Elwaine,Alexander =Kane,Henry
=Quig,Frederick =Armstrong,Samuel. =Lind,Alexander +Lorttel =Lind,James
=Rainy,R. +Ballyrogly. =Wright,Samuel =Dowdell,H. +Megary =Lenox,Andrew
=Ralston,R. +Derrygarkin =M''Ciniss,C. =Allison,Wm. +Greysteel =Ross,John
=Rankin,Hugh =Torrens,Alexander =Grisam,John =Stephens,William
=Redscein,Benjamin =Redfein,B/Jr. =Dickey,Robert =Bowman,Andrew =Bowman,James
=Richey,Thomas +Ballmuldress =Boden,John +Lecka =Johnston,William
=Ross,John =Craig,Hugh =Gault,William =Meanes,Matthew =Oliver,William
=Ross,Joseph =Ross,Michael =Pattison,Robert. =Gregg,Joseph =M''Intire,Hugh
=Roxborough,William/Sr. =Roxborough,Wm./Jr. =Hargan,James =Hargan,Wm/Jr.
=Sampson,Thomas =Brown,W. +Ballymena =Brown,W/Jr. +Ballyglack =Ferson,James
=Sarjint,Benjamin =Sarjint,William =Moran,Patrick =Dickson,Robert
=Scott,Thomas +Drumino =Kearney,Francis =Gawin,John. =Waterus,Ben.
=Selfrech,James +Main =Shannon,Denis =Muldual,Edward =M''Callay,James
=Sheppard,Timothy =Smyth,John =Brown,William +Ballygillan +Tillenpay
=Sinclair,Robert =Boyd,Henry =Corr,Daniel =Forrester,Ant. +Cloverhill
=Smith,William =Hamilton,Edw. =Ogilby,Robert =Moore,Gawin =Blair,David
=Steel,William =Searight,Andrew. =M''Millin,Robert =Godfree,Rowland
=Steele,James =Steele,Joseph. =Steele,Hugh =Irwin,Edward =Irwin,Samuel
=Sterling,James =Brown,William =Church,James =M''Neill,Thomas =Downing,John
=Sterling,Joseph =Sterling,Wm. =Sterling,Robert =Sterling,Charles
=Stevenson,James/Jr. =Henderson,Wm. =Sinclair,John =Boon,Charles
=Stevenson,Wm. +Knockan =Osborne,Jos/Jr. =Boyle,John/Jr. =Harrison,H.
=Stewart,Edw. +Bellaghy =Muea,John =Muea,Edward =Muea,James =M''Geary,Michael
=Swan,William =Steel,James.
=Tagart,Peter +Ballynagly =Muea,David =Devlin,Bernard =Muea,Neal
=Tate,James. =M''Laughlin,Mark =Fleming,John =Hamilton,W.
=Taylor,Ambrose +Ballydon =Adams,Richard +Ballymultish =Berryman,Wm.
=Tedly,J. =Kane,Richard =Smith,Arch. +Lag =M''Lean,H/Jr. =Downing,A/C. +Leck
=Thistle,John =Richey,John =M''Cormick,James =Reynolds,Robert
=Torrens,John =O''Hagan,Charles =Bryan,Wm/Rev. +Killeronaghan =Jackson,T.
=Waddy,R. +Alla =Waddy,J. +Killaloe =M''Cleland,C. =Long,James +Ervey
=Walkeve,Jas. =Watson,William +Antikelly =Sherond,Jas. =M''Causland,Abraham
=Walkinshaw,David. =M''Laughlin,James =Gamble,Alexander =M''Faddin,Hector
=Waller,John =Cusholey,J. +Killyneese =Keenan,Patrick. +Tamnadare
=Walsh,James =Greer,Robert =Badger,Wiliam =Devin,James =Shannon,George
=Walsh,John =Maganachan,George. =Many,James =Ross,John =Cust,John
=Walsh,Nicholas =M''Vea,Thomas =Broughton,Hugh =Wilson,David. =Kyle,Mathew
=Waterson,Leon. +Lisnamora =Berryman,James +Ballyneill =Clendening,James.
=Watson,Samuel =Carlow,Isaac +Gortagilly =Stitt,G. =Cowsly,James =Cowsly,John
=Wiley,Sampson +Ballyneal =M''Cartney,Wm. =Porter,Henry =Brown,Joseph.
=Winit,John =Gilmore,James =Church,Thomas. =Fisher,Robert/Sr.
=Woodrow,Robert =Clinton,George. =Mullen,Henry =Gray,William
=Woods,William. =Walder,John =Kyle,Oliver =Wiley,Oliver
=York,Henry +Killynus =York,William =Lee,Robert =Dawson,Joshua =Cosholey,John

October 11, 1799, Page 1 & 2
County of Antrim
His Majesty having been pleased to express a desire that his Parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland should take into their consideration the expediency of a ???  UNION; We the undersigned Nobleman, Gentlemen, and Freeholders of the County of Antrim, ?? necessary to declares.    That we feel the most cordial attachment to the British Nation, and are truly thankful for the uncommon exertions which have enabled his Majesty to defeat the unprovoked Rebellion which lately threatened us with destruction:

    That we attach the Rightest value to the Settlement of 1782, by which the Legislative Independency of Ireland was fully recognized, and has since been most serupulously respected by Great Britain, particulary as that Settlement enables us to treat on an equal footing with the Sister Kingdom, upon such further Measures as are become necessary, to consolidate and unite our respective resources and strength against the common enemy:

    That the last few years have been marked by so great, and in most instances such calamitous events, for the independency of Europe, as to excite the most lively apprehensions of danger for the civil and religious Rights of this Kingdom, especially as we know, from bitter and recent experience, that the French Nation, aided by an inveterate Faction within ourselves, will omit no opportunity to render this country again the theatre of foreign war and internal desolation;

    That we acknowledge with becoming gratitude the parental affection of our common Sovereign, in attending to a crisis so unexampled in the history of mankind, which has already proved fatal to all those Nations who have relied on ?? and ordinary systems of policy, as an adequate security against evils, as new in their nature as extensive in their operation:

    That, impressed with these considerations, we sincerely lament that so many of our fellow-subjects have joined in the condemnation of a system before the particulars of it had been explained to the public; and that the Representatives of the Nation have declined attention to those matters of State which his Majesty had signified his intentions of communicating to them; Because we have no reason to believe, either that the Crown would propose, or that the other branches of our Legislature, to whose deliberate judgement we look up with confidence, would give their sanction to a Measure which militated against the Honor, the Rights, or the future Prosperity of this Kingdom.

+Ballykennedy =Fridrezius,Jonas. =M''Mullan,John =Blakely,Rob. =Smyth,Hu.
+Defrick =Pollock,James. =M''Arthur,John =Smith,John =M''Kane,Sam. =M''Kane,T.
=Adams,Martin =Bicket,Philip =Bicket,John =M''Curdy,John =Hamilton,R.
=Agnew,Samuel =Marlin,James. =Dawd,John/Jr. =M''Farrin,Elias =Kelly,Henry
=Alexander,David =Huey,Rob. +Carnan. =M''Neill,Hugh =M''Neill,Fergus
=Anderson,Joseph =Garnon,Thomas +Bayhead =Scally,Bernard =M''Curdy,Alex.
=Anderson,Wm. =Johnston,Arthur =Williams,Wm. =Mussen,Archibald =Mussen,Robert
=Babington,T. =Douglas,Chas. =Hall,Linsay. =Stewart,Archibald =M''Neill,Alex.
=Batt,N. +Belfast =Commins,W. =Clarke,John =Batt,Wm. =Skinner,Cort.
=Beaty,David =Barber,Samuel =Johnston,J. =Gilmore,J. =Chartres,Alex.
=Bell,John =Bell,Robert =Hackland,Richard =M''Corry,Pat/Jr. =M''Corry,Pat/Sr.
=Black,Arch. =Black,John =M''Gregor,Alex. =M''Gregor,Wm. =Coyles,Dan.
=Boville,George =Boville,Robert =Duffin,Pat. =M''Leane,Stephen =Courtney,Wm.
=Bowlin,Henry =O''Quin,Felix. =Magennis,Arthur =Halliday,Wm. =Wilson,John
=Boyd,Hugh =Boyd,Daniel =M''Allister,James =Harrison,Arch. =Hunter,Daniel
=Boyd,John =M''Alpin,Dougal =Cross,John =Ramsay,Wm/Jr. =Kilpatrick,Wm.
=Boyland,James =M''Kinney,John =Simpson,Sam. =Simpson,James =Johnston,Wm.
=Burke,Michael =Gamble,Robert =Laverty,James. =Moloy,Peter =Miller,Thomas
=Campble,Andrew =Gillespie,John =Koyle,John. =Carnaque,Daniel =Mackay,Arch.
=Campble,Cornelius =Campble,John =O''Doran,Bernard +Kilead =M''Lorinon,Pat.
=Cannan,John =Cannan,Andrew =Taylor,Alex. =M''Alester,Randle =Taylor,W/Jr.
=Carroll,Wm. =Carroll,John =M''Cully,Thomas =Watters,John =Hall,John
=Casement,R. =Courny,J. +Grange =Nickle,James =Ballentine,Robert
=Cassart,Fras. =Kerr,Henry =Wheater,Wm. =Fairis,Wm. =Spence,James
=Charleton,Wm. =Thompson,Robt. =Hull,Anthony =Leckie,John =Saunders,Robert
=Chesnut,Dan. =Douglas,John =Douglas,Joseph =Boyd,Edw. =Neill,Thomas =Ewing,R.
=Clarke,John =Davison,John =Coulter,James =O''Neill,Murtagh =O''Neill,Hugh
=Connor,John =Robinson,Wm. =Macan,Mathew =M''Can,Henry. =M''Can,Pat.
=Conway,James =M''Can,Henry =Macan,Arthur =Gralin,Pat. =O''Neill,Hugh
=Coonay,Chas. =West,Henry =Herrill,John =M''Cafry,Edw. =Gennings,Thos.
=Cordener,James =Hawkshaw,Wm. =Johnston,Jn. =Cahoon,Richd. =Greer,Richard
=Cormichan,Arthur =Befily,Henry =Moloy,John =Develin,James =Cormichan,John
=Corry,Richard =M''Alester,Daniel =Quig,Neal =Quig,James =Corry,Saunders
=Coulson,Wm. =Boomer,George =M''Crackan,Wm. =Thompson,Mat. =Moat,Wm.
=Courtney,Jos/Jr. =Boville,Geo. =Kerr,Thomas =Bell,W. =M''Adam,S.
=Cousens,Wm. =Blizard,Antony =Cousens,Andrew =Cormickan,John =Walder,James
=Coyles,Charles =Loughmoore,Mat. =M''Grigor,Alex. =Corry,Allen =Givin,Ben.
=Coyles,Marmad. =White,Arthur =Hamilton,John =Hamilton,Arch. =M''Duffe,John
=Crawford,James =Thompson,Robert =Alexander,Robt. =Young,Wm. =Steel,Samuel
=Crawford,Samuel =Hall,C. +Bellaghy =Mussenden,Daniel =Cordner,James
=Cristey,Rob. =Brownlees,John =Cousins,James =Hunter,Thos. =Craig,Adam
=Crossey,Pat. =Crossey,Wm. =Quinn,John. =Bryans,Wm. =M''Nees,Isaac
=Crossey,Wm. =Cardwell,Francis =Wilkinson,John =Wilkinson,Wm. =Wilkinson,Jer.
=Culbertson,James =Cramsey,John =Moloy,James =Kirk,Robert =Taylor,Samuel
=Cummermond,R. =M''Cann,Pat. =Robinson,Wm. =Thurkild,Richard =Hammond,John
=Dallan,John =M''Kaque,Neale =M''Kaque,Wm. =Dempsey,Charles =Dempsey,James
=Davidson,Samuel =Gribbin,Henry =M''Can,Bernard =Cameron,David =M''Owen,Charles
=Davison,George =Morgan,Hugh =Donnelly,Pat.
=Devillir,Robert =M''Bride,John =M''Bride,Arch. =Hill,Neale =M''Alester,Randle
=Donnelly,John =Boyland,James =Christy,John =M''Connaughy,Jn. =Steenhauser,John
=Doon,H. =Walker,James =M''Cance,Pat. =Craney,Pat. =M''Stravogue,Pat.
=Doon,Pat. =M''Evoy,John. =Doon,Murry =M''Kintry,John =Murray,James
=Dougherty,John =M''Stravick,T/Jr. =M''Conkey,Wm. =Saunders,Thomas
=Duffy,Nicholas =Connor,Daniel =M''Croary,Wm. =O''Neill,Peter =O''Hara,James
=Fallon,Daniel =Falloon,Darby =Faries,Daniel =Falloon,Peter =Toland,Neill
=Fletcher,Philip =M''Nice,Conway. =Shillington,Thos. =M''Daniel,Alex.
=Frizell,Thomas =Clarke,Jackson. =Robinson,Wm. =Hannah,John =Thompson,Robt.
=Gats,John =Ellis,Thos. =Colridge,Jas. =Wray,Wm. =Robertson,G. =Sejeantson,M.
=Gayer,Edward =Mussen,Richard =M''Cann,John =Osburn,Wm. =Hodgins,Isaac
=George,Thos. =Miller,James =Porter,James =Seymour,James =Prackel,Gottlab
=Gilbert,Stephen =Brown,John =Thompson,John
=Gillespie,John/Sr.=Gillespie,John/Jr. =Gillespie,Wm. =Gillespie,Hector
=Gillespie,Roger =M''Michael,Samuel. =Kane,Francis =Huey,Adam =Huey,John
=Given,Samuel =Bell,Samuel =Maxwell,Daniel =Best,Robert. =Gribbin,Edward
=Gordon,Alex. =Ferguson,J/S. =Macartney,J. =Jones,Val/Jr. =Atkinson,W.
=Graham.Alex. =Graham,James. =M''Connaughy,Dav. =Mathews,Sam. =Morrison,Joseph
=Granney,Pat. =Granney,Francis =M''Fornane,Fras. =M''Vey,Andrew =Couchran,Pat.
=Hagan,John. =Harvey,Bryan =O''Hara,Bernard =Neeson,Pat. =Callans,James
=Hamilton,James =Thompson,Bryan =Colvin,James =Whiteside,Thomas
=Hanna,John =Pollock,John. =Morton,John =Kirkpatrick,Robt.
=Hargrove,Robert =Grier,Arch. =M''Caghan,John =M''Ilfatrick,C. =Todd,John
=Hastings,John =Boomer,John. =Johnston,J. +Orange =Johnston,P. +Lisburn
=Hemphill,Joseph =M''Caw,Daniel =M''Connaughy,J. =M''Connaughy,Sam.
=Hendran,John =Mulholland,Chas. =Mulholland,John =Donnell,Thomas =Bell,Arthur
=Henry,Wm. =Moore,Jas/Jr. =Stewart,Alex. =Brady,James =Cooper,Ben.
=Heyand,Rowley =M''Cartney,G. =Pollock,John =Young,Robert =Miller,John
=Higginson,Edward =Ingram,Wm. =Ingram,Thomas =M''Nees,Isaac =M''Grawn,Mm.
=Higginson,Pitt. =Johnson,John =Smith,Lancelot. =M''Carren,John
=Hill,Ben. =Magee,Wm. =Magee,James. =M''Curdy,James =M''Curdy,Alex. =Steel,Sam.
=Hill,Hugh =Agnew,John =Beaston,Wm. =Macan,Daniel =Develin,John =O''Hall,John
=Hill,Joseph =Mallon,Michael =Logan,John
=Hollinshed,Thos. =Martial,James. =Magill,J. =Brown,James =Kelly,James
=Hull,Hugh =Ingram,James. =M''Stravick,T. =M''Cann,Kerbray =Toland,Owen
=Hunter,Neale =Darragh,Alex. =Darragh,Geo. =M''Caghan,John =Corry,Francis
=Hutchenson,F. =Dubourdieu,S. =Darby,Wm. =Stewart,Wm. =Heron,Samuel
=Irwin,John =Irwin,George. =Brown,Wm. =Brown,Robert =Hogg,Edward
=Jameson,James =Gormly,John. =Stewart,Thos. =Kilpatrick,Frank
=Johnston,Sam. =Ross,James =Ross,Wm. =Ross,John =Ross,Robert =Macaulay,John
=Kennedy,Owen =Dawd,John =M''Owen,Felix. =M''Can,John =O''Boyle,Owen
=Kennon,robert =Agnew,Robert =Macorry,Wm. =Kelly,Bryan =Macorry,Christ.
=Kilpatrick,David =Moore,Wm. =M''Veagh,Malcolm =M''Veagh,Dougal
=Lavery,Manus =Bullock,John =Thurkild,Jo. =Stratt,John =Hill,John
=Lavery,Murta =Lavery,Charles =Campbell,Mat. =Mulholland,John =M''Ilravey,Thos.
=Lecke,Thomas =Brankin,Henry =Smith,William =Bell,William =Sloane,Oliver
=Leonard,Neal =Hagan,Pat. =M''Crory,John =Lavery,Wm. =Lavery,James
=Lettson,Arthur =M''Neile,Wm. =Long,John =M''Gahy,James =M''William,David
=Logan,James =Fulton,John. =M''Daniel,Allen =M''Donald,Daniel =M''Donald,Wm.
=Longmoore,Thos. =Leslie,Robert. =Eken,Peter =Dobbin,Peter =Mondays,John
=Loughan,Wm. =Gilian,John. =M''Ilravey,Neal =M''Vay,Wm. =Magrade,Pat.
=Lyle,Charles =Lyle,Thomas. =Colvin,Robert =Lyle,Wm. =Simson,Wm.
=Lyle,David =Lyle,James =Magill,Wm. =Drummond,John =Adams,J. =King,Alex.
=Lyle,Thomas =Lyle,John =Lyle,James =Kitchen,James =Garvan,James =Blair,Samuel
=M''Addery,John =Thompson,Wm. =Gurney,Daniel.
=M''Ancrick,Pat. =Cook,George =M''Kee,Daniel =M''Kee,Wm. =Pollock,Wm. =Todd,Wm.
=M''Bride,James =M''Bride,John. =M''Alester,Daniel =M''Connaughy,Rich.
=M''Can,Cormick =Boyle,Pat. =M''Can,Charles =Gilmore,Henry =Leddy,Hugh
=M''Can,Murtagh =O''Neill,Hugh =Develin,Henry =Drew,Richard =Hill,John
=M''Cance,Owen =Bennet,Tho/Jr. =Sloane,James
=M''Cavey,Murtagh =M''Cance,Henry =Magill,Hugh
=M''Cavigan,John =Gorman,S. =M''Cavigan,James =M''Corry,Richard =M''Alavogue,Neill
=M''Caw,James =M''Michael,John =Ewing,Robert =M''Michael,Pat. =Coyles,James
=M''Coal,John =O''Neill,John =O''Hara,Arthur =M''Mullan,John =M''Alester,John
=M''Conkey,James =Warren,G. +Killagen. =Robinson,John =Bell,Jn. +Prospect
=M''Connaughy,A. =M''Alester,Arch. =Laverty,James =Campble,James =Laverty,Daniel
=M''Connaughy,Dav. =M''Allister,James. =M''Allister,Arch. =Keane,Francis
=M''Connaughy,Sam. =M''Kinlay,Daniel. =Connaughy,Wm. =M''Curdy,Wm. =Dunlop,John
=M''Corry,Felix =Corbett,Samuel. =M''Cluney,Andrew =Gresham,Thomas =Gresham,Wm.
=M''Corry,Pat. =Hull,Edward =Moorcroft,Wm. =Hannah,James =Best,James
=M''Croary,Philip =M''Croary,Barney =Rogers,Henry =O''Hara,Henry
=M''Crodin,Pat. =Reside,John =Reside,John/Jr. =Rainey,Arthur =Moore,James
=M''Crory,Frs. =Gribbin,Pat. =Mana,Thos. =Bradley,Francis =Neilson,James
=M''Cullouh,James =Refide,John. =Loughlin,H. =Loughlin,John =M''Peake,Neal
=M''Curdy,Bryan =M''Mullan,Wm. =M''Caghan,Denis =Haney,John =M''Grigor,Stewart
=M''Curdy,George =M''Caghan,Hu. =M''Curdy,Arch. =M''Elheeran,Dunc. =M''Kendry,John
=M''Curdy,Robert =Taggart,James =Neilly,John. =Gellen,John =M''Curdy,Neale
=M''Donald,Thomas =Shillington,A. =Gattenby,Thos. =Harbinson,John =Hull,Thomas
=M''Gauly,Patrick =Hull,John =Stewart,R. =Henderon,K. =Sheil,John
=M''Gowan,Dan. =M''Mullan,Rob. =Glass,Augus. =Glass,Arch. =Glass,Neale
=M''Gowan,Wm. =Jameson,A/Sr. =Jameson,A/Jr. =Jameson,John/Jr. =Jameson,John/Sr.
=M''Grigor,Wm. =Twaddle,James =Colvin,John =Atcheson,John =Stewart,Wm.
=M''Ilravy,Bryan =Cormickan,James. =Murray,Henry =Anderson,Hugh
=M''Ilwain,Jn. =Ferguson,J. =Hutchinson,Rich. =Stewart,James =Frail,Robert
=M''Kaque,Andrew =Taylor,W/Sr. =M''Alister,Wm. =Taylor,Thomas =Cannan,Edward
=M''Keesack,Joseph =Morgan,James =Morgan,John =Gillan,Alex. =Macow,Dan.
=M''Kendry,Neale =Mackey,Robert =M''Mullin,James =Black,John =Morgan,Duncan
=M''Kinlay,Daniel =Martin,Daniel =Corry,Martin. =Corry,John =Corry,Allen
=M''Kinlay,John =Lyle,Walter =Lyle,Peter. =Griffith,Ben. =Shales,Bernard
=M''Kinlay,John =M''Connaughy,Jn. =Wier,John =Taylor,Wm. =M''Kane,Sam.
=M''Kinnela,John =Darragh,Alex/Jr. =M''Kinzey,W/Jr. =M''Kinzey,Neal
=M''Kinstrey,Wm. =M''Mullan,Cor. =M''Gowan,Ezek. =M''Ilfatrick,John =Mackey,Wm.
=M''Krilles,John/Sr. =M''Bride,Jn/Jr. =Corry,Neale =M''Bride,Daniel
=M''Lane,James. =Cook,Wm. =Egleson,James =Bones,Charles =M''Lane,Dan.
=M''Laverty,Edw. =O''Neill,Bernard =Ellar,Henry. =Ellar,John =Ellar,David
=M''Lorinon,James =M''Elroy,Pat. =Conway,Edward =M''Gawn,Neale =Brady,Hugh
=M''Loughlin,Arch. =M''Loughlin,J/Jr. =Taggart,John =Taggart,Wm. =Taggart,Robert
=M''Loughlin,Dan. =M''Loughlin,Pat. =M''Loughlin,Alex. =M''Loughlin,J/M/Sr.
=M''Loughlin,Hu. =Agnew,Henry =Henry,Pat. =Rainey,John. =Carnochan,Sam.
=M''Lure,Pat. =Love,John =Macan,And. =Grey,Arch. =M''Ilheran,John =Chesnut,Arch.
=M''Mullan,Dav/Jr. =M''Mullan,Alex. =M''Mullan,Charles =Steel,Arch.
=M''Mullan,James =Gilmore,John =Fellford,James =Ingliss,Wm. =M''Linton,Rob.
=M''Mullan,John =Mealy,Bernard =Brady,Pat. =Caul,Wm. =Heffron,Bryan
=M''Mullan,Pat. =Morgan,Owen =Sloane,Wm. =Saunders,Wm. =Hill,Robt. =Irwin,Joshua
=M''Naghten,Henry =Rice,James =M''Auley,Arch. =Boyd,Samuel =M''Auley,Arthur
=M''Naghten,Samuel =Hill,C. =Maquicker,T. =Gillin,William =Rowan,William
=M''Nalla,James =Gribbir,Hugh =Gribbir,Daniel =Mulholland,Chas.
=M''Neill,Andrew =Kane,Patrick =Connaughy,John =Connaughy,David
=M''Nolla,Henry =Magill,John =Martin,James =Duffin,Michaael =Davison,Wm.
=M''Owen,Felix =O''Mallin,Roger =Gilmore,Pat. =M''Lorinan,Dom. =M''Kone,Henry
=M''Owen,James =Leddy,John =Leddy,John/Jr. =M''Owen,Bryan. =Davidson,Thomas
=M''Quilan,John =Bell,Arthur =Dobson,Thomas =Bell,Meredith =Kennedy,John
=M''Stoken,Pat. =Kennedy,John =Kennedy,Edmond =Kennedy,Thos. =Kennedy,Simon
=M''Stravich,Bern. =Heyland,Langford. =Lyle,Hugh =Laurence,Samuel
=Macan,Alex. =Kerr,James =M''Neile,Rob. =Graham,David =Crawford,Pat.
=Macaw,Alex. =Magee,John =Magee,And. =M''Caghan,Duncan =Grier,John
=Mackey,John,Sr. =Mackey,John/Jr. =Stewart,John =M''Alister,John
=Mackey,Joseph =Mackey,Alex/Sr. =Hunter,James
=Mackey,Joseph =Sharpe,John =M''Arthur,James =Irwin,David
=Mackey,Joseph =Young,R/Jr. =Williamson,Wm. =Fisher,Samuel =Collison,John
=Macollum,Wm. =Patterson,Joseph =Walsh,Edward =Magarry,John =Graham,Dan.
=Magowan,James =Blair,John/Sr. =Blair,John,Jr. =Nickle,James =Macauley,George
=Martin,Arthur =M''Croary,John. =Magill,Daniel =Killa,Bernard =Hill,Robert
=Millin,Francis =M''Kowen,Pat. =M''Owen,Edward =Mallin,M. =M''Owen,Michael
=Montgomery,J. =M''Kinistry,Art. =Cristy,John =Jafrey,David =Fordon,John
=Morgan,Wm. =Develin,John =Close,Henry =Creaney,Richard =Neilson,Robert
=Morrison,Sam. =Neil,John =Winlock,Rich. =Kennan,John =Fulton,John =Boyd,Wm.
=Mulholland,Bern. =Blair,John. =Kilpatrick,Leonard =Jameson,Hugh.
=Murray,F. =Neilson,Robert =Neilson,David =Clements,Wm. =Irwin,Robert
=Mussen,Thomas =Renfrew,James. =Patten,Thomas =M''Kinstry,Thos. =Scott,John
=Neilson,James =Cormickan,Mich. =Close,Wm. =Crossey,Henry =Black,Moses
=O''Dawd,Daniel =O''Dawd,Frank =O''Dawd,Arthur =O''Dawd,Tague =O''Neille,H.
=O''Donnelly,Neale =Rogers,Sam. =Rogers,James =Frazer,David =M''Connaughy,Alex.
=O''Heany,Jenkin =Morrisson,Hugh. =Wilson,John =Neilson,Daniel =Themilty,Henry
=O''Henry,John =O''Henry,Robert =Lavery,Daniel. =Morgan,James =M''Veigh,Hugh
=O''Neill,Abrm. =O''Neill,John =M''Corry,Neill =May,Edward =M''William,John
=O''Neill,Bernard =Duffee,Daniel. =O''Neill,Cornelius =Develin,Charles
=O''Nelson,Owen =Kone,Thomas =Kidd,James =Kidd,Charles =O''Neill,H/B.
=Orr,James =Robinson,Robert =Love,J. =Orr,Robert =Small,Ben. =Mitchell,James
=Paul,Andrew =Stewart,John. =Gardiner,Randal =Patton,Thomas =O''Neill,D.
=Quigley,Pat. =Quigley,Charles =Quigley,Henry. =Sloane,Francis
=Raley,Hugh =M''Can,Patrick. =M''Laverty,Ter. =M''Aulay,Daniel =M''Laverty,Pat.
=Rallans,George =Murray,James =Murray,John =O''Kane,Roger =Graffir,Jenkin
=Reynolds,J. +Puy =Thompson,Wm. =Kennedy,Neal =Moore,Jmes =Nickles,Wm.
=Rice,Richard =Waters,Wm. =Scott,Andrew =Ireland,James =Ireland,Thomas
=Robinson,Samuel =Finlay,James =Finlay,Thomas =Todd,James =M''William,Andr.
=Rowan,John =Jones,T/M/Jr. =Gillilan,Thomas =Dwyer,Denis =Bennet,Pat.
=Russel,R. =Dickey,Adam =Kerr,James =Miller,Hercules =Miller,David
=Saunders,Thomas =Saunders,John. =Megarrell,John =Tippin,John =Whiteside,Wm.
=Smith,Wm. =Steel,Thomas =Smith,James. =Holmes,Henry =Gorman,Wm.
=Steel,Alex. =M''Mullan,Dan. =M''Mullan,Dav/Sr. =M''Alester,Alex. =Rogers,Thos.
=Steel,Robert =Steel,John. =Branken,Felix =M''Cance,Hu. =Cormickan,Wm.
=Taggart,Sam. =Smyth,John =Stewart,Wm. =Mathews,Wm. =Mathews,Sam.
=Todd,John =Rowan,James =Rowan,Frederick =Eken,John =Macaulay,Geo. =O''Hara,J.
=Todd,Wm. =M''Lorinan,John =Mackey,Alex. =Cunningham,David =Ramsay,Wm.
=Townley,James =Johnston,Arthur =Higginson,James =Ravenhill,Wm. =Lappen,James
=Trail,W. =Cupples,S. =Trail,A. =Rogers,W. +Lisburn =Crommelen,D.
=Wallis,John =Todd,Thomas =M''Curdy,Dan. =Mackey,John =M''Bride,Arch.
=Waugh,James =Craig,James =Foster,James =Finneston,Samuel =Birney,Luke
=Whinnery,T. =Legg,W. +Malone =Adair,W. +Ballymena =O''Hara,J. +Crebilly
=Whiteside,Moses =Sloane,Robert =Furr,John =Evans,Meredith =Lavery,John
=Wilson,Wm. =Hull,Henry/Sr. =Hull,Henry/Jr. =Steel,Adam =Crawford,John
=Wray,Alex. =Wray,Sam. =Wray,Thomas =O''Gullan,Duncan.

=Adams,James =Stewart,Wm. =Stewart,W/Jr. =Kilpatrick,John =O''Hammil,Manus
=Anderson,Wm. =O''Boyle,John =Kelly,Pat. =Morran,James =Hennen,Peter
=Ardenice,George =Agnew,George. =Agnew,James =Wilson,Anthony =Wilson,James
=Blair,Daniel/Sr. =Blair,John =M''Dowell,Thomas. =Moore,Thomas =Adamson,T/Jr.
=Blair,Pat. =Neily,Alexander =Waugh,Robert =M''Cann,Pat. =Miller,James
=Blaney,Joseph =Blaney,Alex. =O''Hara,Arthur =Walsh,Pat. =Walsh,Richard
=Blizard,Anthony =M''Cann,Thomas =M''Master,Wm. =Clarke,Sam. =Megivirn,Pat.
=Boyd,Hugh =Hunter,Joseph =Campble,John =Campble,Nat. =Clarke,James
=Boylan,John =M''Duffee,John. =Dobbin,James =M''Lane,Sam. =M''Lane,Wm.
=Burns,Edw. =Hemhill,James =Thompson,Arch. =Ross,Andrew =Todd,Andrew
=Campble,David =Orr,James =Rickey,Nat. =Moore,James =Kirkpatrick,R.
=Clotworthy,Arth. =Reid,John =Reid,James =Reid,Samuel. =Duncan,Wm. =Reid,Wm.
=Connor,Pat. =Taylor,Andrew.=Coyles,James. =M''Tire,Duncan =O''Hall,John =M''Lernon,A. =Orr,John/Sr.=Crawford,Wm. =Pennal,Wm. =M''Mullan,John =Bevins,James =Steveligh,James
=Cunningham,A. =Lynd,Wm/Rev. +Moyegot =M''Kee,Dan/Rev. +Brushmills
=Darragh,Wm. +Ballyweany =Elder,James =Elder,George =Clarke,Arch. =Orr,James
=Drew,Wm. =M''Corby,James =Redford,L. +Antrim =M''Creary,Wm. =Tenent,David/Jr.
=Edmonston,John =Miller,Robert. =M''Peak,N/Jr. =Bell,Rob/Adair =Miller,John
=Fisher,Samuel =Young,John. =Miller,John =Bruce,John =M''Lorinon,Robt.
=Forbes,James =Forbes,Wm. =M''Curdy,Daniel/Sr. =M''Curdy,Dan/Jr.
=Gillen,James =Kilpatrick,James =Wallace,John. =Patterson,Wm. =Kear,Robert
=Hamilton,Wm. =M''Connel,Wm. =Rea,Samuel =Harkness,Wm. =Chartres,Wm.
=Hill,John=Hogart,Brice =Forgie,Andrew. =Hoggart,Robert =Hoggart,Thomas =M''Collun,Chas.
=Hopkins,Wm. =Hopkins,James =Magloughlin,R. =M''Laughlin,Wm. =M''Laughlin,John
=Jackson,Andrew =Hyndman,Thos. =Macaulay,James =Frais,Robert =Egleson,Robert
=Kirkpatrick,James =Craig,Sam. =Gardner,John =Reside,Frank =Stephenson,Wm.
=Loughlin,Andrew =Donnaughy,H. =Laverty,Robert =Boyd,Joseph =Smith,Sam.
=M''Argish,Hector =M''Alily,Dan. =Ballentine,Wm. =Stewart,Alex. =Bonatine,Dan.
=M''Curdy,Alex. =Humes,Robert =Martin,W. +Belisle =M''Alone,Thos. =Gormly,John
=M''Curdy,James =Campbell,Dan. =Murray,John. =Jameson,Alex. =Owens,John
=M''Donnell,Dan. =Kaims,Hu. =Kaims,Thos. =Kaims,Dan. =O''Brien,Pat. =Brown,Dan.
=M''Dougal,Allan =M''Veagh,Martha/Jr. =M''Alester,Hu. =M''Alester,John
=M''Elfatrick,John. =Mallan,Manus. =Gillespie,John =M''Quilkin,Hector
=M''Elmoyle,John =Rogers,Robert =Cameron,John =Cameron,Arch. =Brady,James
=M''Elroy,James =M''Curdy,David. =M''Curdy,Robert =M''Curdy,Sam. =Stewart,Robert
=M''Fall,Malcolm =M''Keown,James. =Orr,Samuel =Frizell,Thomas =Cuddy,Thomas
=M''Kenny,Robert =Willson,Dan. =M''Lees,Michael =M''Lees,Daniel =M''Donnell,James
=M''Kenry,Neale =Maglaughler,W. =M''Ilhattan,Arch. =Mackey,Alex. =M''Neill,Neill
=M''Kinley,John =M''Aulay,James =Adair,Pat. =Adair,James =Macaulay,John
=M''Kinney,Wm. =M''Cully,John =M''Cully,Adam. =Wylie,Joseph =Gray,Arch.
=M''Lane,Andrew =M''Lane,Wm. =Campble,Arch. =Thompson,Robt. =Shaw,Isaac
=M''Lorinan,John =M''Lure,John =M''Clennaghan,Hu. =Crommie,Hu. =Dooley,James
=M''Loughlin,Dan. =Chambers,James =Babbington,R. +Ballygarvey =Edmonston,Ben.
=M''Mullan,Denis =M''Mullan,James =M''Kinlay,Alex. =Douglas,Alex.
=M''Mullan,Neale =Boyle,James. =Anderson,Robert =Anderson,James
=M''Neill,Daniel =Olone,Pat. =Olone,John =Alderdice,George =O''Dougherty,Felix
=M''Quig,John/Sr. =M''Quig,John/Jr. =Williamson,James. =M''Donnell,Arch.
=M''Quilkin,James =Beard,James =Beard,Hugh =Beard,John =Huey,John =Coyles,John
=M''Quilton,Roger =Wrath,John =Sterling,Thomas =Moore,Robert =Connor,Pat.
=Macan,Dan. =Grier,Patrick =Dunlop,Robert =Mackey,Duncan =M''Bragh,Thos.
=Macan,John =Dunlop,Alex. =Kinney,John =Carmichael,Gilbert =Carmichael,Dan.
=Madden,Thomas =Sillemon,Wm. =Orr,Robert. =Pinkerton,Nat. =Graham,James
=Magowan,Wm. =Magowan,Andrew. =Cameron,J/Rev. +Dunluce =M''Duffee,James
=Marshall,Robert =Connolly,Malcolm =Blayney,Allen =M''Mullan,Eph. =Jameson,Pat.
=Martin,Wm. =Hunter,Thomas =Young,Wm. =Hopkins,John =Hopkins,Joseph
=Miskelly,Robert =Miskelly,Hugh. =Adams,John =Adams,John/Jr. =Adams,Henry
=Molligan,Thos. =Sloane,Wm. =M''Mullan,Dennis. =Magee,John =Redmond,Sam.
=Murray,Daniel =Walsh,Thomas. =M''Nully,Owen =Lamon,James =Walsh,Pat.
=O''Neil,John =O''Hara,Hugh =O''Lone,Pat. =O''Kane,Richard =Blaney,Wm.
=O''Shales,hugh =O''Shales,Daniel. =Moore,Ephraim =M''Gowry,Daniel =M''Kewon,Wm.
=Orr,John/Jr. =M''Inargany,C. =M''Inargany,P. =Scally,Wm. =Scally,Dan.
=Pasket,John =M''Causland,Hu. =Barklay,Wm. =M''Caghan,Jos. =Vance,Wm.
=Pollock,John =M''Caushen,John =Burrowes,John =Montgomery,R/A. =M''Burney,Alex.
=Purcell,Dennis =Purcell,Robert =Forbes,Cupage =Forbes,John =Forbes,Charles
=Quin,Timothy =M''Lorinon,Chas. =M''Lorinon,John =M''Cartney,John =M''Lonnan,Hen.
=Rankin,Hugh =Rankin,John =Corbin,James =O''Hara,Charles =M''Quilton,Jenkin
=Rice,Ben. =Gilmore,Mathew =M''Cann,Felix. =M''Elvenna,John =Drain,Pat.
=Rogers,L. +Clough =Mullan,Clot. =Morgan,Wm. =Elder,R. +Portna =Kent,Wm.
=Ross,James =M''Duffee,Ja/Jr. =M''Duffee,John/M. =Rankin,Hugh =Magowan,John
=Scally,James. =M''Clean,Alex. =Gillan,Robert =Rammage,Pat. =M''Gowan,James
=Scoby,Mat. =Moore,Wm. =Johnston,James =Laverty,Felix =Thompson,David
=Scott,Thomas =M''Ilven,John =Gubbins,John =Bruce,John/Jr. =Rea,John
=Slowper,Thomas =Johnston,Robert =Hume,Sam. =Maxwell,Mat. =Dunbar,Robert
=Smith,Henry. =Thompson,Wm. =Moran,John/Sr. =Moran,John/Jr. =Moran,Wm.
=Steel,James =Dunlop,Hugh +Ballintoy =M''Curdy,James =M''Elfatrick,Sam.
=Stewart,Francis =Stewart,Mat/Sr. =Stewart,Mat/Jr. =Macan,David =Macan,Arch.
=Todd,Wm. =Campbell,Andrew =Campbell,James =M''Kendry,Robert =Laverty,James
=Urney,Peter =Combs,Charles =Blair,Samuel =M''Elhaffy,Robt. =Blair,Abraham
=Vance,Ezekiel =M''Elvay,Wm. =M''Arlane,Thos. =Moore,Wm. =Wales,Brice
=Wallace,Andrew =Todd,James =Martin,John =Steel,John =Hoey,James =Humes,Robert
=Walsh,James =Walsh,Robt/Jr. =Walsh,Henry =Walsh,John =O''Hara,Owen
=Willis,James =M''Vickar,Wm. =Wills,Alex. =Drain,John =M''Fall,Arch.
=Willson,Alex. =M''Kendry,James. =Walsh,Robt/Sr. =Walsh,James =Walsh,Robt/Sr.
=Wilson,Samuel =Taggart,John =Williams,Joseph =Donnelly,John =Armstrong,Wm.
continued list Co. +Antrim legislative union =Master,Alex. =M''Coy,Hugh

October 15, 1799, Page 1
Continued List from October 11th.  County of Antrim.  James Blaire

November 1, 1799, Page 2
East Indies
From the Madras Gazette
Monday, May 27, 1799:
The Following general return of killed, wounded and missing of the corps composing the Army before Seringapatum, from the 4th of April to the 14th of May, is published by the authority of the Right Hon. Governor General in Council.

            Signed J. Webbe, Sec. to Gov. Gen.

....(among many listed)

Lieut. BLAIR, 1st bat. Madras artillery, wounded, 25th April.

December 3, 1799, Page 3, Doc. ID: 272814: ADPOL GOVIRL

(Polictical Ad with long list of signees, including the following Blairs.  Followed by complete list)

William Blair 

+Carrick =Ferris,Owen =Ferris,Edward =Gray,And. =Brien,Owen =Conolly,Arth.
=Ackin,R. =M''Gill,Charles =M''Goffin,Mores =Hoddock,James =Douglas,John
=Allan,James =M''Guire,Philip =M''Connell,Hugh =Cooper,Samuel =Feir,Best
=Armstrong,James =Dounes,John. =Boyulan,Hugh =Irvine,Thomas =Girvin,James
=Armstrong,John =Johnston,James. =M''Farland,John =Lamb,John =Armstrong,Alex.
=Barber,James =M''Cavill,Thomas =M''Ildowney,A. =M''Kewer,Wm. =Caldwel,T.
=Baxter,Samuel =Baxter,John =Baxter,James. =Gibson,Andrew =Watson,John
=Bell,James/Jr. =Bell,James/Sr. =Bell,Samuel =Campbell,R. =Gray,A.
=Black,John =Sloan,Wm. =Lamb,Alexander. =Armstrong,DAvid =Graham,Michael
=Boak,Robert =Thompson,Wm. =Huston,John =Beard,James =Ramsay,Andrew =Park,Wm.
=Booth,William =Pentland,W. +Fintna =Steele,G/Stone =Paul,Henry =Kelly,H.
=Brodley,Wm. =Brodley,Tho. =Craufurd,Wm. =Quin,Wm. =Quin,Michael =Beatty,James
=Buchanan,Anselon =Buchanan,Alex. =Buchanan,Wm/Sr. =Buchanan,Beavor
=Buchanan,Eulis/A. =Buchanan,Thomas =Buchanan,W/Jr. =Buchanan,Arch.
=Buchanan,G. +Strart =Buchanan,P. +Tattyr =Buchanan,Andrew =Moore,John
=Buchanan,Wm. =Buchanan,Eulis. =Buchanan,G. =Buchanan,Robert =Buchanan,Bray
=Caldwell,Charles =Caldwell,James. =Crawford,William =Caldwell,Edward
=Campbell,Hugh =M''Farland,Walter =Killgore,William =Stuart,M. =Killgore,R.
=Chittick,John =Nethery,Wm. =Shiels,R. =Crawford,James =Conde,John =Ramsay,R.
=Cochran,A. =Scott,Charles =Edie,Nathaniel =Stanus,Ephraim =Smyly,William
=Condey,William =White,John =Smith,James =Miller,John =Hill,Robert
=Crauford,Joseph =Ramsay,James =Bond,Wm. =Owens,Patick =Rattegan,Wm.
=Crawford,John =Henderson,John =Montgomery,Tho. =Baulay,J. +Strabane
=Crosbie,Richard =Irvine,Gerrard. =Elliot,Henry/N. =Fleming,James
=Crozier,John =Warden,Hugh. =Nimmins,John =Pringle,Alexander =Hoey,William
=Culberston,Thos. =Culbertston,And. =White,George =Young,Wm. =Orr,Matthew
=Cunningham,G/L. =Stewart,H. =Hamilton,James =Hamilton,A/T. =Hamilton,John
=Davis,James =Irvine,Robert. =Turner,James =M''Caskey,John =O''Nail,Roger
=Delany,Patrick =M''Derrigan,John =Caldwell,Samuel =Fear,James =M''Kenighan,Tho.
=Denorel,James =Woods,James. =Anderson,Wm. =Hood,Robert =M''Morris,John
=Donnel,John =Long,Edward =M''Farland,J. =M''Donagh,James. =Patchell,William
=Donnel,Wm. =Wilson,John =Dun,Wm. =Patterson,John =Boyd,John =Brown,David
=Elliot,William =Kilpatrick,John =Nevill,Samuel =Ledlie,George =Eakin,Gabriel
=Ellis,Edward =Ellis,Patick =Hamilton,Robert =Hamilton,William
=Fair,Hugh =Harper,Daniel. =Brown,David =Mellan,Arthur =Potter,R. =Hughs,A.
=Fenton,John =Hamilton,Thos. =Hamilton,A. =Hill,John =Hamilton,J/Jr.
=Ferguson,William =Gallagher,Edward =Robinson,R. =Nevill,Samuel
=Fife,Robert =Porter,Thomas. =Alexander,Wm. =Pollock,Charles =Caldwell,J.
=Fleming,Pat. =Edie,William =Daniel,Wm. =Barely,Jos. =Morton,Sam.
=Forgy,Andrew =Blair,William =Law,Richard =Hunter,James =Young,Daniel
=Galbraith,James =Church,John =Murray,W/L. =Sinclair,George =Bell,Humphry
=Gaston,James =Stirling,William =Wetheral,Thomas =Maxwell,A/Rev.
=Graham,Andrew =Nixon,James =Young,William =Moorhead,Joseph =Young,Robert
=Greer,John =Heatherington,J. =Rogers,William =Farran,Peter =M''Causland,Thos.
=Hamilton,Audley =M''Clintock,John. =Simpson,John =Simpson,William
=Hamilton,George =Moor,William =Stinnon,Charles =Lindsay,George.
=Hamilton,Hugh =Wilson,Robert =White,Andrew =Boak,H. =Smyly,Andrew
=Heasley,Robert =Porter,John =Moore,Robert =Gilmore,James =M''Crea,Wm.
=Henderson,Robert =Smyth,William =Caldwell,John =Hamilton,M.
=Huey,Thomas =M''Carbey,Hugh =M''Gork,Michael. =M''Loghlin,James =Devine,Owen
=Humphreys,D. =Stevenson,James =M''Crea,John =Lyons,Joseph =Leitch,John
=Hunter,R. =Hadden,Samuel. =Haden,George =Crozier,R. =Johnston,William
=Huston,Thomas =Nixon,Andrew. =Lyon,John =Lyon,Charles =M''Cann,R.
=Johnston,A. =M''Farland,James =Nixon,Robert =Given,George =Nixon,John
=Johnston,James =Wilson,James. =Wilson,Thomas =Graham,William =Graham,Duncan
=Johnston,John =Mann,William =Mann,James =Clemens,Thomas =M''Grew,John
=Kelly,Francis =Kelly,Owen =Skey,Daniel =M''Laughlin,G. =Cubbertson,John
=Kerr,Josias =Leitch,T/Rev. =Fleming,James =Donnell,E. =Caldwell,John
=King,William =Wallace,Sam. =Robinson,Jas. =King,W/Jr. =Moorhead,W.
=Knox,Edm/Rev. =Fowler,Rd/Rev. =Hamilton,J/S. =Staples,John =Moore,N/Mont.
=Knox,H. =Arbuckle,John =Kerr,Alex. =Brown,John
=Laird,James =Farson,William =Foster,Edward =Rainy,R. =Stewart,W.
=Lamb,Francis =Quin,Wm/Jr. =Best,Francis =M''Farland,James =Lamb,Wm.
=Leviston,Wm. =Sproule,Robert =Sproule,John =Sproule,Joseph =Sproule,Edw.
=Ligett,A. =Turner,Christ. =Davis,James. =Caldwell,Tho. =Kelly,Bryan
=Ligett,John =M''Cormick,Jen. =Acheson,J. =M''Curry,Hugh =Chittick,R. =Ramsay,R.
=Love,John =Miller,William =Ramsey,James =Kerr,James =Stincern,Robert
=Lyons,John =Gilmore,John =Fulton,George. =Knox,Thomas =Forgy,Francis
=M''Atanny,Chas. =Humes,James. =Corakin,D. =Neilson,Jarard/Sr.
=M''Connell,J/Sr. =M''Connell,J/Jr. =M''Farland,James +Dunenana =Huston,Samuel
=M''Crea,John =Alexander,James =Browne,A. =Hamilton,J. =Sproule,Charles
=M''Cullogh,John =Rainy,James =Bell,R. =M''Kibbon,Samuel. =Mahaffy,John
=M''Donagh,Wm. =Mullin,John. =M''Farland,James =Kennedy,William
=M''Farland,Robert =Crosbie,Robert. =Crosbie,James =Mitchell,James
=M''Gee,Hugh =Kenny,Samuel =Ekin,Adam =Boyle,Wm. =Brown,Wm. =Dunbar,Robert
=M''Ginn,Patrick =Greer,John. =M''Conkey,John =Hunter,A. =Barber,John
=M''Ilroy,Joseph =Ferguson,Wm. =King,John =M''Ginn,Pat. =Johnston,William
=M''Mahon,E/Rev. =Kelly,P/Rev. =M''Menomy,D. =M''Can,James =King,James
=Mackrell,George =Mackrell,Geo/Jr. =George,Andrew. =Dickson,Wm.
=Mahaffy,Thomas =Junk,Thomas =Woodhouse,John =Russel,R. =M''Gaw,John
=Marshall,H. +Culogh =Atthill,W. =Davison,J/Rev. =Sturrock,Thos/P.
=Maxwell,Richard =Downing,A/C. =Graham,R. =Graham,J. =Forsyth,Thomas
=Miller,Samuel =Geldrew,Philip =Halligan,Hugh =White,John =Moorhead,James
=Moffit,Thomas =Patterson,John =Patterson,James =Sheridan,William
=Montgomerie,James =Bell,Robert =Knox,Joseph.
=Moore,Edward =M''Reynolds,A. =Falls,James =Crawford,C. =Curry,William
=Neilson,Jarard/Jr. =Neilson,Robert =M''Cormick,David =Boyle,James =O''Nail,John
=Nesbit,John =M''Cay,James. =Gamble,Robert =Clarke,John =Gorden,J. =Cox,J.
=Quin,Hans =Johnston,Christ. =Sloan,Robert =Johnston,James =Moore,Samuel
=Rahtin,James =Mimnagh,John =Rahtin,N. =M''Ilroy,James =Gay,William
=Ramsay,James =Rogan,Francis. =Quin,Peter =Alexander,Jacob =Spiller,John
=Ramsay,Samuel =M''Ginn,John. =Carson,Joseph =M''Clintock,Jos. =Mallon,Peter
=Reily,Alexander =Girvin,James/Jr. =Dixon,R. =Irvin,J. =Carroll,Hugh
=Riche,James =Alexander,And. =Colhoun,John =Glackan,Hugh =Gallagher,John
=Robinson,Francis =Robinson,James. =Young,H. =Young,Samuel =Adams,William
=Rouse,James =Graham,John. =Neilson,William =Brown,Joseph =Wark,William
=Scott,Robert =Porter,John =Porter,James =Porter,Thomas =Smyly,Robert
=Sheils,John =Gouldsbury,F. =Pringle,John =Pringle,William =Galbraith,G.
=Sheridan,James =Sheridan,John. =Johnston,Alex. =Davis,William
=Simpson,Edward =Youngman,Chas. =Greet,Thomas =Greer,James =Wilson,Daniel
=Simpson,John =M''Intire,Leonard =Caldwell,Andrew =Calhoon,Thomas =Ramsay,John
=Smith,John =Simpson,John =Carter,Robert =Hunter,A. =Baxter,William
=Sproule,C. +Granam =Acheson,Charles. =Patterson,Wm. =Turner,Robert
=Sproule,James =Harpur,William. =Weldon,Fran. =Walder,Robert =Scott,John
=Stewart,Ham. =Stewart,Benj. =Stewart,John =Sturrok,W. =Delap,H/Rev.
=Stewart,James =M''Veagh,Arthur =Johnston,James =Gillespy,William =Blaney,James
=Stewart,Wm. =Porter,Robert =Moody,J. =Smyth,James =Donnel,Wm.
=Thompson,John =Henderson,Samuel =Alexander,James =Fulton,Samuel
=Thompson,Robert =Evans,John. =Stoaks,H/Rev. =Ward,John =Clarke,Rob/Rev.
=Verner,James =Lindsay,Robert. =Toler,John =Gledstanes,W/U. =Mackey,John
=Wachobe,C. =Weir,James =Leitch,Robert. =Rainey,John =Cuningham,Wm.
=Wallace,J. =Caldwell,William. =George,Mathew =Dawson,Thomas =M''Kenighan,Rob.
=Wallace,John =Buchanan,J. +Omagh =Buchanan,James =Buchanan,George
=Watson,Samuel =Smyth,William =Maxwell,Thomas =M''Creery,William =Harvey,Robert
=Watters,John =MCrodan,James. =Davidson,James =M''Mitchell,R. =M''Mitchell,John
=White,Robert =White,Matthew =Donaghy,Arthur. =Carson,James =M''Causland,And.
=White,Samuel =Jack,Edward. =Adams,William =Christie,John =Caldwell,John
=Winning,A. =Vincent,Rob/Rev. =Hamilton,Henry. =M''Anelly,James =Norris,Joseph
=Wirling,George =M''Loughlin,John. =Calhoon,James =Calhoun,Hugh =Gallagher,Tho.
=Young,James =Dunlap,William =Orr,John =White,James =Dunlap,James
Co. +Tyrone +Ireland national union +Great!Britain Irishman independence taxes
income empire declaration. =Abercorn =Bristol =Caledon =Clogher,J.

December 20, 1799, Page 4
(Polictical Ad with long list of signees, including the following Blairs.  Complete list of other names follows)

William Blair

RICH-HILL, December 4, 1799.

We the undersigned Merchants and Freeholders of teh Manors of Rich-hill and Mullalelish, having given the Measure of a Legislative Union with Great Britain, the most serious consideration in our power, and having assembled this day at Rich-hill, for the purpose of expressing our opinion publicly thereupone; do hereby declare, that it has our most decided disapprobation, and we do in consequence call upon ourr Representatives in Parliament, to be indefatigable in their endeavours to preven the establishment of a system which we conceive ?pinous to the trade, consequence and prosperity of this country.

 +Great!Britain assembled representatives. parliament =Richardson,Wm.
+Rich!Hill 4 merchants freeholders manors +Mullalelish legislative union
=Albin,Robert =Stanley,Charles =Kinney,Robert =Bell,Samuel =Kain,Thomas
=Albion,John/Jr. =Woods,John =Harcourt,James =Wilson,George =Ruddock,John
=Andrews,Joseph =M''Mullon,Samuel. =Langtree,John =Fearon,Bernard =Wilson,Wm.
=Atkinson,John =Turkington,Wm. =M''Cleland,Hugh =Morison,J/Jr. =Morison,J/Sr.
=Best,Robt. =Cox,Richard =Jackson,John =Best,James =Jenkinson,John
=Best,Sam. =Chambers,Alex. =Whiley,Robt/Jr. =Rountree,James =Harris,Robt.
=Bountree,John =Halligan,John. =Andrews,Robert =Stanley,Ralph
=Boyce,Elisha =M''Mullen,Thos. =Kerr,Alexander =Procter,Thos. =Moor,Gaun
=Boyd,Robert =Blyke,John. =Atkinson,Henry =Shegog,John =Castigan,Thos.
=Bradshaw,Jas/Sr. =Sturgen,William. =M''Kell,William =Cullon,John
=Brown,George =Perison,Joseph =Pierson,Jacob =Wright,Robert.
=Brown,Samuel =Parks,Richard =Taylor,Robert =Allen,John =M''Clain,William
=Clinton,Johnathan =Lamb,James. =Gordon,Samuel =Woods,Thomas =M''Caine,Henry
=Crage,Robert =Jackson,John =Loney,James. =Albin,Wm. =Rountree,Thomas
=Donaghy,Rd/Sr. =Stephenson,Js/Sr. =Foster,John =Hewitt,Joseph =Wilson,Andrew
=Donaldson,Robert =Hewitt,James =Allen,Thomas =Neilson,Samuel =King,Wm.
=Falloon,Arthur =Falloon,Samuel =Stewart,John =White,John =Williamson,Robt.
=Ferguson,Arch. =Walker,Wm. =M''Broom,Jas. =M''Broom,John =Johnston,George
=Hewitt,Mark =Chapman,James =M''Cune,Thomas =Wright,Charles =Clinton,Wm.
=Hutchinson,James =Harris,Robert. =Roddle,James =Roddle,George =Gatgood,John
=Jackson,Wm. =Troughton,George =Clinton,Samuel =Rountree,Wm. =M''Cluskey,Mer.
=Jenkenson,David =Cuming,John =Watson,Wm. =Wright,Robert =Hampton,Michael
=Jenkinson,Wm. =Ballintine,John. =Jones,Thomas =Leney,Wm. =Walsh,John
=Johnston,John =Gardiner,Singleton =Greir,James =Robinson,John =Allen,George
=Kain,William =Balintine,Jn/Jr. =Graham,Henry =M''Kell,Sam/Jr. =Heatley,James
=Livingston,John =Hays,John. =M''Cleland,Charles =Hart,James =Odgers,John
=Loney,Abraham =Shenee,Robt. =Trouton,Thos. =Ford,Jacob =Ford,James
=Loney,John =M''Mullon,Thos. =M''Cann,Geo. =Person,Abraham =Harcourt,Rich.
=Loney,John =Robinson,John =Ruddle,Wm. =Johnston,James =Hall,Thomas
=M''Carrison,Francis =Wilson,John. =Gibson,James =Gibson,John =Jackson,Edward
=M''Clure,Thomas =Person,Joshua. =Greir,James =Jackson,Joseph =Woods,William
=M''Conn,David =Gipson,James. =Heatley,Philip =Hutchinson,John =Hanlon,Edward
=M''Nies,James =Boyce,Robert =Stephenson,James =Donaghy,Richard =Donaghy,Hugh
=Mackey,Ben. =Albin,James =M''Clathchey,Rich. =M''Cune,James =M''Cune,Arch.
=Moor,James =M''Kill,Edw. =Walker,Thos. =Albin,Robert =Trotter,Wm.
=Mullan,Bernard =Gray,Samuel. =Hewitt,Edward =Hewitt,Edw/Jr. =Wilson,Charles
=Osborne,Joseph =Jenkinson,Henry =Thornbury,Robt. =Thornbury,Wm.
=Pierson,John =Forquer,Hugh. =Wilson,George =Ruddle,James =Trotter,Robt.
=Presick,Christ. =Albion,John =Albin,Christ. =Troughton,Thos. =Wilson,Robert
=Reid,James =Walker,George. =Armstrong,Thos. =Robinson,James =Moor,Arch.
=Rountree,Wm. =Morra,George =Jordan,Robert =Haddock,Jacob =Logan,James
=Shanks,Israel =Jones,Wm. =Stephenson,Wm. =Weathreal,Richd. =Frizzle,George
=Sinton,John =Wilson,Samuel =Irvin,John/Jr. =Irvin,John/Sr. =Albin,Wm/Sr.
=Sinton,Thomas =Donaldson,Robert =Dougherty,John =Hodgens,Thomas
=Softley,John =M''Crorey,John =Hewitt,Alex. =Huges,Michael =Persion,Jacob/Sr.
=Tembrill,John =Flavel,William =Best,Richard =Andrews,Hugh =Orr,James
=Thompson,Geo. =Logan,John =Hunter,Laurens =Harbinson,John =Finnigan,Arthur
=Thompson,George =Best,Thomas =Rountree,Thomas =Allen,Henry =Kain,Sachevarl
=Trowton,Richard =Grier,Thomas. =Brown,David =Walsh,John =Stewart,John
=White,Francis =Rountree,John =Totton,Henry =Totton,Samuel =Morrow,Robert
=Whitley,Robt. =Hays,James =M''Kill,James =Wright,Thomas =Watson,Wm/Sr.
=Willamson,Hugh =Blair,Wm. =Hoey,Thos. =Anderson,James =Perison,Wm.
=Williamson,Wm. =Allen,Willam. =Sloan,James =Donaldson,James =Donaldson,Wm.
=Woods,George =Ballentine,Alex. =Hutchison,David =Cole,John =Stewart,Wm.
=Wright,Wm. =Preston,William =Shaw,Thomas

December 31, 1799, Page 4
(Polictical Ad with long list of signees, including the following Blairs.  Complete list of other names.)

Alex Blair
County of Donegall.

The subject of a Legislative Union between Great Britain and Ireland having undergone a full and extensive consideration, it is to be presumed that few men are at this day undecided in the opinions on that momentous object.  We, whose names are undersigned, take this method of conveying to the Public our sentiments on that most important question.

    We are not suptifed? that different opinions should prevail on a subject so interesting, and so extensive; we therefore hold the sentiments of such of our fellow countrymen as happen to be different from our own, in that just respect that is due to their characters and their property in our county.  We deem it however right, at this period, to declare our own.

    The principle of a Legislative Union between this kingdom and Great Britain, founded on equality of trade, equality of protection, equality of constitutional rights and privileges, and equality of taxation, according to the respective wealth and resources of both kingdoms, meets with our decided approbation.

    But while we thus declare our approbation of the general principle, we are not to be understood to pledge ourselves to the detail.  That detail we consider arduous and difficult.  However, we do not think the apparent difficulty ought to discourage the efforts to accomplish an object that, in our opinion, will strengthen the Empire at large, allay private discontents and religious animosities in this kingdom, and bury forever the jealousies that are inseparable from a federal connexion between distinct and independent nations.

    (The above Declaration has been signed by the following Noblemen and Gentlemen, with several thousand others whose names we will insert when we can make room.)

+Altehalla     Dougherty,Cha.     Devein,M. +Straid     Gilleland,D. +Benron     Smith,D.
+Aughaskd     Armstrong,T.     Clark,G. +Culnavoe     Armstrong,J. +Ealm     Magee,J.
+Aughlard     Flecher,J. +Castletoris     Gilon,H. +Nocbrach     Wilson,T.
+Buncrana     Nesbitt,George +Woodhill.     Smyth,Marcus +Marblehill     Cary,George
+Clogh     Sinclair,Malcom +Magherard.     Brotten,D. +Gaddyduff     Miller,G.
+Cloghron     Baxter,Henry     Nesbitt,James     Taylor,Charles     Nesbitt,Wm.
+Clonmany     Major,John +Ballyshannon     Crawford,D.     Allingham,John/Sr.
+Cloucha +Glebe     M''Integer,Sam.     Dogherty,Owen     M''Farland,Walter +Culduff
+Cornigilia     Mackey,John     Henion,Chas.     Johnston,H.     Duffy,John     M''Elheny,J.
+Doballa     Algee,John     Laird,Nat.     Algee,James     Dermond,O.     King,Wm.
+Foster''s!Court     Nesbitt,Robert +Mount!Charles     Hamilton,James. +Eden
+Glenalla     Alexander,H. +Broomhall     Alexander,Nath Co. +Fermanagh.     Hart,John
+Inniskeil     Stewart,T. +Rutland     Knox,Russel +Kilcar     Morgan,P. +Killatee
+Kilderry     Ferguson,A.     Harvey,R. +Malin!Hall     Harvey,Thomas     Harvey,John
+Killegh     Colgan,T.     M''Colgan,B. +Carricslarchy     Gohegon,Ceberone +Mahereord
+Killeigh     Carney,M. +Ramelt     Usher,J. +Kay     Ball,Robert     Foster,John
+Lisdargan     Butler,Geo.     Alcorn,Jn.     M''Connologe,John     Reid,Jn.     Doherty,N.
+Mount!Charles     Nesbit,Wm.     Nesbit,Andw.     Brennan,Mich.     Williams,Js.
+Mullaghduff     Darcus,John +Inch     Todd,Wm.
+Oakpark     M''Clintock,A. +Rathdonnell     Montgomery,John +Fairview     Hamilton,Geo.
+Prehon     Maxwell,R. +Birdstown     Maxwell,Wiliam.     M''Clintock,R. +Dunmore
+Rays     Mungan,Jas.     Faucet,F.     Lipset,Joseph
+Rock     Maguire,Hugh     Coulter,Jn. +Craig     M''Guire,Denis.     Maguire,Hugh
+Rushville     Boggs,Ninian     Russel,Sam.     Boggs,Js/Sr.     Elder,Wm. +Letteror
+St!Johnstown     Brooke,H. +Burt     Coyle,Aut. +Raphoe     Coyle,Pat.
+Whitecastle     Hart,Robert +Cashel     Young,R. +Culdaff     Leslie,C. +Keneraigie
    Allingham,John/Jr.     Dickson,J/Sr.     Major,T/C.     Crofton,H.     Squire,W.
    Anderson,Wm.     Burkhill,J.     Hamilton,H.     M''Caughill,J.     Galbraith,A.
    Atteridge,Rich.     Atteridge,John     Briaddin,Pat.     O''Donnel,Roger
    Baskin,Wm.     Baskin,Oliver     Kirk,Dan.     Kirk,Geo.     Brittain,Rob.     Blake,Wm.
    Black,Wm.     Lipsett,Michael     Lipsett,James     Lipsett,Arthur     Lipsett,John/Sr.
    Boyd,J. +Lisnisk     Cullen,H. +Knockbrach     Conwell,J.     Conwell,C.     Magee,Neil
    Boyle,Bryan     Kirkpatrick,G.     Bolton,Jomes     Bolton,Henry     Woodward,J.
    Boyle,Edw.     Kenny,Jn.     M''Gowan,Arth.     Glackin,Denis     Mupan,Tho.     Mupan,Hu.
    Bradly,Edw.     Burns,Chas.     Luke,Wm.     Maghan,Jas.     Tadley,James     Ewing,John
    Brennan,Mich.     M''Connell,Th.     M''Connell,Geo.     Sharp,James
    Bresland,Wm.     Haughey,Owen     M''Realy,Owen.     M''Neely,Andrew     M''Faddin,Neal
    Brown,J. +Mullinac     Brown,James     M''Clean,P. +Janque     Donnel,Owen
    Browne,George     Bird,Richard.     Lipsett,Anthony     Lipsett,Joseph     Sheldon,Wm.
    Browne,Robert     Wray,Alex.     Moore,Thos.     Gallagher,Thos.     Campbell,John
    Burnett,Rich.     Dogherty,P. +Turfmenagh.     Dogherty,Geo.     Dogherty,Pat.
    Butt,R. +Glenfin     Cannon,M. +Balinagk     Howard,James     Magee,Thos.     Magee,G.
    Byrn,Dominick     Byrn,Connel     Byrn,Hugh.     Byrm,Bryan     Stewart,Watty     Davis,J.
    Byrne,Peter     Kilpatrick,J.     O''Bryan,G.     Eagleton,J.     Long,David     Freel,Jas.
    Caldwell,D.     Pollock,R. +Callin     Green,Wm.     Green,George     Stewart,J.
    Campbell,Wm.     M''Laughlin,Jas.     Colgan,Chas.     M''Lucas,Nal.     Mongomery,J.
    Carson,Wm.     Kelly,J. +Killar     Barow,T/V. +Grapho     Lipsett,M.     Cassidy,Mithl.
    Cather,John     M''Mannimon,N.     M''Mannimon,Neal
    Chism,Samuel     Cooney,Mark     Miles,James     M''Cordock,John     M''Bride,Wm.
    Clark,Wm.     Leathem,Wm/Sr.     Leathem,Sam.     M''Bride,James     Denniston,Sam.
    Clarke,John     Dougherty,Jn.     Dougherty,Mic.     Faulkner,J. +Glacknadrumna
    Collins,Chas.     M''Devitt,Edw.     Filston,Sam.     Lecky,Chas.     Peeples,James
    Collins,Jas.     Wallace,A/Sr.     Wallace,A/Jr.     Wallace,Oliver     Wallace,Samuel
    Collins,Owen     Snodgrass,Robet.     Quin,Patrick     Scot,Michael     M''Girr,John
    Coulter,Robert     Wardlan,Wm.     Wardlan,Sam.     Garry,Murtagh     Garry,Patrick
    Creighton,A/Jr.     Nesbitt,John.     M''Glice,Charles     Brice,Henry     M''Brearty,J.
    Creighton,Abraham     Creighton,John.     Hayes,Sam/Sir +Drumboe!Castle
    Cunningham,F/Sr.     Cunningham,F/Jr.     Hagerty,James     Dogherty,James
    Cunningham,Jas.     M''Cadden,George     Gallagher,F.     Gorman,James     Boyle,Terence
    Curran,Denis     Byrn,Owen     Downy,Wm.     Hagerty,Maurice     Blaine,Joseph
    Curry,Samuel +Stran     Curry,Joseph +Umgal     Heath,Wm. +Tahan
    Curtain,Daniel     Gourly,Andrew     Lynch,J. +Dimamore     Witherow,William
    Daniel,John     Daniel,Mark     Kelly,Edw/Sr.     Cassidy,Owen     Mondo,Robet
    Davis,James     Flood,James     Morrow,George.     Miller,Hugh     Crawford,Alex.
    Deally,J. +Meenavoy     Armstrong,J. +Falm     Baird,Robert     Boyle,Ja.
    Dean,Alex.     Wallace,M. +Carnshanaugh.     Wallace,John     Daugherty,R.
    Denny,Wm.     Campbell,Wm.     Dogherty,Jn.     M''Intire,R. +Mallin     Carney,J.
    Dogharty,Con.     Dunlap,Wm.     Devitt,Wm.     M''Clelan,John     Creswell,James
    Dogherty,Bryan     Ward,Maurice.     Love,Samuel     M''Ilwaine,John     Crawford,Robt.
    Dogherty,E. +Tullagh     Dogherty,B.     M''Aleny,Jn.     M''Aleny,Ed.     Dogherty,O.
    Donnell,Hugh     Boyle,Owen     M''Creary,Alex.     Summons,Pat.     O''Donnel,Neal
    Dougherty,John     Gibbon,John.     Kelly,James     King,Jacob     Ewing,Sam.
    Elliot,Robt.     Boyle,Wm.     Morrow,Sam.     Gallisp,John
    Ellis,George     Killin,James     M''Cordack,R.     Mulholland,R.     M''Gin,Patrick
    Fairman,R.     Kelly,J. +Meenavay.     Kelly,Chas.     Smullan,J/A. +Lifford
    Farcy,W. +Gortward     Ryan,Hugh     Mulreny,Pat.     Campbell,Jack     Campbell,Rob.
    Ferguson,J. +Cloghgore     Finlay,James     Gregg,W. +Tommyscroft     Dugan,J.
    Ferguson,Thomas +Magherauby     Dermond,P.     Peoples,Wm. +Dremaida     Stewart,A.
    Fienery,E.     M''Cool,Darley     M''Cool,Pat.     Finney,Pat.
    Filson,T. +Magherabuy     Cullen,W.     Russel,T. +Drumeny     Lucus,Henry
    Fitzgerald,Jas.     Bridges,Henry     Brandon,Gerard     Lipsett,Lewis     Lipsett,John
    Flaherty,James     Barr,James     Young,John     Barry,Wm.     Barry,James
    Fletcher,W.     Paterson,R. +Tranboy.     Moore,James     Patterson,Wm.     Kilgrace,S.
    Fulton,F. +Drimersey     M''Laughlin,Peter     M''Careless,Francis     M''Lucas,W.
    Galbraith,Andw.     Thompson,Wm.     Kilpatrick,Moses     Rhea,Wm.     Tunny,Patrick
    Galbraith,J.     Scott,Thos/P.     Young,Alex.     Young,William.     Seyers,Andrew
    Gallagher,Chas.     Rogers,Mich.     Hannigan,O.     Tapins,G.     Rowan,David
    Gallagher,Jn.     Haroughy,B.     Griffith,M.     Griffith,Jacob     Muhan,Js.
    Gallagher,Wm.     Gallagher,P.     Mundy,Hugh     Gallagher,D.     Quin,Peter
    Gardner,James     M''Devick,Jas.     Moorhead,J.     Gray,Robert     Gray,J. +Castletorris
    Garry,John     Walker,Arthur     Crawford,And.     Noble,Mark     Cannon,Hugh
    Garry,Owen     Ralston,Charles     Ralston,Joseph     Wilson,Hugh     Wilson,Robert
    Gheattey,Francis     Gregory,Wm.     M''Ghee,James     Magee,James     Collins,James
    Gillon,Hugh     Hilly,John     Haran,Wm.     Carson,Robert     Elliot,John     M''Gin,James
    Gorman,Tho.     Quinn,Pat.     Kelly,Mathew     M''Kosker,John.     Clarke,Wm.     Ross,Sam.
    Gouldsbury,Fran/Sr. +Upper!Moville     Hamilton,Thomas +Lower!Moville.
    Graham,James     Sterritt,Charles     Brestlin,Wm.     Howard,John     Armstrong,Thos.
    Greenlaw,R/Sr.     Greenlaw,R/Jr.     Hamilton,Andrew     M''Grath,Thomas
    Greg,R. +Gartdragon     Ewing,Wm.     Cooke,J. +Lismore     O''Donnell,E.     Lee,J.
    Gregorys,Samuel     Haran,Charles     Haran,Patrick     Haran,Henry/Jr.     Bell,Benjamin
    Griffith,Philip     M''Roarty,Neal     M''Roarty,Pat.     M''Roarty,Chs.     M''Roarty,B.
    Hamilton,Fred. +Clan     Nesbitt,Joshua +Tullydonnell
    Hamilton,James     Cassidy,Samuel.     Creighton,Jas.     Creighton,John
    Hamilton,Jas.     Waddle,Wm.     O''Neal,Henry     Crage,Thos.     Crage,Wm.     Crage,John
    Hamilton,Laur.     Love,James     Love,Patrick.     Dogherty,Owen     Dogherty,Daniel
    Hamilton,Robt.     M''Kenny,W.     Porter,Robert.     Henderson,John     Quinn,Wm.
    Hamilton,Wm. +Ash     Ferguson,Andrew     Huey,Alex. +Castleforward.     Harris,J.
    Hannah,John     Read,Robert     Hizelet,George     Bell,And.     Kelly,Chas.     Smullan,Ja.
    Haran,J/Sr.     Haran,J/Jr.     Woodward,Thos.     Bradbane,Mich.     Devany,Charles
    Harken,Hugh     Harken,M. +Ballinele.     Donaugh,H/M.     Rood,John     Mearren,J.
    Haroughey,J.     Burns,David     Burns,Mich.     Burns,Pat.     Canan,Pat.     Harvey,Mich.
    Hawkins,Thomas     Nesbitt,C. +Greenhill     Grove,Thos. +Castlegrove     Wray,Wm.
    Henderson,Nath.     M''Junckin,Gusty     Stevenson,John     Kirkpatrick,Arthur
    Henry,James     Greer,Wm.     Walker,Philip     Henry,John     Davis,Wm.     Edgar,Wm.
    Henry,James     Kilpatrick,John     Crawford,James     Lipsett,John     Clarke,Robert
    Hewett,Alex.     Crawford,James.     Crawford,Samuel     Cuscaden,Arthur
    Higgins,M.     M''Clenachan,J.     Mongan,James     M''Keever,Jas.     Bogan,John
    Hone,Thomas     Hone,Wm.     Donnel,Anthony.     Shaw,Archibald     Shaw,Wm.
    Ingram,Andrew     Carney,James     Eakins,Wm.     Patterson,Wm.     Prinseld,James
    Ingram,Charles     Ingram,Alex.     Ingram,Charles     Buchannon,And.     Lowry,Robert
    Ingram,Wm.     Ramsay,John     Ramsay,Hugh.     Green,John     Green,Andrew
    Irwin,And.     Leckey,John     Leckey,Robert.     Wilson,Robert     Wilson,John
    Johnson,Mat.     Haran,Wm.     Bryn,C/Sr.     Bryn,C/Jr.     M''Glenly,Connel
    Johnston,John     Colhoun,O. +Camagle     Lynch,P. +Cunamyle     Lynch,Geo.
    Johnston,John     M''Intire,Hugh     Downy,Denis     Downy,John     Murry,John
    Kelly,Jas.     Kelly,John     Bell,Wm.     Oliver,Thos.     Pollock,Richard     Cullen,Thos.
    Kelly,John     Kelly,Darby     M''Laughlin,P.     Cramsey,N.     Wray,John     M''Cowan,Oliver
    Kenny,John     Leeper,Andrew     Kirkpatrick,Sam.     Armstrong,Victor     Magee,Thomas
    Keys,George +Carnacor     Cary,George +Donagh
    Keys,Nat. +Cavanaer     Keys,Tasker +Town.     Riddell,Robt.     Ball,Jas. +Shanon
    King,James     Murray,R.     Lockart,And.     Dickson,Wm.     Lipsett,Alex.     Teely,John
    Kirkpatrick,Arthur     Kirkpatrick,Henry     Coubourn,R/Sr.     Duncan,Wm.
    Kirkpatrick,Henry     Corry,Andrew.     Virtue,Robert     Kirkpatrick,Mat.
    Kirkpatrick,James     Kirkpatrick,Jos.     Kirkpatrick,Alex.     Kirkpatrick,Thos.
    Kirkpatrick,Wm.     M''Cleay,Adam.     M''Cloay,John     M''Cleay,Thomas     Gregory,Walter
    Lappen,James     Gallagher,Bryan     Green,John     M''Gargle,Mich.     Graham,Guy
    Lavins,James     Hamilton,Sam.     Lalla,Alex.     Gilliland,Wm.     Paterson,Hamilton
    Law,William     Gage,Marcus +Castlefin     Conyngham,G/L.     Colthurst,Chas.
    Lawn,Hugh     M''Nammee,M.     M''Namee,P.     M''Namee,Jas.     M''Namee,Wm.     Carr,Mathew
    Leslie,Robert     Leslie,John     Chichester,W. +Cloncah     Chichester,E.
    Lifford     Derry,Frederick     Raphoe,James     Conolly,Thos.     Forward,Wm.
    Lipsett,Thos/Jr.     Robinson,Cason     Kirkpatrick,Fitz.     Henry,Walter
    Little,John     Little,David     M''Shee,Robert.     M''Kee,Wm.     Ingram,Alex.
    Long,Andrew     Long,John     Fair,James.     Fair,Thomas     Lawn,Michael
    Loughery,John     Marrow,Robert     M''Cue,John     Shanklin,Robert     Ewing,James
    Lowry,Thomas     Clarke,James     Lipsett,Christ.     Rogers,Samuel     Wallace,David
    Lynch,Geo/Sr.     Weylie,John     Weylie,Eph.     Witherow,Alex.     Irwin,Geo.
    M''Bride,F. +Balinugl     Taylor,G. +Callen     Morrow,G. +Liskeran     M''Clay,R.
    M''Cadden,Jn/Jr.     M''Cadden,J/Sr.     M''Killin,Wm.     Huey,Andrew     Gorman,Terence
    M''Cahil,James     Baron,Charles     Wallace,John     Stewart,Thos.     Stewart,John
    M''Charghlin,P.     Patten,D. +Lettermor     M''Clintock,D.
    M''Clean,John     Murray,John     Carswel,J. +Calunca     M''Clue,Philip     Smith,Robert
    M''Clean,Pat.     Gallagher,Pat.     M''Clean,Daniel     Quigly,Thos.     Leppe,John
    M''Clenachan,Chas.     Charleton,Geo. +Roxton     Warren,W.
    M''Clintock,D.     Bergan,Neal     Livingston,Alex.     Scott,Thos.     M''Beath,John
    M''Cordock,James     Montgomery,John     Soden,Thomas     Strong,James
    M''Cormick,Wm.     Crawford,David +Spawmount     Roulston,Thomas     Cunningham,W.
    M''Cowan,John     M''Devitt,Pat.     Rush,Wm.     Griffin,John     Soanlim,John
    M''Crea,W.     Caldwell,John     Morton,John.     Spence,John     Peke,David     Gevyn,Wm.
    M''Creery,John     Boverd,John     Boyle,Patrick     M''Gargle,Pat.     Quin,Teaugue
    M''Creery,Wm.     Nichon,Richard     Walk,Stephen     Scott,George     Perry,Wm.
    M''Creey,Wm.     Quinn,Wm.     Quinn,James     M''Curdy,John
    M''Cullogh,John     Wilson,James     Wauchop,Wm.     Snodgrass,JOhn     Elliot,John
    M''Curdy,J.     Porter,Wm.     M''Cunes,James     Aleson,Andrew     Aleson,James +Cleagh
    M''Donagh,P.     Johnston,J.     Keys,W.     Daniel,A.     Pemberton,Thomas +Taughboyne
    M''Dougal,Wm.     Porter,J.     Porter,Walness     Moore,Jas.     Deyermote,Denis
    M''Gargle,Owen.     Watson,Alex.     Kelly,Alex.     M''Shee,Wm.     Love,Thomas     Love,Wm.
    M''Ghee,Geo.     Baird,M.     Martin,E.     M''Gargle,J.     Coventry,J.     Laverty,James
    M''Gill,Connel     Conwall,James.     Brisland,Patrick     Jones,Henry
    M''Gin,Byran     White,John     Cuscaden,Andw.     Freecorn,John     Stevenson,And.
    M''Gin,John     M''Cleary,Oliver     M''Grorey,Denis     Montgomery,Alex.     Killin,Josh.
    M''Gin,Thomas     Love,John     Love,Andrew     Haran,Henry/Sr.     Thompson,John
    M''Gloin,Hugh     Osborne,Samuel     Clarke,George     Crawford,James     Black,James
    M''Gloughlin,Neal     Kirkwood,Robert     Conyngham,James.     M''Crea,Bazil
    M''Goughlin,J.     Pack,Wm.     Grimes,James     Johnston,Wm.     Fletcher,John
    M''Granahan,Neil     Moore,Robert     M''Grananhan,Mich.     Hutchinson,Wm.
    M''Hugh,Philp.     Conwall,Connel     Jones,James     Carr,P. +Kilcar     Osborne,John/Jr.
    M''Ilwaine,R.     Manselus,Lau.     M''Kee,Thomas     Blaine,John     Hamilton,Robt.
    M''Kay,Wm.     Grovehall     M''Causland,O. +Letterkenny     Montgomery,Sam. +Newpark
    M''Kinley,Robt.     M''Kinley,John     Ross,Robt.     Rogers,A.     Ewing,Samuel
    M''Laughlin,G.     Cowden,R.     Baird,Wm.     M''Carren,D.     M''Carren,Jas.     Wardlan,J.
    M''Laughlin,James     Adams,Thomas     Greenlaw,Wm.     M''Intire,James     Crawford,Thos.
    M''Laughlin,John     Sproul,John +Ramelton     Ball,Alex.
    M''Loughlin,D.     Risk,David     Montgomery,G.     Wark,Wm.     M''Cay,Rob.     Quin,Jas.
    M''Loughlin,T.     Gallagher,J.     Hair,James     Moor,A.
    M''Mannimon,P.     Smith,John     Devany,Pat.     M''Mannimon,Phe.     Little,James
    M''Mullan,John     M''Grath,Patrick.     M''Laughlin,Wm.     M''Grath,James     M''Ghee,John
    M''Nab,Robert     Edwards,Thos.     Hanly,John     Hanly,James     Britton,John
    M''Namee,Roger     Donnel,John     Killey,And.     Dougherty,Wm.     Sheskert,Jas.
    M''Nulty,Hugh     Allison,Andrew.     Allison,James     Magee,Joseph     Hamilton,John
    M''Nulty,James     Brisland,Owen     Cunningham,J.     Greenlaw,J.     M''Closky,Henry
    M''Roarty,N/Jr.     Canon,Darley     M''Clean,Lau.     M''Canill,Pat.     Creighton,Ed.
    Magee,Charles     Taylor,James     Scott,James     Lepper,Thomas     Maginty,George
    Magee,Fred.     Magee,Wm.     Kenedy,B.     Margee,J. +Catnavor     Gregg,W. +Artikelly
    Maghen,Jas.     Gallagher,T.     Bogan,John     Dogherty,W.     Cooper,John     Robinson,T.
    Martin,Daniel     Farrell,John.     M''Ginly,John     Martin,F/Jr.     M''Grorey,F.
    Monaghan,Pat.     Bern,Hu.     Gallagher,Js.     M''Cullen,Pat.     Gallagher,Ant.
    Montgomery,James     Coane,Anthony     Major,John     Harvey,Ed. +Clonca     Hawkins,John
    Montgomery,Thos.     Carney,James     Carney,Arthur     Rutherford,James
    Morrison,John     Taylor,Robert     Taylor,Wm.     Dogherty,J.     Doherty,Dan.
    Moubray,Hugh     Graham,Isaac     M''Crea,James.     Love,John     Kirkpatrick,T.
    Moubray,James     Cockburn,Robert     Dinsmore,Wm.     Moubray,John     Dinsmore,A.
    Mulholland,T.     Mulhern,E.     M''Cleary,And.     Holmes,James     Holmes,Wm.
    Mulkeran,B/Jr.     Deery,Edward     Mulkeran,Phelim     Deery,John     Martin,Francis
    Mulrine,C.     M''Junckin,G.     M''Crodden,Mat.     Crenor,Chas.     Cameron,R.
    Murry,Robt.     M''Shane,Thomas     M''Nulty,Edwart     M''Nulty,Andrew     O''Donnell,Denis
    Neilson,Robt.     Robinson,A.     Friend,James     Alexander,Jas.     Sprowl,Robt.
    Nesbit,Js.     Blair,Alex.     Hetherington,T.     Hetherington,J.     Murdock,Wm.
    O''Donell,M. +Leenan     O''Donnell,Jn.     O''Donell,Mans.     O''Donell,Pat.
    O''Donnel,Oliver     M''Neclus,Phiip.     Cunningham,R.     Watson,John     Dever,A/Sr.
    O''Donnel,Roger     O''Donnel,Owen.     O''Donnel,James     Atteridge,Thos.
    Osborne,Audly     Osborne,James.     Thompson,Alex.     Walker,George     Strong,Thomas
    Osborne,John/Sr.     Walker,F.     M''Nealus,Manual     Maxwell,James     Maxwell,George
    Paterson,E. +Desertegny     Kennedy,J/P.     Smith,Thos. +Ramullan     O''Sheil,C.
    Patten,And. +Springfield     Allot,J.     Raphroe,Dean/of +Oakfield     Hume,J.
    Patterson,James +Plaster     Paterson,Wm.     Dickson,T. +Ballyshanan
    Patterson,John/Jr.     Graham,Wm.     Oats,William     Lynn,Mathew     Bird,James
    Patterson,John/Sr.     Mures,James     Carberry,Wm.     Taylor,John     Britton,John/Sr.
    Patterson,Walter     Scott,John     Patterson,Wm.     Hanly,Michael     Hanly,Richard
    Perry,Thos.     Wark,John     Scott,Stephen.     Scott,John/Sr.     Scott,Geo.
    Pollock,Robert     Pollock,James     Deasley,Henry     Deasley,Francis
    Porter,Wm.     Finney,Ed.     Scott,James     M''Daugal,C.     Knox,Russel     Mungan,Jas.
    Reaugh,Joseph     Scott,Moses     Baird,M. +Castlefin     Johnston,R.     Savers,Andrew
    Reid,Geo.     Cany,D. +Dunross     Dougherty,Dan.     Merchant,T. +Cloncha     Gellin,B.
    Reilly,Bryan     Kelly,J. +Meenavoy.     Devitt,D. +Litterina     Devitt,Mich.
    Robinson,Wm.     Maxwell,Robt.     Flood,John     M''Nought,M.     Elliot,Wm.
    Rodgers,John     Rodgers,And.     Campbell,John     Pinkerton,Wm.     Kelly,Edw.
    Rollston,Wm.     Henderson,Jos.     Patten,John     Murphy,Wm.     Leary,Wm.
    Ross governor     Erne     Leitrim.     Conyngham     Londonderry     Wicklow     Sudley
    Ross,John     Virtue,James     Elliot,Robert     Wra,John     Menger,John     Brown,Thos.
    Rutherford,Adam     M''Clure,John.     M''Kee,Robert     Lowry,John     Lowry,Andrew
    Rutherford,John     Stevenson,George.     Stevenson,Hugh     Hanna,George
    Schoales,Adam/Sr.     Schoales,Adam/Jr.     M''Clintock,W. +Greencastle
    Scott,John     Dunkin,John     Leech,John     Wark,Thomas     Wark,Joseph     Hamilton,John
    Shanan,James     Mansfield,John     Carr,Charles     Frame,James.     Dermott,Mich.
    Sheales,Pat.     O''Donnel,Neal     O''Donnel,Domk.     O''Donnel,John     M''Anulty,Hu.
    Smith,George     Lowry,David     Corscaddon,Wm.     Lynn,Robert     Corscaddon,Alex.
    Smith,George     M''Entire,John     Knight,Wm.     Oliver,David     Elliot,Francis
    Snodgrass,Robert     Shaw,James     M''Mannimon,P.     Shaw,David     Lynch,James
    Spence,John     Maxwell,J. +Castlegolan     Brown,Robert +Kiltown     Montgomery,A.
    Stevenson,H.     M''Kenny,D. +Lurgy     King,J. +Aughlard     Kenedy,R. +Doobala
    Stewart,Adam     Dugall,John     Cannon,Wm.     Brogan,Nawl.     Brogan,Wm.
    Stewart,Henry +Stanorlar     M''Causland,John     Law,J. +Castle!Conyngham
    Stewart,Wm.     Leckey,Alex.     M''Nair,Robert Davis,John     Fletcher,Robert
    Stewart,Wm.     Stewart,James     Moneghan,John     Moneghan,Jas.     Black,Hugh
    Stinson,Sam.     Fletcher,Wm.     Read,David     Wallis,Tho.     M''Cay,John
    Styles,C/Sir +Glenfin     Hamilton,J. +Brown!Hall     Burton,F/N.     Knox,And.
    Swanston,Edw.     Irwin,W. +Kirkminster     Wilken,Jas.     Wilding,Sam.     Gaurley,John
    Taylor,David     Deagly,James     Weir,John     Kilpatrick,F. +Capry     Magee,Wm.
    Thompson,Edward     M''Cormick,Bryan.     Hilly,Owen     Tumany,Tert.     M''Gargle,James
    Thompson,John     Thompson,Rich.     Neilson,Andrew     Moore,Richard     O''Neil,Con.
    Thompson,Thos.     Johnson,Christ.     Allingham,Edw.     Baker,Henry     Kellett,Soloman
    Traine,David     Traine,Wm.     Armour,John     M''Crea,John     Cullen,Hugh.     Quin,Jas.
    Trower,Terence     Conolly,Wm.     Conolly,M/Sr.     Connolly,M/Jr.     Deery,Ed/Sr.
    Tumany,Mark     Spence,John     M''Kirly,John     Graham,Richard     Kirkpatrick,J.
    Tuny,Neal     Gillday,John     Hilly,James     Gallagher,Edw.     Roper,Francis
    Vent,Pat.     Leeper,James     Sheldon,John.     Lipsett,John     Patchel,John
    Virtue,Thos.     Hart,Thos.     Crawford,James     M''Clury,T/Sr.     M''Clury,T/Jr.
    Wachop,John     M''Clintock,A.     Clandining,R. +Dromore
    Walder,John     Donnell,Donaughy     Higgins,Wm.     M''Genly,Neal     Byrn,Timothy
    Walker,Robert     Kenny,Patrick.     Walker,James     Walker,Samuel     Walker,P.
    Wauchop,And.     Elliot,Daniel.     Johnston,John     Carneer,Barny     Dogherty,Owen
    Weir,Jas.     Carlow,Robt.     M''Connell,Hu.     M''Connell,Jno.
    White,James.     M''Kee,John     Henderson,Thos.     Henderson,Wm.
    White,Robert     Scott,James.     Scott,Alexander     Kelly,Hugh     Mulkeran,B/Sr.
    Wilson,John     Gregory,George.     Quin,John     Murray,John     Quin,Hugh
    Wilson,R/Jr.     Nortland,Thos.     M''Curdy,James     Crawford,John     Moore,Thomas
    Witheraw,Wm.     Witherow,John     Witherow,,Mart.     Gilfillen,Robt.     Gilfillen,John
    Young,Andrew     M''Nuckel,John     Rankin,M.     Dean,A.     Dean,John     Dean,James
Co. +Donegall legislative union +Great!Britain +Ireland declaration     Donegall
Hamilton,T. +Clogh     M''Menarnon,Pat. +Lettermore     Leeper,C. +Magherl


January 3, 1800, Page 4, Doc. ID 252906: ADPOL GOVIRL

(Polictical Ad with long list of signees, including the following Blairs.  Complete list of other names follows.)

Alex Blair 

+Ballerston =Carson,Chas. =Porter,Chas. =Porter,Alex. =Browne,Sam. =Long,Robt.
+Bellylinn. =McIntire,W. +Bellagh =Fulton,Jn. =Latta,Sam. =Docherty,Wm.
+Cluntagh. =Farna,B. +Strago =Dougherty,A. +Ballylissin =Dougherty,Js.
+Letterkenny =Botes,D. =Gordon,K. barony +Raphoe =Rogan,R. =Neile,Dom.
+Maghramore. =Ewing,Alex. =Motherall,Wm. =Laird,John =Motherall,Francis.
+Maghrimore. =Colhoun,J. +Figart =Carney,Den. +Lenour!Muncuagh =Lynch,W.
+St!Johnston =Kerr,J/Jr. =Latta,John =Latta,Abm. =Latta,Wm. =Wright,Wm.
+Tullycleave =Shanon,Sam. =Baron,Dan =Baron,Pat. =Baron,Bryan =Gara,Teague
=Askin,James. =Gillespie,Dan. =O''Gara,Teigue =Hegarty,Connel =Michan,James
=Baird,T. =Baird,Sam. =Fulton,D. =Boggs,Jas. +Lagg =Dougherty,J. +Mallin
=Bern,Patrick =Porter,John =Haroughy,John =O''Brown,Mich. =Flaherty,Dan.
=Beson,Dan. =Stevenson,Tho. =Byers,Arch. =Temple,Jn. =Duffy,Cha. =Cooper,Jn.
=Birn,James =Gillespy,Murria =Gillespy,Chars. =McConnell,Jn. =Scott,Jn.
=Bogle,John =Murdaugh,Jas. =McGlaughlin,Barn. =Monaghan,W. =Monaghan,James
=Bole,Wm. =Crawford,Geo. =McKennitt,Rt. =Love,Wm. =Love,Jas. =Strong,Arthur
=Boyd,Jn. =Hamilton,Jn. =Boyd,Hu. =Boyd,Denis =Porter,Js. =Clarke,Wm.
=Boyd,Mat. =McJunkin,J/Sr. =Vance,Alex. Vance,Pat. =Wilson,Wm.
=Brenan,Jack. =Mickey,Jugh =Meneely,Js. =McCadon,Bryan =Harley,Dan.
=Brenan,Laughlin =McTeer,Chas. =Getigan,James =McAready,Jas. =McAready,Wm.
=Brenan,Thos. =Mancely,Jo. =O''Donnell,Js.
=Breslaw,Chas. =Breslaw,Pat. =Brislaw,Thos. =Breshlaw,Con. =Breshlaw,M.
=Brogan,Dan. =McCue,Jn. =Dougherty,Geo. =Freele,Darley =Freele,Js.
=Brogan,Edw. =Slavin,Con. =Hogarty,Jn. =McCadden,Edw. =Thomas,Wm. =Mican,Pat.
=Brogan,Mich. =Brogan,James =Brogan,Mich. =McBrearty,Dan. =McHugh,Neal
=Brogan,Pat. =Kenny,Mich. =Boyle,Owen =McGetlegan,Js. =Kennedy,Ed.
=Brogan,Pat. =O''Boyle,Wm. =Twigan,Mich. =Mican,Stephen =Cahill,Pat
=Brown,Shane. =Kerigan,Tho. =Gillespy,Francis =Diver,Hugh =Galagher,John
=Browne,Mich/Sr. =Flaherty,Dan. =Browne,Mich/Sr. =Byrne,Owen =McCaddin,Philip
=Buchannon,Wm. =Glen,Jas. =McMuan,And. =Cassenden,Thos. =Knowd,Robt.
=Burn,John. =Shanaghan,Owen =Shanaghan,Darby =Kenedy,Dan. =Hughes,Wm.
=Byrne,Con/Bawn =McNeils,Fra. =McAndrew,Cor. =Millar,Pat =Millar,John
=Byrne,Mich =Griffith,Geo. =Gallagher,Pat. =Porter,Pat. =Meehan,Teague
=Byrne,Pat. =Ferry,Dan. =Carr,Con. =Gillespy,Marcus =Galagher,Pat.
=Campbell,Dan. =Campbell,Pat. =Kelly,James =Campbell,Dan. =Gallagher,Fedy.
=Campbell,John =Galagher,Bryan. =Magrath,Corn. =Galagher,Connel
=Campbell,John =Wilson,Jn. =Donaghy,Wm. =Donaghy,John =Donaghy,James.
=Campbell,Neal =Kilday,Conel =Fury,Bryan =Burk,Thos. =Mely,Hugh =Quin,Owen
=Campbell,Thomas =Campbell,Wm. =Cunningham,And. =McConnell,Robt.
=Canaghan,J. =Mulderig,J. =McTeague,Mich. =Hegrity,Nogher =Laird,Joseph
=Cannon,Ant. =Canaghan,John. =Haroughey,T. =Haroughey,Neal =Monaghan,Thos.
=Cannon,Denis =Hamil,Pat. =McClosky,Con. =McFaddin,Con. =Michan,Owen
=Cannon,Owen. =Hegarty,Hugh/Sr. =Hegarty,Geo. =Slavin,James =McElher,James,
=Carman,Pat. =McCulen,Cormel. =Harkin,Tho. =Harkin,Tho/Jr. =Brown,Mich.
=Carscaden,Wm. =Barker,James =Graham,James =Griffith,Anth. =Thomas,Phil.
=Caskaden,Rob. =Thompson,J/Sr. =Thompson,J/Jr. =Cuskaden,Jas/Jr. =Reid,Thos.
=Cassidy,Francis. =McClure,John =McClure,Wm. =Colvin,Pat. =Colvin,Wm.
=Cassidy,Roger =Cassidy,Sam. =McClintock,Arron =Cassidy,Edw.
=Chesnut,Pat. =Mancely,Jn. =Heley,Chas. =Heley,John =Traver,John
=Clark,Wm. =McConigan,C. =Cassidy,Owen =Braddon,Thos. =Braddon,Henry.
=Colven,And. =Mancely,Andw. =Wilson,Jas. =Wilson,Wm. =Shannon,Js. =Lean,Pat.
=Conaghan,John =Conaghan,Pat. =Conaghan,Owen =Hastings,Pat. =Carr,Chas.
=Conaghan,Peter. =Montgomery,Robt. =Marshall,John =McNought,John
=Conaghan,Shane =Rogers,John =Woods,John =Woods,Jas. =Buchannon,Sam.
=Cook,Robert =Cassidy,Edmond =Dean,John. =O''Bern,Francis =Given,John/Sr.
=Cooper,Wm. =Scott,James =Scott,Thomas =Scott,James/Jr. =McBrearty,Robert
=Coulter,Cha. =Durrion,Chas. =McGraorty,Cha. =Jenny,Jn. =Jenny,Miles
=Coulter,Geo. =Coulter,Geo/Sr. =Byrne,Ant. =Ramsay,J. +Tullyoze =Crawford,Tho.
=Coulter,John =Long,Sam. =Long,Tho. =Hamilton,Geo. =Hegarty,Geo/Jr.
=Coulter,Robt. =Murray,And. =Kirk,Wm. =McConnel,Chas. =Boyd,Pat.
=Coulter,Sam. =Thompson,Ant. =Tompson,Jas. =Colgan,John =McGrath,Pat.
=Cramsey,Pat. =McClosky,Mich. =McCrever,Ja. =Lenaghan,Ja. =Meehan,Js.
=Crawford,Adam. =Perry,Js. =Dweny,Hu. =McClintock,Noble =McClintock,Wm.
=Crilly,Francis =Galagher,Hu. =Doherty,Phelix =McLoughlin,Wm. =Feery,Pat.
=Crockett,Robert =Thomson,John. =Dun,Moses =Porter,Andrew =Dormond,Arth.
=Crockett,Wm/Sr. =Crockett,Wm/Jr. =Crocket,Thomas. =McRab,John =McRab,Wm.
=Crow,C. =Scott,G. +Mount!Charles. =Connor,Jas. =Williams,Rich.
=Cruinber,Wm. =Lockard,And. =McBride,Jr. =McBride,R/Sr. =Maxwell,Jn.
=Cullen,John =Gervis,Wm. =Given,Rob. =Gervis,Arth. =Creighton,Jn. =Lyin,Wm.
=Cunningham,And. =Cunningham,Wm. =Wilson,Alex. =Lyons,Jas. =Wilson,George
=Cunningham,Edw. =Cunningham,Wm. =McLoughlin,Wm. =Swiney,Roger
=Cunningham,Jas. =Cunningham,Wm. =Cunningham,J. =Cunningham,Robt.
=Cunningham,John =McAteer,Denis =Johnston,Wm. =Birn,John =Birn,Pat.
=Cunningham,John. =McCrea,Robert =Davidson,Wm. =Davison,Thos.
=Cunningham,Rich. =Culbert,James =O''Donel,T. +Maghrilehan =Doherty,B.
=Cusskaden,Alex. =Cusskaden,Geo/Jr. =Freele,Bryan =Freele,Owen =Dunken,Alex.
=Dain,John. =Mitchell,Sam. =Mitchell,John =Mitchell,Jas. =McCallog,Tague
=Darian,Wm. =Darian,Wm. =Symer,Ardis =McCahill,Jn. =Haroughey,Js. =Canan,Darby
=Daver,Terance =Kennedy,Art. =Galagher,Connell =Lyons,Pat. =Lyons,James.
=Daving,Nail/C. =Doherty,Anth. =Doherty,Pat. =Doherty,John =Brown,Mich.
=Davis,Thos. =Duncan,M. +Mulna =Dunkan,Js. =Young,Fra. +Summy =Young,Wm/Sr.
=Dean,Js. =Peery,Geo. =Wilson,Wm. =Dean,Pat. =Miles,Thos. =Miles,Geo.
=Deery,Thos. =Gallagher,Thos. =Gallagher,Owen. =Gallagher,Conil =Dorian,Pat.
=Dobbin,Tho. =Walker,Alex. =Coyngham,Wm. =Dogherty,James =Mely,Hugh
=Dogherty,James =Dogherty,John =Burns,Patt. =Askin,Mich. =Byrne,John
=Doherty,Cha. =Loughlin,D/M. =Gabbon,Owen. =Doherty,Ed. =Doherty,M.
=Doherty,Jn. =Doherty,Jas. =Doherty,Gustavus =Read,Jas. =McKee,Thos.
=Doherty,Mich. =McNeiles,Owen =McNeilus,Tho. =Donlevy,Anth. =Mahon,John
=Donlevy,James =Hogerty,Chas. =Michan,And. =Waugh,James =Conaghan,James
=Donnell,Denis =Griffith,Anth. =Griffith,Chas. =Griffith,Mich =Griffith,Jn.
=Dorian,Hu. =Dorian,John =McClosky,Peter =McCalvey,John =Fenny,Pat.
=Dorian,Hugh =Dorian,Dan. =Dobbin,Samuel =Mickey,James =Armstrong,James
=Dougherty,J. =Dougherty,E. =Dougherty,Jn. =McLoney,W. =Dogherty,D. +Cleagh
=Dunkvie,Js. +Drumnesillagh =Canan,Dom. +Mullnancabrath =Leader,Hen. +Cray
=Dunuian,Mich. =Gillespy,Ju. =Fitzsummons,Hen. =Coulter,Adam. =Dunwin,Hu.
=Elher,Simon =Bride,Pat. =Boyle,Dan. =Shoulin,Pat. =Boyle,Bryan =Boyle,J.
=Elliot,C. +Gortnasilla =Shanon,W. +Kilelony =Gilde,C. +Glenmakins
=Ewing,James =Ewing,John =Ewing,Alex. =Kerr,John =Kerr,Js/Sr. =Kerr,Rt.
=Fawcett,James =Crawford,Js. =Porter,Wm. =Porter,Js/Jr. =Porter,J/James
=Feery,John =Galanagh,Wm. =Galagher,John =Hood,Chas. =Slavin,Edw.
=Fenter,Frs. +Rutland =Rogers,Frs. =Manton,Jn. +Luckly =McElroy,J.
=Finly,James =McConnel,H. =Campbell,Mat. =McAdoo,James =Thomson,John.
=Flaherty,Edw/Jr. =Sweeny,Roger =Murray,Thos. =Haroughy,Hu. =Flaherty,A.
=Flaherty,Neal =Flaherty,Edw. =Harough,Pat. =Hagherty,Tedy =McBugh,Owen
=Flyne,Wm. =McNutty,John. =McCulleon,Jas. =Cooper,Mark =Philips,Pat.
=Galagher,Con. =Murray,Owen =McGuire,Roger =McGuire,Francis =Ward,Owen
=Galagher,Denis =McClosky,Pat. =Brishland,Dan. =Meehan,Jas. =Byrne,Philip
=Galagher,Denis =O''Boyle,Connell =Hendry,Wm. =Scott,James. =Hendry,Alex.
=Galagher,Edw. =McAllog,Hugh. =Gallagher,Jas/Sr. =Gallagher,Jas/Jr.
=Galagher,James =Haroughy,Neal =Dunnin,Connel =Dunnian,Owen =Haraghey,John,
=Galagher,Owen =Haughey,Owen =McCollian,Thos. =Gillespy,Jas. =Duggin,Bryan
=Galagher,Owen =Ward,Wm. =Irving,Francis =Ward,Farigal/Sr. =Ward,Denis
=Galanagh,John =Thomas,Wm. =Twigan,Jas. =Kennedy,Owen =Haroughy,Mich.
=Galanagh,Pat. =Doney,Wm. =Gallagher,Hugh =O''Boyle,John =Murrin,Geo.
=Galanagh,W/Jr. =Galagher,Denis =Sheils,Jas. =Flood,Wm. =Kennedy,Jas.
=Galdin,Pat. =McMullen,John =McGrorty,Pat. =Monaghan,John =Stewart,Wm.
=Gallagher,D. =McCollion,L. =Cannon,James =Giddea,Denis. =Gillespy,Jas.
=Gallagher,Js. =Hasaughy,Neil =Boyle,Dudley =Boyle,Js. =Waugh,Wm. =Waugh,Js.
=Gilday,Jas. =Cassidy,Bryan =Cassidy,Pat =McClosky,Pat. =McNulty,Chas.
=Gillaspy,Bryan. =Conaghan,Owen =Breslau,Js. =Mahaffey,Jn. =Hewitt,Robt.
=Gillaspy,Moses =Gallagher,Js. =McCollin,Mau. =Haroughy,Neil =Haroughy,Pat.
=Gilles,James =Gilles,James/Jr. =Glacken,Pat. =Sterling,Chas. =Lowry,Wm.
=Gillespie,Dan. =Hughes,Phil. =Cusskaden,Jas. =Cusskaden,Geo/Sr.
=Gillespie,Wm. =Cun,Dick =Harroughey,Jas. =Lawn,Wm. =Brearty,Jas. =Gulloy,Dan.
=Gillespy,Denis =Gillespy,Wm. =Finlay,John =Galanagh,Roger. =McGrorty,Bryan
=Gillespy,Edw. =Galagher,Owen =Galagher,Mich. =McCallion,Owen =Hegarty,Pat.
=Given,David. =Griffith,John =McJunkin,John =Bready,John =Lock,Alex.
=Glacken,Ed. =Meechan,James =Mitchel,Samuel. =Kerns,Alex. =Haroughey,Mich.
=Glacken,Edw. =Glacken,Edw/Jr. =Stewart,Robt. =McBrearty,Tom =Kearon,Mich.
=Glackin,Hu/Jr. =Macklen,Bryan. =Glacken,Pat. =Glacken,Connel =Cooper,Mark
=Glaken,Pat. =Gibbons,Thomas =McGonigle,Hugh =McGonigle,Wm. =McConnell,Chas.
=Glass,Chas. =Rogers,Robt. =Rogers,Jn. =Cassidy,A. =Rogers,Sam/Jr.
=Griffith,Albert =Monaghan,J. =Monaghan,Pt. =Moohan,Ha. =Moohan,J.
=Griffith,Geo. =Gallagher,John =Nicholson,John =McConigan,Thos. =Hamilton,E.
=Griffith,Peter =McAllin,James =McGagirty,Owen =Quinn,Pat. =Kavanagh,John
=Griffith,Thos. =Williams,Geo. =Boyle,Mich. =Boyle,Ed. =McCollien,Fra.
=Griffith,Wm. =McCollion,Jas.
=Hamilton,Geo. =Hamilton,James =Maneely,Edw. =McConigan,Chas. =McConigan,Thos.
=Hamilton,Wm. =Marshall,Sam. =Marshal,James. =Peoples,Hugh =Mitchell,James
=Hanany,Chas. =Barrenet,Wm. =Green,Hu. =Cannon,Pat. =Cannon,Owen/Sr.
=Hara,Cormick =Buchanan,Wm. =Murray,Hu. =Cassidy,Wm. =Peery,Js. =Walker,Jn.
=Harkin,Thos. =Harkin,John =Harkin,Thos/Jr. =Michan,Shane =Kilpatrick,Tho.
=Haroughey,Bryan =Brodley,Mich. =Lyons,Denis =Haroughey,Mich. =Lohery,Edw.
=Haroughey,J. =Carr,Mich. =Carr,Bryan =Carr,Miles =Cramsy,Edw. =Dorian,Pat.
=Haroughey,Owen =Quinn,Mick. =Quinn,Edw. =Quinn,Neal =McHugh,James
=Haroughey,Pat. =Davitt,Wm. =Slavin,Mich. =Galagher,Cormick. =O''Donnel,James
=Harpur,Hugh =Harpur,John =Harpur,Wm. =McAnan,John =Walker,Edw.
=Harrooghy,Js. =McGrady,Owen =McHugh,Shane =Devitt,Jully =Dermond,Peter
=Haughey,Ed. =Haughey,Wm. =Haughey,Owen =Haughey,Owen/Sr.
=Hegan,John =Hegan,John =Hegan,Roger =Kennedy,Alex. =Kennedy,Thos.
=Hegarty,Denis =Hegarty,Pat =Michan,Neal =McCallion,Tho. =Hegarty,Chas.
=Hegarty,Francis =McCallion,Mat. =McCallion,Owen =Cassidy,Con.
=Hegarty,Pat. =Mely,Edw. =McLaughlin,Pat. =Collins,John =Burk,Lau.
=Henderson,Jas. =Edwards,John =Edwards,Tho. =Brogan,Denis. =Hegarty,Ed.
=Hilly,J. =Williamson,James =Williamson,Geo. =McCreedy,John =Hughes,James
=Houghey,Nat. =McClean,Pat. =Canon,Cormick/Sr. =Dormelt,Jn. +Letterkelly
=Ingram,Sampson =Hamilton,Geo. =Pance,J. +Drimgaman =McConagle,Js. +Mullinbuy.
=Johnston,Geo. =O''Donnell,Denis =O''Donnell,Neale. =O''Donell,Connell.
=Johnston,Jn. =Scott,Chas. =Long,Chas. =Long,Alex. =Johnston,Thos. =Gills,Js.
=Judge,Mark =Getigan,Pat. =Hogens,Tho. =Feery,Owen =Tully,John
=Judge,Samuel =Brogan,John =McHugh,Jas. =Collins,Pat. =McCahill,Dan.
=Kearon,Js. =Lyon,Jn. =McNelly,Jas. =Lungan,Jn. =Mitchel,John =Fawcell,Henry
=Keeny,Denis =Freele,Jas. =McCollien,Fra. =McCollien,Bryan =Freele,Jas.
=Keerney,Matt. =Griffith,Mich. =Canon,Anth. =Gildue,Denis =Breslaw,Darby
=Kelly,Mich/Jr. =Hogerty,Murtagh =Hogerty,Maurice =McGroarty,Bryan
=Kenedy,Peter =Kenedy,Jn. =Galagher,Mich. =Higgins,Jas. =Galagher,Owen.
=Kennedy,John =Jameson,Sam. =Humes,Thos. =Dougherty,Pat. =Galagher,Anth.
=Kerr,Tho. =Kerr,Robt. =Auld,Ephm. =Smith,Jas. =Armour,Wm. =Mackey,Sam.
=Kilpatrick,Geo. =Kilpatrick,Wm. =Harken,Tho/Sr. =Harkin,Tho/Jr. =Karkin,John
=Kinkead,Henry =Hood,James =McCay,Henry. =McCay,Sam. =Hamilton,Anth.
=Kirk,Geo/Jr. =Kirk,James =Kirk,Dan/Jr. =Curran,Peter =McKee,Andrew
=Lawn,Thomas =Crawford,David =McElwain,George =McElwain,Chas. =Cuskaden,Jas.
=Lockart,Alex. =Harken,Thos. =Coulter,John =Coulter,Ad. =Colter,Rich.
=Logan,David =Owens,Chrs. =McSwine,Dan. =Stinson,John =Stinson,And.
=Long,Robt. =Warnock,Thos. =Mickey,Hu. =Given,John/Jr. =Sheldan,Chas.
=Loon,H/M. +Kilcran. =Porter,Jn. +Lackagh =Scott,Alex. =Strong,Wm.
=Magerty,Mich. =Monaghan,Hu. =Williams,Thos. =Brisklan,Neal. =Brngan,Wm.
=Maginnis,J. =Boggs,Wm. +Gobrey. =Moore,A. +Belelahan =Marret,Wm. +Killian
=Magrorty,Denis. =Diver,Anth. =Kennedy,Dolty =O''Boyle,Pat. =Cook,Ceo.
=Mahon,Jos. +Mullaghderg =Mahon,Geo. =Murray,Cha. +Mullaghduff. =O''Hear,Tho.
=Maneles,Wm. =Conaghan,Chas. =O''Boyle,Duncan =McKeon,Pat =McGliney,Tho.
=Marshall,G/Capt. =Williams,Fran. =Keys,Wm. =Henderson,Wm. =Lytle,John
=Marshall,John =Rankin,Geo. =Colquhone,Tho. =Dougherty,Chs. =Russell,T.
=Martin,Fran =Scanlon,Jas. =Clery,John =Martin,Denis =Cannon,Jas.
=Martin,John =McKenny,Pat =Kennedy,Pat =Ward,Farigal =Kelly,Con. =Glackin,Wm.
=McBrearty,Chas. =McBrearty,Pat. =Galagher,Phelim =McLoughlin,Thos.
=McBrearty,Dan. =McJunkin,Robt. =McJunkin,Jas. =McJunkin,John.
=McBrearty,Wm. =Dunnian,Mich. =Philips,John =Scott,Hu. =Maguire,Tho.
=McCaffry,Owen =McCaffry,Hugh. =Brenan,Thos. =Michan,John =McBride,Neale
=McCahill,Denis. =Mohan,Chas. =Kelly,Corn. =McCahill,Dan. =Cannow,,Bryan
=McCahill,Pat/Sr. =McCahill,Pat/Jr. =McCahill,Cha. =Mahan,James =McHugh,Mich.
=McCahill,Tho. =McCahill,Hugh =McCahill,Connel. =Meehan,Peter =McCabe,Bryan
=McCallion,Bryan =O''Gara,Denis =Mican,Jn. =Thomas,Jn. =Martin,Peter
=McCallion,Neal =McCallion,Owen =Maxwell,James =Dunlevy,Anthony =Carr,James
=McCarron,Bryan =Glacken,Pat/Sr. =Carr,Phil/PP +Kilcare =McBrearty,Dan.
=McCausland,Clad. =Millar,John =McGuire,Bryan =Goulden,Peter =Griffith,W/Jr.
=McCay,Arch =Speer,Andrew =McDowell,Wm. =Lockart,Thos. =McCormick,John
=McClean,Semion. =Cormane,Lenty =Kennedy,Pat. =Downey,Wm. =Mulloy,Jn.
=McCleland,Sam. =McCleland,James. =Alexander,James =Alexander,Thos.
=McCloskey,Eaver. =Donnell,Mich. =Donnell,Owen =Harrowgby,Wm. =Meenally,Jn.
=McCollagh,Jn. =McCollagh,Alex. =Scott,Fra. =Scott,Chas. =Scott,Rich.
=McCollagh,Ow. =Scott,Js. =Long,Pat. =Adams,Wm. =Adams,Thos. =Carson,Robt.
=McCollaugh,S. =Shiels,James =Hagherty,Coonell =Browne,Edward =Williams,John
=McCollien,Fra/Jr. =Boyle,Fra. =McCollien,Wm. =McCollien,Pat. =Gilloshy,Neil
=McConegan,Pat. =Crawford,Thos. =McKee,James =Haughey,Neal =Coulter,James
=McConigan,Connel. =McConigle,Wm. =McClintock,Ralph =Dain,Mich.
=McConigan,James. =Kenny,Chas. =Waugh,Thos. =Forde,Thos. =Glass,James
=McConigan,Jas. =Byrne,Hu. =O''Donnel,Owen =O''Donel,Edw. =McNeilus,Owen
=McConigan,Pat. =Rogers,Jas. =Clarke,Thos. =Clarke,Wm. =Holmes,Wm.
=McConnell,Alex. =Lethem,Alex. =Leathem,Wm/Jr. =Alexander,Wm. =Wilson,James
=McConnell,Robt. =McConnell,Rich. =McKee,James =Boyd,Robt. =Scott,Wm.
=McConyngham,M. =McShare,Jas. =McCloskey,Jas. =McCloskey,Pat.
=McCrory,Cor. =O''Boyle,James =McShane,T. =Deverry,D/PP. =Haroughey,Owen
=McCue,Henry =McCue,Js. =Kelly,Ant. =Bogle,Jn. =Porter,Jas. =Boyle,And.
=McCullen,Tho. =Canon,Bryan =Hegarty,Pat. =McCulle,And. =Latta,James
=McCullion,N. =Ramsay,Pat. =Dermond,Mich. =Dermond,Corn. =Quin,Cha.
=McDaid,Wm. =McReely,Jackey =McCahill,Mickey. =Deery,Dan. =McBrearty,Jn.
=McDead,Ed. =Kyles,Joseph =Mitchell,John =Bogle,Thos. =Thompson,John
=McElher,Thos. =McAndweely,N. =Class,Js. =McBrearty,Pat. =Deery,Barny
=McElkar,Pat. =Graham,Henry =McCulloch,Alex. =Elliott,Hugh.
=McEntrie,Owen =Carr,Owen =Metcalf,Jas. =Chesnut,John =Chesnut,Wm.
=McFaddin,Owen =O''Donnel,Nealen =Mitchell,James =Carrin,Neal. =Mitchell,Pat.
=McFadin,John =Chesnut,Wm/Jr. =McGara,Pat. =Donlevy,James =McMonigle,Darby
=McGlanoughy,J/Jr. =Cairns,Js. =Boyd,Mat. =McClosky,Art. =Meehan,Js.
=McGonegal,Pat. =Swiney,Owen =O''Boyle,Connel =Magrarty,Jas. =McClosky,Wm.
=McGrorty,John =Kennedy,John =Sweeny,Owen =Cook,Thomas. =Walker,N.
=McGuire,Denis =Davitt,Dan. =Mohan,Wm. =Michan,Pat. =Mohan,Eugenius
=McHugh,James =Davitt,Anth. =Cunny,Pat. =Carr,Fran. =Kenedy,James/Sr.
=McHugh,Pat. =McHugh,John =Mehan,John =Meehan,Pat. =Gillaspy,John
=McIntire,Arch. =Wilson,John =Davison,Sam. =Davison,John. =Dugall,Wm.
=McJunkin,Mat. =Thompson,Moses =Coulter,Rich. =Allingham,Edw. =Vance,Jn/Jr.
=McKee,Adam. =Johnston,Fred. =Johnston,Wm. =McJunkin,James =McJunkin,Robt.
=McKee,Robt.=Bern,Francis =McCoy,Jas. =McCoy,Thos. =Jervis,Jn. =Richey,And.
=McLoon,Js. =McLoon,Shane. =Rogers,Jn. +Deery =Rodgers,Peter =Canon,Cormick
=McManus,Cha. =Meehan,Barclay =Hogarty,Peter =Keeny,Denis =Meehan,Mich.
=McMonigle,John =McMonigle,Fran. =Boyle,Teigue =Conigan,Pat. =Sweeny,Neile
=McMullan,Alex. =Galagher,And. =Meehan,John =Madden,Edw. =Murray,Tho.
=McMullen,Neal =Scanlan,Wm. =Bern,And. =Blake,Denis. =Dogherty,James
=McNeilly,Wm. =Mancely,Geo. =Mekey,Robert =Radford,Eben. =Mancely,And.
=McNeilus,John =Berne,Lanty. =McNeilus,Bryan =Murry,Denis =Byrne,Thos.
=McRab,Sam. =Downing,Andrew =Downing,John. =McKane,Moses =Laird,James
=McReely,Wm. =Harper,Jn. =Caringham,Wm. =Hogherty,B. =Kelly,M/Sr.
=McRoarty,Cormell =Brogan,Jn. =Freel,J/Jr. =Glackaw,Pat. =Owanny,Pat.
=McRoarty,Denis =Meehan,Pat. =Donnell,Connel =Gallagher,John =Gildell,Owen
=McShane,Teague =McNeilus,Phil. =Bryn,Bryan/Jr. =Gillespy,John =Sweeny,Miles
=Meachan,Owen. =Keeny,Shane =Long,Jas. =McCullion,P. =Given,Moses
=Meehan,Donald =Carabane,Tho. =Trule,Mich. =McGlanoughy,J/Sr.
=Meehan,Pat. =McCahill,Con. =Waugh,Tho. =Boyle,Connell =McSwine,Owen
=Meehan,Thos. =Harraghy,Dan. =O''Boyle,Connel =Waugh,Thos. =Waugh,Wm.
=Meenday,Shane =Slevin,Bryan =Carr,Pat =Swiney,John =O''Neal,James. =Davis,Wm.
=Michan,Hu. =McBrearty,Dan =McBrearty,Wm. =Harkin,John. =Glacken,Hu/Sr.
=Michan,John =Michan,John/Jr. =McCoy,John =Travers,Thos. =Harkin,Bryan
=Michan,John. =McFadin,Owen =McFaddin,David =O''Gara,Teague =Hegarty,Jn.
=Millar,James =Edwards,James. =Galagher,Francis =Ramsay,David =Scott,Thos.
=Millen,John/Sen. =Vance,Wm. =Millen,Pat. =Colvin,Robert =McNeilly,Isaac
=Miller,Hugh =Buchannon,Js. =Patton,Wm. =Rasslin,Rob/Jr. =Lynch,Jn. =Kirk,Wm.
=Mitchell,Robert =Montgommery,Wm. =Corbit,Arch. =Marshal,Jas. =Marshall,Sam.
=Mohan,Neale =Haraghy,Eugen =Haroughey,Pat. =Galagher,Chas. =Galagher,James
=Monaghan,Pat. =Hegarty,Pat. =Donnell,Connel =McSwine,Connel =Kearon,Hu.
=Montgomery,Hu. =Stewart,Wm. =Stewart,John/Jr. =Stewart,Thos.
=Moohan,Pat. =Moohan,Owen. =Kelly,Chas. =Kelly,Jn. =Kelly,Dan. =Kelly,Ed.
=Moore,David. =Smyth,John =Daugherty,James =Daugherty,Anth. =Mason,Geo.
=Morherall,John/Sr. =Crockett,James =Dysart,James =Duffey,Barney
=Mulheron,Peter =Getins,Dudly =Campbell,Denis =Kenedy,Francis =Kilday,Phelim
=Mullowry,Mich. =Harroughey,J. =Gallagher,Dan. =Kermy,Owen =Carru,Js.
=Mulloy,Pat. =Baron,Pat. =Ward,Bryan =Gallager,Ant. =Reid,Thos/Sr. =Reid,Jn.
=Mulreny,Hugh =Meehan,James =McGlean,John =McCormick,Bryan. =McCaddin,Owen
=Muney,Edw. =Muney,Dan. =Murrey,Jn. =Fawcett,Jn. =Griffith,Jn. =Murrey,Dan/Jr.
=Murry,Js. =McRoarty,Js. =McRoarty,Pat. =McRoarty,Hu. =Quin,Js. =Donnell,Man.
=Murry,Robt. =Atteridge,Rich. =Dobbin,Abm. =Dobbin,Thos. =Logan,Jn.
=Nawd,John. =Kilpatrick,Jas. =Gillespy,Ed. =Coulter,Wm. =Keeny,Owen.
=Neilis,Edward =Thompson,Anth. =Mason,John =McClean,Anth. =McClean,John
=Nellengehy,Pat. =Long,J. +Drumbaled =Blair,Alex. =Scott,Newin =Duncan,J.
=O''Boyle,Conel =Cannon,Bryan =Kearon,Wm. =Campbell,Pat. =McCallogh,Hugh
=O''Boyle,Dudley =O''Boyle,Eugenius =Kenny,Mich. =O''Freele,James
=O''Boyle,Neal =McGrorty,Fredy =Gallagher,Denis =Davitt,Pat =Roddy,Wm.
=O''Donel,Pat. =Finlay,Robt. =Galagher,Wm. =Johnston,Geo. =McKee,And.
=O''Donnel,Jas. =McCahill,Chas. =McJunken,Rbt. =Cannon,James =Galagher,Wm.
=O''Donnel,John =Harkins,James =Harkin,John =Harkin,Hu. =Mullawney,John
=O''Donnel,Pat. =McElearn,Lau. =Kelly,John. =McCornock,J. =Lervis,John
=O''Donnell Dan. =McElean,Pa. =McElean,James. =Ward,Connel =Lohery,Pat.
=O''Donnell,Dan. parish +Envad =Scott,Nat. =Vance,Hugh =Baskin,Jn.
=O''Donnell,Edw. =O''Donnell,Nat. =O''Donnell,Js. =Campbell,Js. =Meehan,Shase.
=O''Donnell,Mich. =Maxwell,Stephen =Murray,James =Donlevy,Anthony
=O''Hara,Thos. =Doherty,Edw. =Haroughy,Chas. =Galagher,John =McBride,Mark.
=O''Neal,Bryan =Scott,Geo. =Cassidy,Owen =Waugh,Stephen. =Haroughey,Jn.
=Patterson,Geo =Clarke,Peter =Henderson,Wm. =Sheldon,Andrew. =Deake,Sam.
=Patterson,Wm. =O''Donnell,Hugh =McBrearty,M. =Hown,Jas. =Dunkin,Wm.
=Porter,David =O''Donnell,John +Crossconnell =O''Donnell,Ju. =O''Donnell,Rog.
=Porter,John =Monaghan,Den. =Byrne,John =Brogan,Corn. =Gallagher,Jas.
=Porter,Joseph =Porter,Alex. =Porter,James. =Clingan,Edward =Clingan,Wm.
=Porter,Moses =Porter,Tho. =Car,Bryan. =Boyle,Tho. =O''Boyle,Owen =Langan,John
=Porter,Pat. =Cunningham,D. =Chesnut,James =Chesnut,Pat. =McBrearty,John
=Porter,W. +Mulleney. =Porter,John/Lt. =Porter,Alex. =Porter,Wm/Jr.
=Porter,Wm. =Porter,Joseph. =McCorkle,Geo. =Thomson,Henry =Ewing,Sam.
=Ramsey,Robert =Kenedy,James. =Macham,John =Lowery,Hugh =Rogers,James
=Reid,Thos/Jr. =McCallag,Hugh =McCallag,Hu/Jr. =McGuire,Jn.
=Rickey,Cha. =Michan,Jas. =Coulter,Geo. =Brice,Robt. =McKee,Robt. =Coulter,Wm.
=Ringland,Wm. =Young,Wm. =Hewston,J. =Hill,W. +Drumcorbet =McIntire,R.
=Roarty,James =Blake,James =Mulreny,Mich =Wilson,Edw. =Brenan,Geo.
=Roddy,Mich =Cannon,Mich. =Kearovan,Peter =Keraren,Dan. =O''Donnell,Owen.
=Rodgers,Geo. =Taylor,Edw. =McLoughlin,C. =Loughead,John. =McCrea,John
=Rogers,Phil. +Dirk. =Coigly,J. +Drelnusila =McLoon,N. +Literily =McLoon,T.
=Scott,Hu. =Boyle,Charles =Love,Robert =Graham,James =Millar,Pat
=Scott,Hump. =Scott,Alex/Jr. =Scott,Alex/Jr. =Maxwell,Thos. =Porter,Ad. +Narin
=Scott,Rich. =Scott,Robt. =McKee,Alex. =Keeney,Owen =Woods,James
=Scott,Robert =Boyd,Js. =Boyd,Jn. =Scott,Chas. =Gartley,Jn. =Shannon,Thos.
=Scott,Robt. =Elliot,James =Elliot,Wm. =Elliot,Hu. =Scott,James =Clarke,Jas.
=Scott,Wm. =Long,Thos. =McJunkin,Robt. =Cunningham,David =Cunningham,Rob.
=Sharkey,J. =Jollon,Denis =Doherty,R. +Croscon =Margy,Jn. =Hartan,Owen
=Slavin,Owen =McGrody,Bryan =Haroughy,Fran. =Haroughey,Jas. =Conigan,Henry
=Stevenson,Edw. =Lustard,Geo. =Porter,James =Law,John =Crawford,Js/Jr.
=Stevenson,Geo. =Henderson,Jn. =McGilton,And. =Read,Jas. =Underwood,Rich.
=Stevenson,R. +Raphoe =Laird,James. =Orr,Wm. =Smith,James =Baird,James
=Stevenson,Wm. =Harper,Jo. =Harper,Alex. =Rueny,Denis =McDowell,Jn.
=Sweeny,John =Michan,John =Michan,Pat. =Haughey,Pat. =Sweeny,Nail
=Sweeny,Pat. =Sweeny,Neile/Jr. =Sweeny,Rowland. =Galagher,Dan. =McGonigle,Wm.
=Swiny,Owen =Kerney,Hugh =Gillespie,Thos. =Brislaw,Wm. =McCloskey,John.
=Thomas,Mich. =Thomas,Owen =Thomas,Philip. =Slavin,Lau. =McCormick,Th.
=Thomas,Rob. =Campbell,J. +Collan =McKeig,Arch. =Campbell,W. +Camaghtreagh
=Tiney,Chas. =Galagher,James =Sherin,Pat. =Thomas,Phil. =Dogherty,Js.
=Treaney,Denis =McGrorty,James =Galagher,Chair =McHugh,Neale =McHugh,Conel.
=Turner,Gabriel =Turner,Alex.
=Walker,Arthur =McReady,Owen =McReely,Jn. =Boyd,Mat. =Crawford,Robt.
=Walker,James =Bustard,George =Rogers,John =Kerigan,Hugh/PP. +Enver
=Ward,Darby =Donnell,Hu. =Fury,Chas. =McRoarty,Jn. =McRoarty,Peter
=Williams,Cha. =Scott,Nat. =Campbell,Pat. =Weugh,J. =Williams,Step.
=Wilson,J. =Moore,Rob. =Elkin,J. =McCanless,J. +Carinmore =Moore,J.
=Wilson,Robt. =Laird,Albert. =Cunningham,T. =Laird,Moses =Hegarty,John
=Wilson,Wm. =Dugall,Thos. =Dugall,David. =Wright,John =Carileen,Edw.
=Wilson,Wm. =Henderson,Robt. =Callin,David =Kenedy,Wm. =Kenedy,Corn.
=Wilson,Wm. =Wilson,Jas. =O''Donnell,Jas. =Kenedy,Hugh =McElher,Anth.
=Wright,Thos. =McAdoo,Moses =Boggs,James =Porter,Wm/Lt. =Porter,Jn. +Carowan
=Young,Wm/Jr. =Cumber,Sam. =Hamilton,A. +Mulvy =Scott,Archy =Shanon,Wm.
Co. +Donegall declaration legislative union =Colgan,P. =Colgan,John =Elder,R.

February 4, 1800, Page 3
The following letter is a Copy of a Letter and Signatures addressed to the High Sheriff of the County of Down this day at Downpatrick:--


    WE, the Gentlemen, Clergy, Merchants, and Freeholders, of the Parish of Bangor, having this day seen an Advertisement from you, calling a Meeting at Downpatrick, on Monday the 27th day of January, inst. for the purpose of considering the propriety of proferring a Petition to Parliamnet, on the Subject of LEGISLATIVE UNION between Great Britain and Ireland.

   Conceiving that much difficulty and delay may occure in obtaining the sense of a numerous Assembly; an on accounts of our distance from the County Town; with the short Notice given,

   We beg leave to take this method of laying our comments before you--which are ???  ???  ??? ..... and  ( two or three lines missing here)...will give the assistance in obtaining it--Done at Bangor, this 25th and 26th days of Jan. 1800.

=Anderson,George =Ferris,Wm/Jr. =Brown,Wm. =Fulton,Hugh =Hops,Alex. =Hops,John
=Baily,Robt. =Bairde,Jas/Sr. =Bairde,Jn. =McKee,John =Dunn,Robt.
=Beck,Hugh. =Waugh,Rowley =Mahon,Pat. =Milree,John =McRobert,Alex.
=Blair,Robert =Blair,John =Conaway,Mich. =Robison,Thos. =Bodden,James
=Bodion,James =Stewart,John =Hamilton,Wm. =Hamilton,Sam. =Hamilton,John
=Boyd,Alexander =Boyd,David =Davidson,Hugh =Boyd,Hugh =Boyd,Wm. =Paisely,Hugh
=Boyd,David =Priestly,Jas. =Brown,John =Fulton,Robt. =Nevan,John =Riges,John
=Clealand,James =Beyers,Wm. =Davidson,Wm. =Thompson,John =Beck,John
=Dennan,John =McMath,Thos. =McDoal,Charles =Baily,Francis =McDoal,Arthur
=Ferguy,Wm/Sr. =Ferguy,Wm/Jr. =Reid,David =McCaterty,Wm. =Baird,Robert
=Gilmore,James =Bairde,William =Gaw,James. =Kilpatrick,Jas. =Gilmore,Wm.
=Grant,Hugh. =McCay,John =Brown,John =Jamison,John =Sinclair,Wm.
=Hunter,Arch. =Boal,Robert =Kilpatrick,Dan. =Ferris,Wm. =Carmichael,Jas.
=Johnston,Robt. =Clealand,Wm. =Beck,John =Smyth,John. =Glover,John
=Lister,Wm. =Thompson,Hugh. =Printer,John =Finlay,Jas. =Priestly,David
=Lowry,Robt. =Lowry,John. =Stewart,Hugh =Stewart,Wm. =Fulton,David
=McCulloch,Jas. =Miller,John =Warden,Alex. =Stoanes,Joseph =Askin,Wm.
=McCutchen,Sam. =Anderson,Thos. =Boman,Wm. =McKee,Wm. =Robison,Wm.
=McDowell,Wm. =McDowell,John =McClure,Wm. =McClure,Charles =Punten,John
=McKee,John =McKee,James =Moreland,Andw. =Shanon,Robt. =Cuthbert,John
=McMahon,Jas. =Bell,John =Bell,William =McMahon,Arth. =Bairde,James
=Neilson,James =White,John =Haslet,Samuel =Reid,David =Whirk,Pat.
=Punton,James =Warrick,Hugh =Parson,John =Kain,James =Kain,Daniel.
=Reid,Adam =Shanks,John. =Grace,Robert =Wallace,James =Wallace,Wm.
=Robinson,James tenants =Blackwood,James/Sir +Ballylidy.
=Shannon,Robt. =Skillen,Andw. =Kearns,James =Lowery,Wm. =Bigham,Wm.
=Stewart,Fras. =Beck,Robt. =Gilmore,John. =McClean,Arthur =McDowell,James
=Thompson,Ferd. =Adams,Wm. =Brown,Robt. =Davidson,Andrew =Davidson,Hugh
=Thompson,John =Todd,Chas. =McLemon,Hugh =McConnell,John =Wilson,Wm.
=Thompson,Sam =McKay,Thos. =Reid,John =Shanks,James =Ritchie,John =Reid,Wm.
=Wallace,Thos. =Baird,Robert =McClean,Wm. =McClean,Wm/Jr. =McClean,John.
=Warnock,Wm. =Cavert,Edward =Morison,Wm. =Morison,John =Morison,Wm/Jr.
additional signatures +Bangor legislative union =Johnston,Jn. =Johnston,Geo.

February 14, 1800, Page 3, Doc ID 255938; ADCLOTH
+Magillagan sale house =Blair,Thomas 7 Mar. rabbit skins lots 8.

March 11, 1800, Page 2&3, Doc. ID 268368: PRI
+Enniskillen. =Fitzgerald,Mr. knight +Kerry =Saurin,Mr. =Fox,L.
=Barry,M/Col. Solicitor-General Co. +Tyrone +Omagh =Black,Robert pikemen
=Binns,G. Irish iron manufacture +England trade. =Locker,Mr. trader bullion
=Blossett,Counsellor. committee stamp-duty revenue. Union =Grimshaw,Mr.
=Cornwallis,Marquis =Fitzgerald,C/Lord =Cole,Lord =Money,John money gaol
=Dickey,Mr. =Stephenson,Mr. spinning =Barrington/and/Jebb =Jebb clients.
=Fitzgerald,J/Hon. =Plunket,Mr. =Bushe,Mr. =Burrowes,Mr. Attorney-General
=Freke,J/Sir +Cork Protestants. =Chinery,B. =Dawson,Mr. =Gardner,Gen.
=Parnell,J/Sir. importation Indian corn rice potatoes. Post Office Bill.
British constitution. Nov. Jan. Legislative Union Irishmen French alliance
Chancellor Exchequer mistake resolution hat tax. =St/George,R/Sir burning land
Irish Parliament House Commons 4. =Castlereagh,Lord report committee
Militia Volunteer Bill. Chancellor Exchequer wages working manufacturers.
Post-Office postage foreign +Great!Britain. =Parnell,J/Sir =Martin,Mr.
Presbyterians emancipation reform. =Stewart,Mr. +Killymoon =Archdall,Col.
cotton callico printer trade English +Ireland +Belfast employment.
money bills engrossed. =Latouche,D/Hon. petition virtue vice. =Blair,Mr.
provisions harvest grain barley oats malting distillation spirits.
reform Catholic Emancipation +Scotland petitions. =Corry,Lord. =Crosbie,Col.
regulations. =Ponsonby,G. motion representation +England =Edgworth,Mr.
suppression rebellion. =Staples,Mr. petition cotton manufacturers +Belfast.

March 28, 1800, Page 3, Doc. ID 268510: M. NIRL
=Blair,Miss. married +Antrim 24 =McLardie,Peter/Lt. adjutant Loyal +Tay Infantry

April 22, 1800, page 3
Carrickfergus Assizes.
At an Assizes held at Carrickfergus the 14th April inst. the following persons were tried and found guilty, viz.
John McCormick for stealing wearing apparel, to be transported for seven years.
Mary Fitzgerald, alias Conarty, for stealing cotton, the property of Alexander Sinclair of Belfast.
Margaret Cunningham, alias Hamilton, for stealing corduroy, to be transported for seven years.
William Herdman and JOHN BLAIR, for burglary and felony, to be hanged on Saturday the 3d day of May next.
William McIlnea, for the murder of Alexander McKelvery at Ballygoland, to be hanged on Saturday the 19th April inst. which sentence has been put in execution.
Brabazon O'Hara, for an assault, fined one mark.
James Parks, gent. for sending a challenge to Edm. Alex. McNaghten, Esq. to be imprisoned one year, and until he pays a fine of 50 marks, and gives security before the Mayor of Carrickfergus to be of the peace and good behaviour for seven years.
Henry Wray, Esq. for delivering the challenge, wrote by Mr. Parks, to Edm. A. McNaghten, Esq. to be imprisoned a fortnight, and until he pays a fine of one mark and gives like security.
Several other traversers were tried and acquitted.

August 8, 1800, Page 3
Carrickfergus Assizes.
Carrickfergus Assizes ended the 6th of August, 1800, when the following persons were convicted:

    John Cox, a schoolmaster, for High Treason, in levying war against the King.  The overt acts laid in the indictment were, 1st, assembling with a great body of traitors armed, and arrayed in a warlike manner, on the 7th June, 1798, at Ballycarry, and then and there appearing and acing as their leader and commander, and endeavouring to prevail on Jacob Calbert, a soldier on the Loyal Invalids to join the rebel army, and accept a command therein.  The facts were most satisfactorily proved by several witnesses, and the Jury without hesitation found a verdict of guilty: he received sentence to behanged and quartered on the 1st of September; that space of time was allowed that his case might be laid before, and considered by the Government.

    Hector McNeill, and Daniel McFadden, for a burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Hugh Marshal, at Ballycloak near Ballymena, on thenight of the 24th of May last; McFadden to by hanged on Saturday the 16th inst. and McNeill on the 1st Sept.

    JOHN BLAIR, for the burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Mathew Patton at Bottom, on the 13th May last, to be hanged on Saturday the 16th. inst.

    Thos. Humes (a rich farmer), for a burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Francis McDavitt, on the night of the 8th of July last, to be hanged on the first September.

    John Patton alias Ramsay, for stealing a cow, recommended by the Grand Jury and ordered for transportation.

    Agnes Macartney, for entering the tanyard of Mr. Ilwain of Larne, with the intent to steal his leather; to be imprisoned a month.

    John Carson, for a riot and breaking the windows of Sam Kernaghan's house, at Moneydolag; to be imprisoned three months, and give security for his good behaviour for seven years.

    David Kennedy, for an assault, fined a mark.

    Thirteen men committed to gaol by order (as was alleged) of General Drummond, were discharged by Proclamation, no charge appearing against them, and the gaoler was fined 50l. for receiving and detaining them in his gaol without a legal committal from a Justice of the Peace.

November 14, 1800,  Page 3
On Wednesday the 19th inst. at the stores of JOHN BLAIR, on the Canal-Quay, at the hour of 12 o'clock at noon; Bales and Casks, Alicant  ???, a quanity of window glass, in sides, cribs and boxes, about 20 ton of alabaster, and a few oak plank and pieces of oak timber--Terms of payment will be declared at the time of sale.

                        Newry,  12th November, 1800

December 16, 1800, Page 4
Medical Information.
LIST of the London Physicians and Surgeons who have come forward with their names in attestation of the mildness of the Cow-pox, and the security it affords against the Small-pox, as alluded to in Dr. Cappe's letter.  We have held it a duty owe the public, to give insertion to whatever could throw light on this important discover, when attested by signature; and we are happy in thus presenting to our Readers so many names of the first respectability in London, in support of the desired efficacy of the Vaccine Inoculation.


"Many unfounded reports having been circulated, which have a tendency to prejudice the mind of the public against the innoculation of the Cow-pox; we, the undersigned Physicians and Surgeons, think it our duty to declare our opinion, that those person who have had the Cow-pox, are perfectly secure from infection of the Small-pox, provided such infection does not exist in the system at the time of the innoculation for the Cow-pox.  We also declare, that the inoculated Cow-pox is a much milder and safer disease the inoculated Small-pox.
Wm. Saunders, M. D.
M. Baillie, M. D.
Hen. Vaughan, M. D.
M. Garththore, M. D.
J. C. Lettsom, M. D.
James Sims, M. D.
John Sims, M. D.
Wm. Lister, M. D.
Robert William, M. D.
C. Stanger, M. D.
Alex. Crichton, M. D.
Tho. Denman, M. D.
John Squire, M. D.
Richard Croft, M. D.
Rob. Batty, M. D.
R. J. Thornton, M. D.
Rich. Dennison, M. D.
Wm. Blackburne, M. D.
J. M. Hayes, M. D.
Tho. Garnett, M. D.
And. Thynne, M. D.
Gilbert Blane, M. D.
Nath, Hulme, M. D.
John Gibson, M. D.
Edw. Fryer, M. D.
Henry Cline,
Edward Ford,
Astley, Cooper
John Abernethy
Joseph Hurlock,


Samuel Chilver, 
J. M. Good, 
James Horsforl,
Francis Knight, 
James Leighton,
James Moore,
Thomas Paytherun
Thomas Pole,
T. W. Phipps,
John King,
James Simpson,
H. L. Thomas,
Jonathan Wathen,
Thomas Whately,
David Dundas,
John Pearson,
William Lynn,
John Rush,
John Griffiths,
William Morris,
Lewis Leese,
Edw. Leese,
Jonas Malden,
Thomas Rolph,
Joseph Millington,
James Gilder,
James Higgins,
Henry Fearon,
Thomas Farquhar,
Stephen Woolriche,
John Muckinder.

December 30, 1800, Page 3
Prince of Wales, Lighter
To be sold by Auction, on Monday the 5th of January next--The above Lighter, with all her materials, as she now lies at Mr. William Ritzbie's Dock-yard, where she may be viewed any day previous to sale.                             Belfast, Dec. 29, 1800.

N. B. Any perosn wishing to purchase the above Lighter by private contract, will please send their proposal to the proprietors Hugh O'Hanlong and JOHN BLAIR, of Newry, (who will close for a fair value) previous to the 4th of January next.



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