The Blair Society for Genealogical Research Presents:

Blair Extracts from the Belfast Newsletter (1780-1789)
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February 11-15,1780 Page 3, Doc. ID 156143: ADHOUSE ALSO D LEGAL

+North!St. town 14 =Moore,Will. late sheriff.
=Blizard,John =Blizard,Mary =Blair =Sykes executor will testament
=Sykes,William deceased plaintiffs =Jasper =Curry defendant. Co. +Antrim sold
cause. marked foot right title claim interest chattel lease tenement
house =McKean,James innkeeper +Belfast 18 virtue writ fieri facias issued suit

May 30, - June 2, 1780, Page 2
TO be sold by Auction on Monday the 5th of June next, by the Executors of the late JAMES BLAIR of Larne, Esq; at this late Dwelling House in Larne; all the said MR. BLAIR’S Household Furniture, consisting of several Bedsteads and Hangings of different Kinds, Mahogany an Oak Chairs and Tables, a Mahogony Chest of Drawers, and a good 8-Day Clock, with a Variety of Kitchen Furniure.  The Sale to begin at 10 o’clock, and to continue till all are sold.  Three Months Credit for every Thing above 20s, giving Security if required, or 6d. per Pound allowed for prompt Payment.  May 30th, 1780.

June 20-23, 1780, Page 2

STOLEN the 14th Instant, out of the Lands of RALPH BLAIR in Kilmore, and the County of Down, within two miles of Lurgan, a mouse-coloured Horse, rising eight Years old, with a feathered Tail, and full between the Eyes, and a Star on the Top, about 13 Hands high, heavy made, supposed a Tinker stole him.  Any Person that apprehends said Horse and Thief, shall receive two Guineas Reward, if brought to Conviction, or half a Guinea reward to any Person who will return said Horse to Dr. Tippen in Lurgan, and no questions asked.  June 23rd, 1780        

August 4-8, 178-, Page 2
Her Majesty has been pleased to settle a pension of 200 l. per annum, on the Rev. Dr. HUGH BLAIR, one of the Ministers of Edinburgh, as a mark of the pleasure her Majesty received in perusing the sermons lately published by that Gentleman.

September 5-8, 1780, Page 1
Notice of the meeting of the Coleraine battalion on Monday 28th Aug 1780. They passes a resolution of loyalty amongst the volunteers, etc...among signatures: Hugh Blair, Captain.

 September 1-5, 1780, Page 3; September 5-8, 1780, Page 3:
WHERAS the Dwelling House of James Lendrick, of Ballymena in the County of Antrim, Gent. Treasurer of said County, was on the Night of the first, or Morning of the second of September inst.  Burglariously broke open by some Person or Persons unknown, who feloniously took there-out the Sum of upwards of 2000 l. and also attempted to murder the said James Lendrick, by giving his a dangerous Wound in the Head, and otherwise abusing him to that he appeared to be dead, and did afterwards burn some large Books, supposed by them (as is imagined) to be the County Books, and attempted to set the House on fire.
NOW, in Order to bring the Perpetrators of said Burglary, Felony, and intended Murder to condign Punishment, WE whose Names are hereunto subscribed, do promise to pay the several sums to our Names annexed, to the Person or Persons who shall within twelve Calendar Months from the Date hereof, discover and prosecute to Conviction the Person or Persons who committed the said Burglary and Felony:  And if any Person concerned therein (have and except the Person or Persons who so wounded and attempted to muder the said James Lendrick) shall discover upon his, her, or their Accomplices so as that he, she, or they be convicted thereof, such Person so discovering and prosecuting to Conviction, shall not only receive the said Reward, but Application shall be made for his Majesty’s most gracious Pardon. Dated at Ballymena, this second Day of September, 1780.
                                       l.            s.            d.                                 l.            s.            d.

Alex. McManus       10            0            0            Wm. Holden          2            5            6
John Dickey            10            0            0            Guy Atkinson          3            8            3
James Dickey            5            13          9            John McAdam        2            5            6          
Art. Babington          10            0            0            Nath. Maxweill      3            8            3
James Read               2            5            6            Chas. Hyndman      3            8            3
John Coleman            2            5            6            James Coalter 2      5            6
Jas. Cuming               2            5            6            Daniel McAulay      1            2            9
John Birnie                3            8            3            Wm Charters           2            5            6          
James White             5            13          9            Sam. McNaghten     6            16            6
Rich. Babington        2            5            6            Blayney Adair           5            13            9
Wm. Duslin              5            13            9            Pat. McVickar        2            5            6          

Hugh Gillilan            5            13            9            John Blackley          2            5            6

John Lindsay           2            5            6            Robt. Blackley           2            5            6
John Davison           3            8            3            Thos. McAdams        2            5            6
George Brown         3            8            3            Robt. Bell, junr.         2            5            6          

Pat. Allen                 5            13          9            James Young             2            5            6

Neale McPeak        5            13           9            John Logan                1            2            9
Wm. McNeill          3            8              3            Michael Blair          1            2            9

Hu. Campbell          5            13           9            Robert Smith              1            2            9          
Thos. Dickey          5            13            9            David Kerr                 2            3            6          

Arthur Moore          3            8            3            Wm. Gihon                  2            5            6
James Brown           2            5            6            Thos. Herdman            1            2            9
Wm. Robt. Adair     2            5            6            Andrew Gihon             2            5            6

Jas. Blair Shaw
      2            5            6            James Alexander         2            5            6
Charles Hill              2            5            6            John Alexander            2            5            6
John Hill                   2            5            6            Gain Sanderson          3            8            3
John Barklie             2            5            6            Samson Courtney       1            2            9
Wm. Forsyth, jr.       2            5            6            George Moore           2            5            6
J. Johnston, jr.          3            8            3            David Wier                 5            13            9
Robert Ker              3            8            3            James Wier                10            0            0
J. Davison, jr.           3            8            3            Robt. Corry                2            5            6          
Barnet McKean        3            8            3            Wm. White                3            8            3
Robt. Campbell         5            13          9            Robt. Russell             1            2            9
Jas. Courtney            5            13          9            Wm. McKee             2            5            6
John Redmond          3            8            3            John Laman               1            2            9
Wm. Cathcart           2            5            6            Alex. Mitchell             3            8            3
Henry Carlile            2            5            6            R. Montgomery          3            8            3
Jas. Edmonston        2            5            6            Edward Hopes           3            8            3
John Gillilan, jr.         5            13          9            Stark McCleery         1            2            9
Robert Nicholl          2            5            6            John McMurray         1            2            9
Joseph Dixon            2            5            6            Wm.Cunningham        3            8            3
Adam Dickey, jr.      10            0           0            J. Lendrick            100            5            0
J. McManus              5            13          9

            Total                400            5            0

I do hereby promise to pay the above Amount, within one Month after the Conviction of any Person or Persons concerned in said Burglary and intended Murder.  7th Sept. 1780.  J. LENDRICK

September 15-19, 1780, Page 3, Doc. ID 158256: ADBOOK AD COMM

> History of the +United!Provinces of the +Netherlands >. death Philip II
+Arabia and +Egypt and of a Route Through the Desarts of +Thebais >.
+Downpatrick > Sermons >. =Blair,Hugh/D/D. ministers high church professor
+France +Switzerland and +Germany >. anecdotes characters =Moor,John/M/D.
=Spain,King/of truce Albert Isabella =Bothian,William/D/D. Canon Gate. > A
European traveller 1777. letters lady =Irwin,Eyles service East-India Company
Series of Adventures in the Course of a Voyage up the +Red!Sea on the Coast
books published +Dublin sold =Magee,James bookseller +Belfast =Hart,Margaret
buildings loughs manners customs Kingdom. > A View of Society and Manners in
illustrated maps. superfine Irish black-ball shoes boots roll Indian rubbers
pencil lines cleaning white leather gloves.
university +Edinburgh. > A New Tour Through +Ireland >. cities towns seats

October 24-27, 1780, Page 3
THAT ESTHER WILSON will sell by publick Auction, to the highest Bidder, for ready Money, at her House, on Tuesday the 31st of October instant; all her Crop and Stock, consisting of Oats Hay, Potatoes, Cows, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Household Furniture, Farming Utensils; also a Lease of Sclatehouse Land at Gallows Green, near Carrickfergus, whereon is a good Dwelling House, two Stories high, with Office-Houses in good Repair, a fine Situation either for a Gentleman or Farmer, held under Henry Ellis, Esq; containing 26 Acres, eight Years to come from May last, at the yearly Rent of 20 l.----A Lease of ten Acres of land at Francesbrow, in the East Division, held under George McCartney, Esq; twenty-five Years to come from November next, yearly Rent 4 l. –A Lease of two Houses in Carrickfergus, occupied by Samuel Gray and JOHN BLAIR, held under Agmondisham Vesey, Esq; twenty-nine Years and three Lives to come from November next, yearly Rent 3 l. 6 s.  The Auction to begin at 10 o’Clock Forenoon.  Dated this 26th Day of October, 1780.  ESTHER WILSON.


March 2-6, 1781, Page 3.ADVERTISEMENT
WHEREAS from January the 14th to the 26th there were stolen from Mr. John Usher of Aghagallon in the upper Side of the County of Antrim, upwards of thirty Fowls; and on the Night of the 27th of said Month his Barn was broke and robbed of one Bole of Barley; and on the said Night three Hides of Leather were stolen out of his Tan Yard, and the Villains strove to break open his drying Loft where his Leather was drying and attemped opening a Sash Window in his Dwelling-house, bending a large Spike Nail by which it was nailed down; and likewise gave Poison to the Dog that watch’d his Tan-yard. Feb. the 15th an anonymous Letter was left in a broken pane of his Window, threatening with the most horrid imprecations to destroy him and his Family by Fire, and to hough his Cattle, and to waylay him on the Road and take his Life; And on the same Night one of his out-lying Heifers was houghed and killed. Friday night the 23rd of February, a second anonymous Letter was tied to his Door, threatening with horried Oaths to burn his Corn Mill and Kilns, to hough his Cattle, and destroy him and all his possessed by Fire, and the same Night his Mill, two Kilns and a large Turf-stack, were set on Fire in four different Places. And as Mr. Usher can ascertain no Reason for receiving such cruel and villainous Treatment from any Persons, he having always behaved in such manner so as to have the Esteem and good Wishesof the Country in general, (excepting his building the aforesaid Mill and Kilns to case the Country from going a great Distance to the Succon Mills, as they were not capable of working a fourth part of the Grain bound to them, which was made appear by a Petition of upwards of 200 of the Tenantry of late to Lord Hertford, to which were annexed several Affidavits that they had their grain honestly wrought at Mr. Usher’s Mill, which they could not have at the Succon Mills; and Mr Usher can frame no other Reason than that those Villains were set on to perpetrate the above mentioned shocking and inhuman Barbarities, in order to make him …for the future from making Use of his said Mill and Kilns, which he hath great and just Cause to respect from certain Persons tampering with men to swear false Oaths against him) NOW We the under-named Subscribers, to shew our Abhorrence of such infamous and cruel Proceedings, do hereby promise to pay to the Person or Persons, the several Sums annexed to our Names, who will, within six Calendar Months from the Date hereof, prosecute to Conviction the Person or Persons guilty of the aforesaid Felong, or any one of them. And if any Person will discover and Prosecute to Conviction his Accomplices in the aforesaid Felonies and Burnings, he shall not only be intitled to the under-mentioned Reward, by Mr. Usher will use all Means to obtain for such Person His Majesty’s most gracious Pardon. Given under our Hands at Aghagallon this 3d Day of March, 1781.

                        Edw. Usher, Capt. Moor, Ensign Moor, Allen Moor, Robt. McNeight, Wm. Waters, Edward Close, Robt. McNaight, jr., John Wolfenden, James McCankey, Isaac Logan, Henry Fulton, Thomas Davis, John Campbell, John Carroll, Thomas Carroll, James Carroll, George Hewit, Allen McDonell, James Gardner, Thos. McCully, Jeremy Barns , John Fairis, George Fryar, Anthony Blizard, Henry Hammand            “, Thos. Higginson, James McKinly, Joseph Turkill, Wm. Charlton, Geo. Tutin, senr., Robert Fryar, Thomas Hunter, John Cousins, Manus Lavery , Jonathan Gilbert, Thos. Bullock, junr., John Turkill, Thomas Clark, James Turkill, John Turkill, jun., Richard Turkill, John Magill, Thos. Hillington, jr., T. Bullock, senr., William Gally    1, James McStea, John Grant, Thos. Kairns, Widow McDonnel, John Henery, Hugh Quinn, Robert Quinn, John McKinstry, Wm. McKinstry, Denis Durkin, James Morra, Wm. Morra, Gworge Morra, Bryan Magill, Pat Magill, John Magill, Edward Gribbin, Robert Hillis, Widow Hillis, Bishop Morra, Wm. Johnston, Robt. Taylor, James Anderson, Wm. Greer, John Fryar, Charles Dayly, Thos. Balmer, Wm. Fearis, Thos. McKinstry, Wm. Hammond, Wm. Bicket, John Bicket, Mat. Toe, James Kidd, Geo. Higginson, Sam. Fryar, John Brankin, Pat. Brankin, Hugh Brankin, Henry Silliman, James McCaan, James Best, Pat. Larken, Geo. Tutin, jr., Thos. Tutin, James Stevin, Pat. McKeavny, Warham Amerson, Robt. Thompson, James Gally, John Falloon, Peter Falloon, Bryan Falloon, Nagher Fairy, Owen Falloon, Daniel Falloon, Neal Tolan, Pat. McCann, Ter. McStrevog, Michael McCann, Pholemy McCann, Bryan Carr, Art. McConachy, Terence Carr, Art. Lavery, Jas. Campbell, Thos. Gally, John Magee, John Graham, Robt. Thompson, jr., Henry Lee, Henry Shillington, Thos. Shillington, senr., Wm. McDonnel, Thos. Shillington, junr., Allen McDonnell, senr., Widow McDonnel, Alex. McDonnel, sr., Alex McDonnel, jr., John Craig, Edw. Murray, Henry Lee, Wm. Cousins, James McQuillan, Michael McCahaly, Daniel Close, Rich. McCarry, Rich. Matchet, John Barns, John McKeavny, Bryan Luglren, Thos. McKeavny, James McKeavny, Mark McKeavny, Ed. & Robt. Welsh, Hugh McCarry, Michael Brankin, Bryan Sharkey, Meredith Falloon, Jeremy Falloon, Henry Falloon, John Gally, Francis Barns, Robert Barns, Widow Craig, Thomas Kelly, Henry Brankin, Joseph Brankin, Wm. Brankin, John Lavery, Wm. McStea, Hugh McCrory, James Bradley, Henry McKeavny, John McCarry, Fras. & Pat. Brady, Jas. McAnully, Terence & Owen McMurry, James McStea, Hugh Sheerin, Art. McKendry, Donnel McKeavny, James McKeavny, Pat. Dowde, Widown mcGown, Edward and Hugh Campbell, John Dornan, Edw. McVea, Widow McStravog, Neal McStravog, Hugh & Widow Doon, Roger McCann,  Pat. McCann, Owen McCann, Toal McCann, Hugh McCrory, Roger Falloon, Daniel McCann, Bryan McCann, Brinan McAreavy, Ter. McStravog, Murt. McKayagin, Thos. McKavigin, James McKavigin, Widow Campbell, Hugh Kelly, John McVea, John Kelly, Widow Kelly, James Kelly, Nichs. McKevigan, John Creany, Pat. Creany, Patrick Doon, Cormick Doon, Dau. Car…, ……………, Henry McCann, John McCann, ………….., Hugh Mc…….., ………………, BRICE BLAIR, John Co…., John Gilbert, Stephen Gilbert, Rich. Turkell, John Turkell, Henry George, John Evans, John Usher

March 20-23, 1781, Page 1, Doc. ID 163264: ARMED NGB SHIP

$Apollo frigate.
+Chatham 10 launched Majesty ship $Dolphin guns commission =Blair,Capt.
command. $Atlas $Leviathan $Diadem building yard. repair $Blenheim $Arrogant

June 19-22, Page 2
Extract of a letter from Edinburgh, June 11.

“Last night, arrived in Leith Roads, about 120 sail of merchant ships, bound for the Baltic, under the convoy of Admiral Hyde Parker’s squadron, consisting of the Fortitude 74 guns, the Admiral’s ship, Captain Robertson; Princess Amelia 80, Macartney; Buffalo, 64, Truscott; Beinsaisant 64, Braithwaite; Preston 54, Graeme; Dolpin 44, BLAIR; Latonia 44, ________; Cleopatra 40, Murray; Eleanor 18,_________; and three cutters.”

 June 26-29, 1781, Page 3
THE Property of JAMES BLAIR SHAW of Doagh, near Antrim, to stand this season at Doagh, as formerly, to cover mares, at half a guinea and half a crown, leaps and trials; the money to be paid before service;  Those mares who miss this season to be covered next gratis.  May 1st, 1781.

August 14-17, 1781, Page 2
N.B.  Lieutenant Rivett relates, that the homeward-bound trade from the Baltic, consisting of  upwards of 100 sail, proceeded on their way to England, under proper convoy, before the action began, and may be hourly expected.  Admiral Parker’s squadron at the time of the action, consisted of the undermentioned ships and frigates, viz.

Guns          Ships                      Commanders.
74            Fortitude                   Vice-Admiral Parker
                         Captain Robertson
80            Princess Amelia          Macartney
74            Berwick                      Ferguson
64            Biensaisant                 Braithwaite
    Buffalo                       Trascott
44            Dolphin                      BLAIR
40            Artois                         McBride
38            Latona                       Sir Hy. Parker
36            Belle Ponte                Patton
32            Cleopatra                  Murray
10            Surprize (cutter)         Rivett

August 31, - September 4, 1781, Page 2
His Majesty’s new ship the Anson, of 64 guns is put into commission at Plymouth, and the command of her given CAPT. BLAIR, who commanded the Dolphin in the late action with the Dutch squadron.

September 11-14, 1781, Page 1
            The Anson, a new ship of 64 guns, commanded by CAPT. BLAIR, will be launched at Plymouth to-morrow.

September 18-21, 1781, Page 3
David Watson,


To be sold by publick auction, by the sheriff of he county of Antrim, at the house of William Gihon, Innkeeper, in Ballymena, on Saturday the 30th Sept. instant, at 12 o’clock at noon; all the defendant’s right, title, and interest of, in and to a chattel lease of a tenement in Castle Street, Ballymena, in said county, by virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias in this cause to the said Sheriff directed, and marked at the foot thereof 34 l. 6 s. 10d.  Dated Sept. 20, 1781.
Barth McNaghten, Sheriff. 

October 2-5, 1781, Page 2, Doc. ID 169078: ARMED CRIME NIRL

22 Sept. anniversary Majesty coronation +Carrickfergus Volunteers fired rounds
=Ardys,Robert notorious fellow suspected larceny timber. =Blair,Samuel
merchant custody mayor committed gaol crops advertised +Belfast paper

 October 19-21, 1781, Page 1
Officers Names: killed.  (at Fort George in West Florida)
Lieut. Edward Carroll, of he 16th regt. of foot.
Lieut. Joseph Pinhora, of the West Florida Royal For….

Ensign Theodore Ursall, of the 3d regiment of Waldeck

Midshipman David Christie, of the ship Menter
Midshipman JOHN BLAIR, of the Port Royal.

 November 2-6, 1781, Page 3
On the night of Wednesday the 10th inst. Between the hours of eight and nine o’clock, WILLIAM BLAIR of Powderly was suddenly attacked on the road leading from Killygordon to his own house by some unknown villain or villains, knocked down, cut and abused in a shocking manner, robbed of his watch and money, and left as dead on the place.
It is therefore requested, in case the said watch be offered for sale, that the person so offering her may be secured in order to bring him to condign punishment; and the person so securing the robber shall receive a handsome gratuity, and every expence paid by giving notice to the said WILLIAM BLAIR of Powderly, near Castlesin.
N. B. She is an excellent good plain Silver Watch. No. 1; Maker’s name, Archibald Buchannon, Dublin.  October 16th, 1781.

November 6-9, 1781 Page 2, Doc. ID 169482: D FIN NGB
+Edinburgh 29 =Blair,James/Hume +Dunskey banker burgess elected member
Parliament city =Dundas,Lawrence/Sir deceased.

 November 27-30, 1781, Page 3
WHEREAS on the night between the 24th and 25th instant, a back-house belonging to David Kerr of Ballymena, was burglariously and feloniously broken open be some person or persons unknown, who entered said house by breaking through the roof thereof.
Now we the undernamed subscribers do promise to pay the several sums to our names annexed, to the person or persons who will discover on and prosecute to conviction, within six calendar months from the date hereof, the perpetrators of said burglary and felony.  Ballymena, 26th Nov. 1781.

                               l.            s.            d.                                               l.             s.            d.
David Kerr            5            13          9            John Alexander              1            2            9
Jos. Hopes            3            8            3            Jas. Alexander               2            2            9
Wm. Rankin          1            2            9            And. Young                   1            2            9
Robt. Kerr            5            13           9            J. Walkingshaw             1            2            9
Gain Sanderson     2            5            6            Henry Carlile                  1            2            9          
Pat.  McVickar      2            5            6            Wm. Crawford              1            2            9
Neal McPeake       2            5            6            Thos. McCaddam         1            2            9
Blayney Adair        2            5            6            John Rogers                   1            2            9
Robt. Bell              2            5            6            John Davison                  1            2            9
Arch. Thomson      2            5            6            Wm. Gihon                     1            2            9
Alex. Mitchell         2            5            6            Art Babington                 1            2            9          
Robt. Dick             3            8            3            Chs. Hyndman                1            2            9
James Lendrick      3            8            3            Jas. Young                      1            2            9
John Laman            1            2            9            Michael Blair               1            2            9
Hans Lowry            1            2            9            John Coleman                 1            2            9
And. McCaghey     1            2            9            Clot. Young                     1            2            9

John McMurry        1            2            9            Sam. Carson                   0            11          4h

Hugh Brady             1            2            9            Thos. Ferguson               0            11          4h
Sam. Gilmor            0            11          4h            James Gordon               0            11          4h
And. Gihon              0            11          4h            Jane Crawford              0            11          4h
Robt. Russell            0            11          4h            James Pearson              0            11          4h
Felix Dowdall            0           11         4h            Mich. McCaghey           0            2            9
John Miller                0           11          4h            Pat. Douglas                  0            11          4h
John Logan                0           11         4h            E. McLaughlin                0            11          4h
Robt. Neillson            0           11         4h            Thos. Peacock               0            11          4h
James Connor            0           11         4h            John McCaghey             0            11          4h
Edw. Hopes              2            5            6            Thos. Swainey                0            11          4h
Charles Craig            1            2            9            John Hanna                     1            2            9
John Spence              1            2            9
Said David Kerr returns his most sincere thanks to his friends and the publick since his commencement in business for their many favours conferred on him, and is just now well supplied with almost every thing in the grocery way, which he will sell on the lowest terms, by wholesale and retail.

 November 27-30, 1781, Page 3
WHEREAS on Sunday night, the 11th of November instant, two Bill Cows, the property of Andrew Calderwood of Ballymoney, Merchant, were stolen from out of his field near said town; one of them a dark branded Cow, about six years old, and would weigh about three hundred weight; the other an old black Cow that would weigh about fourteen score; they were branded on the horns with the letters A. C.
We the undersigned, having a just abhorrence of such pernicious practices, do promise to pay the sums annexed to our names, respectively, amounting in the whole to 91 l. to the person who shall within six calendar months from this date, give either of us information of the thief or thieves, so that he or they may be brought to conviction.  And if any one of the persons concerned in said theft, will give information of the rest as abovementioned, he shall be entitled to the above reward, and interest will be made in his behalf to obtain his Majesty’s pardon.
Ballymoney, November 20, 1781.

                                  l.            s.            d.                                           l.             s.            d.
James Leslie            11            7           6            Neal McCook            1            2            9
John Stewart            11            7           6            Thos. Longmoore      1            2            9          
Geo. Black               1            2            9            Daniel McCook         1            2            9
Geo. Moore              2            5           6            Wm. Caldwell            1            2            9
Robt. Dinsmoore       1            2           9            Boyd Paterson
Dan Boyd                   1            2          9            and Co.                      5            13            9
David Hunter              1            2          9            Arch. Hutcheson        1            2            0
Sam Arthur                 1            2          9            Neal Kennedy            1            2            9

Wm. O’Toy                1            2          9            Joseph Gordon          1            2            9

Wm. Creek                1            2           9            Robt. Kirk                 1            2            9
Wm. Wallace              1            2           9            Wm. Thompson        1            2            9
James Fi…ston            2            5          6            Wm. Robison            1            2            9
Adam Hunter               2            5          6            Alex. Ramage            1            2            9
James Willson              1            2          9            Hugh Orr                   2            5            6
James Henry                1            2          9            John Orr                   1            2            9
Sam Ralston                2            5          6            Detless Orr                1            2            9
Wm Cra..sie               1            2           9            John Orr, junr.            1            2            9

1            2           9            Wm Orr, senr.            1            2            9
Dan Patterson             1            2           9            Robt. Orr                    1            2            9          
James Gamble            1            2           9            Wm Orr, junr.              1            2            9
Stewart Rowan           5           13          9            John Caldwell, jr.        1            2            9
Lindsay Hall               1            2            9            And. Calderwood       5            13            9
N. B. Any private information leading to a discovery shall be well rewarded by said Andrew Calderwood, and kept secret.

December 11-14, 1781, Page 3
It is requested that all persons indebted to the late James Mc. Ilwain of Carrickfergus at the time of his death, or to Elizabeth Adams, widow, the administratrix to the said James, or to SAMUEL BLAIR, executor to Ann Mc. Ilwain, widow of the said James, whether by bond, note, book account, rent, arrears of rent, or in any other way, that they will immediately pay the same to Mr. SAMUEL BLAIR of Carrickfergus, who is fully empowered to receive the same, otherwise the speediest method will be taken for the recovery thereof; also all persons to whom the said James stood indebted at the time of his death, are desired to send in their accounts to the said SAMUEL BLAIR, that they may be settled.
Dec. 13, 1781
ELIZ. ADAMS, X her Mark.


May 24-28, 1782, Page 2
Return of the killed and wounded in the ships under the command of Sir George Bridges Rodney, K. B. &c. &c. &c. on the 9th and 12th of April 1782.
The ship "Anson," CAPT. BLAIR.---CAPT. BLAIR killed; 2 seamen killed and 13 wounded. for all ships: 230 killed, 759 wounded.

(The above mentioned battle in which Capt. Blair, was killed was known as 
" the Battle of the Saints". )
Battle of the Saints during the War of the American Revolution.
Following the American victory at Yorktown in 1781, the war moved to the West Indies where a French fleet of 33 war ships commanded by Comte de Grasse began escorting an invasion force of 150 ships towards Jamaica. Between Guadeloupe and Dominica, the French encountered a British force of 37 war ships commanded by Admiral George Rodney. On April 9th 1782, the two fleets engaged in a long range gun duel, each fleet tried maneuvering for an advantage over the following two days. Three French vessels were put out of action due to collisions, then on the morning of April 12th both fleets engaged in the major battle. The British broke the French line and De Grasse failed to reform the ships in line. After the day's battle he surrendered his flag ship Ville de Paris to Admiral Lord Hood on HMS Barfleur. Admiral Rodney in his flag ship HMS Formidable engaged with other Royal Navy ships against four French ships of the line, the rest of the French fleet scattered. De Grasse was the first French naval commander ever to be taken in combat.
The Battle of the Saints has been recognized as one of the twelve most interesting naval battles in history (Creswell, 1972, Chap.12; Chatterton, 1975, Chap.5; Mahan, 1980, Chap.9). It prevented France from sending another fleet to North America for months, and allowed British warships to control American coastal waters. By giving Britain command of the sea, it provided Britain with one of its few bargaining points in the negotiations culminating in the Treaties of Paris. De Grasse's nephew, also a naval officer and ex-prisoner of war, arrived at Versailles on 17 August. He brought the extraordinary news that Lord Shelburne, who was now Prime Minister, had asked Lieutenant-General de Grasse to convey to France Shelburne's own terms of peace (Dull, 1975, p.293). The Treaties between Britain and America, and between Britain, France, and Spain, were signed at Versailles on 3rd September 1783, little more than two months after the Royal Society of Edinburgh held its first general meeting.

May 28-31, 1782, Page 1
To be sold by publick auction at the house of WILLIAM MC. BLAIR, in Newtown-Ards; all the Shop Goods, Cattle, and Household Furniture of the said WILLIAM MC. BLAIR, for ready money. The auction will begin on Monday morning the 27th inst. at ten o'clock, and continue every day till all are sold.
On Saturday the 29th day of June next, at 12 o'clock will be sold also by publick auction at same place, the said WM. MC. BLAIR's interest in two leases held under Robert Stewart, Esq: viz. the lease of the newbuilt house in Newtown-Ards wherein the said WM. MC. BLAIR now lives, being for lives renewable for ever, with all its appurtenances; and the lease of one other tenement, situated on the south side of Movilla-street, in Newtown-Ards, with 2A 3R and 17P. of land near said town, for three lives, two of which are no in being.
As the said WM. MC. BLAIR hath made over all and singular his property of every kind to James McCully and James Buyers, of Newtown-Ards, for the benefit of his creditors, and hath also appointed them his attornies irrevocable for the collection of all debts due to him, all persons who are indebted to the said Wm. Mc. Blair, will please to take this notice to pay immediately what they owe to the said James Mc. Cully and James Buyers, or either of them, or to such person as they may appoint, otherwise the speediest methods will be forthwith taken to sue for the same: and if there are any persons, to whom the said WM. BLAIR is indebted who have not signed the deed agreed upon by the creditors this day, they are requested to call upon the said James Mc.Cully and James Buyers, and to sign said deed, by doing which they will be entitled to the same proportion with the other creditors.
Any person inclinable to purchase the leases, or either of them, may apply to the said James Mc. Cully and James Buyers, for particular information respecting the same. Newtown-Ards, 25th May, 1782

May 28-31, 1782, Page 1, Doc. ID 171135: PRB
+London 22 23 House Commons thanks =Rodney,Adm. =Fox,Mr. city +West!Indies
=Bayne,Capt. =Blair,Capt. =Manners,Robert/Lord lost lives engagement
=Fielding,Lord recal measure injurious merits abilities conquer
Flag-Officers Captains subalterns sailors soldiers erect monument memory
Secretary motion =North,Lord. Lord-Advocate =Johnston,Gov. business resolved
bottom taken port +France. Commander-in-Chief French fleet prisoner +America
community members public affairs operations officer. success commander
sail-of-the-line. saved Knight order +Bath Majesty +Leeward!Islands Apr. =Grasse,Comte/de
securing victory 12 superiority war country century =Bourbon enemies ship line

August 16-20, 1782, Page 3
Town-House, Ballymoney, 12th Aug. 1782.
At a Meeting of Delegates from the following Volunteer Companies:

Colerain Batt. John Richardson, Esq; Colonel
Colerain Company, Capt. Lyle.
Ballwillen, Capt. Cromie
Balrashane, Major Lyle.
Macaskey, Capt. Richardson
Parish of Colerain, Capt. Gault
Garvagh Lt. Col. Canning.
Dunhoe, Capt. Haslett.
Aghadoey, CAPT. BLAIR.

Glorious Memory Battalion, Thos. Morris Jones, Esq. Colonel.
Grenadier Company, Capt. Dick
Ballymena Capt. Lt. Hops
Clogh, Capt. Douglass
Rasharkin Capt. Lt. Boyd.
Moneyglass Capt. Brady
Ballygarvey Capt. Lt. Campbell
Kilraghts, Capt. Allen
Portglenone Rangers, Capt. Simpson 
Armoy, Capt. Clark
Light Infantry, Capt. Rogers.
Royal Larne Volunteers, Capt. Lieut. Shaw,
Dervock Volunteers, Capt. Moore,
Ballymoney Volunteers Capt. Leslie
Ballycastle Volunteers Capt. Boyd.
The following Resolutions were unanimously agreed to:
Lieut. Col. Canning in the Chair.
1st. That a review of the abovementioned corps (and of such others as may think proper to attend) be held at Ballymoney on Tuesday the 17th September next.
2dly, That James Leslie, Esq; be requested to act as Reviewing General, --and that Lieut. Col. Canning, Lieut. Col. Campbell, Capt. Allen, Capt. Boyd, and CAPT. BLAIR, do wait on Mr. Leslie to request his acceptance of the appointment.
3rdly. That Major Mc. Manus of the first Royal Regiment be requested to act as Exercising Officer, and that Adjutant Moore and Capt. Moore do acquaint him thereof.
4thly, That Lieut. John Boyd, of Ballymoney, he appointed our Secretary, and that such other corps as with to attend said Review, shall make a return to him of the number of rank and file in their respective companies before the 1st day of September next.

5th. That those resolutions, with the answers of Mr. Leslie and Mr. McManus be published in the Dublin Evening Post and Belfast Newsletter.
Lieut. Col. Canning having left the Chair and Lieut. Bristow having taken it.
Resolved. that the thanks of this meeting be presented to Lieut. Col. Canning for his very proper conduct in the chair.
Signed by Order,
J. Boyd, Sec.

August 27-30, 1782, Page 3
To be let to solvent tenants, from the first day of November next, for such terms of years as can be agreed upon, (by the executors of the late MR. JAMES BLAIR of Larne) all that justly esteemed good farm of BLAIRMOUNT, lying within one mile of the town of Larne, containing 88 acres Irish-plantation measure, at present all in good heart; also a third part of Killyglen mountain, all at present in the occupation of John Freill and Wm. Sheriff. Apply to JAMES BLAIR SHAW of Doagh, near Antrim, one of said executors. ---To be continued six times. August 28th, 1782

November 12-15, 1782, Page 3
To be sold by publick cant, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday the 27h instant, at the house of Patrick McAuley, Publican, being one of the tenants on the premises, at about 12 o'clock at noon; the leasehold interest on that part of Tully, in the parish of Loughgeel, barony of Dunluce and county of Antrim, commonly known by the name of the one equal half of the lower part of Tully, as granted in lease by the late MR. JOHN BLAIR of Dunagore, in said county, Linen Draper, to Francis Mc. Bride of tully aforesaid, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, for the full term of fifty years from the first day of Nov. 1746, at the yearly rent of 16l. 12s sterl. fees and duties included, as by said lease will appear; there is fifteen years of said lease from November last to come, and is now set to good tenants and produces a clear profit rent of 14l. a year; and as a great part of it was set upwards of 25 years ago, it will of course rise considerably at the expiration of the present tenants leases, which will be in a few years; the one half of the purchase-money to be paid at the time of sale, and the other half may lie in the hands of the purchaser at legal interest for some time, giving security if demanded.
Any one who intends to be a purchaser may be satisfied as to the clearness of the lease and rent-roll, by applying to the said Francis McBride at Loughgeel, or to Mr. John Mc. Caa of Duneny, near Clough, in said county, any time before the day of sale.--The purchaser to be put in possession of the rents at may next, and of the lease immediately at the time of sale. March 12th, 1782. To be continued three time.

December 13-17, 1782, Page 3
The following Letters remain in the Post Office Belfast, not called for: 
Wm. Jones, Shipmaster, Post Office, Belfast,     
Lieut. Atkinson, 25th Regt. 
Mrs. Palmer 
Robt. Strang 
Alex. Campbell "
Thos. Fairservice Holywood, 
Miss M. Greer 
Francis Agnew Ballynure 
JOHN BLAIR, Shipmaster 
Wm. Teveny, Pensioner 
Wm. Aiken, Pensioner 
Sam. Kilpatrick, 
Arthur Armstrong 
Daniel Hinton, 
Geo. Ravenhill 
Edw. Whiteside 
Geo. Argue, Milltown 
James Fulton, Post Office 
Henry Savage, Atty.
Mrs. Tomlinson, Whitehouse 
John Blake, Esq. 
Richard Lumley, Esq. 
Rev. John Rose, Post Office 
John Mc Farlin, Taylor, Ballywillin, Beliment, 

December 27-31, 1782, Page 3
Whereas some evil-minded person or persons some time ago wrote a libel and affixed upon the Market-House of Newtown-Ards, in which the creditors of James Thompson, Brewer, in said town, are desired to come and lay hold on him, otherwise they would be losers, as he was upon the last brink of failing; and since they have spread a report that his doors were shut, and his gods to be sold by auction on Monday the 23d of this month.
Now we the undernamed inhabitants of Newtown-Ards and its neighborhood, having sufficient evidence to believe, that such reports are utterly false and groundless, and have proceeded from envy: in testimoney of our respect for said James Thomson, and of our abhorrence of such base proceedings, do hereby declare that we are determined to give him every assistance in our power to bring the offender to justice; in order to which we promise to pay the several sums annexed to our names, to any person or persons who will, within six months from this date, discover on and prosecute to conviction the person or persons guilty of writing and putting up said libel, and publishing said report. Given under our hands at Newtown-Ards, this 24th December, 1782.
=Donon,John =Duggan,Wm. =Lewers,John. =McCreery,Jas. =Byers,Jas. =Chamber,Jas.
=Frazer,Wm. =Montgomery,Jas. =Lylburn,Robt. =Scott,Arch. =Searson,Allen
=Gaw,Patrick =Henderson,John =Simms,Robt. =Simms,Wm. =Brown,Wm. =Brown,John
=Grier,Andrew =Caldwell,Hugh. =Fisher,Thos. =Savage,Jas/Jr. =Brydon,Geo.
=Jackson,James =Echlin,Chas. =Dalzell,Wm. =Cuming,Henry =Spence,James
=Kingstown,John =Loggan,John =McBlain,Wm. =Herron,Jas. =Caldwell,Sam.
=Laird,Jas. =Anderson,Pa/W. =Anderson,Thos. =Campbell,Mich. =Boyd,Hugh
=M''Cormick,Robt. =Pollock,Wm. =Orr,John =Ferguson,John =McCracken,Wm.
=Major,Thos. =McBlain,Wm. =Dunlop,And. =Davison,John =Wilson,John
=McTear,David =McCully,John =Agnew,James =McCully,Robt. =Orr,James
=Montgomery,H. =McClean,Roger =Warnick,Robt. =Young,David. =Conoly,Hugh
=Renkin,Mich. =McCully,James =Malkim,Wm. =Murdoch,John =Knox,Robt.
=Simons,John =Rowan,James =Bar,Henry =Hull,James =Coulter,John =Barr,James.
=Smith,Robt. =Clendining,And. =Pollock,James =BLAIR, JAS. =Gwynn,Robt.
=Stewart,Jas. =McBlain,John.
=Thompson,James brewer town. report goods sold auction 23 inhabitants
=Turnly,Francis. =Blackwood,John =Cleland,Pat. =Bailie,Jas. =Mathewes,Chas.
=Vance,Gilbt. =Loggan,Hans. =Crawford,John =Taggart,Francis =Neil,Dan.
=Wilson,Geo. =Sinclaire,Thos. =Robinson,John. =Scott,Robt. =Cunningham,W. =Stewart,Robt. =Stewart,Mary =Stewart,Alex. 

February 28-March 4, 1783, Page 2, Doc. ID: 170945: ARMED NWI SHIP
$Ardent $Vaughan sloop fleet convoy +Gulph gale separated man-of-war +Antigua
$Catharine =Millar $St/Thomas/in/the/East =Croker $Triumph =Cranford.
$Swift =Bryan foundered crew information =Hood,Adm. squadron +Hispaniola
+Jamaica $Favourite =Rose $Swift =Chrystal $Molly =Kendall $Clarendon =Shaw
Admiralty +Portsmouth $Hydra frigate =Coffin,Capt. +Jamaica +Port!Royal
water hold $Eagle =Blair,Capt. +New!York $Devonshire =Curling,Capt. +London

April 22-25, 1783, Page 3
To be sold by auction, at the house of MICHAEL BLAIR in Ballymena, on Saturday the 3d May next, about 12 o'clock, the lease of the noted Inn in said town in which Mrs. Scott and Mr. Charles Hyndman formerly lived, together with twelve acres of land, and a piece of moss contiguous to the town; the chief-rent of the houses, &c. is only 2l. 4s. 6d. yearly, and as now and formerly let there is a profit rent of about 16l. yearly; twenty-six years unexpired of said lease. For farther particulars apply to John read of Moadom in Dunagore, in whose hands the leases are, and power to sell the same. 
Moadom, 24th April, 1783

April 29- May 2, 1783, Page 3
Whereas there appeared in the Belfast Newsletter of Friday the 25th April last, an advertisement setting forth, that the lease of the ?? Inn in Ballymena in which Mrs. Scott and Mr. Charles Hyndman formerly lived, is to be sold by auction, at the house of MICHAEL BLAIR in said town, on Saturday the 3d of May instant. Now I Henry Scott, the proprietor of said leasehold interest, do hereby caution all persons whatever against purchasing the same, as no person buy myself can make out a clear title thereto, the same being only under mortgage, and the person proposing to sell the same can pretend no other title thereto that being joined with me in a bond to the mortgage as a collateral security.
Dated May 2, 1783. HENRY SCOTT.

August 15-19, 1783, Page 3
THE FANNY, HUGH BLAIR, Master, will be ready to load on Friday next, and clear to sail in ten days after. Belfast, 18th Aug. 1783.
THE NEW DRAPER, clears out on Thursday next.

November 25-28, 1783, Page 3
Illustrated with the following Copper-plates, elegantly engraved: 1. An exact Resemblance of the celebrated DOCTOR BLAIR. II. The Upright Statesman, or the D-- L turned Politician, descriptive of the Times. III. New Music: "Come, Hope, thou Queen of endless Smiles," &c. composed by Dr. Arnold, sung by Mr. Tuke at the Rotundo.

April 13-16, 1784, Page 3, Doc. ID 167700: ADBOOK P
> Great Importance and Continual Pleasure of a Religious Life >. > New
> Pronouncing Dictionary >. > Love in a Wood >. comedy > Three
> The Grave >.
Canting Dictionary or The Mystery of Canting Fully Explained >. > Art of
Conjugal Love Explained >. =Venette,M. surgeon =France,King/of =Sheridan
Distinct Knocks >. > +Durham or Death >. > Resignation >. poem =Young,Dr.
Preaching in Imitation of =Horaces Art of Poetry >. English Latin =Blair poem
published +London sold =Warrin,Hugh bookseller +Belfast > The Pleasures of

April 27-30, 1784, Page 3
Whereas an Advertisement appeared in the Belfast Newsletter of the 30th March last, signed by a number of respectable Linen Drapers who attend the Markets of Randalstown and Portglenone, setting forth the bad effects of staining brown Linens with White Lead, &c.
Now we whose names are hereunto subscribed, Manufacturers of brown Linens in the neighborhood of Randalstown, having a just abhorrence of such practices, do bind ourselves to each other, and to the community at large, that we will not use any sort of paint whatever, or suffer it to be used by any employed for us; and that we will use every means in our power, after this publication, to bring any that so offend to justice.
Dated 22d April, 1784.

Galloway,John=Agnew,John =Mulligan,Alex. =Robinson,Wm. =Robinson,James =Kerr,James
=Blair,James =Ewings,John =Graham,James. =Walker,Hugh =Kerr,John =Kerr,James
=Camron,David =Berryhill,Alex. =Dick,William =Carson,Thomas =Hill,David
=Carouthers,Robert =Hogg,John =Irwin,Wm. =McShane,Hugh =Coshmaghan,Henry
=Cunningham,John =Rainey,Robert =Dunbar,James =Irons,James. =McCrory,Wm.
=Hair,Wm. =Cushnahon,Henry =McFaddian,Eliza. =McFaddian,Alex. =Malcolm,Samuel
=Hare,John =Mulligan,James =McCann,James =Anderson,Wm. =Agnew,Robert.
=Henderson,William =Henderson,Samuel =Johnston,John =Waugh,James. =Howard,Wm.
=Irwin,James =Irwin,John =Kane,John. =Kane,Roger =O''Hara,Arthur =Kerr,Wm.
=Irwin,Robert =Sherlock,Henry =Dougan,Andrew =Birch,William =Mulligan,Wm.
=Keenan,Henry =McClure,John =Trench,George =McCallium,Richard.
=Kulty,Hugh =Conolly,Henry =Kerr,William =Johnston,George =Simerton,Thomas
=McIlroy,Roger =Hunter,George =Hunter,Nathan. =Gay,James =Gourley,Edward
=O''Neill,Edward =Cashley,John =Cashley,James =Walker,Samuel =Shehorn,Adam
=O''Neill,Hugh =Strehorn,Adam =Rodgers,Wm. =Hare,Wm. =McClure,David
=Rainy,James.=Robinson,Wm. =Wilson,John =McKelvey,Robt. =Conaway,James =McCann,Charles
=Scott,James =Kerr,Hugh. =Watt,James =Howard,David =McCracken,Samuel
=Walker,Robert =Walker,William =Walker,Hugh. =Risk,Samuel =Risk,James

May 4, 1784, Page 3
To be Sold,
A Certain Proportion of the Lands of Killiglyn, Drain, Dromain, and Loughduff, part of the Freehold Property of the late WILLIAM HENRY BLAIR, situated in the upper half Barony of Glenarm. For particulars apply to Mr. Sampson.
Larne, April 29th, 1784.

May 4-7, 1784, Page 2
DR. BLAIR is bringing out another volume of Sermons-so it is said, is Bishop Porteus.

May 7-11, 1784, Page 3
Having observed an Advertisement in last Friday's Paper of a certain proportion of the lands of Killyglen, Drains, Drumain, and Loughduff, to be sold by Mr. Sampson of Larne: I do hereby caution the publick not to be concerned with said lands, as Mr. Ssampson has no right or property in them, his right ceasing at the death of his late wife, and the present heirs of the late MR. BLAIR of Larne are determined to be a ?ill immediately against the said Mr. Sampson, to oblige him to relinquish his pretended claim. Doagh, May 11th, 1784.

May 28- June 1, 1784, Page 3
Extract from DR. BLAIR's Sermon on the Duties of the Young most humbly recommended to attention.---Vol. 1. P. 319.
"Modesty is one of the chief ornamnets of youth, and has ever been esteemed a presage or rising merit. When entering on the career of life, it is your part, not to assume the reins as yet into your hands; but, to commit yourself to the guidance of the more experienced, and to become wise by the wisdom of those who have gone before you.
"Of all the follies incident to youth, there are none which, either deform its present appearance, or blast the prospect of its future prosperity, more than self conceit, presumption and obstinacy. By checking its natural progress in improvement, they fix it in long immaturity, and frequently produce mschief's which can never by repaired. Yet these are vices too commonly found among the Young. Big with enterprize, and elated by hope, they resolve to trust for success to none but themselves. Full of their own abilities, they deride the admonitions which are given them by their friends, as the timorous suggestions of age. Too wise to learn, too impatient to deliberate, too forward to be restrained, they plunge, with precipitate indiscretion, into the midst of all the dangers with which life abounds. "Seest thou a young man wise in his own conceit? "There is more hope of al fool than of him." Positive as you now are in your opinions, and confident in your assertions, be assured that the time approaches when both men and things will appear to you in a different light.
"Many characters which you now admire will, by and by, sink in your esteem; and many opinions, of which you are, at present, most tenacious, will alter as you advance in years. Distrust, therefore, that glare of your youthful presumption, which dazzles your eyes. Abound not in your own sense. Put not yourself forward with too much eagerness; nor imagine that, by the impetuosity of juvenile ardour, you can overturn systems that have been long established, and change the face of the world. Learn not to think more highly of yourselves than you ought to think, but to think soberly. By patient and gradual progression in improvement, you may , in due time, command lasting esteem. But, by assuming, at present, a tone of superiority, to which you have not title, you will disgust those, whose approbation it is most important to gain. Forward vivacity may fit you to be the companion of an idle hour. More solid qualities must recommend you to the wise, and mark you out for importance and consideration in subsequent life."

June 11-15, 1784, Page 1
MARRIED. At Strabane, Mr. James McClenaghan to MISS BLAIR.

June 11-15, 1784, Page 3
Sir, Newry, June 12th, 1784.
The undersigned Inhabitants of this Town are happy to express their approbation of the sobriety and regular conduct of the 49th Regiment under your command, during their residence among them--and request you will be so kind as to communicate their sentiments to the Regiment.
To Lieut. Colonel Browne. 
Irwin,John Sloane,Wm.
Babe,George. Langs/M''Glathry/Magee/and/Co.
Magee Gordon,John
Gibson,John Porter,Wm.

I have the honour of conveying to you the favourable opinion the principal Gentlemen of this Town entertain of the behaviour of the troops under your command. I cannot but express the hope, that it will not be unacceptable when attended with the pleasing reflection,-- that the regularity they approve-- it to be attributed to a Commanding Officer whose rectitude of conduct evinces that he pursues what is right, and whose liberality of principle engages that general respect which constitutes the happiness of the wise and good.
I am with respect, 
Newry, 13th June, 1784 your most obedient
and humble servant,
Lieut. Co. BROWNE.

June 15-18, 1784, Page 3, Doc. ID 169680, NBEL SHIP
+Dublin merchant goods 12 $Happy/Couple =Fortuck +Youghal oats. $Delight+Virginia tobacco $Pendrin =Williams +Cadiz wine fruit. outwards $Linen/Hall=Blair +Drogheda wheat. $Seaflower =Wilson +Drunthon. $Hanna =McCulloch=Davis +Newport slates $Nelly/and/Fanny =Grouston +Chepstow bark 15 $Liberty=Dickson +London cloth colliers $Providence =Sugding +Workington $Hero=Lepper +Liverpool $Assistance =Humphries 16 $Success =Pinkerton +Richmond=Parkinson +Baltimore =Jones +Hamlock.port news arrived 11 $Aurora =Garling +Gottenburgh deals iron $Elizabeth

August 31- September 3, 1784, Page 3, Doc ID 170110, ADPOL
+Antrim 20 Parliamentary reform. =Dalway,Marriott =Sharman,Wm.=Bankhead,John =Ramsey,William =Gordon,John =Drummond,John =Drummond,Samuel.=Bell,Henry =Bullmer,Leonard =Jackson,Robert. =Crossley,John =Wheeler,Wm.=Breakenridge,James =Straight,James. =Russell,William =Anderson,William=Brown,Alex. =Gibon,William =Mitchell,Alex. =Adair,Blayney =Walkinshaw,James=Brown,John =Stevenson,Joseph =Blizard,William. =McCracken,John =Craig,John=Brown,Thomas =Smyth,John =Lee,William =Bradshaw,Robert.=Brown,Wm. =Cupples,Moses =Tomb,David =McVickar,James =Kirk,Hugh=Crawford,Hugh =Stewart,St/John =Henderson,John =Watson,David =Shaw,Henry/W.=Cunningham,Waddell =Legg,Wm. =Campbell,Robt. =Stewart,Thos. =Stuart,James=Dinsmoore,Robert =Calderwood,Andrew. =Bell,Robt/Adair =Lee,John =Miller,John=Fairies,Charles =Blair,William =Crawford,Patrick. =Lyle,James=Ferguson,James =Ferguson,James/M/D. =Callwell,John =Alexander,John=Hastings,John =Johnston,William =McCance,Wm. =Seed,Thomas =Watson,Sam.=Huggard,Brice =Ferguson,Samuel. =McCammon,Joseph =Beck,George =Simms,Robert=Kerr,Samuel =Brown,Robert =Robison,James =Marton,Alexander. =Blair,Daniel=Knox,Robert =Major,Thomas =Ramage,Isaac =Murphy,James =Dunlap,Hugh=Mackenzie,Charles =Milliken,Thomas. =Porter,John =Patten,William=Martin,James =McClure,John =McClure,John/Jr. =McCance,John/Jr.=McCabe,Thos. =White,William =McIlwain,Hu. =Workman,Wm. =Lee,Francis.=McCance,John =McCance,David. =Kenley,John =Crawford,Alex. =Burden,Robert=McCrum,Samuel. =Boyle,William =Beaty,David =Gaw,Patrick =Smyth,Joseph=McNeil,Malcom =Gamble,James. =Lee,Robert =Burgess,Will. =Birnie,John=McVickar,James =Suffern,James =Black,James =Brown,John =Willson,Hugh.=Montgomery,John =Clark,Wm. =Holmes,Alexander. =Kerr,Robert =Logan,William=Moore,Thomas =Russell,Robert. =Gibon,William =Lee,Robert =Taylor,William=Mulligan,William =Ellis,Henry/Clements =Tandy,George =Adair,Charles.=Oliver,John. =Copland,Henry =Younger,Joseph =Crossley,William =Gayer,Peter=Orr,Samuel =Morrow,William =Sweeny,Duncan =Craig,John =McKedy,David=Parnell,William =Smyth,William =Crawford,John =McManus,Thomas =Love,John/Sr.=Scott,John =Robinson,John =McNilly,James =Lee,William. =Neilson,John=Seed,William =Caldwell,John =Thomson,Robert =Douglas,Joseph. =Duffin,William=Smyth,John =Moore,James =Carson,James =Beggs,James =Scott,Robert.=Taylor,W. =Ross,William =Lowther,James =Love,James =Read,John =Calwell,John=Wallace,James =Workman,William. =Donnel,John =Jamphrey,David =Lyle,David=Wightman,John =Hunter,William =Hunter,Mathew =Abbot,Francis. =Thompson,W.freeholders Co. +Antrim high sheriff refused requisition signed body meeting+Antrim 20 Parliamentary reform. =Dalway,Marriott =Sharman,Wm.=Bankhead,John =Ramsey,William =Gordon,John =Drummond,John =Drummond,Samuel.=Bell,Henry =Bullmer,Leonard =Jackson,Robert. =Crossley,John =Wheeler,Wm.=Breakenridge,James =Straight,James. =Russell,William =Anderson,William=Brown,Alex. =Gibon,William =Mitchell,Alex. =Adair,Blayney =Walkinshaw,James=Brown,John =Stevenson,Joseph =Blizard,William. =McCracken,John =Craig,John=Brown,Thomas =Smyth,John =Lee,William =Bradshaw,Robert.=Brown,Wm. =Cupples,Moses =Tomb,David =McVickar,James =Kirk,Hugh=Crawford,Hugh =Stewart,St/John =Henderson,John =Watson,David =Shaw,Henry/W.=Cunningham,Waddell =Legg,Wm. =Campbell,Robt. =Stewart,Thos. =Stuart,James=Dinsmoore,Robert =Calderwood,Andrew. =Bell,Robt/Adair =Lee,John =Miller,John=Fairies,Charles =Blair,William =Crawford,Patrick. =Lyle,James=Ferguson,James =Ferguson,James/M/D. =Callwell,John =Alexander,John=Hastings,John =Johnston,William =McCance,Wm. =Seed,Thomas =Watson,Sam.=Huggard,Brice =Ferguson,Samuel. =McCammon,Joseph =Beck,George =Simms,Robert=Kerr,Samuel =Brown,Robert =Robison,James =Marton,Alexander. =Blair,Daniel=Knox,Robert =Major,Thomas =Ramage,Isaac =Murphy,James =Dunlap,Hugh=Mackenzie,Charles =Milliken,Thomas. =Porter,John =Patten,William=Martin,James =McClure,John =McClure,John/Jr. =McCance,John/Jr.=McCabe,Thos. =White,William =McIlwain,Hu. =Workman,Wm. =Lee,Francis.=McCance,John =McCance,David. =Kenley,John =Crawford,Alex. =Burden,Robert=McCrum,Samuel. =Boyle,William =Beaty,David =Gaw,Patrick =Smyth,Joseph=McNeil,Malcom =Gamble,James. =Lee,Robert =Burgess,Will. =Birnie,John=McVickar,James =Suffern,James =Black,James =Brown,John =Willson,Hugh.=Montgomery,John =Clark,Wm. =Holmes,Alexander. =Kerr,Robert =Logan,William=Moore,Thomas =Russell,Robert. =Gibon,William =Lee,Robert =Taylor,William=Mulligan,William =Ellis,Henry/Clements =Tandy,George =Adair,Charles.=Oliver,John. =Copland,Henry =Younger,Joseph =Crossley,William =Gayer,Peter=Orr,Samuel =Morrow,William =Sweeny,Duncan =Craig,John =McKedy,David=Parnell,William =Smyth,William =Crawford,John =McManus,Thomas =Love,John/Sr.=Scott,John =Robinson,Joh


February 10-14, 1786, Page 1
Wednesday, February 8.
Lord Luttrell feverally reported from the committees appointed to consider of the petitions of BLAIR and Ormston, and the Messieurs O'Reilly, that they had proved their allegations. The reports were ordered to lie on the table.

February 14-17, 1786, Page 3
From the Pennsylvania Mercury, Jan. 6.
Cleared out for China, the Canton, Capt. Truxton.
List of the Survivors from the wreck of the Faithful Steward, Capt. McCausland, bound from L:Derry to Philadelphia, with 249 people on board:
SHIP'S CREW: ------Captain Con. McCausland, Mr. Standfield, 1st mate; Mr. Given, 2s mate; William Lin, botswain;---John Brown, William Dalrymple, Robert Kelly, Samuel Irwin, John Quigly, Pat. Mourn, Edward McCaffrey, Pelick Hudson, and Owen Philips, sailors.
CABBIN PASSENGERS.----John O'Neill, James Dougherty, Gustavus Calhoun, THOMAS BLAIR, John McCalister, Robert Laurence, John York, Samuel Heburn, James Marshall and Thomas Calhoun.
Samuel Moore, James Beaty, James Devin, Sarah Campbell, Thomas More, Arthur Higginbottom, Charles McWilliams, Samuel Wright, George Munro, Andrew Watt, James Watt, James Smith, Robert Dinmore, Wm. McClinton, John McIllheney, John McNab, John Brocket, Neil McKinnon, Sarah McKinnon, John Aspill, James Aspill, Thomas Ranoiles, John McMullen, Mary Burns, James McIntire, Sen. James McIntire, junr. Rebecca McIntire, John Scott, John Spiers, James Stankard, James Lee, Mary Lee, Thomas Baskin, Margaret Kincade, Doctor McDougle, Mary Maginniss, Matthew Caldwell, Hugh McClean, John Shaw, Matthew McManes, Simon Ellist, James Ellist, John Davis, Alexander Moore and George Richford.

April 11-14, 1786, Page 3
Whereas ELIZABETH BLAIR, otherwise Reynolds, has eloped from me without any cause: This is to caution the publick not to credit her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts she may contract.---I am also determined to prosecute as the law directs any person or persons that may harbour her.
Dated at Killure, near Coleraine, this tenth April 1786. WILLIAM BLAIR.

May 12-16, 1786, Page 2
Last Sunday se'nnight, an old Jewish Rabbi, or priest, named Zacarias Ben Samuel, publicly abjured the Mosaic law, and embraced the Christian faith, in the High Church at Edinburgh, before the REV. DR. BLAIR, and a numerous congregation of the most respectable families in that city. The Right Hon. the Earls of Leven and Trequair, and the Countess Dowager of Rothes, acted as sponsors, and presented the new convert at the baptismal font.---The name Zacharias was continued at the request of the party.

May 16-19, 1786, Page 1, Doc. ID 223775: NLON
+London 11 May =Adams,Mr. American Plenipotentiary audience King St. James''s
=Truilzi,Count/de +Milan levee Majesty Imperial Ambassador. =Garrowkim,Count
=Yorke,Joseph/Sir =Blair,Hunter appointed =Edinburgh,Lord/Provost/of kissed
arrived +Flanders =Conway,Capt. son =Hertford,Lord marriage =Waldegrave,Miss
daughter =Gloucester,Duchess/of. =Stokham,Gen. brother-in-law
hand occasion.

July 4-7, 1786, Page 2
The receipt of the valuable BULSE lately received by Mr. Hastings from the Nabob Nizam Ally Cawn, having made a considerable noise, and various conjectures having been formed on its critical appearance, the following letter from Mr. Hastings to Major Scott, will throw great light upon the subject.
"My Dear Scott, 2d June, 4 o'clock
"I HAVE Just received a packet of such apparent importance, as alarms me for the consiquences of keeping it in my possession; and I therefore give you this unseasonable trouble, to request that you will take the earliest possible mans to communicate this information to Lord Sydney, with the following circumstances relating to it, which are all that I yet know concerning it.
"The Packet was delivered to me by MR. BLAIR, brother-in-law to Mr. Richard Johnson, and I have given him my receipt for it. It was directed to me; I opened it, and found it to contain an English indorsed paper, resealed, which I have not opened, a letter from the Nabob Nizam Ally Cawn to the King, a letter from the same Nabob to myself, damaged and scarce legible, if legible; and a small bulse sealed with three (or I believe four) seals, bearing the Nabob's principal title. These are all much soiled with the sea water, having been originally sent on board the Hinchinbrooke, and recovered from the wreck. Besides the above, there were a letter of a more recent date, from the same Nabob to me, and other English papers. I guess the purport of the effaced letter to be a commission to me to deliver the letter to the King, and most probably the bulse with it, the contents of which I have not a clue to conjecture. Supposing that it may contain something of value, and in that case of no small value, I think it neither consulent with my interest or credit, to keep it an hour longer in my custody; than absolute necessity may require, and therefore request that I may be relieved from the charge; and that for that purpose you will be so good as to endeavour to obtain Lord Sydney's permission that you may deliver the packet, with all its contents to him; concluding, that while the present enquiry lasts, his Lordship would prefer that mode to my own personal attendance.
Your affectionate,
W. Hastings."
By various causes Major Scott had not an interview with Lord Sydney, until the 13th inst. when the valuable present was formally made known.

September 12-15, 1786, Page 4
Further Extracts from the MONTGOMERY MANUSCRIPT.
Account of the first Lord Viscount Montgomery's Death, with a List of the Gentry, & c. which attended it.

Lastly as to his late Lordships funeral, it was managed by the said Sir James (joynet executor, with his eldest brother, to the said defuncts will) as the alteration of his coat armoriall had been. I here transcribe from his pen the order of it as concerted betwen him and Ulster K. at Arms, and Albon Leveret, Athlon (whose acquittances for fees I have) being his Pursuivant. The solemnity was performed with all the pomp that the rules of Heraldry would admitt, and decency did require, for preparations threunto no time was wanting, his late Lordship (as hath been said) dying in May 1636, and his corps being embalmed and rolled in wax sear cloths, was close coffined (no more not Lord or Montgomery) was locked up in a turret, till a week before its interment, at which time (being in September the said last mentioned yeare) it was carryed privately by night, a mile out of town and in a large tent layd in state, and attended with formalitys of wax candles, frends and servants, till the day of the procession on foot from the said tent to the church.
The persons who made up this procession were all cloathed in blacks (called in Scotland dueil weeds, from this word dueil borrowed from the French signifying mourning) and were seen in the following order which the reader may please to peruse, if he doe not already known well enough the manner of burying Viscounts, which is viz.

Imprimis, two conductors (with black truncheons) named Thos. Kennedy and John Lokart, both of Comer.
2d. Poor men (the eldest could be had) called Salys (i.e. alms men) in gowns to the number of 76, the yeare currant of his late Lordships age, walking slowly two and two with their black staves.
3d. The servants of Gentlemen, Esquires, Knights, Barrons, Viscounts, and Earles, hereafter named, viz, by twos, and they went.
Henry Savage of Arkeen, one
Hu. Kennedy of Greengraves, one
Robt. Barklay, Dean of Clogher, two
Robt. Adair of Ballymenagh, one
Arch. Edminston of Duntreth, two
Sir Jo. Cuningham, Knt. one
Sir Wm. Murray, Knt, and Bart. one
Mr. Jo. Alexander, one
Sir Edward Trever, two
Jo. Shaw of Greenock, Esq. one
George Montgomery, Esq. two
Sir Anthony Alexander, Knt. one
The Lord Alexander, two
The Lord Viscount Claneboy three
Sir Wm. Semple, Knt. two
Charles Alexander one
Neile Montgomery, Esq. of Langshaw one
Patt. Savage of Portaferry, Esq. five
Sir James Montgomery, Knt. six
Sir Wm. Stewart, Knt. and Bart. five
The Lord Montgomery, the Earles son, two
The Earle of Eglinton five
Besides the attendants on their two Lordships bodys.
4th. Then marched the standard borned by Lt. Robt. Montgomery.
5th. After is followed the Servants to the 2d Viscount, the cheif mourner, viz.
John Boyd
Wm. Catherwood
Mr. Samuel Row
Henry Pursrey
Hugh Montgomery of Newtown
James Faribairn
Hugh Montgomery of Grange, junior
Edward Johnston of Greengraves.
6th. Next came the Servants to the defunct:
Jo. Loudon, his clerk
Jo. Montgomery, of Newtown
Thos. Ai?kin
Matthew Haslepp
Jo. Jerden
J. Gillmore of the same
Archibald Millen
Jo. Millen of Grayabby
and Wm. Burgess
7th. In the seventh space come two trumpetters, fittly equiped, sounding the Death March.
8th. Walked the Hors of Mourning, led by the chief groom, Jo. Kenedy, and one fool man.
9th. In the next place went the Divines, neither Doctors nor Dignitarys.
Mr. James Mirk
Mr. Hugh Nevin
MR. JAMES BLAIR of Portpatrick
Mr. James Montgomery
Mr. Wm Forbes.
10. Then came the Gentlemen and Esquires who were Mourners, viz.
Jo. Coningham of Newtown
Ja. Lenox
Ja. Coningham of Gortrie
Water Hows Crymble of Donnoghadee
Hu. Montgomery of Derrybrook
Richard Savage
William Melvil
Thos. Kenedy of Pingwhirry
James Edminston
J. Gordon of the same, senior
Mr. Jo. Echlin of Ardquin
Mr. Wm. Coningham of the Rash
Malcom Dormont
Tho. Nevin of Monkroddin, junior
James Melvil, Esq.
John Craford
Andrew Coningham of Drumsad
Pat. Muire of Aghneile
Hu Kenedy of Drumawhay
Wm. Montgomery of B?hest
Hugh Echlin
Lt. Thomas Melvil
Mr. Wm. Adair
Jo. Gordon of Aghlain, junior
Wm. Burley, gent.
Tho. Boyd of Whitehouse
Hu. Hamil of Roughwood
Henry Savage of Arkeen, Esq.
Thos. Nevin of the same, senior
William Montgomery of Briggend
Mr. Marcus Trevor
Mr. Wm. Stewart
Robt. Adair of B:menagh
Arch. Edminston of Duntreth, Esq.
Mr. John Trevor
Alex. Lecky of Lecky
Hu. Kenedy of Girvan Mains
11th. In this space went together the late Lords Phisicians, viz.
Hugh McMullen, Practioner.
Patrick Maxwell, Doctor in Phisick.
And next after them came.
12th. Alexander Colvil, Doctor in Divinity
Robert Barclay, Dean of Clogher.
13th. Then there walked Knights and Noblemens Sons, mourners, viz.
Sir James Coningham, Knt.
Sir Wm. Semple, Knt. the Lord Semples son
Mr. Char. Alexander
Sir Ja. Ersking, Knt. Privy Councelor
Sir Wm. Murray: Knt. and Bart.
Mr. John Alexander
Sir Edward Trevor, Knt. and Privy Councelor.
14th. Went Mr. Robt. Montgomery, Clerk, the Curate in Newtown: alone.
15th. Dr. Henery Lesly, Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, who preached the funeral sermon.
16th. Then followed the great banner, advanced by Wm. Montgomery of B:Skeogh
17th. Neile Montgomery of Lanshaw, Esq; bore the cussion, with a viscounts coronet on it, and a circolet about it.
18th. Athlone, Pursuivant at arms, appeared marching (by himself) and presenting to view, the spurrs, gantelett, helm, and crest.
19th. Then the defuncts gentleman usher, named J. Hamill, walked bareheaded next before the King at Arms.
20th. Usher King at Arms carryed the sword target, of sheild armorial.
21st. Then was drawn (by six ledd horses, cloathed in blacks) the Hers, environed with circolet, mounted on the carriage of a coach, supported with posts or pillars, under which, was layd the coffin (inclosing the remains of that late worthy Viscount) covered with a velvet paale, and on it, pinned, taffeta seutcheons of his Lordships own, and his matches coats armorial, and elegys of the best sort, also affixed thereto: The Hers (on each side) being accompanyed by six men with single banner rolls without (and even in rank with them, went six footmen belonging to his late Lordship and his three sons) each having a black battoun in his right hand.
22d. Next immediately after the Hers followed (now) the right hom. Hu. 2d Lord Viscount Montgomery of the Great Ardes, the chiefest mourner: After him walked Sir Ja. Montgomery, and Geo. Montgomery and Pat. Savage aforesaid, as next chiefest mourners (I dare say it both in hearts and habits).
23d. Then walked the Viscount Claneboy and the Earle of Eglinton together, the Lord Alexander and Lord Montgomery together, John McDowel of Garthland and the Baron of Howth son... St. Lawrence, Esqrs. and Sir Wm. Stewart, Knt. Bart. and Privy Councelor in one rank; all these as cheif mourners: who were attended by some of their own servants appointed to waite on them, and be near their persons: Six men also covered with long black cloaks marching by two and two in the servants reare.
A great mixed multitude following and goeing about the Hers, at decent distance; onely all the women in black, and those who had taffeta scarffs and hoods of that colour, went next the six men in the cloaks, the great bell then in the West-end of the Church tolling all the while that the procession was comeing from the tent.
24th. And now all being orderly entered and seated, and the coffin placed before the pulpit, and the service ended, the Lord Bishop preached a learned, pious and elegant sermon (which I have seen in print long agoe, from whence I might have borrowed some memories if I had it now) this done and the corps removed to the upper end of the chancell, was (after the office for the dead performed) thre inhumed; the church pulpit, and chancell being circoled with black baze, and stuck with seutcheons, and pensils of the defunct, and his matches at due distances, the whole edifice throly illuminated by wax candles and torches, the full obsequys were thus ended.

February 2-6, 1787, Page 2, Doc. ID 203009: PRI
+Newry regulations sale provisions. =Ross,Col. freeholders Co. +Kilkenny
=Blair proprietors iron works +Lucan =Warren,Alderman. =Worthington,William
Irish Parliamentary register House Commons 1 =Corry,Mr. petition inhabitants
Parliament outrages =Trench,Mr. carriages. law tax officer list persons
christian surnames abode =Gardiner,Mr. =Ormston,Mr. =Ormston/Blair/Ormston
manufacturer callico printer Speaker =Fitzgerald,Serjeant chair. =Forbes,Mr.
pensions =Athol,Duchess/of charged King''s letter masqued committee.

March 20-23, 1787, Page 3, Doc. ID 196718: ADMINE
+Lough!Neagh +River!Bann +Portadown 21 =Blair,William +Cock!Hill.
=Obre,Edward +Lisburn. +Antrim oak ash axle-trees watermills exportation
timber sold growing hedge-rows manor +Clantilew Co. +Armagh property

March 27-30, 1787, Page 2, Doc. ID 196743: ADMACH ADMINE
+Lisburn +Antrim oak ash axle-trees. watermills +Lough!Neagh +River!Bann
+Portadown 21 =Blair,William +Cock!Hill.
timber sold growing hedge-rows +Clantilew Co. +Armagh property =Obre,Edward

May 25-29, 1787, Page 3, Doc. ID 197422: ADSHIP WOOD
+Carrickfergus =Blair,Hugh/Capt. 26. [woodcut: ship in sail].
sold public cant 2 June sloop $Bachelor tackle furniture boats fishing nets

June 19-22, 1787, Page 2, Doc. ID 209434: D NIRL
+Prehen family vault.
died +Strabane =Blair,Jane +Omagh =Delap,Hugh/Rev. +Rathmullen =Knox,Geo.

November 6-9, 1787, Page 4, Doc. ID 219248: GOVUSA NNA
+Delaware =Dickinson,John =Bassett,Richard. =Broom,Jacob =M''Henry,James
+Maryland =Jennifer,Daniel/St/Thomas =Carroll,Daniel. +Virginia =Blair,John
+Virginia +New!Hampshire +Massachusetts +Connecticut +New!York. =Langdon,John
=Brearley,David =Paterson,William =Dayton,Jonathan =Franklin,Benjamin.
=Gilman,Nicholas =Gorham,Nathaniel =King,Rufus =Johnston,Wm/Samuel
=Ingersol,Jared =Wilson,James. +Pennsylvania =Morris,Gov. =Read,George
=Jackson,William secretary.
=Madison,James/Jr. +North!Carolina =Blount,William =Spaight,Richard/Dobbs.
=Mifflin,Thomas =Morris,Robert =Clymer,George =Fitzsimons,Thomas
=Pinckney,Charles =Butler,Pierce =Few,William =Baldwin,Abraham
=Sherman,Roger =Hamilton,Alexander. +New!Jersey =Levingston,William
=Williamson,Hugh =Rutledge,John =Pinckney,Charles/Cotesworth. +South!Carolina
Dec. borrow money bankruptcies counterfeiting. science authors right writings
Senate officers President +United!States impeachments chief justice members
discoveries felonies offences war marque land water armies navy rules
government. militia union insurrections =Washington,George President
profit trial punishment law. Senators Representatives legislature Congress

December 11-14, 1787 Page 2, Doc. ID 220879: ARMED D NIRL
died =Kinnier,John +Greenfield +Bishop!St. =Blair,Jas. Apprentice Boys Company
interred military honours.

January 11-18, 1788, Page 3, Doc. ID 210618; NBEL SHIP
+Philadelphia flaxseed =McCallum +Glasgow oatmeal $John =Park +Cadiz pork beefbutter $Peggy/and/Jane =Hutton oats collier ballast.port news arrived $Peggy =Lamont +Greenock carpetting coals $Rising/Sun =Blair

January 11-18, 1788, Page 3 & January 4-8, 1788, Page 3
We the under-named Persons having found great inconvenience and obstruction in carrying on Money Transactions for some time past, by the great quanity of light and doubtful Guineas in circulation, several being barely is weight, and others gilt or very nicely plugged with brass, so as to require the greatest inspection, by which the Public in general, and the Poor in particular, have been very considerable sufferers; do heartily approve of the passing of small Notes by Bankers, which will tend to facilitate the Trade of the Country, and will take Guinea, and all other Notes of Newry Bank, for any Goods bought from us, and in payment of all debts due to us.

Geo. & Isaace Glenny, & J. Melling
William, Isaac, Wm. and Jas. Glenny
John Glenny
Thomson and Gordon
William Beath
Wm. and Samuel Hanna
James Culley
Ogles & Co.
John & Lancelot Watson, junr.
Henry Ogle
David Gaussan
Tho. Benson
John and David Gaussan, junr.
James Pollock
William Pollock
James Keilley
James Ogle
James Searight
Charles McCamley
Mark Devlin
Jacob Walker
James Maxwell
Andrew and Hugh Carlile
Hugh Boyd
Edward Creek
William Wallace
John Anderson
Falls & McKenna
Wm. Young
James David
James Barrett
Sam Townley, jr.
Arch. Taylor
William Ogle
John Ogle and Sons
Clems. Gillespie
John Gillespie
James Moore and Sons
Robert Ker
John Ryan
James McDonnell
John Caulfield
Robert Taylor
Edward Magee
James Cox
Hugh O'Hanlon
T. Waring
Geo. Scott
Robert Bell
Robert Scott
John and James Lawson, jun.
Robert Stevenson
John Mistee
John Magee
Geo. Spotwood
James Tegart
Wm. Cross
Anne Wright
Sarah and M. Montgomery
James Wright
David Thompson
Jams Baird
Robert Might
Geo. Stewart
Bernard Smyth
Dan. Carpenter
Robert Murphy
John Gordon
John Mollan
William Creek
Thos. Willson
James Willson
James Mulligan
Matthew Russell
John Sharkey
Wm. Robinson
Thos. May
Andrew Thompson
John Black
Joseph Gordon
Samuel Ogle
James & William Moilan
Sam. Campbell.

January 18-22, 1788, Page 1 & January 11-18, Page 3 
For Newcastle & Philadephia.
The fine New Ship Rising Sun, 350 tons burthen, WILLIAM BLAIR, Master, a remarkable fast sailer, high and roomy between decks, and well fitted in every respect for the passenger trade,--will sail the first of April next.
For Freight or Passage apply to Mr. Robert Montgomery, Ballymena; the Captain, at Mrs. Clement's, Hanover-Quay; or John Campbell & Co. Belfast, 18th January, 1788
Great encouragement will be given to a few well behaved Redemptioners and Servants.

January 22-25, 1788, Page 3
We the Subscribers, Passengers in the Ship Rising Sun, commanded by Capt. WILLIAM BLAIR, think it our indispensible duty to return our warmest thanks to him through the medium of this paper, for his care, fidelity, and dispatch in our voyage from Philadelphia here under him. Belfast, Jan. 16th, 1788.
John McClintock     Wm. Newell     Jane Milles
Wm. Wilson        James Costly    NELLY BLAIR
James Woods    Wm. Newill      John Mitchel
John Pinkerton    John Creig       James Boyd
Wm. McClean    WM. BLAIR    Arch. Sayers
James Beatty      Mary Finley
John Morrison    Rose Workman

February 29, March 4, 1788, Page 3
(The following is inserted verbatim et literatim as we received it.)
I Take this opportunity to let every one know, that my wife compleated seven Roberys on her first husband, the eight Robery compleated on her second husband. Some takes part, but the Leaves nothing. There is two Gentlemen, the one Resives money for her, the other putts it to usery to the Devil: there is her Stepson he is holding her head till she receives the Bounty from the Beast. There is the Devil and the Beast and the Stepson Coming in for Sweeps but god knows who will get it. WILLIAM BLAIR.

April 8-11, 1788, Page 3
Married. Mr. Jackson, of this town, Surgeon, to Miss BLAIR, of BLAIRMOUNT, near Larne.

April 11-15, 1788, Page 2
London, April 5 to 8
The great record of that great action, in which Lord Robert Manners was lost to us, with CAPTAIN BLAIR and Captain Baynes, is finishing---and in the course of the summer, will be put up in the Abbey. It will be adjoining the monument of Lord Chatham.

The wall in Westminister Abbey is building. The monument will measure 27 feet high: of which the base is six. The upright figure of Britannia is seven feet: --of Same and Ocean, eight.
The design is Ocean, with a horse and lion couching: and the sides, nautical compliments--a ship, & c. delivering up Lord Robert, CAPTAIN BLAIR, and Captain Baynes, whose medallions are received by Britannia and Same, and fastened on a column.
For this monument, the vote of Parliament is 4000l.

April 18-22, 1788, Page 3
For Newcastle & Philadephia.
The fine New Ship Rising Sun, 350 tons burthen, WILLIAM BLAIR, Master, a remarkable fast sailer, high and roomy between decks, and well fitted in every respect for the passenger trade,--will sail the first of April next.
For Freight or Passage apply to Mr. Robert Montgomery, Ballymena; the Captain, at Mrs. Clement's, Hanover-Quay; or John Campbell & Co.
All those who have taken their Passage in the above Ship, are requested to be in Town on Tuesday the 29th instant, in order that they may be taken aboard, as she will certainly sail the first May, wind and see then permitting.

May 6-9, 1788, Page 3

May 5. Liberty, Crawford, Liverpool.
6. Dispatch, Stewart, ditto.
7. Peggy, McIlroy, Bristol
8. Elizabeth, McKay, Greenock.

Cleared out.
May 7. Rising Sun, BLAIR, Philadelphia, passenger. (This would be William Blair)

June 27- July 1, 1788, Page 3
His Majesty has been pleased to make the following promotions in the army on this establishment, and the commissions, dated the 31st of May, 1788, are come over accordingly, viz.
......13th Regiment of foot. Captain-Lieutenant William Napier to be Captain, vice BLAIR, resigned.---Lieutenant Henry Williams to be Captain-Lieutenant, vice Napier.--Ensign Thomas Finlay to be Lieutenant, vice Williams.....

July 11-15, 1788, Page 3
Strong Rum, find Scale Sugar, and Cotton Wool.
A Cargo is just arrived by the Eagle, Capt. Thomas Wills, from Antiqua, to W. and Sam Hanna and JOHN BLAIR, and will be for Sale at their respective Stores on the Merchants-Quay.
Newry, 14th July, 1788.

August 15-19, 1788, Page 3
Belfast, August 19.....
By a letter from Philadelphia of 28th June, we learn, that the ship Rising Sun, WILLIAM BLAIR master, from this port with passengers, arrived there after a passage of 36 days in perfect order, and not one sick person on board.


January 6-9, 1789, Page 2, Doc. ID 202324: D LIT NLON REL
charges against =Hastings,Warren >. disease talents sermons lectures history.
died lodgings +Great!Marlborough!St. =Logan,Rev. minister +South!Leith
lingering illness neglect work death =Blair preachers. pulpit oratory poems
published genius > Elements of History >. +Edinburgh > A Review of the

March 3-6, 1789, Page 3
To be sold by Auction, by Order of the Assignees of Archibald and James McC??e; Bankrupts, on the Second Day..... at the House of Mr. Thomas Stringer, in the Town of Armagh, ALL the Estate, Right, Title and Interest...Concerns as returned by them. ----viz.
(Blair listing only)
Part of Ballyloughan, in the parish of Killmore and county Armagh, containing 37A, 1R, 19P, held by lease from the late John Richardson, Esq: for the term of 3 lives or 31 years, which should last longest, from the 1st May 1742, at the yearly rent of 9l., 5s. and accustomed duties 4s 4d. ---one life only in being,
Tenants Names:
James Smith


Thomas Shaw 

March 27-31, 1789, Page 3
On Friday the 24th day of April next, exactly at twelve o'clock, in the Market House, Belfast, Waddell Cunningham, James Holmes and John Hamilton will proceed to seel by publick Auction in separate Lots or Farms as underneath,--all that part as Ballygalloch, held by the late Nath. Wilson from Lord Donegall.
Lot No. 1.  A Lease for 58 years and 11 months from last Nov. of 16 acres, part of the land lately occupied by Mr. Wilson, lying along the river side, and including the Drying-house built by Mr. Wilson, bounded on the west by Mr. Crymble's land, and on the south by a tight line running nearly east and west, lately marked out, and passing to the southward of the Drying-house--subject to a yearly rent of twelve pounds---all out of lease.
Lot No. 2.  A Lease for same term of 21 A. 1 R. 0P. being widow Cowdon's holding, and a part of the land lately occupied by Mr. Wilson---subject to a yearly rent of 10l.---This Lot is bounded on the north by lot No. 1, and on the N. E. by the river, and is all out of lease.
        Lot No. 3.  A Lease for same term of 22A. 2 R 0P. being the holdings of Thomas Kelly and Samuel Crooks--subject to a yearly rent of 9l.---bounded on the east by the river, and on the north by Lot No. 2.---subject to a lease granted by the late Stephen Haven to Thomas Crooks, of 16 acres of this Lot, at 11l 7s. 6d. per year, of which Lease one year unexpired from last November.
        Lot No. 4.  A Lease for same term of 17 A.  3 R.  0P. being the holdings of William Hunter, Will. Cowdon, Robert Well, and a part of the lands lately occupied by Mr. Wilson---subject to a yearly rent of 8l.---and also subject to a lease of Robert Bell's holdings, being about four acres, at 22s 9d per acre, granted by the late Stephen Haven, of which one year unexpired from last November.
        No. 5.  A Lease for same term of 6 A 2 R. 0P. being John Morrow's holding, subject to a yearly rent of 3l and also subject to a lease granted by the late Stephen Haven to John Morrow, at 22s, 9d. per acre, of which three years unexpired from last November.
        No. 6  A Lease for same term of 6A, 2R 0P being the holdings of William Hunter and JOHN BLAIR, subject to a yearly rent of 3l and also subject to a lease granted by the late Stephen Haven to JOHN BLAIR of 3A 0R 19P at 3L. 19s. 7d. half p. per year, of which lease two years unexpired from last November.
       The tenant right, and every right of renewal, will be granted to the purchaser of each Lot; and where any old lease is unexpired, the purchaser will be invested with full power to receive to his own use the rent reserved by such lease during the unexpired term.
One third part of the purchase-money to be paid down at the sale, and satisfactory security to be given within ten days after for payment of the remaining two-thirds in three and six months, with interest from the day of Sale.
Belfast, 28th March 1789
W. Cunningham
James Holmes
John Hamilton.

May 5-8, 1789, Page 3
At an assizes held at London-Derry, in and for said City and County, the 16th day of April 1789, the following persons were appointed High and sub-Constables in and for said City and County, by the Grand Jury, and confirmed by the Court:

City and Liberties London Derry.           John Clark of said City.
Half Barony Tyrkeeran                          David Larimer of Clony.
Barony Kennahgt                                   Thomas McCleland of Drumgaveny.
Town and Liberties Coleraine.                John Johnson of said Town.
Half Barony Coleraine                            HUGH BLAIR of Aughadowy.
Barony Loughinshollen                           William Bunton, Magherafelt. 

            City and Liberties of London-Derry.
Robert McIntire, of Boom-hall.
Thomas Waugh, of London-Derry.
Half Barony Tyrkeeran.
Alexander Gibson, of Claudy.
Alexander Stevenson, of the Waterside.
John Coyle, of ______.
Barony Kennaght.
Robert Nelson, of Nn. Lemavady.
William Pattison, of the same.
Samuel McKesock, of _______.
James Dougherty, of _______.
Town and Liberties Coleraine.
John Delap, of Coleraine.
Half Barony Coleraine.
John Roseborough, of ________.
William Johnson, of _______.
Daniel Moore, of ________.
Barony of Loghinshollin.
William Caldwell, of _________.
Thomas Armstrong, of Moyesny.
William Johnson, of Castledawson.
William McCullogh, of Ballyneese.
George Williams, of _______.
John Keenan, of ________.
David Tomb, of _______.
Robert Simson, of_______>
L:Derry, 22d April 1789.

October 30- November 3, 1789, Page 3
Oct. 27.  New Loyalty, Brown, Liverpool, Drapery and salt.
"     29.  Margaret and Janet, McMeehan, Leghorn, brimstone.
"     31.  Betty and Molly, BLAIR, Dantzie, ashes. Six colliers.
Oct. 27. Margaret, Griffith, Liverpool, beef.
"     29.  Hawke, Curry, Irwine, luggage.
"     31.  Liberty, McDonnell, Liverpool, butter.

November 3-6, 1789, Page 3, Doc ID  228159; ADSHIP WOOD
+Belfast [woodcut: ship in sail].
freight brig $Betty/and/Molly +Greenock =Blair,Dunkin =Crawford,Hugh 5



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