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Blair Extracts from the Belfast Newsletter (1760-1769)
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March 28, 1760: Page 3: NIRL WAR: Doc. ID  33305
+Airds =Savage,Francis/Col. +Portaferry +Greyabby +Ballywalter coast.
+Armagh +Lurgan troop dragoons =Brownlow,William/Capt. +Dublin =Forde,James/Lt.
+Ballymoney =O''Hara,Charles/Capt. pay =Henry,John/Capt. +Donnegorr
+Carmoney =Burleigh,Henry/Langford/Capt. +Killead =Moore,Roger/Capt.
+Castlereagh =Pottinger,Thomas/Capt. +Hillsborough =Hull,Dan/Lt.
+Killroot liberties. =Dalway,Marriot/Capt. =Dunbar,James/Rev/Lt.
+Killulta =Hertford,Lord tenants. +Templepatrick =Upton,Arthur/Capt.
+Lecale +Gillhall. =Waring,Henry/Capt. =Echlin,Charles/Capt.
+Lylo =Robinson,William/Capt. +Rich!hill =Roe,Thomas/Capt. +Armagh
+Waringstown =Waring,Samuel/Capt. +Maghralin =Douglas,Charles/Capt.
=Agnew,James/Lt. =Johnston,Adam/Capt. =Blair,Lt. +Glenarm =Myars,Capt.
=Allen,Patrick/Lt. =Hudson,Edward/Lt. =Antrim,Lord regiment. +Larne
=Bennett,Patrick/Rev. +Ballycastle =Boyd,Hugh/Col. +Rasharken
=Boyd,Hugh/Capt. =Trotter,John/Capt. =Johnston,Charles/Capt.
=Crommelin,Abraham/Lt. French prisoners arms guarded +Moyra +Dromore march.
=Gillespie,Robert/Capt. =Patterson,James/Capt. =Kyle,Robert/Capt.
=Hamilton,William/Capt. +Newry =Braddock,Thomas/Capt. horseback.
=Hawthorne,Steele/Capt. =Caddell,David/Capt. =Magill,John/Capt. +Waringsford
=Kennedy,Arthur/Capt. +Holywood =Hamilton,James/Capt. +Donnaghadee
=McCann,Thomas/Capt. Sovereign. +Tandragee =Blacker,Samuel/Capt.
=Mitchell,John/Lt. =Higginson,William/Lt. =Reed,Thos/Rev/Ensign total.
=Rawdon,Lord +Moyra Lordship =Stothard,John. +Dromore =Stothard,Coslet/Capt.
=Rowan,John/Capt. =Ross,James =Banks,Stewart =Brown,John +Three!Mile!Water.
=Shaw,Henry/Lt. +Shanes!Castle =O''Neill,Charles/Capt. =Henderson,Kennedy/Lt.
=Stevenson,James +Killileagh =Blackwood,Robert/Lt/Col. +Cumber +Ballybeen
=Thompson,Thomas/Capt. +Ballymena =Campbell,Hugh/Capt. =Adair,Blainy/Capt.
=Waddell,James/Capt. +Banbridge swords pikes. +Gilford =Johnston,Acheson/Capt.
=Ward,Bernard =Echlin,John. +Downpatrick +Castleward +Bangor +Newtown +Ards
=White,John/Capt. +Seaford =Forde,Matthew/Col. +Saintfield =Savage,Henry/Lt.
=Willson,Hill paymaster forces. =Legg,Alexander/Lt. =Stewart,Thomas/Lt.
Co. +Down +Purdy''s!Burn =Hillborough,Lord =Willson,James/Capt. father
cannon breast-work +Mile!water. +Carrickfergus =McIlwean,James/Capt.
corps +Ballahill =Dalway,Robert +Islemagee +Raloo +Glen +Templecorran
list volunteer companies militia +Belfast French. order time corps 22 26 Feb.
men cloathed armed cartridges. +Lisburn =Smith,Edward/Capt. Parliament
pay town. +Antrim =Finiston,James/Lt. commandant serjeants corporals drums
reinforce =Dingey,Capt. +Broughshane =White,John/Capt. scythes poles.

November 4, 1760: Page 1
Whereas it has pleased Almighty God, to call to His Mercy Our late Sovereign Lord King GEORGE the Second, of Blessed Memory, by whose decease the Imperial Crowns of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, are solely and rightfully come to the High and Mighty Prince George Prince of Wales; We therefore, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with those of His late Majesty's Privy Council, and Numbers of other Principal Gentlemen of Quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London, do now hereby, with one Voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart, publish and proclaim, That the High and Mighty Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and so forth; to whom WE do acknowledge all Faith and constant Obedience, with all hearty and humble Affection;  Beseeching God, by whom Kings and Queens do Reign, to Bless the Royal Prince GEORGE the Third, with Long and Happy Years to Reign over us.
Given at Court of Carleton House this twenty-fifth day of October.

?. Townshend                       C. Pratt                                   Tho. Cant.
James Peachy                       Dartmouth                               Leeds      
Fr. Raadden(?)                      Southwell                              Cha?mondeley
Rich. Potenger                      D?iemer                                  Holles Newcastle
W. Wentworth                     J. Br?d?nel                               F?lmouth
Ja. Dunne                              P. Wilmot                              Mansfield             
G. Pocock                              Geo. L. Scott                       Waldsgrave         
JNO. BLAIR        
Gilb. Elliot                            Gower
Hamey Palmer                       Andrew Stone                       Anson   
Vincent Mathias                    J. Cleveland                            Barrington
P.  Penculhet?                       Jno. Ranby                             Ligonier
Simon Parry                           Maj. Gen. B. Noel                W. Pitt   
T. Penn                                  John Bolcawen                      H. Fox
Jno. Andrews                       J. Wett                                   T. Robinson
S. Cotterell                           Edward Godfrey                    Th. Chitty, Mayor
At the court at Carleton House, the 25th Day of October, 1760.

November 4, 1760: Page 1
Whereas it has pleased Almighty God, to call to His Mercy Our late Sovereign Lord King GEORGE the Second, of Blessed Memory, by whose decease the Imperial Crowns of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, are solely and rightfully come to the High and Mighty Prince George Prince of Wales; We therefore, the Lord Justices of this Kingdom and several of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of this Realm, being here assisted with those of His late Majesty's Privy Council, and Numbers of other Principal Gentlemen of Quality, with the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, and Citizens of London, do now hereby, with one Voice and Consent of Tongue and Heart, publish and proclaim, That the High and Mighty Prince George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and so forth; to whom WE do acknowledge all Faith and constant Obedience, with all hearty and humble Affection;  Beseeching God, by whom Kings and Queens do Reign, to Bless the Royal Prince GEORGE the Third, with Long and Happy Years to Reign over us.

                Given at his Majesty's Castle of Dublin, the 1st Day of November, 1760.               

P. Hamilton, Mayor           Henry Flood                     Bowes, C.
J. Grattan, recorder            R. Cuninghame                 Kildare
F. Fetherhouse                   Ralph Gore                      Drogheda
G. Wrightson                     Will. Brownlow                Grandison
Henry Harte                       J. Pomeroy                       Landsborough
John Tew                           J. Severne                        Lowth
Charles Holland                  Ant. Foster                      Jocelyn
Nich. Morrison                   Wm. Chaigneau                Lostus
Peter Barre                         Wm. Clements                 Wm. Yorke
Phil. Crampton                    Pichard Mercer                Edw. Willes
M. Clarke                           Wm. Rossingrave             Mr. Trevor
J. Stokes                             Albert Gladstone              Her. L?n. Rowley
John Alcock                         B. Coore Purdon             Nath. Clements
James Price                          J. Hely Hutchinson           C. Gardiner
James Sheil                           Fran. Sto. Sullivan            Richard Ferns and             
George Vesey                       Henry Mercier                  Leighlin
Darby Magill                         Theaker Wilder                 Lisle
T. Fitzerald                            Jo. Grace                         G. Forbes
David Fitzgerald                    Arth. Dawson                   Arth. Down and
George King                          Redmond Morres                Connor
Wm Blanchard                      James Ellard                      Will. Clonsert
Middleton Comyn                  Francis Wadman               Cavan
John Moore                           Joseph Kennedy              R. Waterford and
Charles Wynne                      Holt Waring                      Lismore
Joseph Jarratt                        John Warre                     Chatlemont
John Winstanley                    Wm Lyndon                     Powerscourt
Deputy Ulster                       Gust. Moore                    Charles Montague
Charles Caldwell                   L. Mercer                        Richard Cox
E. Sandford                           John Lyons                     Arth. Jones Nevil
John Adlercron                     Wm. Greene                    John Bourke
John Magill                           Tho. Bourne                     Ranclagh             
Robert Clements                   Delvin                              Hugh Morgan
William Clements                   Godfrey Lill                      Richd. Moumney
Peter Chester                        Charles Usher                   Hen. Lyons
Mar. Paterson                       Edm. Sax. Perry                Will Scott
Dan.Chenevix                       Richard Murth                   Rich Ponsonby
Thomas Calcraft                   Tho. Duval                         Newtown
Henry Reddish                     Hen. Con?an                      John Butler
Brah. Disney                         MAR. ANT. BLAIR       Edm. Malone
John Roberts                        Hen. Lyons                         John Tickett
J. Tuston Mason                  John Morrison                     W. Flood
John Forde                            S. Molynx. Madden           Chr. Robinson
John Boswell                        Edward Martin                    Tho. Dawson
Francis Burke                        John Butler                         Thos. Waite
William Moore                      Isaac Mann                        Robt. French
Theoph. Desbrisay                Joshua Dawson                  Thos. Le Hunte
Charles Smyth                      Richard Wilson                    Fred. Gore
Jos. Dean Bourke                 James Noble                       Phil. Risdell
James Irwin                           John King                          Geo. Smith
                        John Foliott

                GOD SAVE THE KING

March 26, 1761: Page 1
The King's most excellent Majesty in Council.
His Majesty having this day thought fit to dissolve the Privy Council, and, at the same time, to appoint a new one, consisting of the same members with the former Council, together with Anthony Earl of Shaftbury, all the Lords and others present were thereupon sworn of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, and took their places at the board accordingly.
His Majesty was then pleased to declare the Right Honourable John Earl Granville, Lord President of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council in Ordinary.
William Sharpe, Henry Fane, WILLIAM BLAIR, and Francis Vernon, Esqrs. Were this day, by his Majesty's ?????, sworn Clerks of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council in Ordinary.
As were likewise Philip Sharpe, Stephen Cottrell and George Chetwynd, Eqrs. Clerks in Extraordinary.

 June 22 & June 26, 1761: Page 3
To be sold by CAPTAIN WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR of BLAIRMOUNT, to make good the payment of a marriage settlement; the lands of Killyglen, otherwise BLAIRMOUNT, held by said Captain, by grant from the Right Honourable the Earl of Antrim, in perpetuity; containing about one hundred acres of arable and deadow, and about two hundred acres of extraordinary good mountain for grazing, and plenty of moss for turf, with good houses, and a very fine orchard on the premises.
Also to be sold, for the payment of debts, by said Captain, the lands of Draines and Drummaine, containing three hundred and sixty acres of extraordinary arable and meadow, joining the sea on the east side, and extending to Killyglen on the west, with extraordinary good houses and other conveniences for tenants. Also, the lands of Loughduff, adjoining the west part of Killyglen containing four hundred sixty six acres, part inhabited by good tenants, and part held for flock as it is very fertile good land for fattening cattle, held in lease in perpetuity from the said Right Hon. Earl.  All said lands situate in the parish of Carncastle and barony of Glenarm.  Proposals to be received by the aforesaid CAPTAIN BLAIR, at his house in BLAIRMOUNT, who will shew the premises. 

November 17, 1761: Page 3: ADLAND FAIR LINEN MINE: Doc ID: 33863
=Arnold, John attorney +Dublin house +Belfast.
lands +Drummain +Draines +Loughdoo mountain barony +Glenarm. mortgaged sold.
wanted pounds discharge debts =Blair,William/Henry +Blairmount Co. +Antrim.


January 8, 1762: Page 3
Seven Hundred Pounds to discharge the debts of
WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR of BLAIRMOUNT in the county of Antrim, Gent. For which the lands of Dromain, Draines, Loughdo? Mountain in the barony of Glenarm, in the county of Antrim, will be mortgaged or sold.  Such persons as are inclined to treat for the same, are desired to apply to the said MR. BLAIR at BLAIRMOUNT aforesaid, or to John Arnold, attorney, at his office in Dublin in term time, or at his house in Belfast in vacation.

February 12, 1762: Page 1
                Thursday morning last arrived here the Brig Pompey, Capt. Richard Goodwin, in 18 days from Jamaica; who gives us the following particulars, viz.---That Admiral HOLMES was dead; that Commodore Forrest had assumed the command of the ?ation; ---and that there were 12 men of war there.---That about the 19th of November, the ship Vestal, CAPT. BLAIR, of 16 guns and 40 men, belonging to Jamaica and Philadelphia, 30 leagues to windward of Antiqua, was attacked by three French privateers, the one of six, and the other two of ten guns each, with whom he held an engagement of three quarters of an hour, when they were obliged to steer off to refit, and in about two hours after returned to the attack, and boarded the Vestal with 60 men; but that having their Graplings cut loose, they drifted off, and left their men on board, four of whom were kill'd, two wounded, and the remainder obliged to jump overboard, who were drowned, as the privateers made the best of their way off, being chased by CAPT. BLAIR, whose vessel was prodigiously mauled in masts, sails, rigging and hull;---and had but one man wounded, having his thigh broke, but none killed.
Capt. Goodwin further informs, that two days before he sailed, His Majesty's Snow the Merlin, of 20 guns about the 24th of Nov. last, ten leagues South of the Isle of Ash, descry'd five sloops, whom she bore down upon, and who proved to be so many Dutchmen.  That after enquiring who they were, they immediately attacked her, and continued an engagement of three quarters of an hour, when the Dutch Commodore made a signal for boarding, upon which the man of war obliged to make best of her way and had several killed, besides many wounded.--
Two days before Capt. Goodwin sailed, His Majesty's ship Hussar, arrived at Port Royal, and brought in with her two of the thirteen Dutch vessels, a sloop and schooner, who were at the taking and murdering of Capt. Little, and others.---The two Dutch Captains made their escape by swimming; and the crews were properly taken care of;---the Blacks were made slaves to the sugar works.

March 23, 1762, Page 3: Doc. ID. 33448, ADLAND FAIR LINEN MINE
+Ballymoney +Colerain market towns. +Ballydevitt 1 July. 18.
+Knockheeragh +Drummen turff-bog 1 Nov. linen country +Garvagh +Killrea
townland +Coolnaman parish +Desart!Oughill Co. +Londonderry estate =Blair,John

February 8, 1763,  Page 1: Doc. ID. 74666, AGR GOVGB NBG TAX
=Blair,William =Hall,Daniel =Blount,George =Moore,George Commissioners Taxes.
=Oxford,George/Earl/of office ranger keeper park +St!James''s!Park.
Whitehall 1 King appoint =Younge,Edward =Trenchard,John =Wyndham,Thomas

 July 15, 1763, Page 3; Doc. ID 68299, FAIR LINEN
> +Belfast News-Letter >. linen drapers revive cloth fairs Co. +Antrim
+Randalstown 16 +Connor 1 Aug. attend markets +Ballymena +Ballymoney +Larne
9. =Adair,John =Adair,James =Adair,Blayney =Bell,Robert =McKedy,Robert
=Blackley,John =Thomson,Sam. =Thomson,Skeffington =Barkley,Thomas
=Bowerman,James =McKinney,John =Mahard,Wm. =Rosbrough,Alex. =Blair,James
=Boyd,Andrew. =Wright,Robert =McNaughton,Sam. =Crawford,Sam. =Dunlop,George
=Campbell,Hugh. =Campbell,Robert =Courtney,Wm. =Dickey,Thomas =Dickey,John
=Davison,James/Jr. =Douglas,James =Boyd,James/Sr. =Boyd,James/Jr.
=Dickey,Adam. =Gilliland,John/Jr. =Hood,James =Davison,James/Sr.
=Dunlop,Sam. =Grier,James =Marshal,Robert/Sr. =Marshal,Robert/Jr. =Waugh,Sam.
=Hill,James =Logan,Wm. =Brown,Patrick. =McAdam,Thomas =McWaters,Daniel
=Johnson,Adam/Blair. =Sittlington,John =Young,Thomas =Adair,Charles
=McAlexander,Alex. =Doyle,John =Miller,Wm. =Hill,John =Hill,Charles
=McFerran,George =Watt,James =Meek,Wm. =Swann,John =Swann,Wm. =Hunter,Wm.
=Owens,John =Hood,Andrew.
=Thomson,Thomas =Allen,John =Gilliland,John =Gilliland,James =Shaw,Thomas.

August 12, 1763,  Page 3: Doc. ID. 71780 ASSOC NIRL REL RIOT
+Belfast 13 declaration association High Sheriff noblemen Grand Jury
=Annesley =Nedham,George =Hall,Roger =Ward,Robert =Savage =Blackwood,John.
=Atkinson,John. =Atkinson,Jeremiah =Hughs,Arthur =Atkinson,James
=Bailie,Andrew/Thos. =Mears,John =Gillespie,Clement =Gausson,David.
=Bailie,James. =Spencer,Brent =Rowan,John =Hamilton,Robert
=Ellis,Nichs. =Templeton,John =Dickson,James =Hamilton,Charles. =Phipps,John
=Ennis,Thomas. =Close,Samuel =Trotter,John =Nevin,William =Crawford,James
=Gibson,Robert. =Cramer,Ambrose =Moore,James/Sr. =Burrowes,John
=Gillespie,Rupert =Pottinger,Thos. =Kennedy,Arthur. =Carlile,James
=Gillespie,William =Savage,Hugh =Brown,Robert =Waring,Samuel. =Lindsey,Mathew
=Glenny,Isaac/Sr. =Denniston,Alex. =Seton,Alex. =Aprichard,Richd.
=Hamilton,James =Magill,John =Bamber,Rich/Brown =Ayesworth,James =Darley,John
=Hays,Wm. =Stevenson,George =Rainey,Robert =Thompson,John =Benson,Trevor
=Heath,William. =Reed,James =Watson =Anderson,James =Bryden,Wm.
=Hull,Daniel =Carlile,David. =Grant,Nichs. =Hamilton,Hugh
=Kennedy,James =Trotter,Edward =Matthewes,Daniel =Smart,James =Corry,Isaac
=Lucas,William =Hallyday,Wm. =McCamon,Moses. =Carson,Joseph =Templeton,James
=Merry,John =Blair,James =Hamilton,Wm. =Waring,Thos/Jr. =Dickson,John
=Miling,John. =Mitchell,William =Montgomery,Wm. =Echlin,John =Bailie,James
=Moore,James/Jr. =Cumming,Thomas =Glenny,Isaac/Jr. =Gordon,Nichs. =Heath,John
=Pollock,James. =Ellis,John =Moore,Andrew =Glenny,John =Cuming,Robert
=Ross,John =Delany,Patrick =Trevor,Arthur/Jr. =Savage,Andrew/Sr.
=Savage,Andrew/Jr. =Reilly,John =Arbuckle,James =Hutchison,Francis
=Sevar,Charles =Scott,George =Glenny,William =Glenny,George. =Anderson,George
=Shaw,William =Carson,Robert =Hall,Thomas =Montgomery,James =Corry,Edward
=Stewart,Thos. =Boyd,Francis =Pollock,John =Moody,James =Atkinson,Arthur
=Thomson,Robert. =Johnston,James =Waring,Henry =Savage,Philip =Matthewes,John
=Trevor,A. =Blackwood,Robert =Ward,Ber. foreman =Forde,Matthew/Jr.
=Vaughan,Geo/Jr. =Arnold,Edward =Craddock,Thos. =Ward,Bernard =Vaughan,George.
=Waring,Samuel =Tate,R/Lambert =Dowglass,Charles =Waring,H. =Hill,Hugh
=Wilson,Hill =Beers,James =Johnston,Arthur =Isaac,Simon =Waddell,James
abhorrence insurrections peace counties. loyalty allegiance Sovereign
government religion laws liberties constitution church state. attempts
houses retailers characters. =Savage,Patrick +Hillsborough Lieutenant +Moira
incendiaries sedition stations justice minds inhabitants insinuations
magistrates gentlemen clergy freeholders Co. +Down General Assize 4.
peace officers punishment. commotion use liquors passions morals publick
suggestions grievances. opposition people province disorders duty methods


April 20, 1764, Page 3, Doc. ID 36271: FAIR LINEN 

+Ahoghill May 2 +Ballymoney benefit +Ballymena 14. =Allen,James.
=Adair,Wm/Robert. =Courtney,William. =Dickey,John. =Dickey,Adam.
=Douglas,James. =Johnston,John. =Miller,Wm. =Sitlington,John.
=Hood,Andrew. buyers sellers justice.
=Johnston,Robert. =Craig,John. =Blair,John. =McBirney,Alex. =Young,James.
=Logan,William. =Campbell,Hugh. =Nicholl,Robert. =McManus,John.
=McNaghten,Samuel. =Davison,James. =Hill,John. =Hill,Charles. =Hill,James.
=Meek,William. =Young,Thomas. =Donaldson,James. =Barkley,Thomas.
=Shaw,Thomas. =McKedy,Robert. =Thompson,Clot. =Adair,Charles.
=Swan,William. =Hill,Joseph. =Wilson,Hugh. =McKee,Patt. =Blair,James.
=Thompson,Thomas. =Allen,John. =Thompson,Samuel. =Allen,Patrick.
subscribers brethren linen drapers Co. +Antrim manufacturers +Derry. Market

June 29, 1764, Page 3, Doc Id. 36469; ADALCO TAX
gentlemen +Ireland inn house +Harbour Sign Swan. Custom House stabling ladies
notice =Blair,John. +Dunskey proprietor +Portpatrick accommodation noblemen
usage =McQueston,Brice. keeper.

 August 14, 1764, Page 3, Doc. ID, 36593, ADLAND
=Fletcher,Widow. =McKee,James. lands miles +Antrim tradesmen
=Henderson,Kennedy. +Castle!Dawson =Macay,Joseph. tenant Sept. 12 11.
set Nov. 1 farms townland +Dunsilly =Blair,John. =Fletcher,Samuel.

October 5, 1764, Page 3, Doc. ID. 36705, ADLEGAL LINEN
=Alexander,Alex. =Smith,John. =Wier,Hugh. =Magill,Robert. =Magill,James.
=Alexander,L. =Campbell,Hugh. =Courtney,Wm. =Adair,Blayney.
=Campbell,Robert. =Barklie,Thomas. =Allen,John/Jr. =Shaw,Thomas. =Meek,Wm.
=Clark,Alex. =Stephenson,John. =Henderson,John. =Crawford,Robert.
=Crawford,Samuel. =Graham,John. =Given,William. =Elliot,James.
=Cuningham,Wm. =Thompson,Clot. =Luke,James. =Donaldson,James. =Luke,John.
=Dickey,James. =Dickey,Adam. =Gilliland,James. =Owens,John. =Young,James.
=Dickey,John. =Gregg,Nathan. =Johnston,Robert. =Miller,William.
=Hunter,John. =Warden,Joseph. =Thompson,Andrew. =Cook,John.
=Kempstor,Thomas. =Gregg,Thomas. =Rossbotham,Matt/Jr. =Blair,John.
=Lyle,Hugh. =Stirling,John. =Smith,Samuel. =Thompson,Wm. =Campbell,Wm.
=McBurney,Alex. =Gilmore,John/Jr. =McErvill,James. =Henderson,Kennedy.
=McFerran,Geo. =Martin,Wm. =Watt,James. =Hunter,Wm. =Dickey,Thomas.
=Melland,David. =Patteson,Edward. =Gillmer,John. =Kemry,John. =Ramsey,Geo.
=Patterson,John. =Birnie,Patt. =Kirk,William. =Calderwood,Andrew.
=Thompson,Thomas. =Bristow,Samuel. =Blackley,John. =Thompson,Samuel.
abode. seize civil magistrate justice cloths Sept. 5. =Glenholme,John.
linen drapers subscribed advantages trade laws legislature activity. declare
pledge faith punishing practice hawking jobbing brown penalties prosecution.
resolution pieces yard-wides ends cords thrumbs manufacturer weaver place
seal-masters =White,John.

March 15, 1765, Page 3, Doc. ID 40691; ASSOC FAIR LINEN

=Agnew,James =Agnew,Pigott =Hunter,John =M''Ferran,George =Craig,John
=Allen,Patrick =Allen,John =Allen,John/Jr. =Bristown,Samuel =Patterson,John.
Blair,William. =M''Concy,William =Watt,James =Adair,Wm/Robert =Waugh,Samuel.
=Carmichael,John. =Hill,John =Hill,Charles =Hill,Joseph =Hill,James.
=Cathcart,William =N''Naghten,Samuel =Wason,David =Hood,James =Dool,John.
=Courtney,William =Gillilan,John/Jr. =Miller,William. =O''Quin,Felix
=Crawford,Robert =Campbell,Robert =Adair,Blayney =Young,James =Blackley,John.
=Dickey,Thomas =Dickey,Adam =Dickey,Adam/Jr. =Dickey,John/Jr. =Cuningham,Wm.
=Greer,James =Johnson,Robert =Moore,William =Holston,James =Allen,James.
=Kirk,William =Thompson,John =Thompson,Cloth. =Dickey,John =Dickey,James.
=Luke,John =Gillilan,John =Barklie,Thomas =Marshall,Robert =Birnie,Samuel.
=M''Crory,William =Owens,John =M''Kenny,John =Hamilton,Samuel =Hamilton,James.
=Meek,William =
Blair,John =Sitlington,John.
=Swan,William =Shaw,James/Blair =Young,George =Young,Thomas =Young,Robert.
=Todd,Andrew chair. =Gilmore,John/Jr. =Carmichael,Hugh =Carmichael,Samuel
gentlemen trade attend 25 Feb. =O''Neill,Mr. +Shanescastle drapers dine.
linen merchants town +Randalstown yarn business. attend market 3 Apr.

March 22, 1765, Page 3, Doc. ID 40710: ASSOC FAIR LINEN

+Derry reviving market +Ahoghill 2 May +Ballymoney benefit +Ballymena home 14
=Adair,Wm/Robert =Courtney,William =Dickey,John =Dickey,Adam =Meek,William.
=Allen,Patrick =Shaw,Thomas =McKedy,Robert =Thompson,Clot. =Adair,Charles.
Blair,James =Hood,Andrew. =M''Manus,Mr. attend accommodate buyers sellers
Blair,John =M''Birney,Alex. =Young,James =M''Naghten,Samuel =Davison,James.
=Hill,John =Hill,Charles =Hill,James =Logan,William =Campbell,Hugh.
=Nicholl,Robert =M''Manus,John =Douglas,James =Johnston,John =Miller,Wm.
=Sitlington,John =Swan,William =Hill,Joseph =Willson,Hugh =M''Kee,Patt.
=Young,Thomas =Donaldson,James =Barkley,Thomas =Johnston,Robert =Craig,John.
Apr. 1764. =Allen,James =Thompson,Thomas =Allen,John =Thompson,Samuel.
subscribers brethren linen drapers Co. +Antrim. conveniency manufacturers

April 5, 1765, Page 3, Doc. ID 40755: ADLAND MINE SPORT

cotter flesh market parlour room view +Strangford!Lough +Ireland barnacle
land +Cunningburn parish =Jackson,William under-tenants bog marle parks shore
set 1 Nov. =Echlin,Jane/Mrs. +Newtown Co. +Down =Echlin,John +Ardquin. farm
widgeon sea fowl. shoot =
Blair,James =Strickland,William 29 Mar.
wreck. kelp sold sea shore house barn stable cow-house kitchen garden

May 28, 1765, Page 3, Doc. ID 60335: NDUB SHIP
$Trevor packet-boat launched =
Blair,Mr. yard +George''s!Quay.

September 3, 1765, Page 1
From the LONDON GAZETTE, Whitehall, August 24.
The King has been pleased to appoint
WILLIAM BLAIR, John Barhanrd, George Whitmore, John Kenrick, and James Brindley, Esqrs. To be Commissioners for managing the dutied on stamps vellum, parchment and paper; and also to appoint John Bretteil, Esq. To be Secretary to the said Commissioners.

November 5, 1765, Page 3, Doc.ID 43975: ADLF

Blair,Widow reward =Blair,Jennet 4.
stolen strayed townland +Ballycragy parish +Carmony 31 Oct. horse.


July 8, 1766, Page 1
Dublin, July 5th
By the diligence of Mr. THOMAS BLAIR, gauger of Rallibosey, assisted by James Knox, Charles Ramsay, and Geo. Barclay, Esqrs. And Mr. James Vaneck, supernumary, and others, there were 17 private stills carried to the office of Scrabane, between the 6th and 20th of June last; 2000 gallons of pot-ale and 2000 gallons of singlings were spilled.

August 22, 1766, Page 3, Doc. ID 52109: ADLAND LINEN MINE
+Ballymoney +Ballycastle +Colerain +Ballymena bleach-house kingdom green cloth
+Bush moss perches liberty proposals =Blair,John +Ballyclover +Antrim.
let 1 Nov. farm land townland +Clontefinean Co. +Antrim dwelling-house.
water lime-stone. furnaces wash-mill rub-boards axle-tree tacklings River

October 7, 1766, Page 1
From the LONDON GAZETTE, At the Court at St. James, Sept. 26, 1766, Present. The KING’S most Excellent Majesty in Council.
Whereas his Majesty has been informed, by addresses from the Lord-Mayor and Aldermen of London, the Cities of Bristol and Norwich, and other considerable Corporations and numerous bodies of men, that the price of wheat has gradually increased ever since the ports were opened by the expiration of the act of the last session of parliament prohibiting the exportation of corn and that at Bearkey it is above the bounty price, and in most other places in the kingdom greatly exceeding the same; and it is upon the strongest ground to be presumed to be still rising; that the stock in hand is very inconsiderable, and that the crop of the present year has failed in such a proportion, that is the exportation be not immediately stopped, there is great cause to foresee that very shortly there will not remain in the kingdom’s quantity sufficient for the necessary supply of his Majesty’s subjects and whereas this apprehension is much increased from the undoubted informations his majesty has received, that, from the failure of, and the deficiencies in the crops in several foreign parts, commissions have been received from thence, to purchase wheat to supply such foreign markets, at an unlimited price, and which commissions are, at this time , larger and more extensive than have been known at any time; so that unless this Majesty should, upon this emergency, exert his Royal authority to prevent the further exportation of wheat and wheat –flour, his Majesty’s subjects would be in danger of want, whilst foreigners are supplied from this country.  And whereas the Parliament standing prorogued to the   11th day of November next, his Majesty has not an opportunity of taking the advice of his parliament speedily enough upon the present emergency to stop the progress of a mischief daily increasing, and which, if not immediately provided against, might be productive of calamities past all possibility of remedy.  It is therefore, upon the grounds of the above urgent necessity now impending and for the safety, benefit and sustenance of his Majesty’s subjects, that his Majesty, with the advice of his Privy Council, doth order, and it is hereby accordingly ordered, that an embargo be forthwith laid upon all ships and vessels laden or to be laden, in the ports of Great Britain, with wheat or wheat flour, to be exported to foreign parts; and that the said embargo do continue and remain, from the date hereof, until the 14th day of November next.  And the Right Hon. The Lords Commissioners of his Majesty’s Treasury, the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, and Lord Warden of the Cinque-ports, are to give the necessary directions herein, as to them may respectively appertain.  W. BLAIR. 

At the Court at St. James, Sept. 26, 1766, Present,

The KING’s most Excellent MAJESTY in Council. 

Whereas his Majesty hath received information, that the price of wheat has gradually increased ever since the ports were opened by the expiration of the act of the last session of parliamnet prohibiting the exportation of corn, and that in the port of London the price of wheat has been, for two successive market-days, above 48s, the quarter, Winchester measure, and it is upon the strongest grounds to be presumed to be still rising.  His Majesty doth therefore, by and with the advice of his Privy-Council, (pursuant to thepowers vested in his Majesty for that purpose, by an act passed in the 33rd year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Second) hereby prohibit the making , extracting, or distilling, of any kind of low wines, or spirits, from any wheat, wheat-meal, wheat-flour, or wheat-barn, or any mixture therewith, from the date hereof, until the 14th day of November next; where of all persons concerned are to take notice, and yield due obedience to his Majesty’s commands hereby signified.  W. BLAIR

December 5, 1766, Page 3, Doc. ID 70932: NBEL SHIP
=Campbell +Irvine linen cloth $Edward =Henderson +London butter.
=Litherland +Liverpool bark 4 colliers. cleared $Jackie =Campbell +Bergen
salt $Peggy =Blair +Dumfries ballast $Caledonia =Francis +Air wine. $Jenny
ships arrived 2 $Mary/Ann =Angus +Whitehaven tobacco 3 $Two/Sisters

July 8, 1766, Page 1
Dublin, July 5th
By the diligence of MR. THOMAS BLAIR, gauger of Rallibosey, assisted by James Knox, Charles Ramsay, and Geo. Barclay, Esqrs. And Mr. James Vaneck, supernumary, and others, there were 17 private stills carried to the office of Scrabane, between the 6th and 20th of June last; 2000 gallons of pot-ale and 2000 gallons of singlings were spilled.

February 3, 1767: Page 3.
, who hath lived in the house of the Mssrs. Dunop and Powle since the Year 1759 hath, by the Advice of the House, and others his Friends here, as well as from the Consideration of Prince Rupert’s Bay, and Rozeau being declared free Ports, been induced to enter upon Business on his own Account.  He takes this Method of informing the Gentlemen Merchants in Belfast who may chose to send any Adventures to this Island, and who might be pleased to intrust them in his Hands, that he could procure (if required) undoubted Security for the Safety of their Effects, and should make it his Study to merit their Favours, by paying the greatest Attention for their Interests, and making punctual Remittances conformable to Orders.

February 10, 1767: Page 3: Doc. ID 58202: D NIRL

+Fleet!St. =Blair,Thomas/Mr. merchant contractor packet-boats port +Holyhead.
died +Clownish Co. +Monaghan =Balfinch,Mr. surveyor excise +Cavan district.

May 22, 1767, Page 3, Doc. ID 62828; NBEL SHIP

Starr =Jones. $Peggy =Blair +Dumfries bark. 21 $Brothers =Auld +St!Ubes wine
salt. 18 $Nancy =Moor,R. beef butter.
ships 19 $Jenny =Campbell +Irvine carpets coals. $Mairmaid =Lewis +Cardigan
slates. $Arria =Jones +Liverpool eartherware. $Christian =Wylie kentings.

May 29, 1767, Page 1.
STOLEN or strayed off the Craige Farm near Ballyclare in the County of Antrim, a black Horse, the Property of McAuley, Chapman.  Said Horse is about eight Years old, has a very little Scar, a white Spot on the off hind Heal, several old sore Spots on the shoulders not grown with Hair, a large Saddle Mark on the ???? Side on the Ris, about 14 Hands high, strong make.  Any Persons who can give Information of said Horse may send by Post or otherwise to MR. MICHAEL BLAIR, Innkeeper in Ballymena, and they shall be sufficiently rewarded;  If stolen, three Guines Reward shall be paid to whoever secures said Horse and Thief, returns me the Horse, and prosecutes the Thief to Conviction.  It is hoped Coast Officers and others will take Notice to Horses crossing to Scotland.  ?????under my Hand, and dated this fifth Day of May, 1767.  Bryan McAulay.

July 7, 1767, Page 3, Doc. ID 64418; M NIRL
+Ballydevitt +Londonderry.
+King''s!Co. =Jackson,Miss. =Sterling,John +Wallworth =Blair,Miss =Blair,John
=Byrne,Thomas merchant =Byrne,Frances/Miss +Carlow. =Fraser,Hannibal +Birr
=Dromore,Bishop/of =D''Oyley,Miss daughter late =D''Oyley,Thomas/Sir.
married 23 June +Cuxam +Oxfordshire +England =Newcome,Rev/Dr.

July 14, 1767, Page 1.
Whereas Mr. JOHN BLAIR, late of Kells, now deceased, for some Years bye-past occupied William Parker’s Bleach-Yard, and his Time being expired against the first Day of November, 1767, the said William Parker of Kildrum, in the Parish of Kells, Barony and County of Antrim, intends to set the said Green and the Utensils there unto belonging, at a reasonable Rent, to some Gentleman dealing in the Linen-Way who may have Occasion for the like:  The Green contains about seven hundred Pieces when spread: there are two furnaces, one Wash-mill, four Pair of Rubbing-boards, and one Beet?ling- engine, etc.  There is Plenty of Tur? to be had in the Neighbourhood at a moderate Price, it being the ???onable Time of the Year to provide them for the ensuing Year.  Any Persons who has Occasion for the said Conveniency may take the Opportunity of treating with the above said William Parker, who will deal on reasonable Terms.  July 5th, 1767.  WILLIAM PARKER.

September 4, 1767, Page 1
LONDON, August 22, and 25.
It is said WILLIAM BLAIR, Esq; will succeed the late William Sharpe, Esq; as first clerk of the Council; Philip Sharpe, Esq; as second; the Hon. Robert Walpole, as third; and Stephen Cotterell, Esq; first clerk extraordinary, as the fourth.

 September 8, 1767, Page 3, Doc. ID 66121; D NLON
=Blair,William clerk Privy Council room late =Sharp,William

November 3, 1767, Page 3, Doc. ID 69019: ASSOC NIRL TRANS
> Freeman''s Journals >. =Ogle,George =Ogle,Henry =Watson,Lan. =Carson,Joseph
+Fortescue!Lock anchorage ships. saving public monies inspection aid +Dublin
=Blair,James =Finnex,John =Smith,Peacock. =Geogh,Samuel =May,Samuel
=Ellis,Nicholas =Beath,John. =Wallace,Hugh =Anderson,George =McGawley,Wm.
=Gillespie,Clement =Ellis,John =Ogle,William.
=Glenny,Isaac/Jr. =Martin,William =Mollan,William. =Wallace,William
=Hamilton,Hugh. =Townley,Samuel =Forster,Francis =Bailie,Andrew/Thomas.
=Harshaw,Michael. =Scott,George =Halyday,William =Boyd,Francis.
=Lee,John =Gaussan,David =McKibben,Patrick. =Wier,Thomas =Luke,Archibald
=McGlathry,Thomas =Stewart,Thomas =Carlisle,David. =Withers,John
=Mitchell,Wilbert =Dickson,John =McCannon,Moses. =Pollock,John =Moor,James
=Ogle,John. =Thompson,Andrew =Carlisle,Robert =Thomson,Robert.
=Pollock,James =McCormick,Robert =Maitland,Adam =Davis,James.
=Scott,Robert improving navigation sea +Tyrone collieries stability works
=Searight,William =Courtenay,Norris. =Grant,Nicholas =Boyd/and/Dick =Dick.
coals trade welfare native country. published > =Faulkner Journal >.
direction. cheap conveyance manufacturing counties province +Ulster materials
linen-trade harbour exportation. bread-corn scarcity land carriage. foreign
markets +America door lands uninhabited value +Ireland. east west piers
meeting merchants traders +Newry market-house 28 Oct. thanks =Fortescue,James

November 27, 1767, Page 3, Doc. ID 69313: NBEL SHIP
$William =Simpson +Greenock hides butter. $Pitt =Howland +Ramsey candles.
+Pillasowdry barks. $Peggy =Blair +Dumfries bark. colliers coals ballast. 24
23 $Eleanor =Flin +Parton coals grindstones tar. $Endeavour =Jackson

December 29, 1767, Page 1.
TO be sold by publick Cant, for ready Money, at Kells in the County of Antrim, on Tuesday the fifth Day of January next, by Patrick Allen and Thomas Berklie, Administrators to JOHN BLAIR, late of Kells, deceased, a Lease of two Lives of a Tenement in the Village of Kells, lately occupied by the said JOHN BLAIR.  The said Administrators earnestly request all such as are indebted to the said JOHN BLAIR, by Bond, Note or Book Account, to meet them at Mr. Garner’s in Kells on that Day, and settle their Accounts and pay the same; otherwise they may expect the said Administrators will immediately proceed against them according to Law, in order to recover what appears to be due the said JOHN BLAIR, that same may be applied (as far as it will go) towards discharging of Judgement Debts.  It is also expected that all who are indebted to the said Patrick Allen and Thomas Barklie for bleaching Linens at Kells, will meet them on that Day, at Mr. Garner’s, and settle their Accounts and discharge the same.

Dated this 24th December, 1767.


February 19, 1768, Page 1
Whitehall, February 2.
THE King has been pleased to issue his commission under the Great Seal, authorizing and empowering Richard Sutton, WILLIAM BLAIR and William Fraser, Esqrs. Or any two of them, to execute the office of keeper of his Majesty’s Privy Seal, for any during the space and term of six weeks, determinable nevertheless at his Majesty’s pleasure: And also to grant, during his Majesty’s pleasure, the Right Hon. William Earl of Chatham, the said office of keeper of his Majesty’s Privy Seal, from and after the said term of six weeks, or other sooner determination of the said commission

May 27, 1768, Page 1
THAT the following Farms in Killwaghter are to be let to solvent Protestant Tenants, by William Agnew, Esq. For 21 Years from November next, on such Terms as may be agreed for.  Proposals will be received by said William Agnew, and the Lands will be shewn by John Seewright his Bailiff.  Dated this 26th Day of May, 1768.
                   A.                R.                P.

John McDowell’s Farm, containing of Arable                                               19                3                0
Ditto, green Pasture                                                                                     40                0                0
                Arable                              20                0                0
Ditto, green Pasture                                                                                     40                0                0
John Wallace, Arable                                                                                   33                0                0
Ditto, green Pasture                                                                                     49                0                0
John Agnew, Arable                                                                                    22                3                0
Ditto, green Pasture                                                                                     21                1                0
Thomas Willson’s, all Arable, Meadow and Pasture                                     30                0                0
Widow McNish (?), all Arable, Meadow and Pasture                                  12                0                0
William Hadden, all Arable, Meadow,                                                          15                0                0
William Service,  Arable, Meadow and Pasture                                            22                0                0

                Note: Several other Farms will be let against November 1769, which may be viewed by any Person who inclines to treat for the same; and on some of said Farms Bleach-greens may be made, with proper Falls, and plentifully supplied with pure Spring Water to ???? their Mills.  Any Person who inclines to erect such, may be informed by Mr. Thomas Barkly of Larne, Linen Draper, of the Situation and Conveniences.

 July 29, 1768, Page 1.
To be Let for twenty-one Years, or such Terms as can be agreed on, from the first of November, 1768, the following Lands in the Parish of Maghrasharkin, viz.
                A.   R.    P.                                                                    A.    R.     P.

Hector McAlester                  58    3     16                Neal McNeill and                         37    3      18
And Samuel Glass                                                   Arch. Boarman
Ditto, Moss                       8      1     15                Charles Conally                           34    1       16
Byran McIlcon                       29    3     12                  Dr. McMullin, Daniel                 100  1       22
Ditto, Moss,                     9      2     32                 McCaghren,
Patrick McCloskey                13    1     38                 Miss Rose McNeill and Sister
Jno. & Pat. McAlester             9      1     00                              LISNAGAVER.
Ditto, Rocky,                  10    0     31                Archibald McNeill                        70     1      34
Robert Rea and                     26    0     01                   and Partners               
John Steel                                                             James McNeill & do.                  106   0      12
Dittos, Moss                5      2     28                    Ditto, Bog,                              2       2       0
Samuel Stewart                     29    0     15                John Taylor and ditto                   107   0      20
John Stewart                         33    0     10                     Ditto, Bog.                               21     1      35
Ditto, Moss,                   17    3     36                               BALLYMACONALLY.
Morris Graham                      24    3     15                James McMullin                          54     3        11
Daniel Darough                      64    0     06                      Ditto, Bog,                             5       0      10
Bryan Cullan and                    67    3     01               William Stewart                           22     0      19
Widow O’Hara                                                    Daniel Harper                              17     3      38
TEEHORONY                                                   Ditto, Heathy,                               13     0      28
Hugh Gamble                        28    2    34                 John Loghridge &                        
Daniel McLeese                     44    2    10                Hecor McShannog &                    94     1      35           
Ditto, Moss,                     4      3    02               William Blakely
Rocky                    19    1    20                 William McLaughlin                      60     1      16
FEARNAGH                                                             Ditto, Bog,                            14     0      0
Arch. McIllmoile                    48    2    28                  Daniel Dogherty, Bog                   14     0      3
Neal Mc Neill                        48    1    35                Pat. McGinnes
Arthur McConnell                  24    0    0                   and Partners                                 78     3      18
Patrick Blayney                      24    2    8                           Ditto, Bog,                           14     0      0
DRUMEON                                                                      Heath,                            3       3      26
Sam Glass and David             63    1    7                   Hugh Money                                49     1      6
Montgomery                                                                Ditto, Bog,                             6       3      21
Ditto, Rock and Bog,             34    2    26                 Mr. McNeill                                  56     2      8
Moss                      4      0    12                      Ditto, Bog,                             129   1      3
Joseph Duncan                      41    1    26                          COLEMORE.
Ditto, Heath                13    3    15                  Samuel Loghbridge                        64     0      0
James Will?on                       36    2    20                  John Money                                   87     1      15
Ditto, Bog,                   0      3    7                           Ditto, Bog,                           11     3      2
Widow  ??nton                     43    2    04                 John and Thomas                             98     0      2    Bog                                      2      2    21                        Wallace                                 
John Alexander                     51    2    26                       Ditto, Bog,                                16     3      13
Ditto, Bog,                  3      1    9                Elinor  McMullin &                           47     2      9
John Simson                          46    3    1                    Arch McKendrey                          
Ditto heathy pasture       68    1    4                           Ditto, Bog                              6       3      18
Ditto, Moss                   6      0    19                William Simson                               54     0      15
GORTARION(h)                                                   MAGHERBOUY.
Andrew Money                    74    0    9                   Alexander Stewart &                      85     3      13
Ditto, Moss                   10    1    10                 Charles Money    
Patrick Money and                 39    2    17                      Ditto, Bog,                              3       2      17
John McClay                                                      James Mc. Aulla                             97     2      9
Ditto, Moss                   20    2    10                       Ditto, Bog,                              3       2      17
Alexander Carnes                 82    2    24                Cornelius Money
Ditto, Moss                   5      3    28              & Pat. McKendry                             52     3      26
Alexander Morks                  58    2    4                 DANIEL BLAIR                          62     0      2
Ditto, Moss                  13    2    10                      Ditto, Bog                                 2       2      0
John Bearman                       24    2    30               John Mc Bride                                 62     1      29
Ditto, Moss                  3      0    22                      Ditto, Bog                                5       0      31
John McKinney                     19    0    0                of Mountain Lands,                           6       3      12
Ditto, Moss                   6      1    34                       Ditto,                                      69     2      33
Neal Crilly                              16    0    32                  GORTAHERA.
Ditto, Moss                    9      3    8                George Mc Aulla                           58     0      36
James Gribban                      12    1    10                 Alexander Flemin                            33     1      13
Daniel McMullin                     25    0    15                        Ditto, Moss                           5       0      3
John O’Fee                            31    2    2                 George Mc Cann                           34     3      6
John Elder                              53    1    13                John McKeeson &                        64     3      11
John Taggard                         54    2    14                Charles Scullion                  
Allen McDonald &                 50    0    7                   MONEYLECK.
Duncan McConnel                                             Mr. Mc Neill                                 101    3     26
Ditto, Moss                   4      2    8                 Ditto, Moss,                                10      0     3
DEARN                                                    Thomas Flemin                              47      0     10
Daniel McLeese                     97    1    2                           Ditto, Moss.                         2        0     23
And Pat. Mc Leese                                                  Malcom McMullin                        55      2     12
Ditto, Moss,                 17    2    17                  & Gauin Harvey       
John Darrough, Sen.               43    2    34                        GRANAGH
Ditto, Moss                   7      0    7                Daniel Harper                                91      1      38
Pat. McCon(?vitl)                   55    3    25               Mr. Neal McNeill                          36      2      24
&Richard Scullin                                                Ditto, Moss                                   13      1      3
James Shale and                      65    2    2                William Parkison                            119    2      36
John Darragh                                                      & Hugh Money                                       
BALLYDONALLY                                         Ditto, Moss                                   27      1      19
James and David                      52    3    5                Mr. McNeill                                  135    2      14      Da?ra?h                                                                        Ditto, Moss,                             306    1      4
Ditto, Moss,                  20    2    34                                            -                         12      2      29

Proposals to be made to Thomas Thompson of Greenmount, Esq. Who has a Power to let the above mentioned Lands, which are Cunningham Measure.  July 29, 1768.

October 4, 1768: Page 3
To be let, from the first of November next, for the Term of nineteen Years, two small Farms, without Housing, each containing ten Acres, in the Townland of Ballyhamage, within six miles of Antrim.  Whoever has a Mind to treat for the same may apply to JAMES BLAIR SHAW of Doagh, who will shew the Premises.  September 16th, 1768.

October 14, 1768, Page 3, Doc. ID 86443: FISH LINEN NBEL SHIP
+Campbelltown. $Elizabeth =Blair +Greenock hides calf-skins. $Salmon =Birch
+Dantzick ballast colliers.
arrived 8 $Nancy =Hanna +Drunthon deals. $Bell =Gemmell +Bristol sugar glass
linen-cloth. $Matty =Martin +Cork herrings. 11 $Peggy =McMillen


January 10, 1769, Page 1, Doc. ID 114272: ADHOUSE CRAFT D
+Belfast =Blair,John/Jr. executed +Gallows!Green +Carrickfergus sentence

February 17, 1769, Page 1
The several Quantities of Flaxseed shipped and addressed as follows, are arrived at Newry in the Ship Pennsylvania Farmer, CAPT. BLAIR, from Philadelphia, viz.
Shipped by John Wright for Thomas Wright                                    3 Hhds.

                By David Brown for John McGlaighan                               10
By Arth. O’ Neil for Alexander Neilson                              5
By Edward McKee for William McKee                             22
By McNeill and Tolbert for James Gamble                           5
By Thos. McCullogh for Thos. McCullogh                          10
The said Shippers of the above Flaxseed at Philadelphia have desired that it may be landed at Belfast, as more convenient to that Part of the Country where the Owners live; it at Newry, where it may be sold, or sent by the Canal to such Places in the Country as they shall direct.  
This Notice is therefore gives, that they may send their several instructions for that Purpose directed to William and John Ogle, Newry, who will take proper Care to have each Parcel sold or delivered where, and to whom the several Proprietors shall require.
N. B. Said Ogle’s have landed a large Parcel of Flaxseed, and a Cargo of very choice Oalway Kelp for Sale.
Newry, 13th February, 1769. 

March 7, 1769, Page 1.

WHEREAS ELEANOR BLAIR, otherwise MAXWELL, Wife of JOHN BLAIR of Megilegan in the County of Londonderry, sometime eloped from her said Husband, without any Cause or Provocation:  These are therefore to caution the Publick neither to harbour nor credit the said ELEANOR BLAIR, otherwise MAXWELL, on my Account, as I will not pay any Debt she may contract.  Geven under my Hand, this 2d Day of March, 1769.  JOHN BLAIR.

March 14, 1769, Page 1
For PHILADELPHIA, directly,
THE good Ship PENNSYLVANIA FARMER; JAMES BLAIR, Master, Burthen 250 Tons, is an exceeding fine well-built Ship, a prime Sailer, and has excellent Accommodations for Passengers, will certainly sail the first Day of April, Wind and Weather permitting.  Any Persons who may incline to go thither as Passengers, Redemtioners, or as Servants, are desired to apply to Messrs. William and John Ogle, Mr. William Burgess of Belfast, or to said Master, who will agree with them on the most reasonable Terms, and they may depend on meeting with kind civil Treatment.  Newry, March the 11th, 1769

March 28, 1769, Page 1
To be Let……………..Terms as shall be agreed on, from the 1st May, 179, the following Lands in the County of Antrim, being part of the Estate of CLOTWORTHY UPTON, Esqr; vis.

                               A.              R.               P.
William Thompson                                   6                0                16
John McMican                                       27                0                28
James McAlexander                               29                0                24           
Widow Crawford                                   13                2                8             
                                      21                1                32
Archibald Findlay                                    10                2                32
John Bill                                                    9                3                23

April 7, 1769, Page 1
Armagh District  Largan Walk
WHEREAS the private selling of Ale and Spirits in and about the Town of Lurgan is grown common, that his Majesty’s Revenue, and the publick Licensed Dealers in that Way, are great Sufferers thereby.
We therefore whose Names are here under-written, having met together for that Purpose, do unanimously premise and agree, that we will not wittingly or willingly countenance nor wink at any such Practices, but that we to the best of our Power will thereafter endeavour to detect, prosecute and inform of all and every such unlicensed Retailers of Ale, Wine, Sider and Spirits.  Given under our Hands at Lurgan, the 25th Day of March, 1769.
Edw. Boyland, Gauger                          Joseph Hall, junr.             Wm. Hara
John Shaw                                             John Gadd?                     John Adair
Thomas Overend                                   Hugh Hall                         Pat. Crawford
Wm. Hazelton                                       Robt. Turbett                   Thos. Boyse
John Hall                                               James Brown                   RALPH BLAIR
Joseph Wilson                                        John Waite                     Eleanor Ferguson
Daniel ?????                                          John Neal                        John  ????
Robt. Bradshaw                                    James McCormick           Jos. Speer
James Fleming                                      Pat. McConnell                 Abraham Winn
Christopher Byrne                                John Pentland                     Joshua Greenale
Thos. Tipping                                       James Kenley                   John Abraham
John Irwin                                             Clatworthy Carrol            Cicily Devlin
Joseph Hall, senr.                                 Samuel Patten                   Ann Gardener               

June 9, 1769, Page 1          
To be let, or rented from the Date hereof, by SAMUEL BLAIR, one Part of his Dwelling House, (situated in North Street, opposite the Earl of Antrim’s Arms) consisting of a Shop, Kitchen, Bed-chamber, Cow-house, and a Cellar if desired.  For viewing the Premises and Agreement, Application to be made to SAMUEL BLAIR.  Belfast, 5th June, 1769.

June 9, 1769, Page 1, Doc ID: 115719: ADLAND D
=Laverty,Arthur =Fairfitt,John late =Cunningham,Widow =Carey,John field.
=McKeen,John =McKeen,Robert farm =Blair,Samuel =Blair,John. =McKeen,Elizabeth
=Thompson,Shem. +Waring!St. +Belfast May 22.
=Wilson,James. +Custom!House!Lane +Scotch!Quarter. proposals +Lucan +Dublin
house garden possession =Kirk,James =Bowman,George =Bristow,Edward land
let 1 Nov. lands +Liberty +Carrickfergus tenements estate =Vesey,Aghmondesham

June 16, 1769, Page 2
Lost or mislaid betwixt and the White-house, a Silver Watch. Whoever brings it to SAMUEL BLAIR, or the Printers hereof, shall have Half a Guinea Reward; the Watch is remarkable and not likely to be fold, at least after this advertisement: The Dial-plate is Silver, Maker’s Name John Abraham of Warington, and round the upper Part of the Case is engraved John Hart of Warington, the former Proprietor, a Silver fingle-linked Chain depending from it, to which were affixed two Seals and a Brass Key; one of the Seals a Corpelian set in Silver, bearing a Swan and the Rising Sun; the other, a dark Chrystal set likewise in Silver, going on a Swivel; one Profile blank, on another a Man’s Head, and the third bearing a Stag’s Head. “Sans Corne” his Crest at Arms. Belfast, 15th June, 1769

September 1, 1769, Page 2
Corke, August 21.  Monday his Majesty’s 34th regiment of foot, commanded by Lord Cavendish, arrived on board the Pennsylvania Farmer, CAPT. BLAIR, from Philadelphia.  And the troops are arrived in town.

September 12, 1769, Page 1, Doc. ID 117257, ADLF
+Ballyvallogh reward 8.
stolen strayed +Ballynure fair black mare saddle bridle =Blair,Daniel

November 17, 1769, Page 3
Takes this Opportunity of informing his Friends and the Publick, that he carries on the Tobacco and Pipe makng Business, which was carried on by (formerly Mary Sykes) As he has laid in a large Quantity of Leaf from England and Scotland, and Pipe Clay, of the first Qualities, and having the best of Workmen from London and Dublin in both Branches of Business and a compleat Set of Carved Moulds for Pipes of the newest Fashions, he doubts not by his Care and Assiduity to serve his customer with the best of Tobacco and Pipes, equal if not superiour to the English; together with Pig-tail, Snuff, and Snuff-Roll.  As his Intentions is to furnish those who are pleased to favour him with their Customs with goods the best in their Kind, and on as reasonable Terms as possible, hopes to merit their Favour. If a certain John Armor, who came from the Colony of Virginia to Glasgow in 1767, and from thence came to Ireland, his native Country, be alive, and will inquire of the said SAMUEL BLAIR, he will hear of something greatly to his advantage.  Belfast, 10th November, 1769 

November 21, 1769, Page 3
We the undernamed Merchants and Inhabitants of the Town of Newry, having taken the above into Consideration and having a just Sense of the Injury the Town may suffer not only to Character, from the above Crimes, but also of harbouring a set of Villains capable of doing not only those but Things of a worse Tendency, do hereby offer a further Reward of Forty-five Pounds Ten Shillings Sterl. Being the Amount of the Sums annexed to each of our names, to any Person or Persons who shall deliver and Prosecute to Conviction the Person or Person’s guilty of any of the above Offenses, or that shall hereafter be detected in such or nay other Crimes whereby the Town in general, or the underneath Inhabitants particularly may suffer. 

                                                l.                p.                d.                                                  

Edward and Isaac Corry         3                8                3
Boyd and Dick                        1                2                9
Geo. Wm. & J. Glenoy            2                5                6   
William Wallace                      1                2                9
William Beath                          1                2                9      
James Giser                             1                2                9            
David Carlisle                          1                2                9    
James Moore                           1                2                9
William Halliday                       1                2                9      
Wm. Seiwright                         1                2                9
John Beath                               1                2                9       
Edward Courtney, junr.            1                2                9
Arthur Hughes                          1                2                9       
Pardy McDonnel                      1                2                9
John Pollock                             1                2                9       
Lancelot Watson                       1                2                9
James Pollock                           1                2                9        
Nicholas Ellis                             1                2                9
George Anderson                      1                2                9     
JAMES BLAIR                      1                2                9
Harrold Hillam                           1                2                9               
Thomas Braddock                     1                2                9
George Scott                             1                2                9               
Wm. McGawley                        1                2                9
David Gaussian                          1                2                9  
John Nicholson                          1                2                9
John Ellis                                   1                2                9               
John Dickson                             1                2                9
Adam Mai?land                         1                2                9         
W. Mitchell                                1                2                9
Andrew Thompson                    1                2                9           
John Binnex?                              1                2                9
Michael Hershaw                       1                2                9           
Ciemenis Gillespie                      1                2                9
Thomas Kane                            1                2                9



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